How To Check iPhone Originality Before Buying?

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Last Updated: June 24, 2023

iphones in different colours
iPhones in different colours

Are you thinking of buying an iPhone but are not sure if it’s genuine? Worry no more! In this all-inclusive guide, we will walk you through the foolproof steps on how to check iPhone originality. It’s crucial to verify the authenticity of the device, as counterfeit iPhones are prevalent in the market. By the end of this guide, you will be a pro at spotting real versus fake iPhones.

1 The Original iPhone

Before we delve into how to check iPhone originality, it’s essential to understand what “originality” implies. An original iPhone is one manufactured by Apple and contains its hardware and software. Counterfeit or cloned iPhones, on the other hand, might look identical but are composed of different components and most likely run on a heavily skinned version of Android designed to resemble iOS.

Why is it Important to Check iPhone Originality?

It’s vital to know how to check iPhone originality for several reasons:

  • Ensure Quality: Original iPhones are known for their high-quality components and performance.
  • Security: Counterfeit iPhones may contain malware or spyware.
  • Support and Updates: Only original iPhones receive Apple’s support and iOS updates.
  • Resale Value: Genuine iPhones maintain a higher resale value compared to fakes.

2 How to check iPhone originality

Step 1: Physical Examination

The first step in how to check iPhone originality is to examine the physical attributes of the device.

  • Apple Logo: The Apple logo on an original iPhone is of high quality. Counterfeits might have a slightly different design or placement.
  • Buttons: The volume and power buttons on genuine iPhones have a solid feel, while on fake ones, they may feel flimsy or loose.
  • Screws: Original iPhones use pentalobe screws, which are unique to Apple. Counterfeit models may have standard cross screws.

Step 2: Software Verification

Understanding how to check iPhone originality requires knowledge of iOS, the operating system that runs on iPhones.

  • Interface: The interface of an original iPhone running iOS will be smooth and responsive. Counterfeits running a skinned version of Android may have lag or unresponsive elements.
  • App Store: Check for the App Store. Only genuine iPhones have access to Apple’s App Store.

Step 3: Serial Number Verification

One of the most definitive ways how to check iPhone originality is by verifying the serial number.

Find the Serial Number: Go to Settings > General > About to find the serial number.

Verify with Apple: Visit Apple’s warranty status page ( and enter the serial number to check if it’s a genuine iPhone.

Step 4: Use iTunes

apple iphone with appstore itunes music podcasts apple store apps icons on screen
apple iphone with appstore itunes music podcasts apple store apps icons on screen

iTunes is an excellent tool for those seeking to understand how to check iPhone originality.

  • Connect to iTunes: Use a USB cable to connect the iPhone to a computer with iTunes installed.
  • Check for Sync: If iTunes recognises the device as an iPhone, it’s likely to be genuine.

Step 5: Features Check

An important part of how to check iPhone originality is to examine certain features that are unique to iPhones.

  • Siri: Try using Siri, as this service is only available on genuine iPhones.
  • FaceTime and iMessage: Check if FaceTime and iMessage are available and functioning properly.

Step 6: IMEI Number Verification

Verifying the IMEI number is another critical step in how to check iPhone originality.

  • Find the IMEI Number: You can find it in Settings > General > About.
  • Verify the IMEI Number: Use an IMEI checker like or any other reputable source to verify if the IMEI number corresponds to a genuine iPhone.

Step 7: Check the Price

If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Original iPhones tend to be more expensive. A considerably lower price might indicate that the iPhone is not genuine.

Step 8: Check the Packaging and Accessories

space grey iphone13 with box
space grey iphone13 with box

The packaging can also offer clues on how to check iPhone originality.

  • Quality of the Box: Original iPhones come in high-quality packaging with sharp, clear images.
  • Accessories: Check the quality of the headphones, charger, and other accessories. Genuine Apple accessories are typically of high quality.

Step 9: Purchase From Reputable Sources

apple store with lights and apple logo
Apple store with lights and apple logo

One of the best safeguards is to purchase from a reputable retailer or carrier. This is a preventative measure in ensuring you don’t even have to worry about how to check iPhone originality because the source is trustworthy.

Step 10: Use Third-party Apps

For added assurance, you can use third-party apps designed to verify the authenticity of iPhones.

  • Download an app: Like Lirum Device Info Lite, which provides detailed system information.
  • Cross-check the Information: If the specifications match those known for the iPhone model, it is likely genuine.

3 Wrapping Up

Knowing how to check iPhone originality is an indispensable skill in the modern world, given the prevalence of counterfeit products. By following the steps outlined in this guide, not only do you ensure that you’re getting the value and quality associated with genuine Apple products, but you also safeguard your personal data and ensure access to ongoing support and updates.

Remember, it’s always best to be cautious. If you’re ever in doubt, don’t hesitate to take the device to an Apple Store or authorised retailer for verification.

Having learned how to check iPhone originality like a pro, you can now make informed decisions and enjoy the full spectrum of what an authentic iPhone has to offer. Share this guide with friends and family to spread the knowledge!

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