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Best Room Heaters to Buy in India [May 2022]

Stay warm no matter how cold it is outside

The winters are up, so everybody is now looking for the best heating appliances to get rid of the cold.
Room heaters are the best choice if you want an inexpensive as well as a great performing heating system.
In Combination with an Inverter, even on a Power Failure, you can heat up your Room.

Room heaters come in different sizes, models, and features.
We have selected a few for you by hand and hope this guide will help you find the one for you.

Our Pick
Orpat OEH-1220

Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater (White) ?

Safe Yourself from ruthless Winters!

  • Available with In-built Fan
    The Orpat Room Heater often works without heating if the winter is over and you need a fan for the summer.
  • Two Heat Setting Knobs
    You can easily change the Temperature to1000 and 2000 Watts to heat up your room quickly.
  • Ideal for Small and Medium Room Size
    The Efficient Room Heater will heat up your small and medium-sized rooms easily and quickly.
Runner Up
Amazon Solimo

Amazon Brand - Solimo 2000-Watt Room Heater ?

Safe & Optimal Performance

  • Engineered For Safety
    The engine turns off automatically if the temperature is too high.
    The fire retardant body makes the Solimo totally free of danger.
  • Versatile Function
    With dual functionality, you can use the fan in the summer and the heater in the winter.
  • Optimal Performance
    The two knobs and different settings allow you to manage the right heat in your room.
Budget Pick
Orpat OEH-1260

Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Heater (Grey) ?

A Companion for both Winter and Summer

  • Great Value for Money
    The Orpat OEH is available at a great price and can compete with the more costly versions easily.
  • 2 Different Heat Settings.
    With two different settings, you can easily control the heat level.
  • Suitable for Small Rooms
    The Orpat Room Heater is able to heat up rooms up to 250 square feet in size.

Best Room Heaters List

Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater

In cold weather, the Orpat OEH12000 Watt Element Heater acts as the perfect room heater.
When heating an area at its peak temperature, the heater has the capacity to be on for a considerable time.
A very stable product is the element heater. It is safe against cutouts & accidents.
This means that the room stays heated all day or night long.

The following are the specifications:

  • Energy Consumption:
    A three-pin plug or an extension cord is required to attach this room heater.
    It takes a voltage of 220 to 240 volts to operate this electronic device.
  • Multiple Heat Settings:
    The best thing about this Orpat heater is that it has two heat settings that allow the user to control the strength of the heat needed in the room, which are 1000 watts and 2000 watts.
  • Travel Friendly:
    There is an integrated handle that makes it easy for the electric room heater to be transported from one location to another.
  • Greater Portability:
    And when it is running, the heater can also be shifted.
  • Greater Safety:
    This heater has damage-resistant features against thermal cutout.
    This ensures that the heater stays reliable even if used for or more extended periods.
  • Greater Capability:
    This heater is sufficiently capable of heating the region at its maximum temperature.
    In order to maintain a comforting balance in the space where it is used, it is recommended to turn the heater off.
  • Warranty Information:
    This appliance comes with a 1-year warranty issued by the manufacturer.
  • Advantage
  • It has a safety cut off feature for extra protection
  • It is equipped with 1000 and 2000 watts power setting option
  • Thermal cut off feature is available.
  • Disadvantage
  • Ideal for small room only
  • The fan makes a lot of noise.
BestCheck Star Rating
  • Light Weight
    • (4.3)
  • Easy to Use
    • (4.2)
  • Regulated movement
    • (4.0)
  • Value for Money
    • (3.9)
  • Quality of material
    • (3.8)
  • Durability
    • (3.7)
  • Summary
    • (4.0)

Amazon Brand - Solimo 2000-Watt Room Heater

Solimo is a product of Amazon that sells a range of products, and each product is carefully crafted using the finest light materials of quality
The Solimo is an Amazon brand’s affordable venture.

The Amazon Brand-Solimo room heater is suitable for small and medium rooms.
The item is ISI certified; it is also safe for use. It is available in the shade of beige.

The following are the specifications:

  • Temperature Control:
    This system consists of a thermostat that assists the user by tweaking the average power to maintain the appropriate temperature.
    In this unit, the appropriate temperature is achieved by turning the heater off above a threshold temperature and turning it back once the temperature begins to fall back to normal.
  • Adjustable Height:
    Room heaters by Amazon have a unique feature of adjusting the height of the heater which is exceptional as well as commendable.
  • Better Output:
    The heater stand is built to provide warm air both upwards and downwards in a way that benefits
  • Durable Product:
    This Amazon blow hot fan room heater is composed of ABS that helps to provide the heater’s body with high impact resistance and strength.
  • Multiple Usage:
    This heater serves multiple purposes as it can be used as a forced-air circulator and even as a dryer.
  • Compact Design:
    It is designed to be compact in every way, and it is also portable and easy to use.
    A neon indicator comes with this kit that shows that the heater is switched on.
  • Multiple Heat settings:
    In this heater, there are two heat setting options available and operating power can be selected using a knob.
  • Energy Consumption:
    This heater comes with a three-pin power cord with a current of 3-core, 16 A.
  • Special Features:
    A well-adjusted motor and blower assembly is available, which is covered by a reflector.
    This heater function allows for efficient and controlled airflow in the space in which it works.
  • Silent Design:
    The heater doesn’t produce much so noise. So, it is well known for its noiseless and silent operation.
  • Warranty Information:
    This heater comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years.
  • Advantage
  • It is not just a room heater; it can also be used as an air circulator, a fan, and a drier.
  • It supports 1000 and 2000 watts power setting options.
  • It is completely noiseless
  • Disadvantage
  • It covers a small area for proper heating.
  • It is not noise-free.
BestCheck Star Rating
  • Light Weight
    • (4.3)
  • Easy to Use
    • (4.2)
  • Value for Money
    • (3.9)
  • Temperature control
    • (3.7)
  • Warmth
    • (3.6)
  • Summary
    • (4.0)

Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Heater

There is no better option than this fan heater by Orpat.
The small amount of time that this Orpat OEH 2000 Watt Fan Heater heater takes to warm your room is an appealing aspect.
It also absorbs less fuel, enabling you to save on your energy bill and lower it.

The following are the specifications:

  • Compact Product:
    This device is appropriate for both small rooms and medium-sized rooms.
  • Dual Heat Settings:
    Two heat settings of 1000 watts and 2000 watts each come with this appliance and it is ideal for small/medium rooms with this number.
  • Tremendous Heat Output:
    Although compact, this heater has to be supplied by the company with heat setting knobs. It is this knob that makes it easy to switch between them easily to heat settings and heat the room without any problem.
  • Serves multiple purposes:
    The fact that it can be used as a fan, along with it being used as a heater, is another excellent aspect of this heater.
    Even when the consumer does not use the heating feature, the fan option available with this unit can be turned on and the system will act as a standard table fan in such cases.
  • Smart Design Features:
    It also consists of a stand with a cord vendor facility that makes sure that the heater is coordinated.
  • Safety Features:
    Safety options such as safety cut-off and overheating protection are available for this heater.
    Another thermal cut-off feature also is included as safety features.
  • Unique Features:
    This room heater is also fitted with a touch sensor, which in itself is a unique feature.
  • Durability:
    This heater’s heating feature is long-lasting and non-sagging.
  • Advantage
  • It has 1000 and 2000 watts power setting options.
  • This room heater can be used as a fan along with being used as a heater.
  • It has a cord winder facility.
  • Disadvantage
  • It is ideal for a small room only.
  • The fan makes a lot of noise.
BestCheck Star Rating
  • Light Weight
    • (4.1)
  • Easy to Use
    • (4.0)
  • Regulated movement
    • (3.9)
  • Warmth
    • (3.6)
  • Value for money
    • (3.6)
  • Durability
    • (3.5)
  • Summary
    • (3.8)

Usha Quartz Room Heater (3002) 800-Watt

Usha room heater has been built in a way that can heat the air at adjustable temperatures efficiently. The price of this Usha room heater is very affordable.

The following are the specifications:

  • Economical Energy Consumption:
    This heater has a power requirement of 230 volts, which is low for an electric heater and the key reason why it uses less electricity.
    It promotes low power consumption because it has been built economically.
  • Small Space Heating:
    The heater is suitable for heating small rooms and is built for spot heating.
  • Smart Temperature Control:
    It also has a knob that allows the user to select the ideal temperature needed at that particular point of time for the individual.
  • Safety:
    The best thing about this heater is the inclusion of a switch that shuts off automatically to keep the heater from overheating.
    If the heater tips over or crashes, the same switch often cuts off the heater.
  • Durable:
    The body of this heater is finished with a powder coating that prevents corrosion from occurring.
    A long-lasting quartz tube is the heating part used in this heater.
  • Unique Feature:
    The fact that this system can be mounted in various ways by the user depending on the comfort and demand of the person using it and the area where it is being used is another excellent feature of this room heater.
    This device also has hooks on the back which help to mount the heater’s power cord.
  • Warranty Information:
    A warranty of 1 year by the manufacturer is included with this product.
  • Advantage
  • It is corrosion proof with the powder-coated exterior.
  • Inbuilt technology for low power consumption.
  • It supports 400 and 800 watts of power capacity.
  • Disadvantage
  • Small and handy, ideal for small areas only.
  • The fan is not noise-free.
BestCheck Star Rating
  • Light Weight
    • (3.8)
  • Easy to Use
    • (3.8)
  • Energy efficiency
    • (3.5)
  • Value for money
    • (3.3)
  • Warmth
    • (3.3)
  • Durability
    • (3.3)
  • Summary
    • (3.5)

V-Guard 800 RH2QT-1000 Room Heater

If your definition of increasing coziness and warmth during winters is room heaters, then look no further than the V-Guard 1000 RoomHeater.

The following are the specifications:

  • Ergonomic Design:
    This new kid on the block is built to fit in with the decor of your room in an elegant and compact way.
  • Silent Operation:
    It has software that heats the room more quickly and without noise.
  • Multiple Heat Settings:
    The dual heat setting of 400 watts and 800 watts provides the perfect heating for your room.
  • Safety Features:
    In order to ensure that the heater turns off if it tips over, the heater shuts itself off with an automatic tip-over facility.
    This heater has an incredible Automatic Tip-over safety feature.
  • Energy Consumption:
    The heater rating is 400 watts and 800 watts., which is good enough to cover 50-150 square feet of area.
  • Multiple Heating Positions:
    In both flat and upright positions, this heater can be used.
  • Warranty Options:
    This heater comes with a warranty of 1-year, issued by the manufacturer.
  • Advantage
  • The thermostat of this heater is adjustable.
  • It comes with 400 and 800 watts power setting options.
  • It has an adjustable temperature controller.
  • Disadvantage
  • Small and handy, ideal for small areas only.
  • It is not very durable.
BestCheck Star Rating
  • Light Weight
    • (4.1)
  • Value for money
    • (3.6)
  • Warmth
    • (3.5)
  • Thickness
    • (3.2)
  • Summary
    • (3.7)

Bajaj Minor 1000 Watts Radiant Room Heater

With a mantra of inspiring faith, Bajaj Electricals is an old business that has been working towards innovation that aims to simplify human life.

Bajaj Minor1000 Radiant Room Heater is a compact size Radiant Room Heater available in the market. This appliance is reliable e and clean. The ISI approves it; it is, therefore, safe for use. It is an efficient heater, which means your room is heated more quickly.

The following are the specifications:

  • Nickle Chrome Platting
    This room heater consists of a mesh grid plated with nickel-chrome, which is resistant to corrosion and improves surface hardness.
  • Safety System:
    As it ensures protection from overheating, this powerful room heater provides total peace of mind. For protection, it also incorporates a cotton braided thread.
    This heater has an incredible Automatic Tip-over safety feature.
    If the heater tips over or crashes, the same turn often cuts off the heater.
  • Stainless Steel Projector:
    The corrugated reflecting surface of stainless steel on the heater helps to distribute the heat uniformly across the entire building.
  • Quality of the Appliance:
    The heater is approved by BIS (ISI marked). This guarantees the high quality of the appliance.
  • Better Heating Output:
    For better heating, a twin-turbo design is given.
  • Compact & Elegant Design:
    It also consists of a stand with a facility for cord vendors that ensures the heater is coordinated.
    This heater’s heating feature is long-lasting and non-sagging.
  • Warranty Functions:
    A warranty of 2 years comes with this heater.
  • Advantage
  • It has an adjustable temperature controller.
  • Easily movable with in-built castor wheels.
  • Disadvantage
BestCheck Star Rating
  • Warmth
    • (4.4)
  • Easy to use
    • (4.3)
  • Thickness
    • (4.0)
  • Value for money
    • (4.0)
  • Durability
    • (3.9)
  • Summary
    • (4.0)

Usha 423 N 2000-Watt Room Heater

A fine mix of both design and utility is this Usha Heat Convector 423.

The second version of the classic blower that has always been around on the market is this Usha Fan Heater.

To have greater control over your heating experience, this model comes with 2 fan speed modes.

The following are the specifications:

  • Multiple Heat Settings:
    The user can choose the temperature according to the requirement as this heater offers three temperature settings.
  • Aesthetic Design:
    Due to its color combination, it goes well with the aesthetics of most rooms and workspaces.
  • Multiple Temperature Ranges:
    The consumer can choose a temperature ranging from 665,1330,2000 watts in this unit.
  • Power Saver:
    This heater can also be used as the fan and the heater.
    This purpose allows the system to conserve electricity to avoid any unnecessary energy wastage.
  • Standard Design:
    The heater comes with an ISI marked. The high quality of the appliance is guaranteed by this.
  • Smart Feature:
    The most amazing thing about this device is the presence of a fan in it.
    In all areas of the room where it is used, it is this fan which is responsible for disposing of the heat equally.
  • Assured Safety:
    The reason why this heater is highly recommended is because of its safety characteristics.
    There is built-in overheat protection that ensures that the system is not heated past its full limit and thus saves it from damaging it.
  • Warranty Information:
    The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty on this item.
  • Advantage
  • This Usha heater has very little power consumption.
  • Meant for Spot Heating
  • It has 665,1330,2000 watts power capacity with an additional 400 watts as well.
  • Disadvantage
  • It is quite expensive.
BestCheck Star Rating
  • Durability
    • (3.6)
  • Value for money
    • (3.4)
  • Warmth
    • (3.0)
  • Thickness
    • (2.9)
  • Summary
    • (3.9)

How To Choose The Right Room Heater?

things to consider while buying a room heater

How does a Room Heater work?


Tip: It is advised to keep the room/workspace closed for the fast heating of the surroundings.

First: From the switch, the electric heater is turned on.

Second: Once the electric current is turned on, it is produced that heats the heating coils inside the electric heater.

Third: For convection heaters: in that case, the air moves over the heating element present in the radiator and is forced out into the room space if the room heater is fan-based.

Fourth: In the case of radiant heaters, air from below reaches the radiator, passes over the coils where it is heated, and then is expelled through the top of the room heater to the setting.

Types of Room Heater

Room Heater Types Description
Convection heaters:

The convection heaters are often referred to as fan heaters because they have a ventilator that blows hot air into the living room, making it hotter.

Fan heaters are the most convenient space heaters for heating large rooms over a limited period of time. A ceramic coil heats the air that is around it in the convection heaters.

This room heater style is not very costly and uses very little energy as well. Ceramic heaters are also called induction heaters.

Oil based room heaters:

One of the best room heaters you can purchase is Oil heaters.
Oil-filled heaters are completely noise-free and use very little energy.
And after the heater is turned off, the best thing about this form of heater is that it manages to keep the room warm.

This kind of heater is also ideally suited for kids because it is safe for children and does not burn oxygen.

The electricity heats the oil in the oil heaters, which in turn is transferred by convection to the metal walls of the room heater.
This is the reason why convection heaters are also known as oil-filled room heaters.

Another benefit of this form of room heater is that it does not decrease the space’s humidity, making it a very safe choice, and it does not cause dryness or suffocation.
Oil heaters are also ideal for saving fuel.

Radiant heaters:

For small spaces only, radiant heaters are useful.
They are the most economical room heaters.

The release of heat from this room heater heats the surfaces over which they fall directly, making the room warm.
adiant heaters are often referred to as infrared heaters and, despite using less energy, this type of room heater heats up quickly.

This heater makes no noise because there is no fan involved with this form of room heater.

The main downside of this type of room heater is that it is not ideal for larger spaces and, in terms of protection, they’re not quite child-friendly.

Can I Leave my Room Heater on while Sleeping?

fact or myth about room heaters

9 Reasons why you should Buy a Room Heater

  • Cost-efficient:
    There are pretty affordable and economical electric room heaters.
    Only when necessary do electric room heaters consume electricity.

  • Portable:
    Electric room heaters are compact and can be moved when appropriate around two locations.
    They don’t need any installation because of this functionality.
    In general, room heaters come with wheels or handles that make it very convenient to transport them from one room to another.

  • Easy to operate:
    Electric heaters are simple in their functionality. It just needs the electric heater to be turned on and off.

  • Safety Attributes:
    As most of these heaters are fitted with safety precautions, electric heaters are safe to use.
    The two key safety features built into the electrical room heaters are that when anything gets close to speed, they automatically turn off, and it also turns off when the inner sections of the radiator are heated to their full level.

  • Advanced settings for heat:
    A lot of electric heaters now have the option of controlling the heat settings to fit the user’s requirements these days. The consumer can change the desired temperature with such setups.

  • Fast heating process:
    In no time, electric room heaters will quickly heat space.
    As well as a good investment, this feature of the room heaters makes them helpful.

  • Compact size:
    Room heaters come in smaller sizes and can be adjusted anywhere in the room/workspace because of the small affair scale.

  • Timers:
    A few models of electric room heaters come with timer settings that allow the user to set the timing for the electric heater to turn on and off.
    As it saves energy and regulates the electricity bill, this feature makes it advisable to purchase a room heater.

  • Eco-Friendly:
    As the energy is directly converted to heat in the electric room heaters, there is no loss of fuel.
    Room heaters are also pollution-free because no fossil fuels are involved.

Best Room Heater Brands India

Room Heater Brands Description

USHA was found in 1983. Usha Shriram Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. may be a multi-product company.

The Company Produces a variety of products from Home & Institutional Lighting, furniture, Cookware items, Electrical Gadgets, & Bathroom Appliances.

Indians largely trust the brand Usha for home appliances, because they’re one of the oldest manufacturers of those items. The Usha room heaters are ISI approved, versatile, durable, and portable.


Havells India Limited is an Indian electrical equipment company headquartered in Noida, India.

The company has had products in operation since 1958, ranging from home and kitchen appliances, lightening products, and room heaters.

Havells is a trusted brand of electrical home appliances, offering a range of weather-beating space heaters.

The Havells heater has a special ceramic component that provides heating that is quicker, safer, and energy-efficient.

Moreover, its advanced features help in delivering multi-directional heating.


ORPAT is a group of companies headquartered in Gujarat State, India.

Over the years, ORPAT has made its presence known not only altogether in India but also worldwide, with its experience, support, and excellent customer relationships.

The business is especially engaged within the in-house manufacture of a good sort of well-diversified goods, from basic electrical switches to high-end products.

One of the most important suppliers of household electrical products is that this Indian brand. one among their greatest creations is that the ORPAT convection fan heater.


Philips was formerly one of the most important electronics companies in the world. it had been founded in 1891 with its first product being light bulbs. it’s now spread everywhere the world with numerous branches and thousands of employees.

Their stylish efficient room heater is simply perfect for your home. they create compact heaters at a really low cost. When involves power consumption, unlike the remainder it saves electricity and saves your bill.

Their heaters are recommended for all these purposes.


Bajaj Electricals Limited, part of the Bajaj Group, is a globally renowned and trusted turnover corridor company.

Bajaj Electricals provides Services and electrical products everywhere in India & the globe.

Bajaj owns one of the most important service centers across the country. If you’re trying to find an area heater with premium quality, performance, and reliability, this is often your buy. Like other convection room heaters, Bajaj heaters also use a lover to disperse the heat.

FAQ's about Room Heaters

The top brands for room heaters are Philips, Bajaj, Havells, Orient, Warmex, Maharaja, V guard, and Usha.

The best websites are Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal for purchasing room heaters online.

The best sort of room heaters for health is convection heaters or oil-filled heaters.

There are several heaters available in India such as:
a) Solar heater
b) Blower room heater
c) Gas room heater
d) Wall-mounted heater
e) Blow heater
f) Halogen Heater
g) Rod heater

HSN code stands for the Harmonized System of Nomenclature. These courts are six-digit uniform codes that are used to classify 5000 + products and this code is accepted worldwide.

The heater in the blower room is available for as little as Rs. 2000 and goes up to Rs. 20000.

You may compare the Bajaj room heater price list with the online portals of other brands, such as Amazon and Flipkart.

Orpat oeh 1220 fan room heater is one of the best Amazon room heater for spot heating.

Oil Filled room heaters are the most suitable ones for heating bigger rooms.

  • To Make a DIY Room heater at home, Take a cardboard box and fit two bulbs inside it to create a space heater home.
  • Cut a circle on the opposite side of the box after this and placed a small fan inside the box and a switch on the outside of the box.
  • Use a battery to connect the two wires of the fan to the switch until the placement is completed.
  • Now, for the air to flow, prick small holes in the remaining two sides of the box.
  • The heater is set, just turn the plug on, and you’re all set to go.
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