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Best trimmers for men in India.

If you are Mr. Hairy, it’s completely not your fault. It’s normal to have hair growth all over the body when you grow up but you’ll need a trimmer now!
Now, the thing is, how to get a hero-like hairless body, when you want to show off your six-pack abs? For that, waxing is one solution.

Oh, but that is painful. So, what is the best painless solution? I guess it’s a trimmer!

Yes, the trimmer will help you with trimming and cutting your unwanted hair that is disturbing you now and then.

So, let’s see how to use a trimmer, but for that, you have to purchase the best trimmers for men first. If you do not have one, go for it. I promise you will not regret spending money on a trimmer.

1How to Use a Beard Trimmer?

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How to use a trimmer

Beard trimming is the most common use of the trimmer. Here are the stepwise instructions that will help you with perfect beard trimming and achieve desired results.

  • Before using the trimmer over your beard, clean your face and especially facial hair with face wash, and water.
  • Clean the beard and face with a clean towel and wait until the wet hair is dry.
  • Choose the length of the beard you want to keep.
  • Choose the guide comb accordingly and start with trimming.
  • Make sure if your trimmer is not new, you need to clean it with a brush and don’t forget to use a beard growth oil for men for growing that thick beard before using it. Oiling your beard will help to increase the life of your trimmer.
  • If oiling is required, take the hair clippers off, and oil the trimmer blades. Run the blades while oiling them with the oil bottle that comes along with the trimmer.
  • Keep the blades on for 20 seconds as it will evenly spread the oil over all blades.
  • After oiling, make sure the clippers are dry before you start trimming, or else, your hair might stick to it.
  • Now start with a big-length comb for longer hair. Move the comb from your neck to upward motion and it will cut as much hair that rests above the comb.
  • This will help you cut your own hair and achieve the exact length of beard hairs you want.

These steps will help you get the required hair length.

But the question is how to get different beard styles using a trimmer?

Here are the tips to get a designer stubble beard cut:

Stubble means the short hair approximately 3 mm growing on the facial skin of an average man in 3-4 days after a clean shave.

But some men prefer the stubble look so they can have it using beard trimmers. For that, the below-given steps will help the most:

  • Set the beard comb length to 3 mm.
  • Or you can set the length up to 5 mm for light stubble.
  • Lengths more than 5 mm will give you a heavy stubble look.
  • Now start trimming your beard according to the need.

Finally, when you finish trimming, you are ready to go out with a stubble look that most women find attractive.

Also, while trimming, do not forget to trim hair over your neck and Adam’s apple.

Let me tell you a secret here:

Some women also find Adam’s apple attractive. So, if you got one, pay attention to grooming your hair over it as well.

Hence, the trimmer will help you to achieve a stubble look like our handsome Captain America, aka, Chris Evans.

Now we will see how to get two of the most famous haircuts using the hair trimmer. Just like a perfect beard, a perfect haircut can also help you get the attention of your love.

And, do not forget to keep your mustache clean and neatly shaped while trimming.

2How to Get a Buzz Cut and Crew Cut Using the Hair Trimmer?

Firstly, let’s have a brief intro of Buzzcut and crew style. And what is the difference between Buzz and Crew cut?

Buzz Cut Vs. Crew Cut

Buzz Cut

If you are having buzz cuts, hair length remains the same in all ways and directions.

It makes you look more sophisticated and professional.

The hair from the back, front, and sides will have about 0.5 cm of length.

Crew Cut

And in crew cuts, the length of the hair differs at various positions of your head.

The hair is longer in front and shorter from the back.

But yes, you can call crew style as one type of buzz style cut.

However, both are done with clippers.

Hence, you will need different guard sizes to comb to clipper cut over all the hair. Let’s focus on steps to achieve perfect buzz style and crew style cut.

  • For that, you just have to change the lengths of the guard combs and clippers.
  • In the buzz styling of your hair, the length of the clipper will not vary.
  • You just have to sweep it over your scalp after setting the required length of the clipper.
  • Make sure you are not pushing the trimmer more towards the scalp or you might get uneven cutting hair or a cut on your skin.
  • While for crew style cuts, you have to change the length of the clippers. Keep the length short while trimming the back and sides of your head. Keep the length more while cutting from the front and top portions.
  • In areas just above the ears, you will have to remove the clippers and just trim with the cutting unit. Make sure that this flat part will have sharp blades, so be careful while using it.

Not only this, there are many different haircuts, but you might need some professionals for that.

Now, it’s the turn to trim body hair using the trimmer. Let’s see how we can do the same.

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Fact about trimmer

3Using Trimmer for Removal of Body Hair

One more thing that you should keep in mind while trimming body hair is: you should keep using an all-in-one trimmer while you trim body hair.

Beard trimmers are made just for the beard, and not other parts. Hence, getting an all-in-one trimmer is what you will need. After getting one, you can follow the steps given here to perform the

  • May that be your scalp, chest, or pubic/nether hair, the all-in-one grooming trimmer is what you need to have.
  • You can get multiple accessories parts of a trimmer. Most brands of trimmers have their own multi-grooming trimmer kits. These kits have multiple guide combs, clippers of various guard sizes.
  • You can avoid the guide comb while you shave your body hair other than the scalp. Or else you will notice a slight stubble everywhere.
  • Slide the trimmer on the skin from where you want to remove the hair. If the hair is overgrown, you can first cut hair with scissors.
  • Prefer dry hair while trimming. This helps in easy access to a sleek and hair-free body.

The above information shows you how to use a trimmer, but something is missing!

Along with using, you should also be aware of how to store the trimmer in a place like other household products. Storing it in a correct manner will increase the life span.

4How To Store a Trimmer and Increase its Lifespan?

You might already know the fact that says:

‘The more you care, the more it lasts!’

The same goes with the beard trimmer. Whether a machine or a human, everyone requires care. Or else, in no time that thing will be worn out.

Even while traveling, you should keep the trimmer in the travel pouch that you get along with the product. Also, it requires oiling on a regular basis. This will keep the blades sharp and smooth on the skin for a longer time.

Also, if your trimmer is not waterproof, store it in a place that is free from humidity. In such conditions, avoid storing it in the bathroom. Instead, clean it after use and let it dry, after that store it in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

5Final Verdict

Let’s end this article with one fact. People often ask how to grow beard with a trimmer. It might be true, but mainly the hair growth depends on your hormonal changes.

Still, a trimmer will help you with the perfect grooming of your beard and body. And who knows, your sleek beard can attract the one whom you are looking for. So, always have a trimmer with you, whether a job interview, date, or regular day, styling is in trend now.

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