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Best Inverters to Buy for Indian Household [May 2022]

Power Failures are no problem anymore with an Energy Efficient Inverter

Imagine a hot summer afternoon that you have to spend without electricity!

It may be a horrific experience full of perspiration, right?

The same goes when on a cold day of winter, you have the Best Room Heater in India, and then there’s a power cut.

Oh no! So freezing it would be.

To avoid such situations, you need to purchase an inverter. But you might be facing the question of which inverter to buy?

We have an answer for you, hidden in this article!

You will get to know the top 7 Inverters that you can purchase in 2022.

So, let’s begin with the comparison guide of the best inverters for your home.

Our Pick
Luminous ZELIO 1100

Luminous Zelio 1100VA Inverter

Inverter worth spending!

  • Operates in harmony with the low harmonic distortion process.
  • Noiseless working process.
  • Offers LED Display for displaying power back along with battery charging time.
  • Reverse polarity input MCB Protection, deep discharge, overload, short-circuit, and much more.
  • Easy return within 10 days of delivery. The return policy works when there is product is defective, damaged or any feature not matching the description.
Runner Up
Luminous ZOLT1100

Luminous Zolt 1100 Inverter Sine Wave Home UPS

Inverter with Bluetooth connectivity!

  • It’s a sufficient Sine Wave Inverter with a capacity of 900 VA and Rated Power is 756W.
  • It battery that is supported in 12V and a single battery. The Range’s name is Cruze.
  • It’s a model having Metallic material and the color is Black. Also has MCB protection while from main Inputs.
  • Maximum Charging: 15 Amperes
  • Battery supported: Tubular, Flat Plate, andVRLA (SMF).
  • It has Intelligent Home UPS with 32 bits DSP Processor.
  • There is a Safety alarm to warn you at the time of a short circuit.
  • Dimension 34 x 19 x 34 cm and weight: 10.7 Kilograms
Budget Pick
Microtek UPSEB 900 VA (12)

Microtek Inverter UPS EB 900

Budget-friendly model!

  • It is an energy-efficient model with a digital display and a voltage range switch to select the range.
  • It acquires the capacity of 800 VA along with the Output Power of 672 W.
  • The type of this model is Waveform Pure Sinewave.
  • With the input voltage of 100 V – 300 V, its efficiency if greater than 84%, and the charging current is 10 Amps.
  • Dimensions: 38.1 x 35.6 x 20.3 cm and weight is 10 kg.

Best Inverter for Indian Household List

Best Overall:

Luminous Zelio 1100va Home Inverter

Luminous Zelio 1100va Home Inverter is one of India’s most acute home inverters. It has a digital display that displays the backup time in hours and minutes format. Not only this but there also are some additional features that make it unique. Let’s explore.


  • Operates without making any noise or is near to negligible.
  • Display:
    It accompanies an LED display showing the backup and battery charging time in hh: mm format.
  • Operation:
    It works in a noiseless manner to go with the low harmonic distortion format.
  • Protection:
    There are features that protect against overload, short-circuit, deep discharge. It also has an MCB protection on reverse polarity input mains.
  • Easy Return Policy:
    You can return the product within 10 days of delivery. Returning the product is eligible in the case of any defect or damage in the product or if the features are mismatching the description.
  • Warranty:
    This product has a warranty of 2 years!
  • Dimension and Weight:
    36 x 35 x 20 cm with 10.65 kg of weight
  • Advantage
  • Providing 2 Years Warranty.
  • Intelligent UPS System with Amazing features like LCD DIsplay.
  • Easy Bypass Switch.
  • MCB input protection.
  • Disadvantage
  • Display sometimes get dark after use for some months.

Best In Features:

Luminous Zolt 1100 Inverter Sine Wave Home UPS

Luminous Zolt 1100 Inverter Sine Wave Home UPS can be a perfect fit for you if you are looking for the following features that it provides. Let’s see what this model provides for us.


  • Package includes:
    A 12V Home Sine Wave Inverter UPS.
  • Battery Support:
    It supports a single battery of 12 V and the Range Name is Cruze.
  • Material used:
    The material used to manufacture it is Metal.
  • Color:
  • Protection:
    MCB Protection for main Inputs.
  • Types of Batteries supported:
    It supports a Flat Plate, VRLA (SMF) & Tubular. 
    It’s a Sine Wave Inverter with a capacity of 900 VA. Moreover, the rated power is 756 W.
  • Processor:
    It is embedded with a 32 bit Intelligent Home UPS DSP Processor along with a safety alarm warning you during a short circuit!
  • Dimension and Weight: 
    Dimensions of this product 34 x 19 x 34 cm with 10.7 kgs of weight.
  • Appliances that can work with this inverter:
    You can connect appliances up to 700 W.
  • Warranty: 
    2-years warranty.
  • Advantage
  • Appliances like AC and Refrigerator can work on it.
  • Noiseless working.
  • You can replace the product within 10 days of delivery if you encounter any defect.
  • Disadvantage
  • In-built Exhaust fan is noisy sometimes.

Best In Budget:

Microtek Inverter UPS EB 900 Inverter

Microtek Inverter UPS EB 900 Inverter is a budget pick option for you. You can surely finalize this model if you are preferring a budget-friendly model. Here are some features that make it unique.


  • Display:
    It has a digital display that displays the hours and minutes of the battery backup.
    It also has Voltage Range Selection Switch.
  • Type:
    It is a SineWave Waveform Home Inverter that safeguards other devices from fluctuating electricity.
  • Rated Capacity :
    It has a capacity of around 800 VA with an Output Power of 672 Watts.
  • Input Voltage:
    The range of input voltage is around 100 V – 300 V with an efficiency greater than 84% and the charging current is 10 Amp.
  • Package Includes:
    It includes one Microtek Digital EB 900 PS Home Inverter.
  • Dimension and Weight:
    38.1 x 35.6 x 20.3 cm with 10 kgs of weight.
  • Advantage
  • Light-Weight product.
  • It's a pure SIneWave type of inverter.
  • It almost covers 2 lights, 2 fans, and a television under its functioning.
  • Disadvantage
  • The model makes a lot of noise while working.

Best for Use:

Livguard Inverter with Smart Artificial Intelligence

Livguard is one of the select few inverter producers with smart artificial intelligence. This comes with a pure Sine Wave rated at 1500 VA, which is compatible with all battery types.

They have a premium new-age design that has a complete led display. It makes the inverter very easy to operate in the dark. And you won’t even notice its presence since this inverter makes no noise.

The artificially intelligent charging prevents battery overloading and overcharging and constantly assesses the battery condition. This benefits the battery as it reduces battery aging and optimizes battery life.

Furthermore, Livguard guarantees peace of mind for all its clients by promising 3 years of warranty on this product. You can even contact them throughout the week for any queries that you might have. 

Technical Specification

Model : ‎LG_SI_PV
Product Dimensions: 27.5 x 29.7 x 12.3 Centimeters
Weight: 9 kg
Load Capacity: 1500 VA

Why Buy

Very easy to install
High load Capacity
Artificial Intelligent Charging


Single Battery system might not last long for big families
BestCheck Star Rating
  • Performance
    • (4.3)
  • Installation Ease
    • (4)
  • Customer Support
    • (4.7)

Worth Spending:

V-Guard Prime 1150 Digital Inverter UPS,white

V-Guard Prime 1150 Digital Inverter UPS is an inverter that can be used at the home, office, and also at shops. Hence, this product will be a perfect match for you if you are looking for a model that will work at multiple places.


  • Technical features: 
    1000VA/230 V battery with a peak load of 800 W. Not only this, but it also has an output voltage of 50 Hz.
  • Type:
    It’s a Digital Inverter UPS.
  • Battery Charging: 
    Battery charging is faster in comparison to similar models. The technology behind it is: it has low input voltages with flash charge.
  • Battery Capacity:
    It has a capacity of 80 Ah to 230 Ah battery. Supports the battery types: Tubular, Plate, Flat, SMF (We have to buy them externally.)
  • Warranty:
    2 years of manufacturing warranty against defects.
  • Dimensions and Weight:
    ‎ 25 x 12 x 27.5 cm; 10.7 Kilograms
  • Advantage
  • Compatible with home, office and also shops.
  • Supports different types of batteries.
  • Disadvantage
  • Battery not included in the package.

Bluetooth Connectivity enabled:

V-GUARD Smart Pro 1200 Home Inverter with Bluetooth connectivity

V-GUARD Smart Pro 1200 Home Inverter with Bluetooth connectivity is a product that supports Bluetooth connectivity. Here are some features that it supports:


  • Type: 
    It’s a pure Sinewave Output, and it is suitable for many electronic appliances.
    It has user-selectable inverter output with backup and as per the need.
  • Dimensions and weight:
    25 x 12 x 27.5 cm with 9.5 kgs of weight.
  • Package Includes:
    A user manual, inverter, and warranty card.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity:
    Yes, Bluetooth connectivity is a special feature of this model.
  • Modes:
    It works on multiple modes that make it easy for you to customize to work as per your requirements.
    One of the modes is appliance mode. In this mode, it can run up to 1000 W that can run an Iron, Coffee maker, and also a toaster.
    Another mode is Turbo Charge that’s for a super speedy charge.
  • Mobile Application:
    It also has mobile application support that helps you to get notifications regarding battery backup.
  • Additional Feature:
    You can also keep track of the number of power cuts and their durations of the last week.
  • Dimensions and Weight:
    25 x 12 x 27.5 cm with 9.5 kgs of weight.
  • Advantage
  • Mobile application helps you to track the battery left.
  • Applications handles almost every task related to the machine.
  • Disadvantage
  • Expensive as compared to features provided.

Light-weight model:

Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 Va Pure Sinewave Inverter

Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 Va Pure Sinewave Inverter is a pure SineWave home Inverter that provides the following features to make it unique from other models.


  • Design:
    It is a 950 VA SineWave device that protects other appliances as well.
  • Input Voltage 
    The input voltage of this model is 100 v – 300 v.
  • Output Power 
    With the output voltage of 760 Watts, the efficiency in battery mode is > 80%
  • Dimensions and Weight:
     39.61 x 35.31 x 19.29 cm and weighing 9.34 Kilograms
  • Package content:
    1 Inverter
  • Warranty 
    2 Years warranty.
  • Technology used 
    Intelli Pure Stoneware Technology is used that makes the performance of the inverter to be safe, noiseless, and helps in the longer backup.


  • Advantage
  • Fast Charging.
  • Maintenance cost is comparatively low.
  • Disadvantage
  • No batteries are included in the package.

How Much Should I Spend on an Inverter?

  • High Priced:

    In the high-priced inverters, you should look for the model fulfilling below given features:
    Warranty provided should be of minimum 2 years.
    Battery Capacity should be more than 220 AH.
    – It must have around 24 Volts of battery capacity.
    – Digital Display is available in some models. While some deprive it.

    Here is the price range that you will have to spend on purchasing a high-priced inverter:

    Price Range ?
    We recommend spending:
    ₹ 7,000 ~ ₹ 12,000 .

    There are even costlier inverters available. If you are purchasing it for a corporate, the price you might spend is more than ₹ 17,000 for a basic model and the costliest model can be around ₹ 80,000.

  • Medium Priced:

    In the medium-priced inverter, you will get a budget-pick model. Here are some features that the medium-priced Inverter should have:

    Warranty provided should be of minimum 2 years.
    Battery Capacity should be more than 150 AH.
    – It must have around 12 Volts of battery capacity.
    – Digital Display is available in some models. While some deprive it.

    Here is the price range to follow while purchasing a budget-pick model.

    Price range ?
    We recommend spending:
    ₹ 5,000 ~ ₹ 7,000.

  • Low Priced:

    In the low-priced inverter, you will get few models. Moreover, you should not expect more specifications in these models. But check the below features before purchasing a low-priced model:

    – At least providing some warranty or guarantee.
    Battery Capacity should be more than 100 AH.
    – It must have around 12 Volts of battery capacity.

    Here is the price range to follow while purchasing a low-priced model.

    Price Range ?
    We recommend spending:
    ₹ 2,000 ~ ₹ 5,000.

What to look for in an Inverter?

We always prefer looking at the features before buying any product. Hence, looking for the best features of the inverter before purchasing it becomes necessary.

Here we have some specifications for you to keep in mind before purchasing any model of an inverter. Let’s see these specifications:

  • Warranty:
    There should be a minimum warranty of 1 year on any inverter that you are thinking of purchasing.
    The range can be from 12 months to 48 months. It depends on the model and the manufacturer.

  • Terminal Protectors:
    Terminal protectors are known to be the compulsion that must be provided with the inverter. It is for the safety of the user.

  • Vent Plugs:
    Vent plugs are the ones that regulate the gas inside the battery. It is necessary to have this feature so that we stay away from any disaster.

  • Bypass Switch:
    There may arise consequences when your inverter has to face abnormal power failure or sudden overload.
    At that time, the bypass switch acts as a hero or we can say a savior of your inverter.

  • Power Consumption:
    Power consumption is different in every model of the inverter.
    You have to play the main role in calculating the power you will need for working of necessary appliances in your home.
    According to the calculation, go for the model that suits your need the most.

  • Continuous load and Peak load:
    Peak load is the starting wattage that the inverter takes to start. While continuous load means the wattage that it gives when it is in process.
    Normally peak load is double than continuous load.

How to Install an Inverter?

If you are a DIY practitioner and love to manage things yourself then here is the Do It Yourself guide for installing the inverter by yourself.

Somehow the steps may differ, but almost all models will require these basic steps to perform the installation. If you feel that your inverter might require further process then have a professional with you.

Let’s begin with the steps of inverter installation:

First step: Select your Preferred Location for Inverter Installation

Inverter location

Tip: Make sure the place of installation is moisture-proof and where the chances of rats and other species to reach are very low.

Selecting the place to install the inverter is a matter to finalize before purchasing the inverter.

Here are some points to remember before placing the inverter at any place:

  1. Make sure the place that you are selecting to place the inverter is not near any hazardous or inflammable thing. 
  2. There should not be any water or moisture exposure in that area.
  3. It should be away from direct sunlight so the temperature of the room will not exceed a certain temperature.
  4. The surrounding place should have some free space. 

Second step: Inverter Mounting Process

Inverter mounting

Tip: Avoid flammable materials near the mounting area of the inverter.

Inverter Mounting Process is the second step to follow. Here are some steps that will make it easy for you to mount your inverter:

  1. You might be already knowing that inverter mounting can be done horizontally on a vertical surface or on a horizontal surface.
  2. Do not forget to lock wheels while mounting.
  3. Place it on a perpendicular wall that is away from any kind of flammable material or place.
  4. Placing it on the wall will also avoid vibration.

Third step: Installation of Battery

Inverter battery Installation

Tip: After installing the battery, do not forget to check the battery cable connectivity!

It’s the third step is to follow while installing the inverter at your decided place. Here are the steps to follow while installing the battery:

  1. Firstly remove the four screws of the rare panel to the main housing chassis. Then remove the panel and place it safely.
  2. Now while installing the first battery, raise the top lid to view the interior side. The battery’s long side should go down the front panel’s length.
  3. Now, looking at the second battery with a positive terminal to its left, lift it and put it into the main housing through the front opening.

Now, you have to check the battery cable connectivity:

  1. While checking the connectivity, you will need to have low resistance wiring between the inverter and the battery.
  2. This wire is required because of the low voltage input having a high current.
  3. Having this setup will help you in loading the largest usable energy for the electric equipment.

Fourth step: Installing the inverter

Inverter install

Tip: Remember to switch off the power supply before installing the inverter.

Here are the steps to follow while installing the inverter that will help you in your DIY installation of inverter:

  1. Inverter assembly should be placed on the top of the main housing chassis in a way that it faces on the front side.
  2. DO NOT FORGET to remove the power of the electricity board meter of the home.
  3. Connect the electrical cable’s one end from the double-pole switch and another end to the IEC provider. After that connect it to the input connector of the rear panel.
  4. Also, remember to connect the wire harness from the batteries to the input connector of the rear panel in the Inverter.
  5. At last, switch on the power supply at Electricity Board Meter following Double Pole Switch Lighting Circuit. After that, the inverter will start automatically.

How Much Energy Does my Inverter Use?

In almost every case, the power required by the inverter is around 8-10% greater than the load of the running appliances. This happens due to the inverter’s efficiency.

Nowadays, there are inverters that have an efficiency between 90-92%. It makes it easy to work on how much Direct Current Amps will be used from the battery

For calculating the same, you just have to divide the AC wattage of your appliance by 12 or 24 if the system is 24V. After that times the number with 1.1 and it will give you a number that is close to DC used.

This power will be drawn from the batteries by your inverter, when on standby mode! The unit can differ from 0.02 amp to 2 amps depending on the model of the inverter and its design.

Types of Inverters

There are three main types of Inverters in the market that you should know about! Here are they:

  • Sine Wave::
    Sine Wave is the current that we get in the form of electricity from our local utilities. This current is generated by rotating AC machinery.
    Instead of concentrating on other features, we will directly look to its ADVANTAGES:

    – All equipment in the market supports sine way current. This feature gives you a guarantee that the equipment will work with full specifications.

    – Appliances like motor, microwave, and much more will produce full output.

    – Some equipment requires sine wave power to work. These appliances are bread makers, battery chargers, and light dimmers.

    The only disadvantage to keep in mind is that Sine Wave inverters are more expensive.

  • Modified Sine Wave::
    Modified Sine Wave is a type of inverter that has similarities to a square wave.

    But it’s one step ahead of the square wave inverters.

    – Many types of equipment work perfectly with modified sine wave inverters as well. While some appliances malfunction while working on this type of inverter.

    Some motors like refrigerators, pumps, fans, and others may use more power from the inverter because the inverter is less efficient than a sine wave inverter.

    – Moreover, some fluorescent lights will not operate properly and also produce a humming noise when used.

    – Many times timer, the digital clock will not work appropriately while working on a modified Sine Wave form inverter.

    Light dimmer and bread maker may not work at all.

    – Also, the equipment working on Modified Sine Wave will either remain on or off. No other speed can be controlled.

  • Square Wave::

    There are very few inverters that are of Square Wave type.

    But one thing that we can keep in mind is: Square Wave inverters are the cheapest!

    Simple things like universal motors can run without any problem. Other appliances might not operate.

Best Brands of Inverters in India

Best Brands of Inverters in India Description

Luminous is a brand that manufactures most of the models of inverters. Furthermore, it also has best-selling inverters. Hence, looking at the name of it, you can rely on their product.

Why Luminous is on the list of best brands of inverters?

  • Models have a digital display to display information like backup and much more.
  • Most models are pure sinewave. Hence, it can works amazingly for every piece of equipment.

V-Guard is another manufacturing company that manufactures sinewave inverters for many years.

It’s also a reputed name on which we can rely while buying its inverter.

Why V-Guard is on the list of best brands of inverters?

  • Most of the V-Guard inverters have Battery Topping Reminder, which protects from damaging the battery.
  • Another feature is Battery Gravity Builder that helps in maintenance battery health.

Microtek is also an emerging name amongst the best brands to manufacture inverters. You can rely on their products as it is continually improving the quality of its products.

Why Microtek is on the list of best brands of inverters?

  • It makes models that are normally used for homes as well as offices.
  • It works on hybrid technology and works noiselessly.



ZunSolar is also one of the growing companies to manufacture inverter that works well as per the requirements of the user.

Why ZunSolar is on the list of best brands of inverters?

  • In most of the products, the brand promises to give 80% of efficiency.
  • Many models of ZunSolar works on autonomous charging algorithms that improve battery life.

People also ask about Inverter (FAQs about Inverters)

The inverter is a product that collects and stores electricity in a battery. This current is used at times of power cuts.

It converts the Direct Current (DC) that is stored in batteries to AC which can be used in appliances during a power cut.

For choosing the size of an inverter, first, make a list of the total load that your devices will make. 

Count the number of appliances and wattage they will need to run.

On the basis of that, select the size of the batteries.


But you have to prioritize the electrical supply from PHCN. After that, you can recharge your inverter.

Most preferably, you should keep the inverter at a place where you are sure moisture and flammable things cannot reach.

Whether indoor or outdoor, keep the inverter away from water and fire. 

Installation of an inverter is not an easy process if you are not a professional.

However, get a professional for this work. If you prefer DIY then go through the ‘How to Install Inverter? portion in our article. It has all steps you should follow while installing an inverter.

No, Inverters are much cheaper than generators.

The lifespan of an inverter can be around 10 years. It depends on the environment it gets.

And the lifespan of the batteries depends on the number of cycles it offers and how often it is used.

Yes, there is a warranty period of around 1-2 years provided by the manufacturer to its customers.

Best Inverters in India
2. Luminous Zolt 110025810 - VERY GOOD CHECK PRICE AMAZON
3. Microtek UPSEB 900 VA (12)24268 - VERY GOOD CHECK PRICE AMAZON
4. Livguard LGS1600PV33044 - - CHECK PRICE AMAZON
6. V-Guard Smart Pro24241 - GOOD CHECK PRICE AMAZON
7. Microtek UPS EBZ 1100 VA28253 - GOOD CHECK PRICE AMAZON

Final Verdict

In the end, we hope that you have received all the accurate information from this article. However, we are always open to your queries, suggestions, and appreciation.

Drop your doubts in the comment section and we will get you the solution as soon as possible. Stay tuned with BestCheck for more comparison articles on your favorite products. Happy reading!

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