Best Vitamin C Serums in India Recommended by Dermatologists

Written by: Shreyal Shingala

Last Updated: September 22, 2022

vitamin c bottle with oranges in background.
A bottle of vitamin C serum along with orange slices and a syringe.

Ever wondered why our favorite celebrities never age?

Why the hell they look so pretty, glowing & fresh?
Above all things, the best soaps in india, beauty products & serums are a must in their skincare routine!

Vitamin C Serum is quite an amazing thing that can shower a lot of its advantages for upgrading the texture & quality of your skin.
The secret is, the Vitamin C serum works like a potion of gods when it comes to hide skin defects & highlight beauty!

Having Your cart flooded with choices, the decision to get the correct item can be puzzling.
Don’t worry!
We have your go your back!
We have curated a fresh List of the Best Vitamin C Serums in India.

1 How to Apply Vitamin C Serum

First of all, Why Vitamin C?

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How to apply vitamin c

Vitamin C is a fundamental nutrient with tons of advantages.

It is obtained from numerous products like oranges, lemons, bell peppers, broccoli, and spinach.

  • As it is high in cancer preventions, nutrient C guides in your skin’s regular recovery measure, which helps your body to fix harmed skin cells.
  • When added to your day-by-day schedule, it has an enormous number of advantages for the skin, for example, lighting up skin tone, protection from pollution, fundamentally improving hydration, and giving undying youth to the skin.
  • It additionally has anti-aging properties, this also reduces uneven skin tone and wrinkles.
  • Aside from munching vitamin C, It is good to add it in your personal care routine, for example, nutrient c serums, as they can magically rejuvenate the skin!

What is a Face Serum?

The serum is a skincare item that contains ground-breaking ingredients and can be applied to your skin without getting harmed.

They are applied in the wake of purifying and before applying moisturizers.

Face serums are utilized to target skin problems, for example:

  • Premature Aging
  • Dryness
  • Dark spots
  • Uneven skin tone and much more…

What is Vitamin C Serum?

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Vitamin C serum

Without beating about the bush let’s check the popular men’s face wash!

  • Vitamin C serum is an astonishing item for skincare which comes loaded with the virtue and advantages of nutrient C.
  • The serum is available in both: Gel-based and Liquid-based forms.
  • The serum is applied on the whole face to battle basic skin issues like uneven tone, flaws, and dark spots.

How to use Vitamin C Serum Step by Step

Check for skin irritations, firstly.

  • Rub 1 drop of the nutrient C serum onto your inward wrist.
  • Since the skin is delicate here, you’ll be able to see the allergic reactions quickly.
  • Wait for 24 hours to check the effects.
  • If you don’t get any irritation alert, you can utilize nutrient C all over.


If you get a reaction don’t utilize it on your face and consult your dermatologist.

Fix a schedule for applying the Serum

  • Skin can grasp a minimal amount of nutrient C in a day, apply it once per day.
  • If morning time is preferable, make sure to apply sunscreen in the wake of utilizing the serum.
  • If you prefer bedtime, then apply serum prior to you apply your evening moisturizing lotion.


  • Wash face with cool water.
  • Take a coin-sized measure of the cleaning agent in palms & Rub gently on the face.
  • Massage delicately for some time.
  • Wash away the cleaning agent off the face.


Utilize a cleaning agent that suits your skin type.

For instance, people with sensitive skin should use alcohol-free washing agents.

Apply the Serum

  • With a dropper, take 2 to 3 drops of nutrient C serum in the palm.
  • Rub the fingers of your other hand into the oil.
  • Gently apply some of it onto your cheeks and forehead.
  • Rub the oil uniformly across the remaining face.


  • Let the skin absorb the nutrient C serum totally.
  • When your skin feels like it’s assimilated the serum, delicately apply the moisturizing lotion across your face.

2 Best vitamin C Serum in India

KLAIRS Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop

Dear, Klairs is a standout amongst other Korean skincare brands being loved overall the globe these days.
With its wide scope of items, you make certain to discover one that you will clearly cherish.

Deferential of the climate and conveying sound qualities in regards to the Earth, Dear Klairs don’t test on creatures and their items don’t contain any harsh chemicals.

A perfect blend of nature’s effective elements, that are safe and non-aggravating, the Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop stimulates and restores your skin with the wonders of untouched Vitamin C!

Formula of Nature

Containing key ingredients directly from nature and concentrated pure Vitamin C, this serum repairs & rejuvenate the skin.
It doesn’t cause any harm like all those oh so-called effective products full of harmful chemicals.

Skin preparing agent

This inventive multi-arrangement, non-bothering recipe renews, holds up, and changes your skin!
With this serum, there is no compelling reason to worry about dull skin tone and expanded pores any longer.

Pure & Gentle

This serum contains a Vitamin C convergence of 5%.
This low rate makes it delicate enough for all skin types, in any event, for individuals who have touchy skin.

No Skin Irritation!

This is a nutrient C serum that has become a significant clique top choice for individuals of all skin types.
You don’t need to be stressed over aggravation from this serum since it doesn’t have a very high potion of nutrient C.

Many problems, one solution!

This nutrient C serum is sufficiently able to try and out skin tone, fix pores, light up the skin, fight against maturing, diminish age lines, blur pigmentation and shield the skin from pigmentation.

Combats Pimple Problems

This multi-practical serum can likewise clear up pimples, pimple scars, and prevent pimple generation.

Garnier Light Complete VITAMIN C Booster Face Serum

Among the best hair oil, Garnier hair care and skincare items are some of the greatest lavish brands utilized in Asia, China, Japan, and India.

In the Brand Trust Report 2012, Garnier was positioned 47th among India’s most confided brands.

The New Garnier Light Complete Vitamin C Booster Serum, with its unique formula, boosts the skin glow & smoothness in just three days.

The wonders of Nutrient C

Nutrient C is famous for glow enhancing & spot diminishing properties.
This serum leathers this influence of Vitamin C and is improved with Japanese Yuzu lemon and 30 times potent Vitamin C.

Fights Multiple Problems

This p[powerful serum offers a concentrated lighting-up recipe that blurs a wide range of spots, even dim spots, and skin break-out marks.

Quick Absorption Formula

The remarkable lightweight facade and non-sleek equation of the Serum rapidly get absorbed in the skin and acts deeply from the inside.

Quick Effects

The 30 times stronger Vitamin C formula Gives your immediate radiance and decreases spots in only three days!

Harmless for frequent use

This is a non-harming serum for which improves the result by day by day of usage.
For best outcomes, utilize the Serum twice every day.

Suitable for everyone!

The Serum is feasible for slick, dry & also delicate skin.
You can use it without worrying about harm!


DERMA ESSENTIA makes premium and natural skin and hair care items to have a significant effect on client lifestyle.

This DERMA ESSENTIA Vitamin C Serum has faith in nature-motivated quality items sponsored by science for the security and sustenance of your skin.

Approved by the doctors!

This serum is dermatological tested for causing no harm to the skin.
The experts approved of this serum because all the given promises are fulfilled by the product!

Fights all skin regarding complains

Its novel blend help in rectifying indications of maturing, prevent skin harm, shield your skin from natural aggressors give you obviously more youthful and brilliant skin.

Effectiveness of Ethyl ascorbic acid

Most perfect and stable type of nutrient c consequently best in promoting collagen creation & effectiveness.

The crux of Ceramides

the crux of Ceramides Reestablishes skin hindrance work and expands dampness & holds it.
Hydration & Moisturization of Hyaluronic acid
This moisturization gives astounding soaking to skin against wrinkles and shields against early aging.

Ease of Use

Just apply & gently rub on the skin.
This serum shows instant results as it gets easily absorbed in the skin after applying.

Cipla VC15 Vitamin C Serum

Set up twenty years prior, VLCC is today largely known for its thorough arrangement of beauty care and health items and undeniable degree of customer trust.

VLCC oversees probably the biggest chain of Beauty, and Fitness lines across Asia, and works perhaps as the biggest organization of professional institutes in Beauty and Nutrition.

The new VLCC Cipla VC15 Serum contains a high portion of vitamin C, Which is an Effective antioxidant that helps to enhance the skin tone.

The goodness of Vitamin C

The Serum holds vitamin C at a congregation of 15%.
The formula for all the ingredients is steady and reliable for all types.

Medicated skin treatment

The most bioactive form of Vitamin C (LAA) has been infused here in this serum.
VC-15 Serum is available with a 15% concentration and a pH of 2.7.

Perfect Blend of Goodness

Nutrient C is a cancer prevention agent that eliminates old skin cells that cause dim spots and energizes the creation of new cells
VC-15 serum is a non-aggravating and non-comedogenic item.

Enhances Skin Healing

The presence of these ingredients ensures good and fast absorption.
Vitamin C is an antioxidant that removes old skin cells that cause dark spots and encourages the production of new cells.

Recast Vitamin C Serum

Recast is famous for manufacturing beauty items that are free from paraben and phthalate, harsh compounds, and artificial smells.
This gentle formula-based item is the mildest yet effective one to choose for everyone.

Recast Vitamin C facial serum is fixed with the lightweight property and steady Nutrient C formula that recuperates, saturates, and lightens the skin.

Moisture booster hyaluronic acid

This acid holds the skin moisture & also improves the dampness in layers to give the skin a well-fed and glossy look.

Perfect antioxidant glutathione

Along with Nutrient C, this element fights against free radicals and reduces early & abnormal aging signs.

High Strenght of Nutrient C

This serum has a high portion of Nutrient C which gives smoothness & glow to the skin.
This also enables the Skin to look youthful & glowing.

Heals the Sun Damage

The utilization of this serum every night diminishes the sunburns & other damages.
It also prepares the skin to fight against the harm by the sun the next day.

For Night Use

This serum is suggested to use at night only.
It is recommended to have a post sunscreen lotion application to avoid skin harm in case of daytime usage.

Splash of fruits

Other fruit-based extracts help to give tight skin by Increasing Collagen Levels
This unique formulation Reduces Fine Line and Wrinkles

Safe & Natural Skin Healing

This gives an energetic, glowing & fresh look to facial skin.
It even guides in diminishing skin break out, scars, skin lines, and wrinkles with natural and safe treatment.

Quick & effective formula

This highly effective serum enhances the skin texture to give it a healthy look & diminish skin Inflammation.
It doesn’t cling to the skin & gets absorbed quickly which makes it easy to use & effective.

Naturally for everyone!

The non-comedogenic sans paraben best blend is acceptable for all skin natures and all people of any age.

Mamaearth Skin Illuminate Vitamin C Serum For Radiant Skin with High Potency Vitamin C & Turmeric 30 g

Mamaearth is a local brand that has been making quite a few clamors with its Ubtans and Clay masks.
This Mamaearth Skin Illuminate Vitamin C Serum For Radiant Skin with High Potency Vitamin C & Turmeric frees your skin of hyperpigmentation and fine lines.

Power of Tumeric & Vitamin C

At the point when two strong add-ons like turmeric and Vitamin C get mixed, they offer unmatched glow & radiance.

Skin Hydration

It additionally contains the ingredients that hydrate the skin.

Gets absorbed quickly

This serum contains a lightweight formula, It gets absorbed in the skin in a snap.

Goody Good things!

It is a non-oily, and moderate serum which makes it a hero of Vitamin C serums!

L'Oreal Paris Paraben-free Revitalift Derm Intensives Vitamin C Serum

L’Oreal is trusted by millions of people and highly suggested by experts when the matter is of beauty & self-care treatments. For the last two decades, L’Oreal has been a revolutionary leader for serving safe, excellent & reliable products in India.

This 10% Potent L’Oreal Paris Paraben-free Revitalift Derm Intensives Vitamin C Serum by L’Oreal reestablishes the skin’s brilliance and decreases wrinkles.

Trusted by the experts!

This scientifically designed serum is approved by dermatologists.

Does wonders toward the skin!

This lightweight, yet exceptionally intense Serum easily absorbs onto skin to reestablish skin’s brilliance & lessens wrinkles.

Fights aging

Nutrient C is a crucial antioxidant for the skin.
The vitamin enhances the glow and kills free radicals that affect premature aging.

No harmful chemicals

This glow-enhancing serum is paraben-free and artificial fragrance-free.
No mineral oil or artificial colors are added to the serum

Best suited for everyone!

This formula is appropriate for delicate skin.
This serum is best suitable for all kinds of skin to give even skin tone, Dullness, Wrinkles at dark spots.

WOW Skin Science Vitamin C Serum

WOW is a startup-brand of India recognized and conferred because of the quality it offers.
WOW provides supplements, herbal mixtures, lotions, serums, shampoos, bath & body products, oils, and much more, for men and women.

WOW Skin Science Vitamin C Serum is a 20% potent vitamin C Serum that Helps you to brighten dull & uneven hue.
The serum adds radiance with natural therapy.

The goodness of Unique Blends
The unique blend of Nutrient C, witch hazel, and hyaluronic acid blur pigmentation, battle indications of aging.
This serum improves skin radiance and freshness.

For Nourished & glowing skin

The serum conveys hydration to restore dull, tired skin.
It assists with improving skin surface and appearance giving it a new and splendid look.

Combats the signs of early aging

It has a natural formula that assists with decreasing fine lines, age spots, and smoothes structure;
This eventually decreases early signs of aging.

Skin repairing

Nutrient C assists with killing skin-harming elements and reestablish the skin.

100% LOCAL, 100% NATURAL

The serum is made in the Himalayas.
It is truly vegan & sans gluten.
It contains no silicones, mineral oil, and parabens.

3 Benefits of Vitamin C Serum

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Benefits of vitamin C serum

It is Safe!

Vitamin C is absolutely Safe.
People with almost any skin type & age can utilize effective C Serum for a long time without adverse effects.
Once in a blue moon, some people with hypersensitive skin may encounter minor agitation.

Aids to Skin Hydration

Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, one of the principal nutrient C subsidiaries utilized in skincare, has been appeared to have a hydrating impact on the skin.
It diminishes water loss from the skin, offering moist & slick skin.

Offers more and more glow to the skin!

Nutrient C in the serum can help remove pigmentation and smooth the skin’s surface.
It removes skin dullness which eventually offers the skin its long-gone youth & glow!

Improves the facial skin condition!

No more dark spots, blackheads, pigmentation, or uneven skin tones!

Hyperpigmentation, blackheads, dark spots, and uneven skin tone happen when melanin is overproduced in specific territories of the skin.
It can likewise occur in territories where the skin is damaged by Acne.
Vitamin C in the serum diminishes the meaning of growth.
This can help remove all these skin problems and can give you fine-toned skin.

Our Anti-Aging Hero!

Nutrient C is notable for boosting collagen creation.
Collagen is a normally happening protein that drains out over the long run.
Low levels of collagen can prompt fine lines and wrinkles.
Application of Vitamin C serum can diminish this effect by boosting collagen production.
Which means tighter, brighter & ageless skin!

Combats the damage done by the Sun

Nutrient C is a cell reinforcement hero!
It is powerful in preventing sun harm caused by UV rays.
But Vitamin C Serum is not an option for sunscreen cream.
However, the Vitamin C serum treatment accompanied by sunscreen can possibly do the job for you!

4 When to use Vitamin C Serum

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When to use Vitamin C serum

Benefits of using Vitamin C during the day

Vitamin C is our antioxidant hero!

This means it will fight unsafe components like pollution, free extremists, UV beams, and different elements that can cause great harm to your skin.
If you are utilizing your nutrient C serum during the day, use a decent sunscreen lotion after applying it.

Wait a minute If your skin is sensitive and prone to irritation, it is recommended to avoid using Vitamin C serum during the daytime.

However, you can use a mild one or prefer another antioxidant, but prefer to consult the dermatologist for this.

Benefits of using Vitamin C during the night

While sleeping, the skin goes through a natural healing process.

During sleep the blood flow increases, it remakes collagen and reduces damages like wrinkles and dark spots caused by UV rays.

So, a detailed skin care regime at night is always a preferable idea!

This means the goodness of Vitamin C enhances at night time!


To make the most out of it, use good SPF the next day of utilizing Vitamin C serum at night.

So, Day Vs Night: Which is the best time for using Vitamin C Serum?

  • Nobody knows your skin better than you!
  • As we said, during the day Vitamin C protects against pollution and free radicals.
  • This is best for those with typical skin and ought to consistently be trailed by SPF.
  • On the other side, people with hypersensitivity should apply Vitamin C Serum at night, followed by a good moisturizer.

5 How to make Vitamin C Serum at Home

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How to make vitamin C serum at home

Benefits of making Vitamin C Serum at home

  • All the ingredients and materials required are easily available and cheap.
  • It requires around 5 minutes to make with no extraordinary hardware required.
  • It’s more compelling than store brought products.
  • It’s cheap and always available so you can use this more frequently.

Ingredients required

Vitamin C Powder (With L-Ascorbic acid)

As dry and powder form, Vitamin C Powder is fairly steady and affordable.

You can find it at nearby medical stores or general shops, or you can buy it here.

Distilled water or Rose Water

Metal ions in your water can speed up the rate of powder decomposition. Distilled water or Rosewater is best for this.

Rosewater works as a coolant for your skin so it is recommended to choose it if it is convenient for you.

Buy best rose water products at affordable prices here:

Baking Soda

Only using Abosirbic Acid (In our Vitamin C powder) may increase the pH of serum.
This may cause irritation.
Baking soda works as an antacid, so we can use it to take down the pH of the Serum near our skin.

Buy best baking soda products at affordable prices here:

pH strips

They are used to know the pH of our Serum.

You don’t need very accurate pH indicators like a lab, you can find a good litmus paper near your science store or buy it here:

1/4 teaspoon estimating spoon

1/4 teaspoon is 1.23 or 1.48 mL which means almost 1 gm ascorbic acid.

Precise measurement is always recommended.

But for this no-fuss formula, the volumetric estimation will do.

An appropriate compartment

An airtight compartment is more preferable to maintain the quality of the serum.

You can use airtight bottles at home or find the best DIY Airtight bottles here:

Aluminum foil

It is required to fold over the DIY bottle to lightproof it.

Buy the best Aluminum foil products at affordable price here:

How to Make Vitamin C Serum at home Step by Step

Step 1: Add the measured amount of Vitamin C powder

Add 1/4 teaspoon powder to the container.
Or you can take 0.1 gm powder according to the weight scale.

Step 2: Mix the Vitamin C Powder with rose/distilled water properly.

Fill the container half with rose/distilled water.
Close the lid.
Shake the bottle thoroughly until the powder dissolves totally.

Step 3: Check the pH

Put a drop of serum on your pH strip to check the pH.
It’s likely going to be excessively low.
Add a small amount of baking soda and mix again.
You can check the pH again.
Repeat the process until the pH is somewhere in the range of 3 and 4.

Step 4: Wrapping

Wrap the aluminum foil around the bottle for light proofing.

Your Vitamin C serum is ready!
Use it at your convenience!

Our Verdict:

Vitamin C serum is a wonder wand when the matter is of skincare!
It holds nature’s best gift: L-ascorbic acid, which can improve skin quality alongside treating a few skin issues and defects.
Regular consumption of Vitamin C in diet and application of Vitamin C serum can give undoubtedly the best results.

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