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Best Beard Growth Oil in India [2022 Reviews]

Grow your Beard faster

Gone are the days when grooming was the lingo of Women only!

Today’s men are very much style conscious and are not hesitant to evaluate new Trimmer & Beard items that upgrade their looks.

Flaunting a bearded look is the hottest trend for men nowadays!

Can’t grow that perfect beard to slay the Beardo look? For that, you will also need the best face wash for men to keep your face clean.

Well, Best Beard Growth Oils in India can be your best buddies then!

Can’t find the apt Beard Growth Oil?
Don’t Worry!
This article can definitely save you from the hustle-bustle!

We have dealt with the tough part already! We are also ready for the next tough part of How to Grow a Beard.

Here we present a solid list of The Best Beard Oils & Essential products for a happy and healthy Beard by Ustraa.

These products can help you slay the super cool beardo styles!

Best Beard Growth Oils

Ustraa Beard Growth Oil - 35ml

ThisUstraa Beard Growth Oil sits proudly at the top of Indian man’s favorite beard oil list because of its affordable service & proved results. This beard oil has so much to offer, let’s check it out!

Prooved Results

  • In a test led by GVK Bio, this facial hair oil offers 40% more developing hair cells than those are left untreated.
  • This oil is number 5 on our rundown of best facial hair oil in India.

The crux for Vitamins & Eight Essential Oils

  • Along with Vitamin E, It contains 8 Natural Oils such as Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Acai Berry Oil, Olive Oil, Gooseberry Oil, Watermelon Seed Oil
  • The goodness of oils and vitamins fortifies and supports hair, fix harmed hair, and decreases breakage.

Serves Multiple Benefits

  • One-stop solution for all hair-related problems.
  • Provided with a unique formula that nourishes, strengthens & repairs hair while supporting growth.

A mixture of Green tea extracts, Siberian Larch Tree, and Zinc

  • This unique combination manages hair roots and increases hair growth.
  • This also soothes the scalp and promotes hair cells’ efficiency to produce new hair.

Here’s the answer to your prominent Question!

Why Beard Growth Oil?

Beard Growth Oils serve you multiple factors like:

A. Beard Growth Oils can help you grow manes, obviously!

B. Beard Growth Oils can protect and healthify beard & facial skin.

C. These Beard oils not only infiltrate the barren lands but also make beard hair glossy, easy to maintain & style prone!

Best Beard Growth oil

USTRAA Beard Oil woody for an instant beard makeover- 35ml (Set of 2)

The USTRAA Beard Oil woody for an instant beard makeover is a total package of total hair growth and damage solutions. Vitamins, oils & much more are blended for your happy beardo look! Let’s peep through the details!

Blended with the goodness of Wheat Germ Oil

  • The Wheat germ oil is titled a bootstrapper of vitamins.
  • This oil carries Vitamins A, B, C, D & E.
  • These vitamins make your beard soft, fluffy & glossy.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

  • This oil is a good buddy of your hair follicles
  • This oil brings volume to the beard which eventually gives you those beastly manes!

Easy to apply

  • Just take out few drops, rub gently, apply on beard & Tadaa! Mission Accomplished!

Improves beard hygiene

  • Wetness in the facial hair can prompt dandruff and cause itch and undesirable irritation.
  • This oil helps maneuver dandruff, hence prompting cleaner & better whiskers.

Happy hair, Happy nose!

  • The crux of Cedarwood Essential Oil has a lovely masculine aroma that makes your facial hair smell pleasant.

USTRAA Beard Growth Oil Advanced - 60ml

USTRAA Beard Growth Oil- Advanced, is a headstrong solution for stubborn hair roots!
This oil not only sculpts more stubborn roots and but also accommodates to boost beard growth.

The Next-Gen Beard Growth Technology

  • This oil is packed with an advanced formula to improve growth, especially for the patchy and uneven beards.
  • The Redensyl in the oil repairs stem cells of the follicles to improves overall growth.

More DHT, More Beard hair

  • This oil is packed with DHT boosters, that enhance beard growth.
  • These also treat patchy beards which might be the result of the downfall in hormone level.

Thick, Voluminous, and Glossy looking Beard

  • Amla here works as a moisturizer, and also gives thickness & volume to the beard.

Wellness of Watermelon Seed Oil

  • The blend of the Watermelon seed oil is full of antioxidants, Vitamin A, E.
  • This formula restores progressive damage and also gives nourishment to beard hair.

No Harmful Chemicals

  • This naturally blended oil is totally unfettered from silicone, paraben, mineral oil, and petrolatum.

Ease of use

  • Take a decent amount of oil
  • Apply gently on beard hair & skin
  • Give a finishing touch to beard and mooch.
  • Voila! it is done!

Ustraa Mooch and Beard Oil 4x4 for Beard nourishment and care - 35 ml

In The USTRAA Mooch and Beard oil 4X4, a 4X4 stands for a unique combination of 4 natural oils that are essential for hair growth.

Argan Oil, Evening primrose oil, sunflower oil, and lemon essential oil merged together, bring the crucial nutrients that feed beard hair development.

This product is full of Omega 9, vitamins, and minerals.

Let’s check out all the other interesting facts!

The Goodness of Argan oil

  • The Argan oil crux restores dry and damaged hair

Everlasting properties of Evening primrose oil

  • The attributes of this oil combat hair loss, itchiness, and flakiness of the scalp.

The Essence of Sunflower oil

  • The conditioning properties of this oil work well on harsh beard hair.
  • The oil properties shield the beard skin against harmful UV radiation too.
  • The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of oil maintain hygiene.

Protection of Lemon oil

  • The antiseptic & antibiotic characteristics of the lemon fight against itching problems & prevent hair dryness.

Long-lasting gloss

  • A rich blend of Vitamin E in this oil not only fixes damaged hair but also brings shine and smoothness.
  • The luster and oil effect will stay for 12 hours if the beard is not washed during this time.

No harmful chemicals

  • No SLS, Parabens, or harmful chemical agents are used in this oil.

Ease of application

  • The application procedure is quite easy and straightforward.
  • Rub the oil penetrating into the facial hair and skin.
  • Repeat the process two times a day for better results.

USTRAA Hair Growth Vitalizer - 100ml

Simply any oil isn’t sufficient to maintain good hair health, volume, and growth.

The USTRAA Hair Growth Vitalizer unites the most excellent natural agents that would uphold your hair development, fight hair loss and give imperative nutrition.

Go natural

  • This item contains no artificial oils, synthetic growth development agents, or toxic chemical compounds.

No more hair fall problems

  • The Extract of Saw Palmetto in this product is known as the hero of hair fall treatment!
  • This compound combats hair loss.

Nourishment & Moisturization

  • This vitalizer Nourishes and moisturizes beard hair with a unique mixture of Wheatgerm, Jojoba, and Castor Oils along with fortified Fatty Acids.

Serves Multiple Purpose

  • Embedded with the virtue of 17 amino acids, this product provides a healthier beard, hair, and scalp.

The good blend of Minerals, Vitamins & Proteins

  • An Excellent blend of Nutrients, Fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6) among & other natural elements provide treatment for hair dullness and split end problems.

Goodness of Redensyl

  • Redensyl is scientifically confirmed as an award-winning hair development agent.
  • This also provides Non-greasy, easy-to-maintain, nonsticky beard hair.

Ease of use

  • Take a decent amount of oil on your palm.
  • For application in hair, take a sufficient amount according to hair length and it is recommended to apply on the scalp too.
  • It very well may be utilized previously or after washing according to comfort.

Which Beard Oil is Best?

Our Research team has found out that Ustraa produces the best in class & most effective beard growth products.

We know what you might be wondering!

Gotcha! Here’s the answer to that question!

Why Ustraa Beard Growth Oil?

Ustraa is the men’s styling brand by Happily Unmarried.
Basically, they make items, grooming essentials, and all the other things that can help our men look good and smell pleasant!

Ustraa maintains the quality of its items very passionately.

So, their items keep the greatest principles and are liberated from Sulfate, Paraben, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum (You read petroleum didn’t you?), Silicone, and other harmful synthetic compounds free.

Ustraa Beard Growth Oils consist 8 Essential oils which are mentioned below:

8 essential beard oils

Aside from 8 oils, Ustraa facial hair oils likewise comprise Redensyl, which is a substance used to prevent balding and other skin treatments.


  • It requires standard use of 3 months for a noticeable development.
  • Results may fluctuate from one person to another.

USTRAA Beard Softener Balm Woody - 100g

Don’t you think, That dense and abundant beard of yours should be preserved?

In order to maintain healthy and beautiful whiskers, The Ustraa Beard Softener Balm Woody is made with first-class components that are SLS and paraben-free.

These ingredients help to achieve soft, healthy & manageable whiskers. Check out the other benefits as well!

The Essence of Essential Oils

  • This Softener balm accompanies a blend of different oils like Castor Oil and Argan Oil.
  • This blend helps to have a strong beard with improved smoothness & freedom from itching issues.

The Care of Castor Oil

  • Along with fighting hair loss, this oil enables thickening & conditioning to beard hair.
  • The antibacterial properties of castor oil keep the whiskers healthy & hygienic.

Advantages of Argan Oil

  • This oil repairs the damage & dryness of beard hair.

The Softness of Shea Butter

  • Shea butter is nature’s original hair softener.
  • The shea butter gives moisturization to the beard and covers the hair damage.

Protection of Cedar Oil

  • The cedar oil ingredients fight all kinds of skin problems.

Smooth & Sleek beard with a Great Smell

  • The masculine aroma of this softener balm gives freshness & helps you to smell great!

How to Use Beard Oil

Things you need for applying Beard Oil

These are the household things you need to apply beard oil:

1. Comb
Wooden Grooming Comb will be better, but you can use any comb with wide and narrow sections! It’s okay!

2. Eyedropper
This will help you to manage the precise amount of beard oil you need to apply at a time.

3. A Towel

You might need it if you believe in hygiene!

Otherwise, it’s your beard oil, your choice!

how to apply beard oil GIF

How to use beard Oil - Step by Step

how to apply the beard oil


Never forget to read the instructions mentioned on the product or just follow the manual.

When to Apply Beard Oil

When to use beard oil GIF

The best & ideal Time to apply facial hair oil is after a face wash or a hot shower.

It’s THAT time when your hair & facial skin is clean & skin pores, Open.

It’s better to dry your face with a towel so that your beard stays Damp, not Wet!

yep gif


  • You might not need to apply the Beard Oil every day.
  • You can begin with applying it on alternate days.
  • If you’ve got long manes or you live in a dry climate then you can increase the frequency of application.
  • Cut down the frequency of Oil Application if you notice greasiness in the Beard.
nope gif


  • Don’t use too much oil, it may cause too sticky beard & enhance chances of Acne.
  • Done leave the beard knotted & uncombed after applying Oil.
  • Don’t apply oil on a wet beard.
  • Don’t apply oil if it’s causing skin agitation.

Beard Oil Side Effects


Skin Allergies

skin allergy

Normally, all the prominent beard oil manufacturing brands use completely natural ingredients.

But who knows? Someday some oils or compounds might cause an allergic reaction on the skin.

So, it is recommended to always read the contains before buying beard growth oil.

If you’re still unsure, apply a light amount of beard growth oil & check whether it hurts?

If it doesn’t, then we are good to go!

Dry, dull & full of dandruff skin

dry skin

Well, this shouldn’t happen.

One of our purpose to apply beard growth oil is to enhance the nourishment & moisturization of facial skin.

Most of the manufacturers claim to have all those goodies good things in their beard oils.

But always read the contents!


  • It is recommended not to use the beard oil items which contain harmful chemicals such as some unsaturated fats and also some harmful oils like sesame oil or hemp seed oil.
  • This might rip away all the existing oil from your skin rather than nourish it!

Increased Sensitivity to Sunlight

There are some essential oils like the one containing harsh orange, grapefruit, or lime that can cause an increment in your skin’s photosensitivity.

In simple language, they can make your skin more sensitive towards the sun, UV radiations particularly!

As we say, always read the contents before buying!

“Precautions are always better than cure!”

Does beard Oil Work?


YES. You heard it!

One of our prominent questions is:

Do beard oils really work?

The appropriate answer is yes…

Maybe not the way you think, but YES IT DOES.

  • Apparently, Nothing can change the rate at which your hair grows.
  • But the best beard oils by Ustraa help make ideal conditions for good Beard growth.
  • A healthy beard means less breakage, which implies a thicker, fuller look quicker than you would accomplish by using these oils.

How does it work?

No Idea?

Well, here are the fun facts.

  • Normally, Beard oils contain some essential oils, as we talked about earlier.
    These oils moisturize skin, which eventually advances beard growth.
    This eventually eliminates undesirable dead skin cells and different hurdles to quick beard growth.

  • The correct oil will infiltrate beard pores, upgrading stubble’s versatility and help fast beard development.

  • Along with this, the beard growth oils contain normally happening cancer prevention agents and nutrient E that further nourish your beard by fixing the harm done to the cell films of your beard.

    The Stronger & Thicker the beard roots & skin, the quicker the beard grows.

  • Application of the beard oil on the beard and the skin under prevents skin irritation which sometimes force your well grown manes to be cut down, forcefully!

Our Verdict:

There are few things that you can’t control.

Especially talking about growing a beard and maintaining it here.

But the good thing is there are certain things you can control!

Add the best facial hair oil by Ustraa in India to your day-by-day routine and see the charm!

We trust that this article will be helpful to you in Settling for the best choice is with much ease.

If so, you can visit our articles and helpful tips daily, and also share them with your friends and family.

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