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Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

Before you look at the Affiliate Disclosure, we are keenly interested for you to look at our official Disclosure & Privacy Policy & How we Work pages. Affiliate Disclosure page informs affiliate relation between and other corporates like Amazon.

Affiliate Disclosure

As per the FTC Guidelines, please assume the below information about all articles, links, posts, and other content on our website:

Almost all product links on our website are affiliate links. We get a small commission from sales of these products.

Did you know? The price of the product remains the same for you. You are not paying anything extra!! 

Hardik Jethva/ is one of the participants of the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program. It is an affiliate marketing & advertising program that is designed to provide a medium to earn commission from Amazon through selling their products.

What is a Affiliate Link?

You cannot differentiate between affiliate links and simple links from their appearance. The difference is in the URL.

When you purchase any product through affiliate links, like the ones in, a special tracking process occurs and we may earn a small commission from the product that you purchase.

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