7 Best Infrared Thermometers in India with Price [2022]

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digital infrared thermometer to measure temperature
Person holding digital infrared thermometer and measuring temperature with reading of 360 degrees.

Fever is a common symptom in almost all ailments. You might also agree with this fact, right?

Then having a thermometer at home becomes a necessity now!

What about having a mercury-filled thermometer? Is it worth of use?

The answer is- SOMETIMES YES! But the accuracy in it might depend on the person who is measuring fever. If it trembles or shakes, the measurement will not be accurate.

Instead, having the best Digital Infrared thermometer can be the best alternative!
Now the confusion arises as, to which Digital Infrared thermometer is best in India? Don’t panic. We are here to guide you with this query.

In this document, you will come across the 7 best Digital Infrared Thermometers in India, along with their price and features!

Also, the fact that not only you, everyone should have at least one IR thermometer at their home; because in the COVID-19 infection, if the fever remains high and constant, you seriously need to consult your doctor!

So, let’s dive into the information of the best IR thermometers in India.

1 List of 7 Best Digital Infrared Thermometers in India

Dr. Trust Infrared Thermometer (USA) for Forehead

Dr. Trust USA NCIT manufacturer is one of the best companies that manufacture thermometers in India. It is one of the best and most trusted thermometers.

While the accuracy feature is concerned, it offers the most accurate reading compared to its competitors. The working process includes scanning the body and synthesis the readings. The measurement of fever is done in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. It means that this thermometer can be used on people and objects.

You might be thinking, how can a thermometer be used in objects?

Yes!!! This product will help you to gain the temperature of objects like baby milk bottles, hot water containers, and much more.

While the person mode will measure the readings of the human body!

Special Features:

Memory: Up to 30 recent measurements can be stored!
Accuracy: Clinically tested for getting accurate results.
Warranty: It comes with 6 months warranty period!
Alarm: A fever alarm and buzzer is embedded inside it!

  • Dr. Trusts’ thermometers are trusted by doctors as well.
  • Accuracy is good compared to the normal mercury thermometer.
  • Also terminates the scope of getting infection as it is NCIT thermometer.
  • Warranty related issues.

Dr. Morepen Infrared Thermometer (Mt-100)

Dr. Morepen is also a trustworthy brand of thermometers!

These thermometers are convenient enough to be used at hospitals and homes and allow to measure temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

The flaw that might appear in this product is that it is used for the person and not any object!

Dr. Morepen Mt-100 Digital Thermometer can be used for underarm, oral, and rectal methods. It will make you wait for some time, but the wait is worth its accuracy of measuring fever!

Special Features:

Warranty: Comes with a 6 months warranty period.Memory: It remembers the last reading and makes it convenient for the user to recall it!
Display: Rectal readings are displayed with ease.
Automatic Shutdown: The auto shutdown feature becomes the plus point!
Alarm: Low battery alerts and the buzzer sounds also add up in special features!
Automatic Shutdown: The auto shutdown feature becomes the plus point!
Memory: It remembers the last reading and makes it convenient for the user to recall it!

  • Dr. Morepens’ thermometers are clinically tested for and can be used for any age group.
  • Accuracy is good compared to the normal mercury thermometer.
  • Long battery life.
  • As it is not NCIT, the chances of infection spreading increases (If not disinfected after use!)
  • Sometimes, the beep sound misses to beep.

Hicks Infrared Thermometer (NT15 with buzzer)

Hicks thermometer also worked well and made its place in our best digital IR thermometers in India. Hicks NT15 is a NO-CONTACT thermometer and is easy to use as well as reliable for accurate results.

It also provides the fever readings in Fahrenheit and Celsius. Adding to the features, it can be used for rectal, oral, and underarm options.

It is quite an impressive product that is also tested clinically to provide accurate results to users. No fear of mercury poisoning because no mercury is used in it.

Special features:

Warranty: 1 year warranty from the manufacturer! The best feature of this product.
Display: LCD Screen accompanying proper brightness.
Design: Latex-free design.
Alarm: Buzzer enabling and last reading memory availability.

  • Hicks No Contact Digital thermometer are clinically tested. Hence, it gets easy for the users to use it.
  • Quick measurement of fever and displaying readings.
  • Accuracy level of measuring the temperature is not maintained all the time.

Helect Non-Contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun

Helect is one of the best industry leaders in medical equipment. One such quality piece of tech from them is the GM550 Infrared Thermometer.

It offers an accuracy of over 98% and has a vast range of temperatures ( -50’C to 550’C). This infrared thermometer also has a smart Celcius to Fahrenheit converter.

Additionally, this thermometer is entirely waterproof. You can immerse it up to 4 cm and it won’t sustain any damage. The battery also lasts very long with the auto turn-off feature.

You can use it for long periods as well as the thermometer weighs only 90 grams, and you won’t even notice it in your hand. So point away at anything and find out the temperatures of everything!

Special Features:

Accuracy– 98.5%
Long Battery Life
Range– -50’C to 550’C
Warranty– 6 Months
Age Group: Also suitable for any age group of patients.
Technology: Calibration technology is used at its best in this product!

  • Helect Thermometer are blessed with high level accuracy rate.
  • Also users are happy with this feature.
  • Required fever measuring time is comparatively less.
  • Easy display of readings.
  • None reported.

Dr. VAKU Non-Contact Digital Thermometer

Dr. VAKU Non-contact Infrared thermometer is the Amazon’s best-selling thermometer. It is also a good and trustworthy product that gives accurate readings of fever.

The mystic feature of this product can be the company providing 6 months assured warranty on it. Also, the sensors used in it are German Sensor and Imported Medical Grade Sensor.

The fever measurement can be done through Celsius as well as Fahrenheit. This thermometer has also managed to become the best-selling thermometer in India. Hence, we can rely on the accuracy of this product!

Let’s have a look at the features that makes it unique and best-selling!

Special Features:

Warranty: It comes with a warranty of 6 months.
Battery: Batteries are packed along with the thermometer.
Measuring Time: RoHS and CE have approved that the measuring time is less than 0.5 seconds. Hence, it’s one of the fastest IR thermometers in the market!
No-Contact measuring: Measuring the temperature from a person’s forehead itself, without disturbing them!

  • Dr. VAKU NCIT thermometers have high level accuracy rate. Also, its user friendly features makes it easy for users to use it.
  • Perfect readability even in low-lighting environment.
  • Not a Made in India product. If you prefer made in India, read the description before purchasing.

Vandelay Infrared Non-Contact (Made In India)

Vandelay Infrared thermometer is an Indian manufacturing thermometer. So, we guess if you are following the ‘VOCAL FOR LOCAL’ moment, you should go for this product!

As the name suggests that it’s a non-contact thermometer, so there are no chances of cross-infection! Only used as a forehead thermometer and is also clinically tested. Let’s look at the special features of this product.

Special Features:

Measuring Distance: It measures temperature from a distance of 1-2 inches only.
Alarm sound rings up when the temperature exceeds more than a certain limit.
Display: LED Screen display is secure in displaying clear and easy to read numbers.
Suitable Age: Any age group of person can try this on. Because it also works same for children, young age, as well as old age people.
Memory: It can store up to 32 readings, and the patient or the doctor can recall these readings any time and keep track of them!
The auto-shutdown feature also adds up in the special features list!

  • Accuracy being on top.
  • Easy to use for new users as well.
  • Best in quick readings.
  • Best in quick readings.

Carent hetaida Infrared Non Contact Digital Gun Thermometer

Carent is one of the few companies that give a thermometer with CE and FDA certification. This makes their product extremely trustworthy and accurate as it is something tested and verified by experts.

The thermometer is entirely safe for both children and adults. You can even use it for oral, underarm, and even rectal readings. The results come in 30 seconds but are worth the wait.

The jumbo-led screen lights up in two colors when the results are displayed. If the temperature is normal then a smiley face with a green-lit LCD is shown.

If there is any hint of fever or even an abnormal reading then the screen lights up in red with a sad face. This makes the temperature-checking process fun for kids.

Special Features:

Accuracy– 99.5%
FDA and CE Certified
Warranty– 3 years
Alarm– Interactive alarm with red and green backlit display

  • Carent Thermometer is an easy to use product.
  • Gives accurate measures.
  • Reliable readings.
  • CE and FDA Certified
  • Issues with battery life.

After going through the list of the best thermometers in India, we will help you with how to use them. The steps of using the non-contact thermometer are almost same.

But the one which requires direct contact with the patients will have a different guide of how to use it.

Don’t worry. We are here to help you with both queries! So, let’s explore more about it!

2 How much should I spend on a Digital Thermometer? Price Check


If going for some high-quality models of IR thermometers is what you are looking for, there are some options.

The only thing that you need to have an eye on is, what extra features you are getting on buying expensive thermometers. Also, here is the price range, avoid purchasing higher than the maximum range!

Price Range: We recommend to spend just about ₹2000 ~ ₹3000.


Mid-priced range is normally considered to be budget-friendly products.
They will be providing best-in-class features compared to their price.
So, go for the below price range while buying mid-priced thermometers.

Price Range: We recommend to spend just about ₹1300 ~ ₹1700


There can be two categories in Low-priced products. If you want some astonishing features, go for mid-priced thermometers.

However, if the usage of thermometers is completely basic, go for lower price thermometers fulfilling basic needs.
The price range to follow is given below.

Price Range: We recommend to spend just about ₹999 ~ ₹1500

When should I Upgrade or Replace my Digital Thermometer?

If you buy a brand new IR thermometer, consider upgrading it after it stops working and the warranty is dead.

Firstly, try changing the batteries and also claim the warranty if applicable.

Otherwise, buying another one is the only option left.

Generally, TLC gives a better life span to any product, so use it with care and watch its life grow.

3 How to use an Infrared Thermometer?

Using an IR thermometer is easy, but not all thermometers follow the same steps.

Hence, learning the proper method to use it becomes necessary.

The user should follow the manufacturing guide strictly. If the instructions are followed properly, the chances of inaccurate measurements decrease!

  • Generally, the NCIT (Non-contact Infrared Thermometer) instructions include:
  • Use the product in free space, and it should be out of direct sunlight hit!
  • The temperature of the surroundings should be around 16-40 °C or 60.8-104 °F.
  • The NCIT should be placed in that environment for 10-30 minutes before using it. This step is important because it helps NCIT adjust to the environment accordingly.
  • Cleaning after using NCIT every time! (COMPULSORY STEP)
  • The product should not come in direct contact with water, so follow the steps mentioned in the manual guide to clean it.

4 Things to remember while using any NCIT machine:

  • NCIT itself means a non-contact thermometer. So, remember it doesn’t require direct contact with the person or object.
  • Normally, while measuring temperature, NCIT is kept at a distance of a maximum of 3 to 5 inches away from persons’.
  • It can be either be kept near the forehead or palm.
  • Also, look whether the person’s forehead is clean and no sweating is occurring.
  • If he or she is sweating, ask them to remove the sweat and moist first. After that, measure the temperature.
  • Hold it like a gun and then measure the temperature.

5 How to get accurate reading with a Digital Thermometer?

  1. While measuring, try that the NCIT does not shiver or move from one place.
  2. Do not let it touch the surface of the person.
  3. Make sure that it is cleaned before and after using it. Disinfect it according to the steps mentioned in the manual.
  4. Also, read the accuracy level mentioned in its manual because it will let you know if there is any up-down in the reading.

NCIT is not only used to measure fever but there are multiple uses of it! Let’s see some of the other uses as well.

6 What Can I measure with an IR thermometer?

Many people might not be aware that Infrared thermometers are not only used for measuring fever. But they also perform the process of measuring the temperature of best room heaters .

Objects? Which objects will the IR thermometer measure, and how?

Certain objects require a specific range of temperature. If the temperature exceeds, it may create some of the other damage!

For instance, if we say that an IR thermometer is used to measure the temperature of a baby milk bottle. Of course, it will be a matter of concern if milk is still really hot and non-feed able to the baby.

You can use the thermometer and measure the temperature of the milk bottle in which you already filled the milk. If it’s too high, wait for it to cool down and then give it to your baby.

The IR thermometers are also useful while cooking. SURPRISING, RIGHT? Here’s how:

Some recipes require an exact cooked food, not burnt and also not raw.

Hence, while the dish is still preparing, make sure to measure the temperature at which the ingredients are cooking. It will help them to make the food tastier!

It is not the end; NCIT is also used to measure the temperature of automobiles’ engine, backyard cooking party, etc.

All these uses are possible only if you have a good quality Infrared thermometer. Hence, we will discuss some high-rating brands of Infrared Thermometer now!

Best Brands for Infrared Thermometers

‘Competition is the main reason for growth!’

Do you agree with this fact?

If yes, then you are smart enough to reach your goal.
In every field, competition prevails. And the one with the best skills and features wins!

Hence, here is the list of some best brands of IR thermometers in India as well as across the world. If you purchase any one amongst them, you do not have to worry about the accuracy.

If NCIT will be used as per the instructions in the user manual, the readings are going to be perfect with 99.90% accuracy.

Infrared Thermometer Best Brands
HelectIf you are looking for a thermometer for checking the temperature of objects, Helect Digital NCIT is best. But preferring it for human fever measurement is completely WRONG! Do not use it for humans. What we loved about the Helect Digital thermometer? It is perfect for industrial use and gives accurate measurements. The 7-second automatic shutdown feature turns to be the power saver.
VandelayVandelay is a huge company in the manufacturing of self-care products. Whether the trouble is regarding weight loss, health care, etc., Vandelay has always lead the position. We also suggest buying their products. What we loved about the Vandelay IR thermometer? While looking for the best IR thermometer in India, Vandelay is the best made in India thermometer for use. Also, the accuracy level is never laid off from the mark.
EverycomEverycom being one of the largest firms with numerous employees working for the welfare of people. They manufacture thousands of products for business improvement as well as health improvements. What we loved about the Everycom IR thermometer? Three lighting backgrounds- Green: Normal reading, Orange: Abnormal readings, and Red: Fever. Last 99 readings could be stored in it. AMAZING!!!
Walnut Medical ThermoSureIt is another made in India product. Specially made for BABIES. Not only children, although an adult can also use it well. Walnut Medical Thermosure becomes one of the high rating products, as it is easy and safe to check temperatures of toddlers as well. What we loved about the Thermosure IR thermometer? Making it easy to measure the temperatures of babies without harming them. Detection time is less than 300 milliseconds.
Dr. TrustDr. Trust is a leading company manufacturing home health products. Their products follow strict CE and FDA guidelines. Due to this fact, doctors and medical professionals recommend using Dr. Trust. What we loved about Dr. Trust? A trustworthy brand since 2016. Clinically tested and accepted by many of the medical professionals.

These are the top rating companies that manufacture the best thermometers with high accuracy readings.

Final Verdict

Here we would like to end the article. But the comment section is always open for our well-wishers and questioners. If you have any more doubt regarding Digital IR thermometers, let us know in the comments.

We have done our researching for the best air purifier for home just for you. So, at last, stay tuned with us, and happy reading!

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