Useful Tips for Hair Straightening

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  • Hair straightening is a chemical process and hence it comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • A good aftercare routine can save you from the unwanted damage to your hair.

  • Keratin treatment is not a hair styling process but more of a method to induce your hair with protein-rich chemicals and make it frizz-free.

  • Girls having very coil-like and dense hair can opt for Hair Strengthening to achieve silky smooth hair.

  • If you already have fine hairs with dryness then hair smoothening is the best option.

Hair Straightening Accessories & Product Knowledge

Hair Straightening Machine

Hair Straightening machines are ideal for creating various hairstyles at home. Be it long, short or medium length, buying a hair straightener will be one of your best decisions to create soft curls, waves or simply straighten your hair on the go!

There are different types of hair straighteners online but it is always advisable to buy best hair straightener from professional brands offering great results. A good hair straightener will save you from the excess heat damage during styling and hair breakage.

Hair Straightening Cream

Unlike using hair straighteners every time, a hair straightening cream works at a deeper layer into your hairs and breaks the original bonds of hair curls or waves.

Instead of taming your hair again and again under the iron plates of the hair straightener, it is better to buy a hair straightening cream to straighten your hair forever (mostly for those who are a fan of silky straight hairs). The hair straightening cream is formulated in a way that retains moisture with healthy-looking lustrous effect.

Following are some of the best hair straightening creams recommended by experts from brands like:

  • Wellastrate Intense Straightening Cream
  • Glatt Schwarzkopf Hair Straightener Cream
  • Matrix Opti Straight Cream
  • L’oreal X-tenso Straightener Cream
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Hair Straightening Shampoo

Once your hair is chemically treated it requires extra attention and care to last long the style. If you have permanently straightened hair then Hair Straightening Shampoo is one of the most essential things.

Hair Straightening Shampoo has a special nourishing formula to tame chemically treated hair surged with extra moisture.

Even if you have not undertaken any hair straightening or smoothening process this shampoo will do great magic to your hair in terms of thorough cleansing, retaining sheen, removing frizz, entanglement, or dryness and get naturally smooth and silky tresses.

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Hair Straightening Brush

Managing a head full of curls can be quite a battle at times. For this, an iconic hair straightening brush can help you save time and energy. To get a mild blow-dry, smoothen your hair or just style it straight – a hair straightening brush got you covered for all. It is an ideal to get a sleek natural hairstyle instead of a sturdy flat style with minimal efforts and heat damage.

Basically, a hair straightening brush comes in different sizes from daily use to a travel-friendly compact size. If you are ready to make a one time best investment then you can also opt for an electronic brush with heat and speed settings to make it readily accessible and save the time of salon-appointments.

Hair Straightening Comb

A hair straightening comb is a non-electric hair-brush to style your hair in soft curls, waves, light blow-dry or simply smoothen your hair tresses. It is very safe to use as it comes without the side effects of heat styling your hair.

It is a budget-friendly option if you’re looking for an everyday hair styling tool and a great substitute of flat irons.

Hair Straightening Vs. Hair Smoothing

Hair Straightening Serum

A hair straightening serum is used as a heat protectant formula used before heat styling to avoid any hair damage due to heat. Also, it acts as a protecting layer to get rid of the direct effect of heat on your hair while using any of the electronic hairstyling tools.

You can also use it after styling your hair to add some sheen and sleek results to your finished style. It is formulated in a way to cut down the humidity in the hair and give hair smoothening effect.

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Types of Hair Straightening



Temporary Hair Straightening

Sometimes when you need that instant hair transformation or simply make your hairstyle simple and decent, temporary hair straightening is one of the many options you can try at home.

All you need is a hair straightening machine, good serum, and heat protectant for hair straightening at home.

All of them might not love poker straight hair but yes everyone is a fan of silky smooth hair!

So, temporary straightening is the best thing to do for that matter. The temporary hairstyle lasts well until you wash hair or wet it down.

Permanent Hair Straightening

Permanent hair straightening is a chemical treatment to smoothen and straighten your hair by using a certain range of products.

These products work beyond the hair shaft and break the natural bonds to reform it in straight hair permanently.
Girls having extremely dense and unmanageable curly hair can opt for this treatment to make it smooth and shiny.

It is a type of hair chemical treatment one should not try at home but get it done under the supervision of a hair expert or professionals to avoid any damages.

The final results usually last for a couple of months to one year, depending on how well the hair has been taken care of. Once your hair is treated for hair straightening you will need to buy only salon-recommended aftercare products like shampoo, conditioner, serum, and mask to follow your haircare routine.

Note that the regrowth hair will come into the original shape and texture similar to your hair before the treatment. If you are the one who loves poker straight hairstyle then this is for you!

Hair Smoothening

Many of us confuse hair straightening with hair smoothening. Hair smoothening is again a chemical treatment procedure but is less harsh to your hair compared to hair straightening.

If you wish to give a shiny and silky finish to your originally fine-textured or chemically treated hair then Hair Smoothening will be a blessing to you!

Hair smoothening does not really extra straighten your hair and results in that naturally straight hair.

Girls with extremely frizzy and dry hair can go for this treatment to make it look more presentable and styled.

Similar to Hair Straightening, it also requires to be taken care of by salon-recommended hair products to last long the hairstyle.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin is basically a protein responsible for hair growth and strengthening. Keratin treatment is an external supply of protein adding life to your hair and making it soft.

Anyone having dry hair with a lot of breakage or split ends can opt for the Keratin Hair Treatment. This treatment reduces hair frizz and gives a lustrous finished look.

If you already have chemically treated hair like permanent straightening or smoothening then it will work wonders for your hair! It removes hair curls or waves and leaves a straight blow-dry finish along with good shine.

It involves the great after-care process with special salon-recommended shampoo and conditioner to last long the hairstyle. However, the effect reduces mildly after every hair wash.

Hair Straightening Vs. Hair Smoothening

As we know about both of these procedures, Hair Smoothening is considered to be a better option than Hair Straightening. The reasons are discussed below:

  • Smoothening is less harsh to your hair compared to straightening.

  • Smoothening gives a naturally straight look while the straightening is more of an artificial-looking straight hair.

  • The effect of smoothing sustains for less time compared to straightening. The reason being straightening is a very intense and harsh process for your hair.

  • Hair straightening treatment can transform the curliest hair into poker-straight hair. Whereas hair smoothening is preferred to get rid of the frizzy unmanageable hair.

The heat protectant spray acts as moisture retain formula and makes a barrier between the styling tool and hair. It basically protects your hair from excess heat damage.

Hair smoothening is way better than hair straightening in terms of hair damage and chemical process. However, if you have stubborn curls then Hair straightening will have better results for achieving poker-straight hairs.

No. Aloe vera gel can be used as an aftercare routine to nourish and hydrate your hair after the chemical styling process.

The serum is used to add sheen and sleekness to your chemically treated hair. The anti-humid formula of serum can also be used before heat styling to avoid heat damage or breakage and retain moisture levels.

Coconut milk works as a natural hair mask to cut down the hair tangles and make it more manageable. Apply a coconut milk mask to equally divided hair strands and emulsify it into your hairs and leave it for 25-30 minutes. Rinse your hair completely and apply a hair conditioner.

Take good care of your hair by applying the hair mask at least once in a week and leave it for 10 minutes. Use a salon-recommended serum to detangle your hair while brushing it and avoid unnecessary breakage.

Depending on the brand of the product used in the chemical procedure, you will need to buy a hair care kit that includes Hair Straightening Shampoo, Conditioner, Serum and Mask for lasting results.

The average cost of permanent hair straightening is 5000-8000 depending on the hair density, length, brand of the product used, and salon services.

The average cost of permanent hair smoothening is 4000-8000 depending on the hair density, length, brand of the product used, and salon services.

The permanent hair smoothening lasts from 6-10 months depending on the aftercare hair routine. Also, the new hair regrowth will be in the original shape and texture of your hair.

The permanent hair smoothening lasts up to months depending on the aftercare hair routine. Also, the new hair regrowth will be in the original shape and texture of your hair.

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    My friend has been using Hair straightening for quite sometime and she recommended L’oreal X-tenso Straightener Cream. However, I am not comfortable using external stuff in my hair. This article gave me enough clarity. Thank you for this.