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lcd projector
An illuminated LCD projector kept on a couple of books.

It is evident that between the fight between projectors and flat screen TVs, projectors are being more considered. People are replacing their regular televisions with projectors for the bigger external projection screen that turns your home into a theatre. Also, the picture quality of projectors are more significant if compared to flat-screen TVs or rear-projection TVs.

There are many types of projectors, such as LCD projectors, DLP projectors, LED projectors, Laser projectors, LCOS Projector, CRT Projector, etc. And among these projectors, LCD projectors are the most commonly purchased. However, not a lot of people know what is an LCD projector and how it works.

So, in this blog, we will give you an in-depth guide on LCD projectors so that you know how they work and if you should buy one.

1 What is an LCD Projector?

Basically, an LCD projector or Liquid Crystal Display is one of many types of video projector that is designed to be used for displaying video, images, data or any other type of visual material on a flat surface, such as a screen or wall. Compared to other types of projection systems, LCD projectors tend to be smaller and more portable because they use small lamps and have the ability to project an image onto any flat surface.

There are many parts of an LCD projector which help to reflect images, such as a lamp, three LCD panels, filters, a prism and a lens. This type of projector has richer colour dynamics in ambient light, works on less power, throws less heat, works silently and reflects sharp images with no rainbow effect. This projector uses the same liquid crystal display that is found in televisions and monitors. Let us now see how this projector creates images.

2 How do LCD Projectors Work?

An LCD projector uses multiple elaborate steps to create an image. This projector use three liquid crystal displays which cast image using three primary colours: red, green and blue. There is also a light source inside the projector, mainly a lamp, which produces a beam of white light. This light is passed to three coloured mirrors, which are specially designed to reflect the wavelengths of light.

Each colour beam that reaches an LCD panel generates an electrical signal. This signal, in return, guides the panel in arranging pixels to create images. As a result of this process, a prism is used to combine different coloured images and produce a single-coloured image. As the last step, this image undergoes a lens before reflecting on the projection screen.

how does an LCD projector work?
Process of how an LCD projector work.

3 Features of LCD Projectors

To understand LCD projectors in a better way, it is important to also learn about their features. These projectors provide amazing image quality and are generally budget-friendly. Let us check the characteristics in detail.


LCD projector emits bright light, which enables you to use the projector even during day time. Additionally, the images reflected through this projector are more saturated and vibrant. This brightness is measured in lumens. Generally, a good LCD projector consists of a minimum of 1500 lumens. The brightness of this projector can also be adjusted as needed through the remote control.


In LCD projectors, the light of the lamp directly passes through the image elements, and it goes directly to the lens. This way, very little image quality gets decreased. Because of this simple process, the projector reflects a sharper image. As a result, the pictures that this projector produce is crisper, and you can clearly see all the details, text and graphical content.

Consistent High Quality Colour

Thanks to the three LCD panels coloured in three primary colours, red, green and blue, these projectors can create images with every colour. This liquid crystal display technology results in constant vibrant colours on the screen. DLP projectors tend to cause a disoriented optical illusion called the rainbow effect as the DLP chip alternates the primary colours. In contrast, LCD projector provides consistent colour with equal richness and contrast that results in high-quality image projection.


LCD projectors are budget-friendly, and they remain less expensive than DLP projectors. The LCD technology requires fewer parts than DLP technology, which uses a motorised and spinning color wheel. This way, LCD projectors are less expensive to manufacture, resulting in less selling prices.

4 Advantages of LCD Projectors

There are great advantages to using an LED projector. It provides a big display screen video which can be used as classrooms projectors, companies projectors, and home projectors to turn your home into a theatre. Let us explore more such advantages of LCD projectors.

  • These projectors create sharper images and have amazing picture quality
  • You can use this projector on any flat surface available.
  • There is a high light source capacity even within a small zone that can be achieved with LCD projector lamps.
  • These projectors are often compact and highly portable, which allows you to move them around easily.
  • LCD projectors can be used as an overhead projector or can be mounted on a table as well.
  • Provides a massive display for a business film theatre.
  • The projection technology of the LCD projector is simple; it has longer lamp life and lower cost of replacements and, thus, is budget-friendly.
  • LCD projectors offer to work silently.
  • These projectors tend to have a higher contrast ratio than DLP projectors offer.
  • Mostly all LCD projectors offer separate audio system.

5 Disadvantages of LCD Projectors

After discussing some of the benefits of LCD projectors, let us now go through some of the disadvantages of them. Trust us, there aren’t many.

  • LCD projectors often produce images with too many visible pixels.
  • These projectors are heavier than DLP projectors.
  • Produces screen door effect on many visual projects.
  • Many entry-level projectors are prone to burn out quickly.

6 What is a DLP Projector?

LCD projectors are often compared with DLP projectors. So, before finding out which one is better, let us know what a DLP projector is.

DLP or Digital Light Processing Projectors use tiny mirrors to reflect images from a monitor onto a large screen. It consists of a spinning color wheel that generates different colours from red, green and blue components. Classrooms and conference rooms with ambient lighting benefit from the bright light output of DLP projectors.

DLP and LCD projectors both have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. That is why we recommend researching both projectors to find out which is the best before you invest.

7 Which one should you choose? LCD Projectors or DLP Projectors?

To help you find out which projector you should invest in – LCD projector or DLP projector, we have made a comparison chart. So let’s have a look.

LCD ProjectorsDLP Projectors
LCD Projector is used for displaying images on the flat surface using liquid crystal technology.DLP, or Digital Light Processing Projector, uses a digital micromirror device.
LCD Projector produces sharper video.DLP projector produces smoother video.
The LCD projector reflects no rainbow effect.Some rainbow effects are reflected, which disturb the video.
The contrast is lower than a DLP projector.The contrast is higher than in an LCD projector.
It is less expensive than a DLP projector and is budget-friendly.It is more expensive than an LCD projector.
They are bulkier than DLP Projectors. And do not offer the same portability. They are smaller and lighter in weight, which provides the utmost portability
LCD projectors use transmissive technology. DLP projectors use reflective technology.

LCD and DLP projectors both have their benefits. So, the final decision of which one to choose should be yours. Consider all the features, characteristics, picture quality and, most importantly, cost, and you will have a clearer idea.

8 Wrapping up

Digital projectors have become widely popular nowadays. Everyone enjoys a big projector screen while watching their favourite movies. The projectors also become a fantastic choice in schools or any professional company for presentations. We hope that this blog helps you get acquainted with LCD projector deeply. With such great benefits at hand, we hope that you will definitely consider investing in an LCD projector. If you need clarification about which one to buy, check out our product comparison review on the Best Home Projectors.

FAQs about LCD Projector

What is the advantage of using LCD projector?

In LCDs, the colours are more saturated, so the brightness is perceived to be higher. Also, they throw less light and work on less power consumption than DLP projectors.

A good quality LCD projector can cost from 20,000 to 1,00000 rupees. You can compare all the features and specifications of different projectors and buy one which fulfils your job and fits into your budget.

An LCD projector is an output device that takes computer data and display it on any flat surface.

Electronic devices such as digital cameras, LCD projectors, smartwatches, digital clocks, mobile phones, DVD players, etc. use an LCD. Nowadays, appliances such as microwave oven, refrigerators, air fryers, etc., also have an LCD.

AC drive voltage is required for LCDs, and there is virtually no DC component present. Each segment of the LCD is controlled by the magnitude of the AC voltage across it, but the AC voltage must always be present across all segments.

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