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projector advantages and disadvantages
An illuminated projector kept in the dark room.

Whether to present professional strategies or to turn your home into a theatre, projectors are trending right now. We have seen a fantastic result of an overhead projector in any educational system [1] or for business meetings to show PowerPoint slides. A projector also provides huge image size so that you can enjoy the best visual experience. However, along with such broad benefits of projectors, there are also some disadvantages that you should consider before investing in the projector.

So, let’s explore the projector advantages and disadvantages in detail.

1What is a Projector?

Before jumping on to the advantages and disadvantages of projectors, let us know what a projector is in a better way.

Projectors are devices that project images from computers or any other output devices onto screens, walls, or other flat surfaces. The projectors can be mounted on the ceiling, wall, or on the table, as per your preference. Additionally, these devices project bigger images, so they are easier on the eyes. There are many types of projectors:

  • DLP Projectors (Digital Light Processing Projectors)
  • LCD Projectors (Liquid Crystal Display)
  • CRT Projectors (Cathode Ray Tube)
  • LED Projectors (Light-emitting Diode)
  • LCOS Projectors (Liquid Crystal on Silicon)
  • Laser Printer

All these types of projectors work on different mechanical systems and have their own different features.

2Advantages of Projectors

People who are satisfied with televisions often do not pay attention to the advantages of projectors. So, here we have listed some of the best benefits of investing in a projector for the home or office.

Massive Screen

The best advantage of a projector is that it gives you a theatre-like performance. Watching some of your favourite movies or TV shows on a massive screen of a projector is an absolute joy. This joy is far greater than watching movies on a normal television. You can turn a room in your house into a mini theatre using a projector. Also, this massive screen and huge image also become handy in presentations and office meetings. Thus, the large screen of the projector becomes its biggest advantage.

Customizable Screen Size

Unlike televisions, the screen of a projector can be adjusted as per your preference. A projector also throws a smaller screen display with a brighter image. If you are unhappy with a 42-inch huge television, there is nothing you can do about it. In contrast, you can customise the size of the projector with the help of the remote or from your phone if your projector is smart. If you require a small screen only, you can invest in short-throw projectors.

Low Cost

For home entertainment, projectors offer both technological and practical advantages at a reasonable price. Projectors use simple technology that contains a bright lamp/bulb, lens, mirror and a fan to cool the lamp. Additionally, some projectors also do not require cables or software troubleshooting. They are less expensive than 60-inch LED TVs. So, you cannot get a bigger screen to enjoy your favourite movies at this rate.

Eye Comfort

Our parents tell us to watch the screen from a distance. They also ask us not to watch movies or videos on our phones because of the small screen. It is always easier to read larger letters and watch bigger image than smaller ones. This way, the larger screen sizes of the projector are highly beneficial for the comfort and safety of the eyes. Additionally, eyes feel more comfortable while looking at the projected image rather than the emitted light output of televisions.


The physical design of projectors has two benefits: It is small, and it is lightweight. Because of this, the projectors offer high portability. All the projectors have a different mounting system. Overhead projectors can be mounted on the ceiling. You can also set this projector on a shelf, on a table, or over a pile of books. The small size of the projector also makes storing it easier. You can also take the projector in any room of the house, set a movie-night session outdoors or make it travel to your Nani’s place in summer vacation. This way, a projector can be moved anywhere there is a power supply.

Now, try to imagine taking a 50-inch television with you everywhere. xD

3Disadvantages of Projectors

Every coin has two sides. Along with many advantages of projectors, there are a few disadvantages as well. Let us have a look.

Dark Room Required

Not all projectors work in ambient light. Head projector need a dark room to provide the best performance. A room with ambient light doesn’t allow the projector to showcase the maximum colour contrast. If you want to watch a movie at night, then it won’t be an inconvenience. But to watch anything when it is bright out cannot be possible with some projectors. However, this depends on the lumens of your projector, which decide how much bright your projector is.

Needs Separate Screen

While it is true that projectors can reflect images on any flat surface, it doesn’t give the best performance every time. A projector reflects 100% quality images when the surface is absolutely clean. A projector screen is clean, as well as waterproof. This helps in presentations when you can write something on the screen with a grease pencil and remove it with a damp cloth. However, setting this screen on the ceiling, in front of the projector, in a way that the image doesn’t get cropped is also painful. You might also need to hire some help in this case. Also, maintaining this screen is also difficult.

Rainbow Effects

We learned earlier that there are many types of projectors, and each projector uses different technology. For example, some projectors use DLP technology which has the disadvantage of creating colour-separation artefacts or rainbow effects. This effect can disturb the visual experience of the projector users. While sometimes this disturbance is only mildly distracting, for sensitive people, it can cause headaches or strain your eyes. So, if you want to invest in a projector, make sure you research and find projectors which are the best projector for your use.

Difficulty of Overhead Projectors

The projector does provide portability. However, this is not the case with overhead projectors. If you decide to mount the projector on the ceiling, you might have to invest a lot more time and effort. Overhead projectors are hard to set up, and they complicate the installation process. You might have to hire help for it.

Separate Audio System

While some projectors do have an audio system with speakers, they do not provide as efficient audio quality as separate audio system. Because of this, most people who invest in projectors, also invest in a good audio system. For example, if you are watching Avenger’s End Game and the Hulk’s voice comes off as a baby lion’s there is no fun. So, bigger image also needs a bigger sound.

4Should you invest in a projector?

A projector solution can neither be set on the crown nor be binned. There are actually some great advantages of projectors, and almost all the disadvantages are solvable. So, who should buy a projector?

People who have constant use of projectors for presentations, office meetings or any professional use should definitely invest in a projector. Additionally, if you want a “theatre” experience in your own home or studio, a TV won’t work and investing in a projector would be a wise decision.

For general users, if you want to invest in a projector, keep in mind all the disadvantages of it. Make sure that the room in which you want to set the projector doesn’t have ambient light for the best performance. Be mindful of the size of the room and the size of the screen as well. Also, make sure to go over the maintenance cost for the spare bulb, lens replacement etc.

In an overall sense, investing in a projector is a great idea as long as you have the right use for it.

5Wrapping up

We explored many advantages of projectors. Same way, we even discussed some of the failing points. Now, the decision is yours. You should definitely invest in projectors if you have constant use of them because all the disadvantages of projectors can be easily rectified. And there is always a pleasure in returning home after a long, tiring day to watch some of your favourite movies in the manner you deserve to see them, in a large screen!


What are the advantages of a projector?

Here are the major advantages of a projector.

  • Offers a large screen.
  • You can customize the size of the screen.
  • The manufacturing cost of some projectors is low.
  • It does not strain your eyes and provides comfort to the eyes.
  • They are small and lightweight.
  • You can take a projector anywhere with you because of its easy portability.

Make sure to check these features in the projector before buying one.

  • Good Colour Contrast
  • Brightness/Lumens
  • Sharpness and Clarity
  • Resolution
  • Portability
  • Input Ports

A projector is perfect for daily use. A projector reflects the light on the surface, which is far better than a TV which emits the light. This way, the projector is better than a TV for everyday use.

Here are some qualities that a good projector features.

  • Lens Zoom
  • Lens Shift
  • High Resolution
  • Colour Accuracy and Adjustments
  • High Brightness/Lumens
  • Dynamic Iris

The Boss S21A Home/Office Digital Projector is the best projector available in India for watching movies. If you want more suggestions, check out our article on the best home projectors.

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