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Baby Cots, also commonly known as cribs, infant beds or cradles are custom-made accessories for
infants, whose age group is below 2 or 3 years, to enjoy their power nap sessions. Baby cots serve the
purpose of having a separate bed for the infants.

Baby Cots provide safety for the baby on all four sides so that the baby does not fear falling down, and
hence the mothers can continue with the work without keeping a constant eye on her children. The four sides of the crib are made up of long-lasting fiber material, and also they are a few meters long to
prevent the baby from climbing out.

use of baby cot

Why should you need/use a baby cot?

The biggest concern for a working mother is her baby’s safety. While she is working, she needs to ensure that the baby is enjoying his playtime in a safe zone. For this, getting a crib for the baby is the best option available.

Once the babies are asleep, they are not aware of the frequent changes in the sleeping positions and hence can go near the edge of the bed. If proper safety is not maintained, they may even get hurt as they can fall off the bed. Hence, to prevent this, and maintain baby’s “deep sleep mode,” once can use cribs as the four-sided protection will prevent your baby from falling.

Reasons why most parents prefer to use baby cots are:

Can modify mattress height:

The height of the crib mattress can be adjusted as and when the baby grows and requires more space.

Sliding railing:

Sliding railing is of great use as it allows ease of access as and when required. This also allows the parents to place the cot next to their bed and remove the barriers if required.

Different Types of Baby Cots:

There are a number of variants available for baby cot in the market, all available in different shapes and sizes. This creates confusion about what to choose, what features to consider, what should be the proper size for the baby, and so on.

So let’s have a glimpse of the types of cribs available in the market and their features, which can help you decide the right crib for your baby. These are:

  • Portable or Convertible cribs:

    These are the cribs in which you can adjust the height of the mattress. You can also convert this crib into a bed meant for toddlers. The cost of this type of cribs is a bit higher than that of the other cribs available. But the advantage is that due to its convertible nature, it can be used for an extended period until your baby starts sleeping on his own.

  • Round Shaped/ Oval Shaped cribs:

    These cribs are more attractive to look wise and can be easily accommodated in a small area. The only concern while purchasing this bed is that you need to keep a round-shaped mattress handy.

  • Canopy Cribs:

    A canopy is fixed at the top of the crib. It becomes more attractive as compared to other cots and cribs due to the presence of canopy on the top of the crib. This type of crib is ideal for babies who are above 4 months of age.

  • Sleigh Cots:

    This type of cots resembles its appearance to a sleigh. Protections for head and feet are very accurately included in these cots. Sleigh cots come with a bit of a high budget factor.

  • Drop-side Cots:

    There are side drop bars included for mothers to raise or lower the levels of the cot as per convenience. Also, more protection can be ensured will lifting or putting down the baby from and to the cot, respectively.

baby cot accessories

What are different baby cot accessories?

Let us list out various accessories that are a must to include in the baby crib. Few of these accessories are

  • Blankets: Cozy and comfortable blankets are necessary for a baby’s good night’s sleep.

  • Cot bed and bedsheets: A right-sized cot bed concerning the size of the crib is required. You can always choose an attractive bed sheet that may contain cartoons and similar designs.

  • Cot Mattress Protectors: There are high chances that the baby might poop, wet or ruin the bed while sleeping. Hence, all these can lead to soaked sheets and mattresses. Thus, a mattress protector is very much needed and can prevent any fluids from ruining the mattress. To be on a safe side, it is better to have more than one mattress protector.

  • Cot Rail Covers: Cot Rail Covers are a great accessory that you can invest in since they can help getting faint scratches and wear and tear on the cot railings.

  • Toys: You can always place several toys surrounding the baby’s crib so that your baby can have a gala time with the toys while the mother is at work. Hanging toys are spiral stroller toys are a great choice. They keep the babies entertained plus help develop their hand-eye co-ordination.

  • Baby monitors: If you want a high-tech crib that can monitor your baby when you are out and want live updates of your baby activities, this is the best option if your budget is flexible.

  • Baby Cot Canopies: If you live in a area which is prone to mosquitos, you should consider getting baby cot canopies which not only will help protect your baby but will also look great.

What factors should you consider while buying baby cots?

To make your decision process more comfortable, let us discuss some of the factors that you can consider when opting for a crib for your baby:

  • Comfort: There should be no compromise with the comfort of your baby. Hence, you should always make sure that your baby gets a sound sleep in the crib.

  • Safety: The baby should be protected from falling from the crib while playing as well as sleeping.

  • Ease of handling it: The crib should be easy to install and also portable if needed to move around.

  • Cost-effective: The cost of the crib should not exceed your budget. Hence, go for a cost-effective and properly featured for your baby’s needs.

Things to check before you finalizing a baby cot

  • Make sure that you are 100% convinced with the safety features of the crib.

  • Check out the space between the vertical bars on the walls of the crib. Less space and more will be protection.

  • The mattress should be fixed properly, and it should not move from its position.

  • Check with the height of the crib.

  • Avoid portable walls of the crib if possible.

  • Check whether the crib comes with a sack for placing the toys.

LuvLap C-60 Baby Wooden Cot (Brown) Without Mattress

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Fisher-Price Natural Wood Crib/Cot for Baby's Joy

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Safety guidelines for a baby cot

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has set few safety guidelines which ensure that all the cribs in the market today are safe and reliable for your child. However, while purchasing a crib, do double check these safety features for your baby:

  • Strong enough slats

  • The walls are not flexible

  • Mattress never moves away from its position

  • There are square corners in the crib.

  • Non-toxic materials should be used in the manufacturing of cribs.


Baby cots are an essential accessory which can be used till the baby turns 3 or more in some cases. However, while the cots are low-maintenance, the mattresses as well as other accessories do need maintenance. It is advisable that you start looking out for perfect cot in later months of your pregnancy so that when the baby comes, the nursery as well as the cot is ready to welcome your baby home!

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