What is Bluetooth and How does it Work

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Though many people prefer sharing content with the help of the internet, Bluetooth remains an important sharing medium. When you share a file like a picture through Bluetooth, the quality of the data will slightly deteriorate. In contrast, when you share files on different social media platforms, it is a well-known fact that the image loses quality.

The main drawback of Bluetooth is that it is slow and takes a long time to transfer files. The upside, however, is that you do not need an internet connection if you want to transfer data with Bluetooth. Make sure that the device you are using is compatible with other Bluetooth devices and has the option itself.

The function of Bluetooth has changed over the years. Nowadays the Bluetooth option is used for connecting to several devices rather than for transferring files. The Bluetooth speaker is the most significant example. The application of Bluetooth technology in speakers and other devices has made everyday life easy and straightforward.

There is no need to carry cards, neither do you have to change or repair worn out wires anymore. Bluetooth devices like speakers can be connected to your phone, laptop, computer, or tablet without any cable and you can play music through it. Bluetooth is not only used in the case of speakers, but it is also widely used for earphones or earbuds. Many companies have launched earbuds that do not require any cable or wire that connects the earpiece to the phone. You can now listen to music without getting bothered by annoying wires or cords.

Is Bluetooth Dangerous?

Before we talk about Bluetooth, we would like to acquaint you with the dangers of using a cell phone or a laptop. These devices emit blue light and prolonged exposure may cause several damages. The one very common complaint that people who are exposed to blue light often have is that they cannot tend to fall asleep quickly. The hormone that is responsible for sleep in humans is melatonin. Blue light directly affects this hormone and prohibits the secretion of melatonin. With melatonin lacking in the system, the sleep cannot be induced. Therefore, if you cannot fall asleep at night, try to keep your cell phone away instead of browsing several online sites.

Phones, Wi-Fis, and the internet use an electromagnetic field or the EMR. The electromagnetic field is invisible and these connections use electromagnetic radiations to transfer data and files. Apart from the electromagnetic radiations, certain devices like the computer, the micro oven and laptops give out RFR or radiofrequency radiation. Though none of these can be perceived with the naked human eye, prolonged exposure to these invisible fields of energy can cause serious health problems.

Bluetooth, however, is not that harmful. Bluetooth can be used safely and does not cause much harm. Bluetooth emits a signal that is lower in power than our usual RF radiation used in cell phones. Though there have not been many studies concerning Bluetooth radiation or activities, many experts have claimed that the wireless connection is safe.
The Bluetooth network is much safer than the usual blue light emitted by our phones and electronic devices, but prolonged exposure to these days can affect people of various ages. Bluetooth has often been linked to ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. ADHD is a psychological disorder that reduces the length of attention span in children and young adults. Though ADHD can be treated with medicines and counselling it is debatable whether Bluetooth causes the disorder.

Another psychological disorder that Bluetooth may cause is clinical depression or anhedonia. Clinical depression is a disorder in which the individual loses motivation and greets different life situations with grief. It is arguable whether Bluetooth causes any of the above disorders as psychological illnesses like these to require a push. If one already has inherited genes for ADHD or depression, the Bluetooth radiations may act as just an agent that enhances these disorders and their symptoms.

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Can Bluetooth Cause Cancer?

  • Cancer is a severe illness that causes alterations or mutations in one’s genes, cells, and DNA. Bluetooth radiations may be harmful to some degree, but it is incapable of producing any modification in one’s genes.

  • Alterations cause cancer in DNA through some kind of catalyst. The catalyst is usually ionizing radiation. These have the power to slowly replace molecules in your DNA with different ones causing mutation and cancer. Ionizing radiations can change the total makeup of your DNA by removing molecules, atoms, or ions from your DNA structure.

  • With Bluetooth, there is no need to be scared. Bluetooth emits non-ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing radiations cannot replace or remove any molecule or atom from your DNA. It can be said that these radiations are not strong enough to mess with your DNA structure.

  • Lack of studies on Bluetooth radiation has often led many people to believe that it can cause cancer. However, the lack of evidence should not suggest that these radiations are harmful. If one delves into the world of physics and chemistry, it will not be difficult to understand that Bluetooth does not pose any harm to an individual. The technology is quite naive and does not impose any threat to human beings.

  • It is essential to keep in mind that cancer can be caused due to various things. We are often exposed to harmful and dangerous carcinogens. Many substances are a lot more harmful than Bluetooth radiation. Therefore, it will not be wise to blame Bluetooth for any activity related to cancer.

  • Very few technologies are responsible for causing mutations or alterations in gene structures and DNA, but prolonged usage can cause side effects. The effects differ from person to person and illnesses may manifest differently.

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If You Were in a Room with a Lot of Bluetooth Devices, Can They Cook You like a Microwave?

You have probably been in a room full of different kinds of Wi-Fi networks. Therefore, it is safe to say that no, a room full of Bluetooth devices will not harm you in any way. These networks use an electromagnetic field to transfer files and content. However, these fields of energy do not damage any human or living thing in its way. You can safely spend hours in a room that has several Bluetooth connections.

The question, however, is quite understandable. Microwave ovens use radio frequencies, and so do Bluetooth devices, and both of these devices utilize and work in the same frequency range. However, the main difference lies in the power that the Bluetooth device and the microwave oven use. It can be stated that the microwave oven uses a lot more power than any Bluetooth device. It can consume up to 1000 watts of power, whereas the Bluetooth device only uses 1 to 2.5 milliwatts of power. A watt is a thousand times a kilowatt. Therefore, it can be noticed that a microwave oven creates a lot more heat due to high power consumption. Bluetooth devices are not capable of producing much heat, and you are safe around one.

Can Bluetooth Make Me Sterile?

Usually, your cell phone or any Bluetooth device does not affect fertility. Bluetooth cannot induce or cause sterility in males or females. However, one cannot be certain about the above-mentioned fact.
Scientists have argued about the effect of Bluetooth or cell phones in sterility on humans. There have been contradictory findings as well. In 2009 a study about the relationship between Bluetooth and sterility had been conducted. The findings were published in a journal. The main premise of the study was to determine the effect of electromagnetic waves radiated from cell phones on the sterility and spent count of males.

The sample size was 32, among which 9 males were infertile and the rest were fertile and healthy men. Just like any other study, the same was divided into a control group and an experimental group. The experimental group was exposed to electromagnetic waves while the control group was not subjected to any such conditions. The findings revealed that the sperm viability and mobility in the experimental group experienced a reduction, while in the control group no such effect was observed. The findings further went on to deduce that the quality of the sperm exposed to continuous electromagnetic waves deteriorated. The sperm count was reduced and the mobility of the sperms was damaged.

There are several other studies by scientists that prove that prolonged exposure to RF EMW does not affect sperm in human males in any way. One argument can be that no concrete evidence has not been found against the usage of Bluetooth devices because there has not been much research into the field. There are large gaps in the understanding of how exactly Bluetooth electromagnetic waves can affect sperm and fertility in men. Doctors have rarely advised against keeping one’s phone in their pocket mainly because real-world experience suggests that most men do not get affected by the radiation concerning their fertility.

Are There Scientific Findings to Support the Notion that Bluetooth Is Harmful?

It has not been proven scientifically or empirical that Bluetooth radiation does not damage one’s health. The radiofrequency emitted by technology has been argued to be weak enough to affect any human beings. Studies have also shown that prolonged exposure to phones can cause several diseases. The radiation from a phone or specifically the blue rays emitted by the phone screen or computer screen can induce lethargy, depression, insomnia, and ADHD. However, there is no proof regarding this. It can be said there is a correlation between using Bluetooth phone and psychological disorders but there is no certain cause and effect relationship.

Apart from different psychological disorders, several physical ailments have also been noticed in people who continuously handle cell phones and Bluetooth devices. They usually suffer from low energy levels, extreme tiredness, and reduced appetite.

There is no way one can say with conviction that Bluetooth does not have any negative effect on one’s health. Bluetooth radiation and electromagnetic waves may cause some short term as well as long term effects. However, it is difficult to determine whether or not the effects were caused by Bluetooth alone, some agents working along with the radio frequencies of Bluetooth, or due to a complete extraneous variable. Scientists are studying the subject matter concerning the usage of Bluetooth and any concrete conclusion is yet to be reached. It is best if you do not spend long hours on your phone, computer laptop, or tablet. Time yourself and keep an account of how long you spend every day staring at the screen.

How to use Bluetooth Speaker?

How to Use Bluetooth Speakers?

Using a Bluetooth speaker is the easiest way to play your music on a loudspeaker. Using traditional speakers has become obsolete. The older speakers used a lot of cables and wires. This made it difficult to carry the speaker around. Also, these were extremely large, and the sound quality was quite poor. Bluetooth speakers will give you the best sound quality and are very easy to carry. The speaker is usually small, and you can take it around in your bag. You do not need a data cable or any type of wire to connect the speaker to your phone, computer, or laptop. The Bluetooth speakers connect to your device with the help of Bluetooth technology. Once the device has connected, you can use it to play music.

Using a Bluetooth speaker is very simple, and anyone can do it quickly. You need to use a phone, laptop, or computer that has Bluetooth connectivity. To check, go to the settings option and look for the Bluetooth option. The choice is easy to find. You can also use the search bar to look for it. Once you know that your device is compatible, you can use it to connect to a Bluetooth speaker. Go to the Bluetooth option and enable it.
Usually, there is an option to turn Bluetooth on.

Switch on your Bluetooth speaker and wait for your phone to detect the speaker. If you have used your phone to connect to the speaker before, there will automatically be an option to connect to the speaker again. However, if you have not, then look for the browse or search option on your phone.

This will help you to detect any new Bluetooth devices in the vicinity. As soon as your phone finds the speaker, press on it in your screen to connect the two devices. Once the devices have been connected, the Bluetooth speaker will help you know that it has been successfully combined with a notification tone.

You can connect your Bluetooth speaker to several devices. Apart from your phone, any device that has the Bluetooth option can be connected to your Bluetooth speaker. You can enable the Bluetooth option on your desktop to connect to the speaker, or you can use the laptop. Some televisions also have the Bluetooth option. Therefore, you can connect the Bluetooth speaker to your TV as well.

The Bluetooth speaker allows you to play your favourite songs during yoga, a party, or any other passion. You can also use the speaker when you watch a movie on your laptop. The speaker gives extraordinary sound quality that is much better than any speaker on your computer or television. The Bluetooth speaker is portable and not too heavy. You can carry it with you when you go on a vacation. The speaker is quite affordable, as well. The Bluetooth speaker is available in different sizes that differ in the quality of sound as well. You can choose whatever suits you from the significant variation of the Bluetooth speaker.

How to Reset Bluetooth Speakers?

Different Bluetooth speakers have different settings. Some have several features and others have only the basic ones. However, the reset setting is usually similar. When you try to reset your Bluetooth speaker, make sure that all the paired devices are disconnected. In some speakers, when you press the Bluetooth and the power button simultaneously, the speaker is reset. In some other speakers, you need to press the volume and the power button to reset it.

The companies use different procedures; however, you will usually find a small book along with the speaker when you purchase it. You will find all the necessary information in the manual and you will learn how to use or reset the speaker.

It may be a little difficult for you to locate the power button on some speakers as it may be located at the back of it, however, once you do, you can easily reset your device.

How Do Bluetooth Speakers Work?

Bluetooth speakers can only work if the devices are close to each other. Bluetooth has a range of 10 meters. This means to connect a speaker to your phone, laptop, computer, tablet, or television, the speaker has to be located near these devices. Bluetooth devices use an invisible electromagnetic field to work.

The Bluetooth speakers connect to the device with the help of pairing. Bluetooth emits radio waves that work over a short distance. The speaker is wireless and does not require any cable to connect to your device. However, you need to charge the device from time to time to keep it running.

The charging is quite like your phone. You need to plug in the charger, switch it one and your Bluetooth device will start charging. The charger usually comes with the speaker when you purchase it.

Conclusion about risk of Bluetooth

With the advancement in technology and science, many changes have been witnessed by the human race. Bluetooth has been one of the greatest discoveries by the man that has helped us immensely. You can use the Bluetooth option to connect to different devices and carry out many operations.

Many people have expressed their concern for
Bluetooth and its side effects. As discussed before, it is not quite clear whether there is any direct cause and effect relationship between Bluetooth and disorders. There may or may not be any severe damage due to Bluetooth. However, cell phones, in general, can be dangerous if you use them for prolonged periods.

Therefore, try to minimize the usage of mobile phones as much as you can. Bluetooth has been very helpful to mankind and its advantages are numerous. If you want to use Bluetooth, buy a device that is compatible with different devices. The world has been using Bluetooth technology for a long time, there has been no significant correlation between illnesses and Bluetooth. It will be wise to welcome the new technology into your daily life and use it for your benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bluetooth

Usually, you will find speakers in different ranges. You can find some speakers for as low as Rs. 500. However, with the increase in price, the quality of the speakers improves as well. If you are someone who needs to work with music and sound throughout the day, we would suggest you buy a good quality Bluetooth speaker.

Some Bluetooth speakers that are used by professional singers or dancers may cost more but the audio quality is better. If you want to explore different kinds of Bluetooth speakers, you can easily look it up online. When you invest in a speaker, it would be best to buy it with a warranty, this way you can be sure that the speaker is of good quality and you will not have to replace it soon.

Research and studies fail to provide us any concrete evidence of whether or not Bluetooth is harmful to us. According to some studies that were conducted on lab rats and mice, constant exposure to radio frequencies of Bluetooth had severely damaged their brain functioning.

It is ambiguous whether these findings can be applied to human beings as well. More often than not it has been seen that people who stay around Bluetooth devices such as phones, laptops, and computers have not been affected by Bluetooth at all.

The frequencies emitted by the Bluetooth technology barely posed Amy harm to human beings. However, several experiments have been conducted on other animals in laboratories that prove that prolonged exposure to Bluetooth may cause severe damage to one’s health. Therefore, it can be said that using Bluetooth all the time may be harmful to you, so switch off the option as much as you can, especially when you are not using it. Try to keep your cell phones away from you when you sleep as the rats emitted by these phones can be harmful and dangerous.

If you are someone who likes to play music often, then a Bluetooth speaker is the best option for you. These speakers are portable and you can carry it around with you. These are not very large and usually lightweight; you can carry it in your bag easily. Another reason why you need a Bluetooth speaker is that you can ditch the wires and cables.

Bluetooth works with the help of radio frequencies and you do not have to connect the speaker with your phone or laptop with a wire or a data cable. Therefore, you no longer have to carry those tangled wires. Bluetooth speakers are also very cheap and affordable. It has great value for money. You do not have to invest in elaborate stereo systems anymore. Just buy a good Bluetooth speaker and you are good to go.

The speaker plays great quality music. You do not have to compromise on the sound quality of your music with these Bluetooth speakers. You have to get hold of a charger however, the charger usually comes with the speaker, if not, you can purchase it separately as well. Usually, you can use the charger that comes with your phone to charge your Bluetooth speaker.

There are several disadvantages of relying on Bluetooth devices as well. Before you start depending on Bluetooth to carry out functions you need to learn about some of the loopholes of the technology. The main drawback is that, in some cases, Bluetooth may not connect. It has been seen the Bluetooth devices take a long time to connect and may lose connection often.

Their Bluetooth connections are not very strong. Another severe difficulty is that Bluetooth only covers a short distance. You cannot connect to a Bluetooth device that is more than 10 meters away. Even if the other device is within the range, it may be difficult to connect. The bandwidth is extremely low in the case of Bluetooth devices.

When you try to exchange files with the help of Bluetooth, it may take a very long time. With the help of the internet, we can now exchange content quickly and conveniently, this may not be the case for Bluetooth. Using the Bluetooth option to receive or send files can take a lot of time depending on the size of the file. Security is another concern when it comes to using Bluetooth, anyone can easily connect to a Bluetooth device. Very few devices have an allowed key or a password.

If you have a phone or computer that is old, then you may not have a Bluetooth option. Older devices do not have the Bluetooth option. If you suffer from this problem, here’s how you can solve it easily.
There are Bluetooth dongles that you can buy. Just like dongles are available that help you connect to the internet; you can also find these small singles that enable you to operate Bluetooth. In your computer you can connect the dongle directly. However, it may be a little tricky to use it on your phone. You need to buy a compatible data cable where you can connect it to your phone and the other end has to be connected to the Bluetooth dongle.
This is an easy way to access the Bluetooth option without actually having the option on your phone, computer, or laptop. You can easily buy these dongles in any one electronic store.

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