Projector vs TV – Is Projector Better Than Television

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projector vs television
projector vs television

Projector vs television? Most people have a television set in the living room, but upgrading doesn’t always mean getting another television. While TVs can be installed easily on a ceiling or a wall and you can connect any additional peripherals to it depending upon which model you are using. On the other side, projectors are portable and can be installed anywhere independent of the surface. You can enjoy any video or a movie on the big screen with a projector. However, if you upgrade from a TV to some technically advanced projectors will have a higher cost significantly.

Today we’re going to discuss one of the most asked questions we get when we’re helping a customer design their home theater system media room or family room in their home should I get a tv or a home projector there’s a lot of debate on which one is better and typically it all comes down to the use cases and the budget for your situation so let’s break down the differences to help you make the best choice for the best home theater experience.

1 Projector vs Tv: Smart features

smart features and different apps supported with smart tv
Smart features and different apps supported with smart TV.

Most projectors and tv models that we use do not have more options and smart features. If you have a compatible port on your set-top box, dongle, or console, you may already have all the smart technology support you need. However, there are still plenty of options if you’re interested in a smart platform with built-in capabilities.

Projectors today often come equipped with smart platforms similar to those available on smart TVs. Hisense offers Android/Google TV, similar to a Google Chromecast, with its home projectors based on Samsung’s Tizen platform. Additionally, there are a number of brands that offer their own app stores where you can download your favorite streaming apps. One such brand is Optoma. Additionally, if your projector supports Alexa, Google Assistant, or Bixby, you’ll have access to connected voice assistants.

2 Projector vs Tv: Screen size

TV screens cannot compete with projectors when it comes to creating larger screen sizes. It is no wonder why cinemas rely on high-resolution projectors.

Once you buy a TV, you are bound to its same size for as long as you own it. You will never be able to expand or contract your screen while watching movies. At the same time, projectors are a very reliable and flexible option. This advantage of a flexible and big screen offered by projectors can’t be easily overcome by TVs anytime soon, even with the onset of modular Micro LED displays.

3 Projector vs Tv: Picture quality & Resolution

a representation of screen resolution and pixels
A representation of screen resolution and pixels.

There is no doubt that screen size is the biggest difference between TVs and projectors, but image quality is something that actually is the differentiator. Screen resolution or the picture quality is measured in pixels. The higher the number of pixels, the more visible image details.

The best projector offers superb image quality without ruining your pocket like a high-end 4K UHD television, which is sometimes more expensive than a projector. Generally, you can get decent projectors with good color reproduction, solid brightness, and even 4K resolution at an affordable price.

4 Projector vs Tv: Brightness and Contrast

When comparing a portable home theater projector system and TVs, it is crucial to consider how intense and bright the display is. For a dim screen, the room needs to be darker. Similarly, it would be difficult to obtain sharp image quality in a brighter room. The truth is that projectors can’t compete with a bright, sunny living room that’s filled with natural light. In general, LED TVs are known to be quite bright than projector systems.

The contrast is determined by the alteration of brightness and black levels. It is possible to determine a projector’s brightness just by looking at its lumen rating, but the black level can be determined by how dark the room gets while you plug in and on the projector. A lot of ambient light can undermine the contrast between light and dark. The lamp in projectors has a lifespan of 1200-5500 hours, which will consequently burn out over time. Parallelly, the color accuracy in projector systems is often compromised due to the spinning color wheel.

Most LCD TVs can suffer from ambient light, too, but they can combat it and increase perceived contrast, while most projectors are not as capable.

5 Projector vs Tv: Audio

The final element that contributes to your watching experience is the audio quality. A high dynamic range of audio effects is what sets apart the performance of a theatre to the feeling while you watch movies at a movie night outdoors.

Talking about the audio quality, both projectors and TVs perform poorly, but TV units come with inbuilt speakers rather than a projector. Projectors need even better audio components than televisions. In spite of the fact that some projectors are equipped with built-in speakers, most projector speakers are often inferior to those on televisions. To experience a truly cinematic experience, you can easily find a surround-sound system or keep it simple with a high-quality wireless sound box. The best way to get quality sound from your projector or television is to invest in home-theater audio equipment.

6 Wrapping Up

Home projectors are an ideal choice for those who love to recreate a theatre-like viewing experience and are prepared to invest some time and effort in its setup. Whether you create a dedicated viewing area or choose to install a technology that doesn’t interfere with your living space, you can keep yourself entertained no matter where you are.

FAQ's about Projector vs TV

Is 4K projector better than 4K TV?

A 4K TV is a better option than a 4K Projector. Some 4K projectors provide a pseudo 4K resolution through pixel interpolation, so they aren’t really 4K. The brightness of most types of projectors isn’t equal to that of a 4K TV, even when the room is dark. While, TVs with 4K resolution come with speakers that are more than enough for viewing 4K footage. Also, there are no complicated setup involved in setting up a 4K television. Simply find an elevated flat surface and plug the TV into the nearest electrical outlet.

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