Man's Guide to Masturbation: Health Benefits and Prostate Cancer

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Despite all the problems in the world, Masturbating remains one of the leading concerns among many individuals.

But, guess what?

Happy People Masturbate, as well!

You might have heard some crazy facts about masturbating that it’s bad, irreligious, addictive, and whatnot. We are pitching on this to clear the air on the subject.

People masturbate to address the erotic desires gushing over and make themselves feel relaxed about their arousing excitement.

This blog curates the potential effects and health benefits as a Man’s guide to masturbation including some of the important facts about prostate cancer related to Masturbating.

Before we begin, let us simplify the term and understand what is Masturbation.

What is masturbation?

What is Masturbation?

Masturbation is self-stimulating the genital parts to satisfy the sexual excitement, and reach the point of sexual climax or male orgasm. Usually, it is performed by making up the mood, gentle touching, up-down stroking/massaging the penis until the sperm ejaculation which leads to the release of endorphin (boosting pleasure) chemicals in the brain.

After the ejaculation climax, the penis loses its erection and muscle stiffness fades. The man feels slightly drained and weak for a while.

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Benefits of Masturbation & Effects on Sexual Health

Based on the medical information and reports, sex therapists and experts consider Masturbation as normal and a pleasant sexual activity of self-care. It is understood as a way to address your sexual desires and can be practiced throughout life.

Always remember that Masturbation is not shameful and is a habit of self-care.

Learn more about the potential health benefits of masturbation for male as under:

  • By Masturbating, our brain reward system releases healthy hormones like endorphins (the happy hormone), dopamine (stress burster hormone), and oxytocin (love bonding hormone).

  • Experts advise that masturbating with the penis can actually maintain and improve your sexual relationships and health.

  • Masturbation takes part in stress management by lowering blood pressure and allows you to feel relaxed.

  • Masturbation drops the sexual tension by enhancing your mood.

  • You can also become a sperm donor to present the gift of life to couples facing infertility problems and even earn some extra bucks with it.

  • Exploring erotic pleasures by Masturbating with your partner, thrives your sexual relationship, and stimulates intimacy between the two.

  • Masturbation is preferably safer than sex. This might avoid the chance of pregnancy and STDs (Sexually Transmitted Disease) or sexual infections of any kind.

  • It also helps you in having a great sleep relieving you from a rough day and levels up your immunity system.

  • The recent study says that Masturbation reduces the chances of prostate cancer. You can find more details about it at the conclusion of this blog.

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Is Masturbation Harmful?

As of now, there is no medical evidence suggesting any physiological harm due to masturbation. Hence, it doesn’t involve any harmful side effects being an activity of fulfilling natural sexual desires.

However, some people feel guilty about masturbating often or believe it as shameful behavior, which they shouldn’t.

The general medical community advises masturbation to be performed as a harmless and natural expression of sexuality.

Having said that, it is blatant and unacceptable when practiced in public areas causing serious annoyance to the civilians. It further harms the societal environment and interferes with the daily-life activities of immediate physical surroundings.

How to Masturbate?

Man Masturbation Mood

Make Up the Mood: Firstly, it’s important to be comfortable and find a place in private whether in the bathroom or on the comfort of your couch in your room and play good music. Fantasize your erotic desires and play it in your mind to make up your mood and achieve –what you call it a satisfying male orgasm!

Start Slow: Guys, don’t push yourself hard over sperm ejaculation rather start it slow to create a beautiful experience of a rewarding self-love moment. You can try different ways from gentle to quick strokes and feel your erogenous parts and explore further. Learn what stimulates you and pay attention to the speed and motions.

Change Positions:  Men, if you like to Masturbate regularly exchanging your sitting positions will help you keep up the fun and enthusiasm. Try different positions like sitting on a chair, standing under the shower, or doing it on the favorite side of your bed. Masturbating in the same place and position possibly makes it boring and more of an exercise. Work it out your way, to revive the fun and you will feel better.

Masturbation with Partner: Masturbating with your sexual partner is totally safe and allows the person to know what points to your enjoyment. You can also save yourself from any potential infection and STDs. Mutual Masturbation cancels out the pregnancy chances for a woman and hence couples can plan their parenthood along with fulfilling their biological needs. If you are sharing sex toys, ensure to clean it before you trade-off and use condoms on the sex-toy for safer sex.

You can also use special techniques and tips to make it more pleasing.

It is no complicated guide to Masturbation with some comprehensive skills-set. It’s a matter of personal choice that how you want to practice the art of masturbating for self-love.

Masturbation and Prostate Cancer

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As per reports, the 2016 study among the men of different age groups states, the men who ejaculated at least 21 times in a month are less likely to get prostate cancer. However, doctors do not support it fully and there’s no substantial medical evidence saying the same.

The actual cause of prostate cancer is difficult to determine as it involves multiple factors like family history, genetics, age, and more.

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The Bottom Line

Masturbation is a biological aspect that comes naturally to any individual. It is a healthy self-care method to feel relaxed and direct your sexual desires.

We hope this guide to Masturbation has turned out to keep yourself informed about this significant practice to look after your sexual health and engage in self-pleasure experience. Feel free to write down your comments and thoughts below.

If you still have any special concerns or questions, we recommend you seek professional help from a sex therapist.

This article will be updated to keep you posted with the latest possible information.

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