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healthy indian dishes for breakfast
A bowl of upma with groundnut beans, carrot and onion for healthy breakfast.

Never Miss your Breakfast, is what we are hearing from time to time.

Our parents, especially our mom always running behind us trying to please us to have some healthy breakfast in the morning.

Skipping breakfast is not right on our part. We have to spare some time to eat a healthy breakfast every morning.

People, for generations, have known that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Now, it is scientifically proven too.

A healthy Indian breakfast can easily be made using some appliances such as Dosa Tawa, induction stove, Mixer Grinder, etc.

Moreover, if you know how to make crispy dosa, you can make your breakfast more delicious.

Let’s also check mosambi juice health benefits that you can include for healthy Indian Breakfast.

1Benefits of Eating Healthy Breakfast Indian

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Bean sprouts

Essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients – Healthy breakfast items are mostly rich in nutrients like calcium, iron, Vitamin B, and fibre. It covers most of your day’s total nutrients. So even if you miss your lunch, you won’t feel drained out by night.

Control your weight – One in every three people has an excess weight problem these days. As per a study, if you regularly have a healthy breakfast, you are less likely to be overweight. One of the reasons for this is – Breakfast doesn’t allow you to get into the state where you are really hungry, which ensures you will not end up overeating or eating anything that comes your way.

Healthy Breakfast may reduce the risk of illness – When compared with people who skip Breakfast, those who eat healthy Breakfast tend to have a lower risk of both Type 2 diabetes and Obesity. There is also some evidence (not confirmed by any organization) that people who don’t have Breakfast at all have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

Benefits Your Skin – Having a healthy breakfast regularly makes your skin healthier. Switch to having a complete healthy breakfast every day of the week and see how it benefits your skin. Some of the nutritious Breakfast include lean proteins, fruits, and eggs. Look for items that have the nutrient lutein; it helps to keep your skin healthy.

Feel good factor – This may sound a bit odd, but it is entirely accurate. If you have Breakfast, which consists of carbohydrates (for example, oatmeal), it will improve your mood. When you sleep at night for eight hours (more or less), your body loses essential nutrients, and you may become irritable when you wake up. When you supply your body with the energy it needs, you feel happy and satisfied throughout the day.

Sports Performance – If you are into any sports or you do a fair amount of physical exercise, then you cannot afford to miss a healthy breakfast. The omission of Breakfast before exercise might impair subsequent exercise performance in habitual breakfast consumers. As already mentioned in the above point, after eight hours of sleep, your body fuel is reduced, and you need Breakfast to top-up these fuel stores to support exercise performance.

Better food choices – People who get in the habit of having a healthy breakfast are more conscious of what they are consuming throughout the day. If you skip breakfast, you tend to nibble on snacks during the mid-morning or afternoon.

2Ideas for Healthy Indian Breakfast

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Breakfast ideas

Making breakfast every day that is healthy, as well as appealing, is a daunting task. Here are some ideas for healthy Breakfast which will sort out your healthy breakfast issues for months to come, and eventually make it a habit.

Indian Breakfast Ideas
Sandwiches and ToastsMake a sandwich or toast out of whole wheat bread and pair it up with a fresh juice or smoothie. You can try out a variety of options such as Oats Moong Toast, Paneer Chilli Toast, Carrot & Paneer Toast, Mixed Sprouts on Toast, Tomato, and Cucumber Sandwich and such. Ensure that if you want to have a healthy breakfast, you don’t use white bread or potatoes in whatever you choose to make.
Indian Rotis and ParathasParathas is one of the foods that a typical Indian can’t do without. With a Dosa Tawa, it is very easy to make and only takes a few minutes Few parathas such as Green Peas Paratha, Bajra Paratha paired with curd or stuffed with vegetables, Jowar-Bajra Paratha, Mint-Soya Paratha would make a different yet healthy choice. Such combinations would ensure that your Breakfast is full of vitamins and carbs.
Indian Chilas and PancakesOats Chilas and Oats Pancakes make a great choice for a healthy Breakfast. Oats are one of the best sources of protein and are also rich in soluble fibre. You can try out Vegetable Oats Pancake or Chila for school-going children, consisting of spinach and carrots, served with green chutney.
Idlis, Dhosas, and AppamSouth-Indian delicacies like Dhosas, Uttapam, Idlis, and Appam are quick to make, versatile and definitely, healthy! Use minimum oil or replace oil with ghee, which would make it even more beneficial. You can try out different versions like Rava Idli, Mysore Barley Dhosa, Oats Dhosa, Whole Moong Dhosa, and Vegetable Uttapam/Vegetable Appam, which would prove to be very healthy and different!

3Best Breakfast Time

There’s no perfect time to have breakfast, but with good preparation, you can get the nutrients you need.

Here are some of the things you can do:

1. Prepare Breakfast, which can be stored for a couple of days and can be consumed on the go. This way, you don’t have to spend time in the morning preparing your Breakfast.
2. If you don’t have time in the morning, the best way is to set the alarm 10 to 15 minutes earlier. The best thing about a healthy breakfast is that they don’t take much of your time to prepare.
3. If getting up early is a problem, prepare your next day breakfast a night before.

Expert Tip: Make a point to include a beverage every day in your Breakfast.

Right beverages keep you hydrated and help you flush out toxins, thus increasing your metabolism.

They prove to be a source of the right vitamins, nutrients, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Recommended beverages that you can include in your Breakfast are Lemon water with chia seeds, green tea, ginger tea, Jeera water, Tomato juice, and various smoothies.

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