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hair dryer for fine hair
Girl drying her wet hairs with a hair dryer.

Did you know that not all Hair Dryers are made similarly?

There are a few components you need to survey when looking for another hair dryer, including sorting out your hair’s surface, contemplating its length, the porosity of your hair strands, and twist design.

Numerous ladies wrongly purchase the best hair dryer for long hairs / hair straightener, just to understand that the instrument isn’t working with their hair, making the hairstyling measure substantially more troublesome.

Moreover, you cannot curl your hair with a hairdryer, but you should know how to use the 2 in 1 curl and straightener.

With this article, you will get the best hair dryers that will get you smooth, shiny, and straight hairs as per the occasion.

1 Best Hair Dryer for Thin Hair Review

Philips Hair Dryer BHD318/00 1600 Watts Hair Dryer

Advanced Technology:

The new generation concentrator quick heating head
Long cord for better portability

Assured Safety:

Temperature settings with Thermo protect Technology
Assured Warranty

Multiple settings:

Two heat settings for better operation

VEGA Pro Touch 1800-2000 Watts Professional Hair Dryer

Multiple Features:

Hot & Cold features
Two-speed settings

Ergonomic Design:

Low noise
Better handling

Safe Operation:

Protects against overheating
Nozzle stays cold even after long term usage.

Panasonic Hair Dryer with Turbo Dry Mode - Pink

Multiple Setting for gentle operation:

Two speed settings
2 Heat settings

Advanced features:

1000W Turbo Dry for Gentle drying
Directs airflow in selected sections for better styling

Advanced technology in parts:
Cool Air Shot locks moisture in the hair
Light in weight & portable

Nova NHP 8202 Premium 1400 Watts Hot and Cold Foldable Hair Dryer

Multiple heat settings:

Comes with heat & cold settings
Maintains Uniform Temperature

Assured Safety:

Protection against Overheating
Concentrator maintains hair moisture

Ergonomic Design:

Foldable design makes it travel friendly
Compact Design ensures Noiseless operation

SYSKA 1200 Watts Hair Dryer HD1610 with Cool and Hot Air

Compact, Ergonomic Design:

Due to its foldable design, it Fits anywhere
Comes with a hook for better portability

Turbo Dry Technology:

High speed, unfirm flow ensures gentle & smooth drying

Dual Speed setting:

One-touch technology to maintain airspeed

2 How do I choose a Hair Dryer for Fine Hair?

So, how can you choose the hairdryer that’s suitable for you?

A > By Knowing your hair type:

There can be numerous types of hair defined accretion to the pattern of hair.
But here we are considering the density & volume of hair.

Either your hair can be thick & bouncy;
Or it can be thin & fine.

If you’ve got thin and fine hair, we’ve got your back in this blog!

B> By Going through the types & features as well as the price of the dryers available in the market.

Here, firstly we will talk about the types of hair dyers available in the market.

Secondly, the features you must consider while buying a hairdryer

and then, The five best hair dryer for you, curated out of hundreds of products by BestCheck.

Types of Hair Dryers:

Purchasing a hairdryer in India doesn’t mean choosing the most popular one.

Before you consider getting one, you should consider searching for the various sorts of hairdryers accessible.

Not all models will suit your hair type.
Hence, it is a lot of significance for us all to find out about the item prior to getting it straightforwardly.

No worries! We have given detailed information on hairdryers available in the Indian market to ease your selection.

1. Tourmaline Hair Dryers:

This is the sort of hair dryer that covers the heating coils with tourmaline.
It is a diamond stone mineral that is crushed into numerous pieces and utilized in the inside pieces of the dryer.

This hair dryer transmits infrared warmth and negative particles, making the heat a lot less warm for the hair during styling for a less crimped and shinier finish.
It likewise empowers the hair to bear a lot more elevated levels of heat without making any harm.

  • It doesn't harm your hair.
  • Preserves the dampness level.
  • It is up to multiple times quicker at drying.
  • Very delicate yet fast.
  • A bit costly.
  • Not much effective for short and thin hair type.

2. Ionic Hair Dryers:

For a quick Gk fact, do you know that wet hair comprises positively charged particles?
Indeed! Also, to adjust it, the ionic hair dryers emit negatively charged particles.
It helps in breaking the positive charge present in the water atoms.

In any case, this sort of blow dryer is not an ideal alternative for styling as they don’t give the bounce and volume it requires.

  • It makes your hair sparkly by securing in the dampness level.
  • Quick drying.
  • Great alternative for medium volume and fine hair.
  • It isn't ideal for hair styling because of the electromagnetic field in the dryer.
  • Not appropriate for day-to-day use.

3. Titanium Hair Dryer:

This sort of hairdryer accompanies the titanium-made coil.
It is quick to work with when contrasted with different dryers.

Likewise, these dryers are much lighter than the clay-based ones.
It is ideal for styling your hair for daily usage.

  • Ideal for styling your hair.
  • It is very quick while drying your hair.
  • Gives an expert salon-like look to your hair.
  • It isn't effective for thin hair.
  • Heats up rapidly and consequently can harm your hair.

4. Ceramic or Porcelain Dryer:

This sort of dryer accompanies a fired clay-based or porcelain-covered heating coil to give an even heat distribution.
It additionally gives infrared beams that enhance hair quality.

These hair dryers sense the room temperature and control the heating temperature accordingly.
Thus, they guarantee that minimal measure of heat is being utilized all through the drying cycle, prompting a quick drying time and less harm.

  • Great for drying and styling your hair.
  • Doesn't bring on any harm to your hair.
  • Uniform warming.
  • Best appropriate for normal use.
  • It is somewhat costly when contrasted with other regular hair dryers.

Purchasing a hairdryer can be an overwhelming assignment to do.
With such countless various alternatives accessible on the lookout, it is not difficult to get confounded. In any case, we are here to help you out with our rundown of the best hair dryers in India.

We additionally, made sure to consider all the pivotal elements that one should remember while purchasing a blow dryer.
So, let’s start with the details.

Things to consider while choosing a hair dryer:

1. Heat Settings:

It is a lot significant for you to pick a hairdryer that has a heating control alternative.
Choosing a high-velocity drying speed can cause harm to your hair.

Heat control choice will allow you physically to deal with the measure of heat by setting the temperature.

Additionally, different settings guarantee you are not shooting your hair on high causing more harm. Cautious styling is an awesome a sensible measure of heat stream.

2. Weight:

It is common sense that the lighter the dryer is, the better it will be to hold while working with your hair.

While trying out the best hair dryer in India, we found out that even a meager loss in weight had a tremendous effect on handling & using a dryer.

3. Cord Length:

We generally underestimate the cord length while purchasing a dryer.
But when we travel or go to places where charging outputs are few, we understand the value of this tiny feature.

So, it is essential to look at whether the cord can reach the spot you need to plug.
At least 6 feet line length will be simply ideal.

4. Technology:

Just like other products, the hairdryer has additionally developed from the essential basic ones to the ones with the most recent innovation.

Hairdryers these days accompany various advances, for example, ceramic, ionic, static atomization, and so on…

It will be an extraordinary thought to pick a dryer in the wake of thinking about the innovation it is utilizing.

5. Wattage:

The effectiveness of a hairdryer is measured by the wattage requirement.
What amount of time will it require to dry out your hair totally relies entirely upon the wattage.

Purchasing a dryer with higher wattage guarantees speedy drying without presenting your hair to inordinate heat.
Higher wattage is appropriate for thick, voluminous hair.

6. Type of Metal and Coil Material:

It is a lot of critical to pay special attention to the coil material utilized in the dryer.
Metal-based heating coils can produce uneven hot air which can harm your hair at a high temperature.

While, clay, titanium, and tourmaline heating coils produce even hot air and direct them as delicate as could be expected.
This sort of coil makes your hair glossy, keeps up dampness level, and so on…

7. Attachments:

Best dryers are embedded with concentrators just as diffusers.

The diffuser causes you to dry wavy, curly, or finished hair in delicate movement by keeping a characteristic shape.
Then again, a concentrator assists to maintain sleek, straight hair.

So, it is a lot significant to pay special attention to the connections the dryer accompanies.

8. Removable Filter:

A blow dryer that accompanies a removable filter is extraordinary to effectively flip hair slop back while cleaning.

Without a removable filter, it can get truly hard to perfect the hair slop & handle the dryer.

9. Cool Shot Button:

A cool shot button is a must for protecting your hair from getting harmed by accessive heat.

This helps in cutting down the temperature, & ensure that your hair is getting cooled frequently without any damage.

Additionally, a cool shot is also for styling reasons.

It adds shine to hair and holds dampness very well in your hair.

10. Cost:

While purchasing a hairdryer, the budget should e your prime concern.

But we also recommend being flexible in budget criteria as it’s a matter of the health of your skin & hair!
So, Don’t be a miser!

Selecting a poor dryer can eventually cost you a lot. As you will need to contact the dermatologists & get a treatment!

So, A decent hairdryer will guarantee your hair doesn’t get harmed.

3 How to make Fine Hair Thicker

Nobody likes thin, bone-like & lifeless hair.
But No worries! It’s quite easy to get thick and bouncy strands.

Simply follow these homemade tips and use these best-in-class products to get the full, glossy voluminous hair you had always wanted.


4 5 Tips to get Thicker hair:

1. Opt for a Weekly hair massage schedule:

Expert suggests giving your hair the best care with a hot oil rub once every week prior to a hair wash.

Common hair oils like almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil improve hair strength and resolve hair-related issues like dryness; which might be the reason for dandruff & fine hair.

This helps in keeping your scalp dandruff free and upgrades the hair density.

A dry massage over the scalp prior to sleeping might be helpful too.


Turn your hair over and rub your scalp with your fingers without utilizing any oil.
This is an incredible technique to increase blood movement inside the scalp and boost hair growth.

2. Use a Hair mask with natural ingredients:

You can always opt for your granny’s favorite home solutions for thicker hair.
The natural ingredients from your kitchen can make a heavenly improvement to the surface and expanding the volume of your hair.

Castor oil, onion juice, Aloe Vera gel, and coconut oil are stuffed with hair-adoring nutrients and minerals and are consequently accepted to be wonder fixings to make your meager hair thicker.

Basically, consolidate one regular hair oil like castor oil or olive oil with aloe vera gel and onion juice to make a homemade mask for your hair.

Treat your hair with this hair cover and leave it on for about 30 minutes prior to washing it off.
Utilizing it week by week will make your flimsy hair thicker right away.

Buy the best hair mask here:

3. Eat a Protein-rich Diet:

You can just eat good food and get thick and glossy hair, really!

While a terrible eating routine can hamper your hair development, a decent one can truly improve the general soundness of your hair.
Make sure you incorporate protein-rich dinners into your eating routine.

  • Natural products like blueberries, kiwis, oranges, and strawberries are stuffed with a citrus extract that helps produce collagen and fortify hair follicles.
  • Green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and cabbage are wealthy in zinc, potassium, and iron that help make slender hair thicker and more grounded.
  • Eggs, fish, and dairy items are additionally wealthy in protein and help assemble keratin levels and advance more full and thicker hair.
  • You can add these food items to your eating routine as smoothies or plates of mixed greens.

Admission of these products will guarantee a solid and thick hair structure.

4. Practice to Sleep with an up-do:

The fastest way to flatten your fresh blowout is to sleep on it.

To get one more day out of your look (hey, you worked hard for it) twist your hair in small sections and pin it up before bed.

This will not only avoid creases but will also increase the volume and bounce so you won’t need to expose your hair daily to the excessive heat of a blow dryer.

5. Use Volume-boosting hair products:

The hair items you use routinely can represent the deciding moment your hair game.

Be it hair fall, dry hair, or dandruff, nothing focuses on your issues as fast as your cleanser and conditioner.

To address diminishing hair and advance thicker hair development, you can utilize a volumizing cleanser and conditioner.
These hair items are explicitly detailed with supplements that give your braids the necessary ingredients to improve their wellbeing.

That is the reason why experts recommend switching a hair-thickening shampoo to satisfy your need for thick and solid hair.

Wash your hair with a decent volumizing cleanser and a thickening conditioner to make your flimsy hair thicker.
To know more about volumizing shampoos, keep reading our article!

How to make fine hair thicker
How to make fine hair thicker

5 Best Volume Shampoo for Thin Hair

So, which can be the best volumizing shampoo?

How can we choose it?

Well, don’t get confused.

We have sorted out all these doubts.

First, we will go through the basic Knitty-gritty of how to choose the shampoo for your hair.

And then, quickly review the best volume shampoo suggest by BestCheck.

Things To Consider When Buying A Volumizing Shampoo:

Not all shampoo products are the same!
Different Ingredients are needed for your hair’s changing needs. You should consider all these following factors for selecting the right shampoo.

1. Hair Type:

Your hair type is the main focal point when purchasing a volumizing cleanser:

Thin hair:

Thin hair gets oily quick.
To add volume to fine hair, search for a cleanser that contains biotin, collagen, or espresso.
Go for a reasonable recipe rather than a smoothing formula to add volume to dull and thin hair.

Frizzy hair:

Go for an enemy of frizz cleanser that offers stickiness obstruction.
A silicone-based recipe will clean the frizz in your hair without making it oily or substantial.

2. Scalp Type:

Your scalp can be dry, oily, ordinary, or sensitive.
Hence, it is important to pick a shampoo according to your scalp type.

For sleek scalp, a fortifying and profound cleaning shampoo is awesome.
Hydrating and volumizing shampoos work the best for dry scalp.
Moreover, for a delicate scalp, a soothing and reviving shampoo will be well-suited.

3. Ingredients:

While picking a volumizing shampoo, be cautious about the ingredients.
An ideal volumizing cleanser is one that is made with normal ingredients, for example, peppermint, biotin, nutrients, cancer prevention agents, amino acids, or glycerin.

These ingredients are delicate on the hair and scalp and don’t cause allergies or skin reactions.
Shampoos that contain unsafe added substances like sulfates, parabens, or phthalates are hurtful for your hair and wellbeing.

5 Best Volume shampoo for thin hair in India:

Best volume shampoo for women
Best volume shampoo for women

L'Oreal Paris Serie Expert Density Advanced Shampoo for Unisex

The name you can trust:

Trusted & reliable brand for years
One of the top-rated products

Scalp Treatment:

Nourishes scalp & roots
Improves hair density

Nutri-rich components:

Removes too much oil from scalps
Makes hair healthy & strong

Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser, Bhringraj and Shikakai

Benefits of Shikakai:

Shikakai Contains Mild pH
Gently cleanses hair

100% Herbal Therapy:

Herbal ingredients lock natural oil in hair
Cleanses scalp thoroughly

Removes & Rejuvenates Gently:

Controls damage & grows more hair
Rejuvenates scalp & gives volume

StBotanica Biotin & Collagen Volumizing Hair Shampoo

Perfect ingredients:

Give volume & perfect bounce
Most suitable for thin & fine hair

Biotin & Collagen:

Main ingredients for volume
Give smoothness & fluffiness to hair

Added Essential Oils:

Made up with lavender oil, lemon oil & various vitamins like B5.

Biotique Bio Walnut Bark Fresh Lift Body Building Shampoo For Fine & Thinning Hair

Go Natural:

Contains organic ingredients that are protein-rich

Walnut Benefits:

The walnut is the main ingredient here which gives thickness.
It enhances hair texture by natural therapy.

No harmful chemicals:

Free from parabens
Nourishes sensitive scalp & damaged hair

Schwarzkopf Professional Spa Essence Nourishing Shampoo

Hydrolized Keratin:

Contains the same amino acid composition as hair
So, Hair friendly!

Hair Repair Technology:

Rapairs the hair sturetucre
Gives strength from the inner structure of the hair

Improvised hair quality:

Distributes moisture in hair evenly
Salon-like glossy hair at home!

6 Indian Haircuts for Thin Hair

One of the most serious issues in today’s time is hair thinning.
While it tends to be tragic, what could be more painful is picking the correct haircut for it.

Indeed, fine hair can lead to regular hair damage or openness of the scalp and consequently feature the hidden scalp damage.

But don’t worry! The good news is there is a scope of numerous Indian hairstyles that draw out the prettier side to your fine hair.

Let’s go through some of them.

Indian Haircuts for Men with Thin Hair:

Regardless of if your hair is normally fine or if it’s starting to thin out, choosing a hairstyle for thin hair can always be a cumbersome task.

But for a good hairdo, everything necessary is the correct trimmed and style to give your locks a new life.

Beneath we show you the best 5 haircuts for men with thin hair.

Buzz cut or Short hair:

This is a simple & on-the-go style to make you ready for parties.

The Buzzcut gets you formal, party-ready & chiseled looks with a perfect beard.

Just pick your trimmer & get yourself a new haircut!

Interesting facts:

Best haircut for thinning hair
Easy to maintain hairdo
The perfect solution for balding heads

Slick back type hair style:

This is designed by pushing your hair backward with the comb.

This one is comb-over style for very tidy & formal looks!

Remember Leonardo DiCaprio?

Yeah, you can consider him as a role model for this style!

Interesting Facts:

Covers hair damages easily
The gel holds your hairstyle very well for a long time

The Pompadour with undercut style:

There’s nothing wrong with choosing something trendy.

Even if you don’t have a lot of hair, you can have a small pompadour & give a good bouncy look to your hair without faking one.

Interesting Facts:

Gives bouncy look even in thinning hair
Fading sides aids to style & looks

Those majestic looking braided rows for Indian males:

Don’t lose hope if you have thin hair!

You can still have those hairy manes!

Brided raws are for a wild, majestic, hulk look!

Plus they’re quite easy & stable style.

Interesting facts:

Gives a wild, hairy look even in thin hair.
Hair manes look thick & stylish.
Needs a bit of maintenance but worth it!

Curly Shag for thin Indian hair:

Curls are everyone’s favorite!
Who doesn’t want curls!
This haircut may require one-time treatment but can aid to looks with great style & heaviness.

Interesting facts:

Gives a great part & beach-ready look!
Enhances Messy look
You can hide frizzes and dryness
Gives great bounce even in thin hair

Indian Haircuts for Women with Thin Hair:

Choppy Layers:

Choppy layers, rather than wispy layers, are not tightened yet at the closures yet sort of square-shaped with a choppy impact as the name proposes.

Such layers likewise make for the freshest and most current throw of all.

All you require is acceptable haircare imbued styling items s and perhaps pull up some heat-based styling devices.

Interesting Facts:

You can control this style to look popular and young or even rich and stylish.
This one is quite a fresh style

Hair Fountain:

If you’ve got naturally straight, thin & dark shaded hair then this style is made for you!
Even the thinnest strands will stand out in this hairdo.
If your hair stands are long & naturally smooth this hairstyle will come out at its best & create a rich fountain shaped look!

Interesting Facts:

All-time famous & stylish hairdo
Gives a classy & royal fountain look even in thin hair
Posh look with just a little bit of maintaince

Feather touch cut:

Hair locks with good length & glossy looks are improved by the rich and age-old feather cut.
This cut is mainstream among noticeable stars even today.
In the event that you are searching for an approach to light up your tasteless locks, this haircut is ideal for you!

Interesting Facts:

Aids texture to thinning hair
Gives fluffy feather-like looks as per the name
Numerous types are available in feather cut to excite you!

Poker Straight Haircut:

The one hairdo that never develops old is straight hair.
Nowadays girls want to try something new with thin straight hair, like slight waves, little curls & poker cut too.
Now and again poker-straight hair can be hard to pull off with certain face shapes, for instance, square face otherwise this one is an easy-going hairstyle for many ladies.

Interesting Facts:

A modern yet evergreen style
Very easy to maintain style for thin hair
Aids flavors to straight hair

Messy bun


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Here’s a style that suits thin hair easily.

With a low side braid, you have many alternatives:

You can hold it upwards & tight.

Or let it loose a bit for a more casual look.

P.S. you can add moderate curls with your Hair Straightener, & add more texture to your messy bun!

Also check our article for mild fragrance perfume brand for women.

Interesting Facts:

Gives a bouncy & classy look
Very easy to maintain
You don’t need to go to a salon
A lot of tricks & styles are available for a messy bun.

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