Best Oil for Hair Growth in India – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

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Last Updated: September 22, 2022

applying hair oil
A girl applying hair oil in her long hairs.

Hair is a beautiful form of self-expression.

No one likes weak hair, receding hairline, and hair fall problems. It irritates us.

We all want our hair to be strong, smooth, and frizz-free.

Your biggest glory is healthy hair as it is a reflection of excellent health and personality and so is the best perfume for women.

But due to daily stress and work pressure, there’s a quiet rise in hair fall percentage.

However, if you use a professional hair straightener or a hair dryer, never forget to massage your hair with hair oil.

Don’t worry, there’s a solution for every problem. For a healthy scalp, you must use an oil that helps it grow stronger and longer hair.

We have researched and made a list of the best hair oils to help you improve hair growth and thickness.

1 Best Hair Oil for Hair Growth

Best Hair Oil for Men: WOW Skin Science Onion Oil - No Mineral Oil, Silicones & Synthetic Fragrance.

When it comes to solving hair fall problems, a mixture of onion and oil is always suggested as a home remedy. The presence of onion black seed as an ingredient makes this product very effective.

Here are some features of WOW Skin Science Onion Oil – Black Seed Onion Hair Oil

Rich quality: Made up of exclusive botanical oils to make your hair shinier. Avoids dryness and promotes moisture which gives a perfect look to your hair. Controls breakage and helps to reduce the tangled ends of hair.

Presence of ingredients that work: Trustworthy and natural ingredients like almond, coconut, jojoba oil make it beneficial. This differentiates the product from others as we found that not all hair oils combine these.

Scalp friendly: Using products for the betterment of hair is important these days. But selecting a nonharmful one is also very essential. The product won’t make your hair sticky and greasy. Instead of that, it will act as a perfect moisturizer and has a pleasant smell. The best part is, it doesn’t harm the skin.

Works on different types of hair: No matter if your hair is curly, thin or thick, this oil will help you control hair fall, gain moisture and shine.

  • Promotes Hair Growth.
  • Tame Frizz.
  • Balances Your Scalp.
  • Absorbs Quickly.
  • The Result of applying this hair oil depends on how your scalp reacts. Great results are not guaranteed.

Best Hair Oil for Men and Women: Indulekha Bringha Oil, Reduces Hair Fall and Grows New Hair, 100% Ayurvedic Oil

We all love it when we get desired results. Don’t we? And we hate waiting for results when it comes to regrowing hair using products.

There are many products which claim to be the best but they don’t even show results. But Indrulekha’s Bringha oil has won the hearts of many. Indulekha Bringha Oil helps in regrowing hair and blocking hair fall in a short period of time as compared to others.

Perfect for those who love ayurvedic products: User experience suggests that the product doesn’t contain hazardous substances like Sulfates, Silicones. According to experts, the product is made up of natural ingredients. Ayurvedic hair oils tend to show much better results than normal ones. By mixing more than 10 herbs the brand has made it like a magical ayurvedic medicine.

The product has proven effective: Hair loss and other hair problems are common in men as well as women. So the brand with a rich history says that the product has been tested and proved useful for males and females. Do you give more preference to ayurvedic products like me? If yes, you should go for this product. You’ll love it! The product looks impressive and effective at the same time. It’s one of the best hair ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth

  • Desired results are seen in around 4,5 months.
  • Helps both, men and women in solving their hair problems.
  • Contains ayurvedic elements, no toxic ingredients like Sulfate and Silicones.
  • Has a strong smell. This can be an unwanted thing for many.

Best Onion Hair Oil: Mamaearth Onion Oil for Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control with Redensyl 150ml

What if you find the one-stop solution for all your hair problems? By the way, you have found it while reading this. Yes whether your problem is hair fall, hair damage or dry hair, Mamaearth Onion Oil is the ultimate solution. This Indian brand has established itself very well in the past couple of years.

A perfect combination of ingredients: Do you know what happens when. Redensyl and onion oil combine? It creates a game-changer substance for your scalp! These elements promote hair growth and hair loss.

Flaunt that shiny & stylish hair. Applying this onion hair oil lets it nourish your scalp and you’re ready to flaunt the shiny and nourishing hair again. That is why we call this product an all-rounder. It does many jobs for your scalp’s health.

No toxic elements used: Adding another advantage here. This onion hair oil by Mamaearth is not at all toxic for your scalp’s health. It does not contain sulfate and synthetic fragrances.

Amazingly, it can also benefit chemically treated hair: The most amazing part of this hair oil is that it can also be applied if you had a chemical hair treatment before. If you are facing multiple hair problems, I would suggest you try this product once.

  • This hair oil is safe for chemically treated hair.
  • Not only gives a shiny look, but improves scalp health also.
  • Has a great combination of various ingredients which are proven to improve hair health.
  • Oil is not greasy but very light.
  • Seems expensive than other hair oils.

Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Hair growth: AKALIKO NATURAL Hair Regrowth Oil Controls Hair Fall & Dandruff for Men and Women

People who want to grow their hair long will love this. AKALIKO NATURAL Hair Regrowth Oil. It is a good option for those who are looking for hair products to help them increase volume. (100% Natural)

Suitable for daily use: No doubt, air products are very useful and game-changing for many of us but not all of them are safe to use on a daily basis. But AKALIKO’s natural hair regrowth oil can be used on a daily basis. Apply before going to bed, have a slight massage, that’s it.

Multitasker hair oil: All hair oils do not solve dandruff problems but guess what, this product will help you with that too. Men or women can use this product for varied types of hair problems.

  • One of the noticeable advantages is it improves the blood circulation in the scalp.
  • This will promote hair growth naturally.
  • The product contains nutrient-rich ingredients like curry leaves for strengthening hair.
  • The product looks new to the market so many will find it difficult to trust and buy.

You will be thinking, why am I researching this much for hair oil? I should buy the one with the lowest price. But no, you shouldn’t be buying such products without comparing and reading reviews. Comparing products is always a good choice. You can read about beard growth oil brands to understand better why we need a detailed comparison

Best Onion Hair Oil to Reduce Hair Fall: Luxura Sciences Onion Hair Oil 250 ML with 14 Essential Oils

Luxura Sciences Onion Hair Oil is again an all-rounder for your scalp’s health. It looks like a premium quality hair oil with a mixture of many ingredients having vitamin C. It seems a bit costly but an adequate option if you are ready to invest some extra bucks for joyous hair.

Eliminates dryness: A blend of amazing ingredients nourishes the hair and makes them look more lively. This oil can be used for deep conditioning as well. Also helps fight the frizziness in hair.

No fragrances: Not a great option for those who love to have oils with a pleasant scent. Brand says that to avoid the use of harmful chemicals, they ignore adding scents.

  • Suits people with different hair types.
  • Reduces dead ends & gives long shiny hair. Reduces white hair too.
  • 100% natural with no toxic elements.
  • Contains no artificial fragrances so that it can be used on a daily basis.
  • Sometimes it can be harsh on hair and many will find this product expensive.

2 The Best Hair Oil Brands in India

The Best Hair Oil Brands in India
WOW“WOW Skin Science” is an Indian brand manufacturing multiple types of skincare, haircare bath and baby products. Over the years, this brand has established itself as the pioneer of the industry. Reviews of the customers suggest that products by WOW Skin Science do not contain any toxic elements and are safe to use.
IndulekhaIndulekha manufactures Ayurvedic proprietary medicines in the form of hair oil. The company claims that their hair oil product is tested and if used properly for three to four months, it not only reduces hair fall but also increases the growth of new hair. Indulekha is a prominent brand and has earned the trust of customers over the years all over India. It’s products are loved by the customers who love using Ayurvedic products for hair care.
MamaearthMamaearth, one of the most famous manufacturers of Skincare and Haircare products. From body lotion, shampoo to hair oil, the company has it all for it’s customers. Onion hair oil by Mamaearth contains various natural elements which are not harmful and can be used by children and other people of different age groups.
Akaliko NaturalAKALIKO NATURAL is another natural Hair oil manufacturing brand in India that has covered a large market and gained the trust of the users. The company is focused on providing 100% natural hair fall solutions to it’s customers. According to our research, customers are quite satisfied with the quality of the products and say that they really work in improving hair health.
LuxuraLuxura Sciences is pretty much like a startup company manufacturing aromatherapeutic blends, massage oils and skincare products. By reading the customer reviews and researching about the company, we found that it’s haircare products perform really well and help people solve problems like hair fall and dandruff. In addition to this, no reports of side effects are found.

That’s all for reading options. These are the best 5 hair oils for hair growth and reducing hair fall available in India

3 Amazing Benefits of Applying Hair Oil.

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Benefits of using hair oil

Haircare isn’t easy at all. Many products claim to help but the truth is, they don’t work every time. And this is because they do not work completely. Your hair needs several kinds of care to be healthy. Oiling your hair daily improves your hair health. Oiling also provides hydration, minerals and vitamins required in keeping your hair healthy.

Strengthening Of Roots. When applied to the scalp on a regular basis, hair oil cleans the scalp and removes toxic substances from your hair. This removes damaging germs from skin cells and strengthens your roots.

Helps In Dandruff Prevention. Oh, this one is too important. A sweaty and dry scalp usually attracts dandruff. Preventing dry scalp is tough as it is caused by dust and pollution. But applying hair oil during the night prevents the growth of dead skin cells which is one more reason for dandruff.

Nurtures Your Hair. One of the main advantages of applying hair oil daily is that different oils contain vitamins and minerals that are important for hair health. Vitamins B, K and E, B12, B6, B3 are present in hair oils Because your hair starts to deteriorate while exposed to the environment, these are all necessary.

Reduces Hair Fall. A hair massage every 5 days is essential for improving hair health. “Cleansing of the scalp, cleansing of dead skin, and feeding and renewing fine hair.” These are the amazing benefits of hair massage. And all these combine to reduce hair fall.

Promotes Hair Growth. This is the primary goal of any person who uses hair growth oils. No matter what other features the oil offers, hair growth is the most desired result. Choosing the right hair oil and using it timely will reduce hair fall and promote hair growth.

4 How to get thick hair? Follow these few steps.

People daydream about thick and happy hair these days. Because many of us have thin, wear and flat hair due to different problems. First of all, let’s know the most common causes of thin hair:

  • Natural aging
  • Poor nutrition
  • Too much use of the hair products.
  • Allergies and Reactions to chemicals.

The fact is that in order to keep your hair thick and fine, you need to take extra care of them. How will do it? Erase the worries, we’ll tell you that. Let’s go!

Step #1: Eat Food that Benefits your hair

Consuming various nutrients & food regularly can help you get thick and happy hair. You should include slight proteins, Vitamin B, fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins in your diet. Experts suggest these food items that can help:

  • Salmon
  • Berries
  • Eggs
  • Peanuts
  • Spinach
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Seeds

Step #2: Take care of your hair & keep the scalp healthy

It is obvious that you can not get thick and fine hair when they are constantly damaged. This means that you would have to pamper your hair and maintain your scalp health to reach the other goal, which is having thick hair. Do you get me? I hope you do!

There are numerous hair oils available as we discussed earlier, you can check and buy one for giving your hair the nourishment it needs. Don’t ignore if dandruff comes into play, try home remedies, anti-dandruff shampoos or hair oils to solve the dandruff problems.

Step #3: Use hair thickening products accordingly.

Starting up with using certain hair-thickening products can be a helping hand. Here is how to move further and what to use.

Apply and leave volumizing products: For Eg serums, mousses, and hair gels should be applied and left in. These products are used generally by people who have damp hair because they provide better fullness and nourishment as compared to conditioners and shampoo. And they also coat your hair and they feel thicker. Apply products from roots to the ends for better results.

You can use a Root Lifting spray also: Usually, hair flat to the head seems thinner as compared to the hair lifted up to the roots. Experts suggest that women shall use a lifter spray to give their hair volume and a bouncy look.

Step #4: Don’t let your hair get dry by reducing heat styling.

Using heat styling can hurt your hair and make it thinner. You can try air-drying as a good alternative. This increases the chances of faster hair growth. Ultimately, your hair will look thicker. When we talk about gaining natural texture, you can invest some money in leave-in products that will help a lot.

5 Quick Tips to Maximize Hair Oiling Benefits.

Applying the oil and then washing it off isn’t very effective. These suggestions will help you get the most out of your hair oil.

Tip 1: Massage the oil into your scalp for 10-15 minutes while oiling your hair.

Tip 2: Use a variety of hair oils throughout the week to help balance the advantages and avoid exposure to one oil.

Tip 3: At least once a week, while oiling your hair, use a hair mask.

Tip 4: You should let the hair oil rest in the hair for the whole night every 5 days

Tip 5: Curly hair requires more regular oiling, whereas greasy hair requires less. Determine your hair type and tailor your regimen to meet your hair’s needs.

Tip 6: You should never wash your oily hair with hot water.

Tip 7: People with colored hair should use olive oil to repair the damage.

Our Favourite: #3 Mamaearth Onion Oil for Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control with Redensyl.

After detailed research, we found that this hair oil by “Mamaearth” can help you solve all your hair problems. Whether it is hair fall, dandruff, or providing a shiny look to your hair, it works well. If the product matches your requirements, you can go for it for sure!

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