What is the Best Temperature for Air Conditioner in Summer

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The best temperature for AC during summer is 24°C. It is the ideal thermostat setting for running an Air Conditioner in India to maintain a perfect balance between humidity, temperature, and energy consumption.

In this blog, we will walk you through the ideal temperature setting for an ac during the summer and the reason behind it. 

Moreover, we will cover the important tips to fend off that scorching heat and keep your home temperature comfortable along with saving some extra money on AC bills.

Before we begin, let’s understand the meaning of the best temperature setting of an AC.

What do you mean by Best Temperature Setting in an AC?

When we refer to the best temperature setting in an AC, we mean to operate it at an optimal temperature that doesn’t have any adverse effect on our health and make us feel comfortable. 

For this, the government has taken a remarkable step in the awareness of public health and power saving to set the ideal AC temperature at 24°C. This is a default temperature advisory announced by the government under the guidelines of the Ministry of Power to protect the environment.

When you set the AC temperature to 24 °C, it means that when your room temperature reaches the desired level of 24 °C the compressor stops working and again resumes cooling the room if the temperature increases again even a half degree.

Best Temperature for Air Conditioner in Home

Best AC Temperature While at Home

While you’re at home, it is advisable to operate the AC typically between  24 °C to 26 °C to save some extra bucks on your energy bills along with enjoying the cooling effect of AC. 

Sometimes, during extreme heat conditions, we tend to use AC at a very low temperature of 18° C thinking that it does instant cooling. To your notice, it is a myth. Operating the Air Conditioner at lower temperatures doesn’t mean fast cooling. Instead, it takes adequate time to reach 18°C putting a load on the compressor and generating a high amount of bills.

The nighttime is a great opportunity to make some energy conversation as during this time the atmosphere is cool outside compared to daytime and our body temperature falls down radiating the heat from its core. Due to this reason, we do not need extra cooling in the room and even the temperature setting of 27° C will do the job.

Best AC Temperature Away from Home

When you’re away from your home, you don’t want to cool the house but keep it warm enough so that when you’re back after 2-3 hours you will need less time to make it cool and comfortable. Hence, it is recommended to set the thermostat to 31 °C. The higher you keep the AC temperature inside the house, it slows down the heat flow from outside to your house.

So, when you return to your house, the compressor need not make much effort to cool your house. This decreases the compressor load and helps you save money on AC bills.

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Operational Tips to Increase the Cooling Effects of an AC

To maintain a pleasant atmosphere under the air conditioning system, ensure that the cool air doesn’t escape out of the room and avoid the heat flow entering the room from outside, given the restricted ventilation (i.e. slightly keep the window open) for air filtration. 

In some AC compressor units, the compressor fan stops after working for a longer duration for energy-saving purposes. During these times, you can use a ceiling fan to continue air circulation inside the room and maintain the flow of fresh and quality air.

Let us understand the top three factors Temperatures, Humidity, and Ventilation playing an impressive role in Air Conditioning and it’s operational guidelines.


Looking towards the humidity and comfortability, the temperature range between 24°C -30° C is quite advisable for the summers. The best temperature for humid areas is 24° C and for dry zone areas 30° C  temperature is optimal.


The air conditioning system maintains the 40-70% of the humidity level and makes a cozy and healthy environment for you.


It is necessary to filter the indoor air while the cooling is maintained. For this, we need to ensure that we invest in energy-efficient cooling units with the mechanical ventilation and exhaust system.

Final Thoughts

We really hope this blog helped you as a guide to set the best temperature for the Air Conditioner along with the additional tips to maximize the cooling effect in the summer.

Do try these techniques for your air conditioning system at home and let us know your experience in the comments below. 

Stay tuned for more of such topics.

Till then, Happy Cooling!

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    Nice information. We often keep on changing the temperature in our room. May be that’s the reason for high electricity bill. Will try this one now.