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Best Mattress Protectors in India [2022 Reviews]

Sleep Better at Night and say Goodbye to Bad Sleep

Once you’re done with buying a  Mattress, odds are you anticipate that it should give cozy & comfortable sleep for a large time.

An Average mattress is intended to last somewhere in the range of 5-10 years, or even more.

However, proper care & concern can abbreviate or extend your mattress’s lifespan.

Monitoring ecological factors and realizing the most ideal approaches can help you keep your mattress perfect, solid, and comfortable to the extent that this would be possible.

Let’s see why the best mattress protector is a must.

And you should get it immediately after getting a mattress or else get ready to buy a new mattress in less than 2 years.

Best Mattress Protector Review

Best Waterproof Mattress Protector: Trance Home Linen® Premium Cotton Waterproof Single Mattress Protector

The Premium Cotton Waterproof Single Mattress Protector by Trance Home Linen® is waterproof, so your mattress gets shielded from the fluids.

The upper surface of the mattress protector made of premium cotton terry with a TPU(Thermoplastic Urethane) back cover.

Key Highlights:

  • Easily washable, Easier to manage
    Machine washable, which makes washing and drying easy.
  • Versatile
    Available in various colors.
    This is also available in fully enclosed zippered style
    Gives protection on all 6 sides of the mattress.
  • Fits for you
    Available in more than 15 sizes to fit your bed.
  • Advantage
  • Available in different sizes and colours
  • Waterproof and eco-friendly
  • Disadvantage
  • Not dustproof

Best Wakefit Mattress Protector: Wakefit Water Proof Terry Cotton Mattress Protector

Water Proof Terry Cotton Mattress Protector by Wakefit is waterproof and secures the mattress against any accident or fluid overflow by children, pets, or during ordinary use.

Key Highlights:

  • Organic Material
    Doesn’t contain PVC, vinyl, or phthalates
  • Smooth, Safe, and Hygenic
    Terry cotton layer ingests dampness and prevents leakage.
    Gives hygiene by preventing microscopic organisms, dust parasites, and any liquid
  • Breathable TPU Film
    TPU Film is utilized to make it waterproof and simultaneously breathable.
  • Advantage
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Soft, comfortable and Premium look
  • Disadvantage
  • Not dust and Stain-proof

Best Cotton Mattress Cover: Amazon Brand - Solimo Water Resistant Cotton Mattress Protector

Amazon Brand Solimo safeguards the mattress against spots and liquid spills while giving you the ultimate cotton comfort. The waterproof mattress is made with two layers, the Terry cotton layer: which immediately absorbs the fluid, and the Polyurethane layer: which prevents water & stains.

Unlike other mattress protectors, Solimo comes with a uniform shape that is lump free and will not make you uncomfortable. It is the same as sleeping on your own mattress

To help the customers Solimo mattress cover is available in various attractive colors & sizes to fit your mattress.

  • Advantage
  • Spill & stain resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Easily washable
  • Disadvantage
  • Not so easy to dry
  • Little color leakage on first wash

Best waterproof mattress cover for bedwetting: Trance® Ultra Soft Terry Waterproof Mattress Protector

Trance® Ultra Soft Terry Waterproof Mattress Protector is the ultimate hygienic & protective mattress protector with more than 7 shading alternatives and various sizes.

To guarantee that you get the ideal fit for your mattress, Trance Home Linen alters bed defenders to your accurate necessities.

Key Highlights:

  • Made with Safe Materials
    The TPU Surface Used For Waterproofing is 100% Safe.
    Contains No Plastic, Toxic Substance, Phthalate Or Vinyl.
  • Maintains 100% Hygiene
    Shields your mattress against Dust Mites, Bacteria, Perspiration
    Gives your safe & hygienic sleeping atmosphere
  • Ideal Solution for Bedwetting
    Prevents Urine, And Fluids from getting inside the bed
    Ideal For Use When Putting Infants To Bed
  • Advantage
  • Made with pure cotton
  • Airflow Technology
  • Disadvantage
  • Drying time is long

Best waterproof mattress protector for allergies: AVI Water Proof Terry Cotton Mattress Protector/Cover

AVI Water Proof Terry Cotton Mattress Protector comes with an Eco-friendly TPU backing that provides you healthy and sound sleep by keeping the mattress stain-free, noise-free, bacteria-free, and liquid-free.

Key highlights:

  • Comfortable Nights
    Made with a Rich Terry Cotton surface to give your body a natural & fresh feel
  • Clean, Safe & Hygenic
    Allergen Control Structure keeps you disease-free by preventing all types of microbes & Toxins
    Wake up rejuvenated and beautiful every day!
  • 12 Months Warranty
    1st time in India, AVI provides Mattress Protector with one year warranty to ensure you the best quality.
  • Advantage
  • Rich Terry Cotton Layer
  • Easy Care and cleaning
  • Disadvantage
  • Gets little lose from sides after long time

How to Keep Your Mattress in Good Shape for a longer time

Did you know that you spend 33% of your life sleeping?
Basically, you’re investing a ton of energy in a mattress.

How long your mattress will depend on the type and property of the materials utilized in its making and how good you care for it throughout the long term.

One good thing is that a clean & sound mattress provides better air quality and a better sleep atmosphere too!

You should prevent discarding your mattress too soon.

To gain the most benefit out of your mattress and provide you with the best sleep, we’ve compiled 10 Ways You Can Make Your Mattress Last Longer and guarantee you have it for as far as might be feasible.

1. Use a bed protector from the beginning

  • A decent, quality mattress cover offers waterproof support to defend against spills and mishaps.
  • They additionally prevent residue, garbage, and dirt from getting into your bed.
  • This shields the materials inside your bed from harm, keep skin oils and sweat off the bed, and diminishes the development of allergens like shape and residue vermin.
  • A mattress protector gets cleaned in no time when spillages do occur, and numerous fresher types of covers feel like a perfectly fitted sheet.

2. Make sure your mattress is properly supported

  • It is significant to ensure your mattress is appropriately upheld.
  • That doesn’t really mean you need to go out and buy a box spring or an establishment, however, a strong stage will guarantee that your mattress serves the purpose in the way it should.
  • This is important to check along with manufacturer guidelines. Because Warranties can be voided if the bed is not supported as indicated.
  • Innerspring mattresses will in general need a case spring, while foam beds need a strong stage.

3. No jumping on the bed!

Dear adventure lovers, Sorry!
But our mothers are right!
Jumping on the bed isn’t only harmful to you but also to your mattress!

  • Jumping on a bed squeezes the padding and will possibly harm the mattress over the long haul.
  • It might also destroy the crate spring under the bed or the bed outline, which isn’t intended to deal with the impacts of kids (or grown-ups) bouncing.

4. Take care when moving your mattress

  • While moving, shield your mattress from harm by encasing it in plastic and abstaining from bending or collapsing.
  • This will prevent it from residue, dirt, and other expected issues (like bed bugs).
  • Moving and box stores regularly convey heavy mattress packs that can be secured with tape to keep soil and water off the bed, and these additionally forestall scrapes and scratches.
  • By and large, while moving mattresses, it’s additionally best to keep them upstanding on their sides so they don’t wrinkle or sag on the way.
  • For covers with handles, makers advise no to move them or drag with the covers.

5. Use waterproof bed sheet

So, you can wash & clean them regularly!

Why Should you wash Mattress Protectors?

  • While spelling you shed perspiration, oils, hair, and skin cells.
  • Eating in bed additionally abandons pieces, and pets can follow in a wide range of things.
  • As well as getting yucky, the entirety of this can get into sleeping pad layers, reproducing microorganisms and empowering dust bugs.
  • Bedsheets and covers ought to preferably be washed each week at regular intervals as per most cleaning specialists.
  • When utilizing a sleeping cushion protector, it’s as yet essential to keep clothes clean.

How to wash & keep the mattress protectors clean?

Tip1: Vacuum clean the bedsheets!

Indeed, you heard right.

Making time to vacuum your mattress over a period of time will help prevent the development of sweat, dust parasites, and allergens.

How do we do it?

  • Firstly, eliminate every one of the clothes from your bed prior to vacuuming.
  • Also, make sure to utilize the machine (upholstery) connection to your vacuum.
  • Invest some additional energy on the creases, where the most development will in general settle.

Tip 2: Remove the stains as soon as they occur!

Stains Do occur.
Rather than leaving them to dry and imagining they never existed as you pull your sheets back absurdly, vacuum and spot clean them promptly to build the life span of the mattress.

Method 1:

  • Combine lemon juice and salt to make a cleaning agent.
  • Delicately rub it onto the stain, and let it sit for half an hour.
  • Wipe it off with a spotless towel, and the stain will have eased up.
  • The blanching powers of lemon and the dampness eliminating properties of salt do wonders on the stairs!


If you have a dull hued, or colored sleeping pad, don’t utilize lemon since it will fade and damage the tone.

Method 2:

  • Another alternative is to mix normal dish soap liquid, baking soda, water, and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in a shower bottle.
  • Spray it on the stain and then smear it away with a clean cloth.
  • Yes, it takes some real effort, but can do wonders to eliminate old & rigid stains!

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6. Keep Pets Out of Bed

  • Pets might be sweet and snuggly companions for keeping & playing in bed.
  • But in bed, they welcome a huge number of possible germs, bugs, and microorganisms into the bed.
  • Parasites, most normally roundworms and hookworms are basic in Dogs & cats.
  • Which can develop and construct their awful homes inside your issue!
  • Indeed, even clean & tidy pets stroll outside, drool, and shed hair and cells, and bring all this in your bed.
  • Pets additionally can have a periodic accident, which can ruin a generally decent mattress.

7. Don’t Let the Bed Bugs In

Bed bugs are flattened, red & brown-looking little bugs.

They can conceal effectively in a wide range of sheet material, including bed edges and mattresses.

They feed on blood from a host and will in general be generally dynamic around evening time.

No, you cant have those blood-sucking demons anywhere near your mattress!

So, follow few easy steps & get rid of the bed bugs forever!

How do we do it?

  • Keep the room cleaned and organized so bed bugs have fewer places to stow away
  • Put an encasement mattress protector which carries a lot of bed bugs.
  • Be cautious about what recycled furniture you acquire since bed bugs are incredible vagabonds.

8. Rotate the mattress regularly

  • In the past flipping and pivoting a mattress was vital to keep it fit as a fiddle.
  • Sleeping on a similar side each night can leave explicit mileage in one part of the mattress and cause it to destroy all the more rapidly.
  • While there is another age of mattresses made with explicit and altered layers that may not need flipping or pivoting.
  • But some mattresses actually need to be rotated.
  • The primary thing you ought to do is check with the brand and maker that makes your mattress.
  • They ought to have the option to give guidelines on whether you should flip or turn your mattress.
  • It will probably rely upon what sort of mattress you have.
  • Commonly, adaptive padding, latex foam, half breed, and innerspring mattresses will in general profit by a pivot at regular intervals.
  • Remember that a few beds from Tempur-Pedic and Sleep Number don’t should be flipped or pivoted.


  • If your mattress needs rotating, then make sure to do it when you turn your mattress occasionally.
  • Rotate 180 degrees when the seasons change, that should work.

9. Deodorize & Disinfect your mattress

Cleaning the mattress also includes deodorizing & disinfecting it!
Especially in today’s CORONA TIME!

How do we do it?

  • Deodorize the mattress by spraying baking soda over the whole surface.
  • Particularly if it’s your first cleaning, don’t be reluctant to discharge a whole 1-pound box onto the bedding.
  • For best outcomes, leave the spray there for 24 hours.
  • For Disinfecting, use standard disinfecting spray & follow the same procedure.


Put the Mattress near a window, the daylight will add its disinfecting power.

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10. Follow manufacturer instructions carefully

  • Each kind of mattress ought to be cleaned routinely to ensure you a clean sleep atmosphere and keep your mattress sound.
  • Numerous producers will give detailed tips on stain evacuation and general cleaning, however, most beds ought to be vacuumed with a hose connection to eliminate surface residue.
  • Stains can be spot treated with a gentle water and cleanser arrangement, however, permit them to totally dry prior to making the bed.
  • Try not to utilize harsh dirt cleaners on foams as they can separate foam uprightness.
  • Contingent upon dust levels, hypersensitivities, or individual inclination, vacuuming ought to be done each 1 to 3 months and stains spot-treated as vital.
  • Albeit various sorts and brands of mattresses can vary fairly in care and support, the essentials are something very similar.
  • Basically, keep the bed clean, shield it from mishaps and harm, guarantee it’s upheld, and turn for even wear.

Why should I buy a mattress protector?

Purchasing the correct mattress for any bed is basic as this is a significant part of working with a decent night’s sleep.

But the fact is that the vast majority don’t comprehend the meaning of a mattress protector or cover.

Bed protectors will likewise assist you with decreasing unexpected costs and enjoy better rest, as long as possible.

Plus they come in aesthetic design & a stylish look!

The mattresses come in standard mattress sizes.

Let’s see the major benefits of mattress protectors.

Safety from Dust

  • Dust will come, no matter the place or the cleanliness you keep!
  • And this dust can harm your mattress over a long period of time.
  • You can shield your mattress from dust by using a proper mattress protector.
  • The mattress protectors and pillow protectors come with washable & anti-allergic features.
  • If someone has dust sensitivity, then the mattress protector is something that will prove to be useful for adequate sleep.

Safety from Sweat, Dander, and Oils

  • You sweat, drool, release oils, and shed skin cells consistently while sleeping.
  • Pet dander and hide and dust followed in from outside can likewise add to sensitivities.
  • All these get into the sheet material, cushions, and mattress layers over the long run, establishing a not exactly clean climate.
  • A mattress protector helps keep trash on the outside of the cover, which can be washed.
  • Bed sheets alone are adequately not, as they don’t have impermeable hindrances.

So, we need mattress protectors!

Secures your Warranty

  • Most mattress warranty will be void if there are any sort of stains or stamps on your mattress.
  • So, what’s the use of buying a mattress with a humongous warranty, when it is void inside the primary years?
  • Securing your warranty with mattress protectors, for this situation, an easy decision.

Our Verdict:

Mattress life expectancy relies upon numerous elements/

Yet following these prescribed procedures can help guarantee that you appreciate long periods of sound sleep.

Also, your mattress experience keeps going as far as might be feasible.

Regardless of whether you are taking a gander at more customary physical stores, or a new bed in a crate mattress organization, understand that a mentioned warranty on your mattress is viewed as an industry standard.

Do you have any extraordinary mattress care tips to share?

Has your mattress kept in extraordinary condition since you bought it?

Anything You want to ask us?

Share your views in the comments below!

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