Top 7 Best Vacuum Cleaner For Home in India: Your Ultimate Buying Guide

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removing dust with a vacuum cleaner
Cleaning and removing dust from the floor with a vacuum cleaner.

Are you tired of cleaning your house with a spin mop every day and want something to save time and effort?

We all agree that cleaning is the most tedious & tiresome task. It becomes more difficult when you have kids or pets at home.

That is why vacuum cleaners are a better choice since they simplify the cleaning process. A vacuum cleaner is an appliance that is effective at removing dust and allergens. Also, as it is mechanically powered, it eliminates manual cleaning.

We also suggest you check a robot vacuum cleaner for indian home for automatic cleaning and the step-by-step instructions of using spin mop for a squeaky house.

Let us check the best vacuum cleaner for home and find a suitable and handy cleaning buddy for you.

last update: November 6, 2023

We have edited and improved this article by including the latest vacuum cleaners upon our 2022 survey and research.

What we look for
  • Bag or Bagless
    A vacuum cleaner has either a dust bag or a dust container. Buy a vacuum cleaner with a cloth dust bag which can be cleaned and reused. Although, a container becomes more convenient as you can easily dispose of the dust.
  • Filtration
    Look for vacuum cleaners with highly efficient filters such as HEPA filters. These filters trap up to 99.97% of microscopic dust and remove particles as small as 0.3 microns in size. This assures the best cleaning process.
  • Easy Mobility
    Vacuum cleaners are generally heavy. That is why look for an appliance with sturdy wheels and a cord winder with which you can easily move it around to clean different rooms.
  • Accessories
    All quality vacuum cleaners come with a set of accessories such as a crevice tool, dusting brush, etc. These accessories help you clean different surfaces and furniture with ease.
Our Pickagaro twister dry vacuum cleaner
AGARO Twister Dry Vacuum Cleaner
  • Chosen as Our Pick because it features a powerful blower and HEPA filter, which ensure the best cleaning process.
  • Features dust bag full indicator, power settings, swivel wheels, etc.
  • Accessories included: Main unit, hose pipe, telescopic metal tube, floor brush, multipurpose brush, crevice nozzle.
Runner Upgeek schoner a10 vacuum cleaner
Geek Schoner A10 Vacuum Cleaner
  • Chosen as our Runner-up Pick for its Xyclonic technology which maximizes the airflow, leaving no dust behind.
  • Equipped with amazing features such as HEPA filter, cord rewinder, brush adjustment pedal, etc.
  • Accessories included: Double purpose floor/carpet brush, crevice nozzle & flat nozzle to clean window sills, corners, and walls, an upholstery nozzle to clean furniture.
Budget Pickinalsa vacuum cleaner aristo
Inalsa Vacuum Cleaner Aristo
  • Chosen as our Budget-Pick because it is equipped with fantastic features at a low rate.
  • Provides powerful performance, floor carpet brush, HEPA technology, etc.
  • Accessories included: Metal Telescopic Tube, Flexible Hose Pipe with Curved Handle Grip, Tube Clip, Floor cum Carpet Brush, Upholstery Brush, Round Brush, Crevice Nozzle.
Please note that the prices may vary.

Summary of the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Home with the Price List

Here is a table listing some of the best vacuum cleaners along with their respective prices.
1AGAROAGARO Twister Dry Vacuum CleanerN/A
2GeekGeek Schoner A10 Vacuum Cleaner₹ 4,999*
3InalsaInalsa Vacuum Cleaner Aristo₹ 3,595*
4Eureka ForbesEureka Forbes Super Vac Vacuum Cleaner₹ 5,999*
5amazon basicsAmazon Basics Vacuum Cleaner₹ 3,711*
6PHILIPSPhilips PowerPro Vacuum Cleaner FC9352/01₹ 9,999*
7KarcherKarcher WD3 Premium Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner₹ 7,870*
*Please note that the prices may vary.

Review of 7 Best Vacuum Cleaner for Indian Home

Rank1Our Pick
AGARO Twister Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Check Price

agaro twister dry vacuum cleaner
AGARO Twister Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The AGARO Twister Vacuum Cleaner is chosen as our best pick because when we tried this appliance, it provided the best cleaning results. We cleaned all kinds of surfaces with this cleaner, and we found out that it is the best vacuum cleaner for upholstery. It stands out amongst the crowd for providing customised cleaning with its multiple power settings.

The other models of this vacuum cleaner do not have an automatic cord winder, speed control and onboard accessories storage space, which are all included in this vacuum cleaner.

With the robust fit, black and red design and superb built quality, this vacuum cleaner has become our top pick.

Table: Technical Specifications of AGARO Twister Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Capacity‎6 L
Wattage‎‎2200 W
Voltage220 V
Form FactorCannister, Stick
Power SourceCorded Electric
Product Dimensions34.2 x 34.2 x 63.6 cm
Product Weight10.7 kg
Warranty1 year
Table: Product Features of AGARO Twister Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Deep CleaningThe AGARO twister vacuum cleaner is packed with a 2200 W motor, which produces 25 kPa of suction pressure and helps remove dirt. This cleaner is also recommended to use on any dry surface.
Powerful BlowerWith variable suction power, this vacuum cleaner easily blows away dust for effortless cleaning.
HEPA FilterEquipped with an efficient HEPA filter, this vacuum cleaner traps up to 99% of airborne particles like dust and pollen.
Dust BagThe dust bag of this vacuum cleaner has a 6 litres capacity that allows you to clean large areas without having to dispose the dust. The dust bag is also made of cloth material that can be washed and reused several times.
Variable Power SettingsYou can adjust the suction or blower power as per the type of surface. It is recommended to set a lower level of power while cleaning delicate surfaces, and higher power can be set while cleaning hard surfaces.
Easy MobilityAlong with rubberised large rear wheels, this cleaner features a 360-degree front swivel wheel which helps to move the vacuum cleaner anywhere in your home easily.
User-Friendly HoseYou can effortlessly clean large debris with the 37 mm diameter hose because it enables maximum airflow. You can also clean the farthest areas thanks to its flexible design and locking tab, which keeps the hose connected to the unit.
On-Board Accessory StorageEnsuring a multi-purpose cleaning process, this appliance is equipped with an on-board accessory storage.
  • The cleaner indicates when the dust bag is full.
  • It comes with many useful accessories to make the best use of the cleaner.
  • The sofa brush of this cleaner has a small mouth which makes it difficult to clean sofa with a suede or velvet finish.

Buying Options

amazon.inAGARO Twister Dry Vacuum Cleaner
N/APrice updated: November 24, 2023
flipkart.comAgaro Twister Dry Vacuum Cleaner
₹ 6,201₹ 10,999out of stockPrice updated: October 3, 2023

Rank2Runner Up
Geek Schoner A10 Vacuum Cleaner
₹ 4,999

geek schoner a10 vacuum cleaner
Geek Schoner A10 Vacuum Cleaner

The Geek Schoner A10 Bagless vacuum cleaner is our runner-up pick because it proves itself better amongst the brand’s other ventures by providing a HEPA filter, foot press control and more substantial suction power.

Equipped with an upholstery nozzle, this cleaner is suitable for cleaning furniture, which makes it the best vacuum cleaner for upholstery. This cleaner stands out from the crowd because of its Xyclonic Technology which takes care of the air and dust separation by trapping microscopic dust particles.

With its blue colour, silver and black details, and sturdy design, this bagless vacuum cleaner for home becomes an easy choice.

Table: Technical Specifications of Geek Schoner A10 Vacuum Cleaner
Capacity1.5 L
Wattage1400 W
Voltage220 V
Form Factor‎Cannister
Power SourceCorded Electric
Product Dimensions49 x 31 x 41 cm
Product Weight7.2 kg
Warranty1 year
Table: Product Features of Geek Schoner A10 Vacuum Cleaner
Xyclonic TechnologyThe Geek Schoner A10 vacuum cleaner has Xyclonic technology which can easily remove stubborn stains from couches, dust, webs and pet dander from the floor.
Wide CoverageThis cleaner features durable stainless steel telescopic tube to make cleaning more efficient. An adjustable 0.8 m length and 1.5 m flexible suction hose give an effective action radius of solid 10 m. With such features, you can easily clean hard-to-reach places.
Cord RewinderNow you do not have to worry about tangled wires because this bagless vacuum cleaner comes with an automatic cord rewinder which takes in the unplugged wire with one button.
Brush Adjustment PedalWith this foot operating feature, you can adjust the brush pedal according to the requirements of different surfaces.
HEPA FilterEquipped with a HEPA filter, this cleaner stores micro-dust particles, so you are assured of a 100% clean house. This filter can be washed with running water.
360-degree Swivel WheelsThis vacuum is well-built and has 360-degree swivel rubber wheels for smooth mobility.
Suitable for All Floor TypesFrom tiles and marble to furniture and curtains, this vacuum cleaner can clean everything.
  • The wheels of this cleaner are helpful to move it around easily.
  • The detachable dust container allows disposing dust without any fuss.
  • The sponge filter requires frequent cleaning.

Buying Options

amazon.inGeek Schoner A10 Vacuum Cleaner
₹ 4,999₹ 7,999in stockPrice updated: November 24, 2023
flipkart.comGeek Schoner A10 Dry Vacuum Cleaner
₹ 3,999₹ 7,999in stockPrice updated: October 3, 2023

Rank3Budget Pick
Inalsa Vacuum Cleaner Aristo
₹ 3,595

inalsa vacuum cleaner aristo
Inalsa Vacuum Cleaner Aristo

The Inalsa Aristo Vacuum Cleaner is chosen as our next best pick as it is equipped with HEPA technology, a Cyclone system and many amazing features.

This cleaner went beyond our expectations to provide the best cleaning process at a low rate. We tried this cleaner on sofas and bed and discovered that it is the best vacuum cleaner for bed.

This vacuum cleaner comes in red and black colour with a robust build. Also, it is bagless and offers HEPA technology which is lacking in its previous models. This cleaner highlights itself by providing us with a large cleaning range and a powerful motor while saving your money.

Let us dive into the details.

Table: Technical Specifications of Inalsa Vacuum Cleaner Aristo
Capacity1.5 L
Wattage1400 W
Voltage‎240 V
Form Factor‎Cannister
Power SourceCorded Electric
Product Dimensions33 x 21.5 x 27.5 cm
Product Weight3.5 kg
Warranty2 years
Table: Product Features of Inalsa Vacuum Cleaner Aristo
Floor Carpet BrushThe Inalsa vacuum cleaner features a floor-cum-carpet brush that effectively cleans the carpet without any damage.
Powerful PerformanceWith a powerful 1400 W motor, this vacuum cleaner delivers strong suction power that ensures efficient and fast cleaning.
HEPA TechnologyEquipped with a HEPA filter, this cleaner traps harmful microscopic bacteria that cause respiratory allergies and provides a clean and fresh home.
User-friendlyFeaturing an easy-to-carry handle, and automatic cord re-winder along with 360-degree wheels, this vacuum cleaner provides easy mobility and flexible cleaning.
Useful AccessoriesThis vacuum cleaner provides all the accessories you need to have a squeaky-clean place. It includes a 2-in-1 Crevice brush, upholstery brush, metal telescopic tube, 1.8 m flexible hose pipe, small & round brush to clean hard-to-reach corners and many more.
  • The dust container is very easy to remove and attach.
  • Best vacuum cleaner for bed thanks to its soft brush.
  • It stops when it overheats and automatically works again once the motor gets cooled again.
  • The suction power decreases if the filters aren’t cleaned on time.

Buying Options

amazon.inInalsa Vacuum Cleaner Aristo
₹ 3,595₹ 6,895in stockPrice updated: November 24, 2023
flipkart.comInalsa Aristo Dry Vacuum Cleaner
₹ 2,999₹ 6,895out of stockPrice updated: October 3, 2023

Rank4Eureka Forbes Super Vac Vacuum Cleaner₹ 5,999

eureka forbes super vac vacuum cleaner
Eureka Forbes Super Vac Vacuum Cleaner

The Eureka Forbes Super Vac is a bagless vacuum cleaner proven best for its cyclonic technology.  Built in red and black colour, this vacuum cleaner has an attractive and compact design.

Eureka Forbes has produced many vacuum cleaners but with features like higher suction power, easy dust disposal container, and auto cord winder, this particular model has become one of the best vacuum cleaners available in India.

Additionally, this vacuum cleaner is packed with several accessories that help you clean even the farthest and harder-to-reach places easily. Also, its soft sofa brush makes it easy to clean sofas, and you can use this vacuum cleaner for the bed as well.

Let us explore the technical specifications and features of this cleaner.

Table: Technical Specifications of Eureka Forbes Super Vac Vacuum Cleaner
Capacity2 L
Wattage1600 W
Voltage‎220 V
BrandEureka Forbes
Form Factor‎Cannister
Power SourceCorded Electric
Product Dimensions41 x 26.5 x 24 cm
Product Weight5 kg
Warranty1 year
Table: Product Features of Eureka Forbes Super Vac Vacuum Cleaner
Cyclonic TechnologyPowered with the best powerful suction of 21 kPa, the Super Vac vacuum cleaner has cyclonic technology. This cyclone system traps dirt, dust and dust mites and helps in increasing the airflow in the dust tank.
Variable Power ControlYou can set the suction power according to your requirements. This cleaner provides three variable power controls; low, medium and high speed.
Auto Cord WinderThe cord of this vacuum cleaner can be auto-winded with just a touch of a button without any tangles or damage.
Easy Dust DisposalDisposing of dirt becomes easy with this vacuum cleaner as it includes a dirt bin which can be emptied with a button. This way, your hands do not get dirty.
Swivel WheelsWith high-quality swivel wheels, this vacuum cleaner can be easily moved around different rooms of your house.
Assisted with AccessoriesEquipped with a versatile range of accessories, this vacuum cleaner becomes best suited for multiple surfaces and it can clean hard-to-reach places with ease.
  • You can regulate this cleaner's power as per the requirements.
  • One of the best vacuum cleaner for upholstery because it cleans sofas and other furniture easily.
  • The warranty does not cover physical damage.

Buying Options

amazon.inEureka Forbes Super Vac Vacuum Cleaner
₹ 5,999₹ 9,999in stockPrice updated: November 24, 2023

Rank5Amazon Basics Vacuum Cleaner₹ 3,711

Amazon Basics Vacuum Cleaner

The AmazonBasics Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is chosen as our next pick. When we used this cleaner, it provided us with more than satisfactory cleaning process, and it comes at a budget-friendly rates.

With black colour, electric blue and silver details, this appliance gives a smart look. This vacuum cleaner carries an energy efficiency rating of A, which proves its top-notch quality amongst the crowd.

This vacuum cleaner is available with a 2 L capacity as well, but it is costlier than this one. That is why, to save your money and have the best cleaning result, we suggest you buy this model of AmazonBasics Vacuum Cleaner.

Table: Technical Specifications of AmazonBasics Vacuum Cleaner
Capacity1.5 L
Wattage1200 W
Form Factor‎Cannister
Power SourceCorded Electric
Product Dimensions36 x 24.7 x 30.5 cm
Product Weight4 kg
Warranty2 years
Table: Product Features of AmazonBasics Vacuum Cleaner
HEPA 12 FilterThe HEPA filter in any cleaning appliance is the biggest selling point because it traps harmful particles. The AmazonBasics vacuum also has the HEPA 12 filter which traps more than 99.5% of particles from the air that passes through it.
Easy-Empty Dust CupThis vacuum cleaner is dust-bag free, meaning this cleaner has a removable dust container for hassle-free maintenance. This cup can be emptied, so you do not need to buy disposable dust bags.
Cyclonic TechnologyEquipped with fantastic Cyclonic technology, this vacuum cleaner provides high suction power. This technology allows air, dirt, dust, pet hair and other particles to be easily vacuumed.
Detachable and washable FilterYou can remove the filters of this vacuum cleaner to wash them regularly. You can pull out the filter easily, rinse clean with water, and keep it in the sunlight before attaching it again. Doing so will lengthen the life of the appliance.
Cord RewinderWhen the cleaning process is finished, you can step on the foot-operated cord rewinder and tuck the cleaner away to be used next time. This feature eliminates the cord mess after cleaning.
Equipped with AccessoriesThe vacuum cleaner comes with many useful accessories. It includes a crevice tool, an upholstery nozzle, a dusting brush, a parquet brush, and an accessory holder.
  • Does not require buying bags which is convenient.
  • You can remove and wash the filter easily.
  • The suction power is low compared to other vacuum cleaners.

Buying Options

amazon.inAmazon Basics Vacuum Cleaner
₹ 3,711₹ 6,999in stockPrice updated: September 22, 2023

Rank6Philips PowerPro Vacuum Cleaner FC9352/01₹ 9,999

philips powerpro vacuum cleaner fc9352
Philips PowerPro Vacuum Cleaner FC9352/01

Philips is a trusted brand because of its best- quality appliances that have proven the top-notch results in years. That is why for our next pick, we have chosen the Philips Power Pro FC9352/01.

The Philips vacuum cleaner has a powerful motor and it has a blue colour with a silver and black design which gives the appliance a smart look.

This vacuum cleaner has an allergy filter which makes it unique among other cleaners available on the market. Also, the other vacuum cleaners of the brand are quite expensive while providing almost the same features.

Let us explore some amazing features of this vacuum cleaner.

Table: Technical Specifications of Philips PowerPro Vacuum Cleaner FC9352/01
Capacity1.5 L
Wattage‎‎1600 W
Form Factor‎Cannister
Power SourceCorded Electric
Product Dimensions‎41 x 28.1 x 24.7 cm
Product Weight4.5 kg
Warranty2 years
Table: Product Features of Philips PowerPro Vacuum Cleaner FC9352/01
PowerCyclone 5The Philips PowerPro bagless vacuum cleaner has an exclusive Power Cyclone 5 technology which accelerates air in the cyclonic chamber to separate out dust.
Allergy FilterEquipped with a fully-sealed filtration system, the cleaner captures up to 99.9% of dust particles including pet hair, dust mites and pollen. This filtration system makes a better living place for allergy sufferers as it promises the highest level of hygiene.
Simple Dust bin CleaningClearing out the collected dust becomes easy with this cleaner as it is designed for hygienic removal with one hand without any need for a dust bag.
Integrated Soft BrushFeaturing a soft brush vacuum, this cleaner easily cleans hard-to-reach corners of your house. Additionally, you can also clean delicate furniture with this cleaner.
Turbo Brush NozzleAllowing a deep cleaning, this vacuum cleaner smoothly cleans the carpets and removes hair in one go. It actively removes pet hair and small dust particles with its rotating brush inside the nozzle.
  • The Turbo brush nozzle becomes handy to remove small dust particles.
  • The cleaner proves its best potential because of its allergy filter.
  • It's a little noisy.

Buying Options

amazon.inPhilips PowerPro Vacuum Cleaner FC9352/01
₹ 9,999₹ 11,995in stockPrice updated: November 27, 2023
flipkart.comPhilips Dry Vacuum Cleaner FC9352/01
₹ 9,199₹ 11,995in stockPrice updated: October 3, 2023

Rank7Karcher WD3 Premium Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner₹ 7,870

karcher wd3 premium wet and dry vacuum cleaner
Karcher WD3 Premium Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The Karcher WD3 Premium vacuum cleaner is our last but not the least choice because it is the best vacuum cleaner for home wet and dry.

With the yellow, black and silver design and strong build, this vacuum cleaner is designed to withstand the toughest indoor cleaning process. This makes the cleaner unique and smart. This appliance can clean wet and dry both surfaces which makes it better than all other cleaners.

The previous models of this cleaner have plastic build while this vacuum cleaner is build with stainless steel material, proving its strong build.

With its German technology, practical blower function, high filtration and accessory storage, this vacuum cleaner makes it to our best vacuum cleaner research list.

Table: Technical Specifications of Karcher WD3 Premium Vacuum Cleaner
Capacity17 L
Wattage1000 W
Voltage‎220 V
Form Factor‎Cannister
Power SourceCorded Electric
Product Dimensions‎38.8 x 34 x 52.5 cm
Product Weight6 kg
Warranty1 year
Table: Product Features of Karcher WD3 Premium Cleaner
Wet and Dry Vacuum CleanerEquipped with the best German cleaning technology, this vacuum cleaner can be used on dry as well as wet surfaces.
Nozzle AttachmentsThis vacuum cleaner includes several nozzles to attach directly to the suction hose. These different nozzles can be used to clean different surfaces.
Stainless Steel ContainerFeaturing a stainless steel container, this vacuum cleaner provides you robust quality with a top-notch blower function to keep your home tidy.
Accessory StoragePacked with many accessories, this vacuum cleaner comes with a floor nozzle, hose, filter, filter bags and crevice nozzle.
Powerful SuctionThis wet and dry vacuum cleaner provides extreme suction power but it uses powerful technology with low energy. This way, the cleaner provides the best results while saving energy.
  • Best vacuum cleaner for home wet and dry because it dries the wet surface easily.
  • Also suitable for factories and large places.
  • No variable suction.

Buying Options

amazon.inKarcher WD3 Premium Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
₹ 7,870₹ 11,599Price updated: October 15, 2022
flipkart.comKarcher WD3 Premium Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
₹ 9,311₹ 13,160in stockPrice updated: October 2, 2023

Wrapping Up

There is nothing more satisfying than having a sparkling clean house, and sweeping and mopping are not enough for it. Vacuum cleaners come in handy in such situations. Finding a good vacuum cleaner for the home can be a big decision.

That is why we hope that our well-researched article helps you to find the best-suited cleaner. Just follow our research points and compare them with your requirements and budget. The joy of having a clean house is beyond satisfactory and the way you use the machine is also important.[1]

We hope that our user-friendly research will reduce your cleaning efforts and make it more enjoyable for you.

We also recommend you check out the best vacuum cleaner for cars to keep your car squeaky clean as well. Happy Vacuuming!

FAQ's about Vacuum Cleaner

Which brand is best for a vacuum cleaner?

There are many brands producing vacuum cleaners in India. Upon our research and experience, we think that AGARO is the best brand for vacuum cleaners.

Here is a list of the things to consider while buying a vacuum cleaner.

  • Filtration
  • Supplied Accessories
  • Swivel Wheels
  • Cord Rewinder
  • Easy Clean Container
  • Noise Level
  • Motor Power etc.

We spent 2 months researching the best vacuum cleaners and upon that research, we think that AGARO Twister is the best vacuum cleaner available in India.
Apart from that, we have chosen the Geek Schoner A10 as our runner-up pick and the Inalsa Aristo vacuum cleaner as the budget pick.

Both types of vacuum cleaners have a variety of advantages and disadvantages. While a robot vacuum cleaner automatically cleans your house, with a normal vacuum cleaner, you can clean sofas and delicate furniture.

That is why we recommend you to check both the appliance’s features, compare them with your needs and choose the best.

A good quality vacuum cleaner generally has a power capacity from 1300 to 1900 Watts. These cleaners consume more energy than the smaller versions but they provide better cleaning results.

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