Best Soap in India for Healthy Skin [June 2022]

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best suited soaps for skin
Variety of soaps made from healthy ingredients for your skin.

Do you feel that your soap is not cutting dirt and oil from your skin?
If yes, you are using the wrong soap!

Then which soap is a better fit for your skin?? Here’s a small guide for you to choose the perfect soap for your skin.

Moreover, you will also find a perfect choice choice for your baby. As their skin is more reactive to any kind of chemicals, so you have to find a mild soap for them.

Without any further thought, we think we should directly jump over to the best soap for men, women, and babies in India. And yes, the bifurcation of soap is also done on the basis of skin type.

1 Which is the Best Soap in India?

Best Soap in India: Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar

The manufacturing of Dove Cream Beauty Bar is done with the combination of gentle cleansing solution with 1/4th moisturizing cream.

This formula helps to maintain the smoothness of your face skin and also gifts you softer and glowing skin.

The mild cleansing formula helps in retaining normal skin moisture that is lost while the face-washing process. While normal soaps leave your face dry!!

Now you might think what makes Dove a Unique choice? The answer is given right below this para.

What makes Dove unique?

  • As the composition of the Dove bar constitutes 1/4th moisturizing cream with mild cleansers that helps you with smooth skin.
  • Makes your skin smoother, softer, moisturized.
  • Dermatologists recommend Dove as the No. 1 Brand.
  • It’s a beauty bar that can be used daily on the whole body.

Best Soap for Dry Skin: Pears Pure & Gentle

You might have already heard or used the Pears Pure & Gentle soap.

The crystal clear golden honey-colored soap is amongst the best choice for you if you have dry skin. It helps in making your skin glow.

Start your routine with the right face product and we guarantee that your day will pass by with a smile on your face.

This right product can be Pears! Being a heritage glycerine soap for years, it’s one of the most gentle soaps for your skin.

Not only a bathing soap, but it also makes the germs reach heaven. The creamy froth will wash the germs away from your body and also moisturizes it. There’s a suggestion for you to use the Pears twice a day for better results.

What makes Pears unique?

  • The main advantage of Pears soap is: It is suitable for all skin types.
  • Based on a study of 2017, 9/10 women feel that Pears made their skin better.
  • No parabens are added to this soap.
  • Claims to be made of 100% more glycerin than competitive soaps.

Best Bath Soap: Medimix Ayurvedic Classic

If you resonate with Ayurveda and prefer using ayurvedic products daily, here is the best soap for you. You can easily use it on regular basis.

Medimix classic soap with 18 herbs ayurvedic solution helps you nourish your skin. It is a hand-made product containing 18 herbs that treat acne, prickly heat, and other skin infections.

Back in 1969, Dr. Sidhan discovered a way to combine viprathi oil with other elements to make a green soap that protects and nourishes our skin.

It’s because of the herbs that are present in the soap that helps in rejuvenating your skin. Hence, for generations, people are believing in Medimx soap and using it in routine life.

What makes Medimix unique?

  • It has 18 herbal mixtures in its composition.
  • Prevents your skin from body odor and other infections like acne.
  • Hydrates your skin and gives an extra glow to your skin.
  • Removes dark scars from the skin gradually.

Best Baby Soap: Mamaearth Moisturizing Baby soap

The Mamaearth moisturizing soap for babies is a gentle cleanser that also moisturizes the skin of your delicate newborn. The soap includes moisture-rich cream that is 100% safe to use on a baby’s body.

Mamaearth baby soap constitutes goat milk, shea butter & oatmeal. It helps to soften the baby’s skin and make it smooth and moistened.

With a balanced pH of 5.5 that is best for the newborn’s skin, this soap gives tough competition to its competitors. Moreover, there are no harmful materials like SLS, sulfate, parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, PEGs, etc.

What makes Mamaearth unique?

  • It’s a soap-free baby soap with balanced pH of 5.5. It is non-harmful for babies.
  • The manufacturer has taken care of this product and made a tear-free formula for the delicate eyes of kids.
  • Suitable for dry, eczema-prone, itchy skin.
  • This product is dermatological tested and certified toxin-free hypoallergenic.

Best Soap for Oily Skin: SebaMed Cleansing Bar for Oily Skin

Sebamed is one of the best soaps for you if you have oily skin!! It holds the top position because it has a mild-pore cleansing that helps in cleaning excess sebum from your skin.

Because of its amazing performance as a bathing soap for oily skins, it is hurdling fast towards becoming the best product in the market.

With some amazing specifications that make it a product worth purchase. You can surely look for purchasing it without any hesitation. Let’s look at its specifications then.

What makes SebaMed unique?

  • Reduces pimples, blackheads, and light acne.
  • It has a pH of the value of 5.5 that reduces the acne-causing bacteria.
  • It has natural moisturizers like Lecithin, Amino acids, and vitamins. You can also read more about benefits of vitamin c serum for face
  • There are no preservatives added to it.

Best Soap for Men: Park Avenue Premium Men's Soap

For instance, you forgot to apply perfume, but if your soap is fragrant, you can smell good for a maximum of 2-3 hours, if sitting in an AC room.

Generally, Men should remain conscious about their body fragrance. Hence, as per our choice, Park Avenue Luxury Soap will be one of the best soaps for men.

It’s fortified with a conditioner that moisturizes the skin and shea butter that hydrates your skin instantly. If the matter is fragrance, you can literally pick this soap even with closed eyes. The masculine fragrance uplifts your mood.

However, if you prefer facewash over soap, we also have the best face wash for men with us. Check it out!

What makes Park Avenue unique?

  • It’s a Grade I Soap.
  • Exclusive perfume soap.
  • Astray in the moisture of 3 powerful moisturizers: Glycerine, shea butter, and coconut oil.
  • The fragrance is somewhat woody with a bloom that stays on your skin. This fragrance is ideal for men and makes them 10 times more attractive!

Best Soap for Women: Santoor RoseGlo Soap with Rose Water & Honey

Are women more worried about their beauty and skin? Of course Yes!

You will easily spot a woman carrying various beauty and skincare products along with her to wherever she goes.

So, we can also expect that she will always look for a perfect soap for having a glowing face.

So, here is a product that’s perfect for the majority of women out there- The Santoor RoseGlo with natural materials like rose water and honey.

It will be the secret ingredient behind your youthful glowing skin. The rose water maintains the water balance of your skin.

If there is an imbalance in water level, you can easily notice the dryness and roughness on your skin. While if everything is balanced, the brightness on your face will remain intact naturally.

Hence, this manufacturing of Santoor is a pure glycerine soap that helps to retain the moisture in the skin and retains the moisture of the skin.

What makes Santoor unique?

  • Helps in getting pink and glowing skin.
  • It constitutes honey and rose water that maintains the water content in your skin.
  • An amazing fragrance is left on the skin.
  • Pure Glycerine constitutions that help you maintain natural moisture even after cleansing your face.

Best Glycerin Soap: Pears Soft & Fresh with 98% Glycerin & Mint Extracts

Do you love to use crystal clear soaps?

Then Pears Soft & Fresh soap will be the best choice for you. It even helps you to resolve oily skin problems.

Oily skin troubles almost everyone during the hot summer afternoons. Do you crave fresh skin every day even during summer days? Then get a Pears Soft & Fresh soap a crystal blue bar that with 98% glycerine and the scent of mint.

The combination of mint and glycerin helps your skin to rejuvenate, refresh, and moisturized. Most of us are already aware of Pears soap bars. As they are into the hawk for decades now.

It is traditionally crafted to cut down the impurities and makes it one of the purest bathing soaps. Its main purpose is to kill germs without harming your skin.

For glowing results, you can use this soap twice a day!

What makes Pears Soft & Fresh unique?

  • It constitutes mint extracts that make your skin soft and fresh.
  • 98% of glycerin constitution combats the oily dirt on your face and revitalizes your skin.
  • Suitable on all skin types.
  • Mild cleansers with 0% Paraben.
  • It also works well for washing hands and keeping your hands soft.

Best Fairness Soap: Lever Ayush Natural Fairness Soap

We do not entertain fairness products because what God has gifted you is already beautiful!

However, there is a great demand in the hawk regarding the best fairness soap. Hence, here is a soap that might help you with your query- Lever Ayush Natural Fairness Soap.

Lever Ayush being an ayurvedic product manufacturing firm, so this natural fairness bar might be gentle on your skin. It will help your skin to glow naturally [without any cream!!]

It is a bar that constitutes the goodness of Kesar and Kumkumadi Tailam (a mixture of 16 herbs and oil).

Saffron has some qualities to brighten and heal marks. The same goes with the Kumkumadi Tailam, it also cures uneven skin and lightens skin color.

What makes Liver Ayush Natural Fairness unique?

  • It is an Ayurvedic product.
  • Claims to be a Natural Saffron bar (soap).
  • Constitutes elements like Saffron extracts and Kumkumadi Tailam.
  • Generally used to get fair skin.

Best Aloe Vera Soap: Lever Ayush Cool & Fresh Aloe Vera Soap

Aloe Vera Gel is in high demand these days. As people are retrieving more advantages of aloe vera, they are shifting towards using it in routine.

However, if you are not able to grow an aloe vera at your home, you can purchase aloe vera gel and an aloe vera bathing soap. So, here’s one of the best aloe vera bathing soaps: Lever Ayush Cool & Fresh Aloe Vera Soap.

Cool & fresh aloe vera soap is put together with 5000 years old ayurvedic miracles to give your skin a natural glow. Made up of the goodness of lemongrass & aloe vera, this product can be said as the best aloe vera soap.

Aloe vera with its soothing and cleansing properties hydrates your skin throughout the summer days. While the Lemongrass has antibacterial properties that clear the infection.

This soap is blended with the formation process as described in Granthas.

What makes Lever Ayush Cool unique?

  • Constitutes fresh aloe vera extracts along with Lemongrass.
  • Refreshes your skin and also hydrates it after the cleansing process.
  • Aloe vera and lemongrass mix up and keeps you cool and soothes your skin.
  • Any adult can use this product.

Best Herbal Soap: Vaadi Herbals Elbow Foot Knee Scrub with Almond Walnut Scrub

If you prefer herbal soaps there are a lot of soaps available, but here’s one of the best choices available: Vaadi Herbals Elbow Foot Knee Scrub with Almond Walnut Scrub.

This bar is made especially for taking care of your elbows, knees, and feet. These body parts also require extra attention because we generally scrub them properly.

The composition of this product consists of extracts of walnut and almond. They together exfoliate the thick layer of dead cells from the elbow, knees, feet, and other body parts.

This unique composition makes your skin hydrated with the almond extracts and walnut extracts help to remove even the stickiest dirt from the skin. However, the texture of the soap itself will be rough, so use it with care on your face.

If possible, avoid using it on your face.

What makes Vaadi Herbals unique?

  • It has almond extracts that soothe and manages to solve the uneven skin tone.
  • Aloe Vera soothes the skin and protects it.
  • Exfoliates dark spots, dirt, etc.
  • Suitable for face & body.
  • Suitable for adults.

Best Antibacterial & Antifungal Soap: Tetmosol

Mostly in dry or warm weather, you can easily get a fungal or bacterial infection on your skin. So, always have an antifungal and antibacterial soap with you. Here’s what we have for you: Tetmosol Medicated Soap.

Moreover, before purchasing this product, we advise you to consult your dermatologist. If they prescribe you any other product to use, go for it.

Tetmosol is a medicated soap manufactured by VVF Ltd. an Indian Firm, and the marketing is done by Piramal Pharma Ltd.

Safety Information before using Tetmosol:

  • Avoid using it if you have Sulphur allergies.
  • Keep away from babies. (Until and unless prescribed.)
  • For external use only!
  • In rare cases, if you see adverse effects on your skin, stop using it.

What makes Tetmosol unique?

  • It is a medicated soap.
  • Specially manufactured by VVF for antibacterial and antifungal purposes.
  • Clears out the infection from your skin.
  • Constitutes of Monosulfiram 5% w/w, Citronella Oil, and fatty matters.

Best Neem Soap: Margo, Original Neem Soap

Margo soaps were established back in 1920. Over a century has passed and still, this brand of soap has kept its promise to give problem free beautiful skin.

Margo’s name represents a heritage that is passed from one generation to another generation. But when it comes to soap, it is one of the best neem soaps in India.

It has crossed 100 glorious years and many celebrities have also endorsed them for their effective product. Margo neem soap is made up of 100% pure neem by a unique method.

What makes Margo unique?

  • It has Vitamin E moisturizers that moistures your skin and helps it to glow naturally.
  • 100% neem constitution.
  • This soap has the goodness of 1000 Neem leaves.
  • It’s a herbal neem soap that has 100% Natural Neem.

Best Charcoal Soap: Bombay Shaving Company Activated Bamboo Charcoal Soap

Bombay Shaving Company is an emerging name as a manufacturer of handmade charcoal soaps. The main use of charcoal is to soak dirt from your skin and make your skin pores clean.

However, this claim is done by every charcoal soap manufacturer but is still under confirmation that is it a myth or truth. However, it also contains glycerine to nourish your skin for giving you a fresh feel throughout the day.

Along with Bamboo charcoal and glycerine, it also constitutes Cocoa butter that makes your skin glow and silky smooth.

What makes Charcoal soap unique?

  • It is a handmade soap that is made up of a deep cleansing process.
  • Gets away the dirt and excess oil.
  • Absorbs pollution effects from the skin.
  • Composes of Activated charcoal, cocoa butter, and glycerine.
  • Suitable for all adults and all skin types.
  • Paraben and SLS free soap.

2 Which Soap for the Right Skin Type

4 skin types and so many soaps!!!

Multiple soaps with multiple elements! Which elements will suit your skin?

Dear-me, which one to choose??

Don’t panic, we are here to guide you for a perfect soap according to your skin.

First, let’s discuss the skin types along with the soaps that will be perfect for you.

If your skin is dry:

You will feel that there is no moisture in your skin. The dead and dry skin will frighten you. So, try using the soaps that have the following compositions:

– Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter, Vegetable oil, or Avocado will be the perfect fit for you.

If your skin is oily

You will feel the oil extractions on your face the whole day. If you want to stay away from it, you can use soaps that have the following compositions:

– Antibacterial soaps, face cleansers with lavender, thyme, and chamomile are very effective.

If your skin is sensitive:

Sensitivity will make your skin patchy or itchy at a time. So, if your skin is sensitive towards different soaps, try using bars that have the following constitution.

– Vitamin E containing soaps, or jojoba oil. These elements are effective for ichthyosis, psoriasis, and eczema.

If your skin is a combination:

Combination skin means that nothing is confirmed which product will affect your skin. It’s the most sensitive skin anyone can have. So, go for a soap having the following compositions:

– Glycerin soaps are best for people having combination skin.

3 Benefits of Using Bar soap over Liquid

What do you prefer- A liquid soap or a bar soap?

If you still prefer a liquid bathing soap, here are some advantages of a soap that will grab you towards using a bar soap!

We think you should eye on it once. Who knows you might save some bucks!

Benefits of using a bar soap over liquid soap:

  • The main benefit is: Soap bars are cost-effective and helps you save some money!
  • The friction that is created due to rubbing soap with your skin will kill more bacteria from your skin. It will also remove more dirt.
  • Bar soaps are packed inside a thin cardboard box that is degradable and less harmful to the environment than thick plastic bottles of liquid soap.

4 What to look out before purchasing a Bar Soap?

Prioritize deciding your skin type:

Choosing a soap that is perfect as per the skin type is not everyone’s cup of tea!

You have to first decide what is your skin type.

Followed by curating through multiple soaps available and then choosing the best!

It’s not gonna be easy, No! But deciding your skin type finishes off your half task.

Get a prescription from your dermatologist:

Unsure about your skin type??

Book an appointment with your dermatologist and ask them to detect it for you.

Also, they will help you out with amazing tips to select a good soap according to your skin type.

However, if the prescribed soap is still not making any difference, ask him/her to change the product.

Please avoid changing products on your own once you start following the prescription of a dermatologist.

Facial soap and Body soap are different!

Choose wisely:

Facial skin is comparatively more sensitive than the skin of your body.

Hence, people like us prefer using liquid face wash more than face soap. Despite liquid face wash ruling the market, there are some facial soaps that still give a healthy competition to it.

Hence, first, try using a facial soap, it can be an Ayurvedic, Neem bar, Glycerin, or Dove. If you feel that they are not enough for your skin then switch to face wash.

5 Ingredients of Bar Soap

Ingredients of Bar Soap
Oils / FatsVegetable oil or animal fat is one of the main components without which soap formation is NOT POSSIBLE! But you cannot use petroleum oils in the formation! The actual finishing of the soap, i.e., the hardness and lather formation is based on the type of oil used in the formation. Here is the list of oils used: Lard, tallow, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, hemp oil, jojoba oil. Mango butter, shea butter, and cocoa butter.
WaterWater is also the main ingredient while soaping. It is used to create the lye solution and oils. Moreover, the water amount to be added depends on the specific soap that is under the formation process.
LyeNo lye, No soap!! Adding lye is necessary while soaping formation! The reaction between lye and oils makes soap. It is called saponification. Once saponification is done, lye converts into soap. Here are the main lyes that are used while making soaps: Potassium hydroxide (used during liquid soaps) Sodium hydroxide (used during solid soaps) A combination of these two is used to make cream soaps.
Fragrance ScentsTwo types of fragrance scents are used. You can pick either of them while soap formation process: Plant-based fragrant oils: Essential oils that are extracted from plants and considered as ‘natural oils.’ If the soapmakers are using real oils, it would cost them more than 2000 pounds depending on the type of oil used. Fragrance oils: Fragrance oils are synthetically formed oils that smell like natural oils but are prepared in the laboratory. It is a cost-effective way to add scents to soap.
ColorAdding colorants and dyes is completely optional. If soapmakers are using dyes, or any colorants in the soap, it should be FDA approved! Generally, mica and pigments are used to change soap’s color. These products that are used to change the color of soap or even cosmetics should be FDA approved!

6 Why Should you buy a good soap?

BestCheck placeholder
Why should you buy a good soap

What do you get from purchasing a good soap?

There are many advantages that you will notice once you buy the perfect soap for you. Here are some of them:

  1. Cleaning your skin
    It performs the function of cleaning dirt, oil, pollution that settle on your skin throughout the day.
  2. Anti-bacterial properties
    The antibacterial soap will kill almost 99% of bacterias from your skin.
  3. Giving a new glow to your skin
    It is obvious that when dirt, excessive oil, dead cells are removed from the skin, your skin will glow extraordinarily.
  4. Helps cure acne & pimples
    As it removes almost all impurities stuck on your face, the chances of acne and pimples decrease to a greater extent.

8 Does Bar soap Expire?

Not a single product that contains natural or chemical ingredients is without expiry date! So, soaps also have expiry dates.

Most of the soaps have expiry dates of nearly 2-3 years. Moreover, if you use the soap and still it forms foam and lather while rubbing, it’s alive!!

If the soap expires, it will not form lather and dry up with a crackled surface. These are the features that will let you know that your soap is not effective anymore. You have to finally get a new one!

9 Final Verdict

At last, we hope that you are happy with this article and got a perfect piece of soap for you.

If you are picky with choosing the hair oils, you can find out which hair oil to buy that suits you best. You can always suggest a product whose comparison guide you wanna read before purchasing it.

Till then a sweet goodbye from the BestCheck family.

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