How to Use Spin Mop? – Advantages and Mistakes to Avoid

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spin mop with a bucket for mopping in homes
A green colored spin mop with a bucket for mopping inside homes.

Spin Mop? What magic will it create?
How to use a Spin Mop? Almost all spin mop FAQs are covered in this blog.

Kneeling on the floor to mop around the whole house is a tiring task. Along with being time-consuming, it can even hurt your knees sometimes. So, why not get an easy solution for mopping?

Getting the best magic spin mop is the best and most cost-effective solution for this problem. So, why wait, just get a magic spin mop now. And, this blog will help you out with how to use it for effectively easy cleaning. Let’s begin then.

1So What Is A Magic Spin Mop?

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parts of spin mop

A Magic Spin Mop is a twist with a simple mop. This mop itself is like a cut-end mop head that is circular and flat. It can spin in 360-degree motion and the material of the refill is generally the microfiber blend.

There’s a bucket that you get with the spin mop and it comes with the features like a rinse basket with a spinner. This mechanism helps the mop to spin when you push the handle against the spinner, and excess water is removed from the bucket itself.

The spin mops and mop heads are specially made from durable and absorbent material. You can also wash them in a washing machine. Another fact that attracts people to spin mop is that you do not have to use your hands to remove water from the mop. You can easily use the spinner mechanism to get rid of extra water.

Fill the bucket with the required water and put the mop inside the bucket, then spin until you feel the mop is wet with enough water to clean the floor.

2Advantages of a Magic Spin Mop

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Cleaning the floor using spin mop

Talking about the advantages of an easy spin mop, there are many thumbs up for this product. But here are the 5 main advantages of it:

Lesser efforts and effective cleaning

A clean house is what all adore. But when it’s time to clean the house, it falls only on our lovely housemakers. So, to make their house cleaning process easy, the spin mop will help.

You will not have to kneel to mop the whole house. Just dust and sweep. Then fill the water in the bucket and this flexible mop will also help you clean hard-to-reach corners of your home.

No damage to the floor

Some might be thinking that the quality of the mop head threads might harm the design of the floor. But it’s not a matter of worry. The mop head threads are made up of smooth material that makes mopping easy and also does not damage the floor.

No electricity required

Machines like vacuum cleaners, etc., consume a whole lot of power to clean your house. While spin mop moves with your hands. It does not require any electricity to operate.


Not much costly like other house cleaning machines. These mops are just a lot of effortless cleaning at a low price. If you compare it with vacuum cleaners, then this mop is not going to cost you even less.

Cleans well even in less water

Traditional mopping requires more water. But this bucket set of spin mops will help you clean your house easily and that too in a lesser amount of water. So, it saves energy, money, your hard work and also water. Ultimately the best home cleaning product that you should get today itself.

Let’s see how you can assemble the spinning mop and how to use it after assembling.

3How to Assemble an Easy Spin Mop?

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spin mop fibre refill

Assembling a Spin mop looks tedious, but is not! You can easily put the different parts together and make intricate mopping simple. To start with, let’s fix the refill in the mop head.

  • Generally, fixing the fiber refills to the mop heads can be troublesome. But remember that you have to press the refill against the plastic head until you hear a ticking sound. The sound indicates that the refill is now fixed inside the head.
  • To proceed, we move with the assembling of the mop handle. You get a mop handle that is divided into three different parts. The mop head, and two sticks.
  • We already fixed the refill in the mop head, now the handle is left to fix.
  • Firstly get all the pieces together. Now take the stick that will fit inside the mop head. Fix it inside gently and rotate it in a clockwise direction.
  • Now, take the second stick and fix it with the stick that you fixed inside the mop head. In the same way, fix it gently and rotate in the clockwise direction.
  • This way you can fix the spin mop easily.

If you find these steps unclear while assembling the spin mop, here’s a video of spin mop assembling. Have a look at it for proper guidance.

This video will help you with putting the easy spin mop together and start mopping. I hope now, you might be ready with the complete assembled spin mop now, so, let’s see how to use a spin mop easily.

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Spin mop head with refill fibre attached

4How to Use a Spin Mop?

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how to use a spin mop

While following the traditional mopping system, you are wasting water almost all the time. Instead while using the easy spin mop, you are saving water and ultimately helping the environment. Also, you get a bucket along with the spin mop, that carries the dirty water, and a spinner that removes the excess water from the mop.

Let’s see how a spin mop works and how we can use it?

  • While the increase in demand for a spin mop is noticed, people are also looking for how to use it.
  • After assembling the spin mop, fill the bucket with adequate water and add the floor cleaner liquid that you are using.
  • Now dip the mop in the water and let the fibers wet completely.
  • Take the mop and press it down in the spinner. Spin it 2-3 times and see all excess water drain out of the mop.
  • Now start moping in any one direction, either vertical or horizontal.
  • Moping in any one direction will help with almost no water scratch marks on the floor. Or else you might see water marks on the floor after drying.

Here is the video explaining how you can exactly use the spin mop to clean your home or office.

The steps showing how to use a spin mop start at 6:38 minute in the video. The above video will guide you with how to properly drench the spin mop and how to use the spinner to dry the spin mop. Here are a few tips to take care of while using a spin mop. It will help you in maintaining the long life of your spin mop.

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Spin Mop

5Why Should I Get A Spin Mop?

Mopping with a traditional mopping system carrying a wet mop and water-filled everywhere is a hassle. Change the water very often, and then use your hands to dry the mop. Instead of this hassle, get a spin mop that comes with a bucket with wheels that makes it easy to carry it anywhere around the house.

Most people like us have a lot to worry about, for instance, work management, time management, completing tasks before deadlines, etc. In these chores, forgetting to clean your home will not work. It will ultimately cause stress in your mind.

However, if you feel lazy while cleaning your house, you might get a spin mop for easy cleaning your house. It will help you clean the house with almost no stress and minimal effort. No doubt while mopping from your end, you will require effort. But when the matter is of drying the mop, the spinning mechanism will dry the mop easily.

Also, the spin mops use less water than conventional mops which is good for the environment and us. Some models of magic mops have a special compartment for storing dirty water, hence clean water will not require frequent replacement.

These products have angled heads that have different heights which also allows us to set up the height as per our requirement. Along with the sturdy designs, these mops also cover a certain warranty period from the manufacturer.

6Mistakes to Avoid while Using a Spin Mop

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Dust and Sweep

It might happen that you might be making the following mistakes that might decrease the lifespan of your spin mop. So, try to avoid them while using a spin mop.

  • Dust and sweep the whole area where you want to mop. It will become easy for you to mop that area.
  • Avoid applying more pressure on the mop stick while drenching in water and spinning.
  • If the mop is not hooked at the perfect point, and you keep on applying pressure on it, the mop head might break.
  • Replacing a mop head will cost you nearly a new spin mop. So, try not to break it.
  • Never use harsh cleaning liquids, it might affect the soft microfibers of the refill.
  • The use of harsh liquids can destroy microfibers, and it might not clean the floor as required.
  • So, while choosing a floor cleaner, make sure that it’s not too hard for your skin as well as for the spin mop. You can also consider using some best vacuum cleaner.
  • While mopping the floor, try to avoid a hard collision of the mop with hard surfaces like walls, or it might cause a crack in the mop.
  • Mop in the way where the mop is rotating easily, and mop in sections.
  • Empty dirty water from the bucket if required.
  • If you keep on mopping with dirty water, the refill will remain dirty and it can’t clean the floor effectively.
  • Wash the refill after every use, to keep it clean and useful for a longer time.
  • Let the refill dry out before using it the next day, damp refill if used again and again, might get stinky.

These are some tips to follow while mopping the house with a spin mop. Avoiding them might decrease the lifespan of your spin mop. While researching information for this article, I came across many robotic vacuum cleaner. Here are some FAQs that I found worth answering and sarong. So, let’s look at them.


So, dear readers, if you long for a neat and shiny floor, that too without using any fancy gadgets, get yourself a spin mop. It will help you with some awesome, effective, and effortless mopping at your place. For more such articles, stay tuned with

FAQs about How to Remove Rust Stains from Clothes

Are Spin Mops better than sponge or string mops?

Yes, Spin Mops are better than sponge, and string mops as per many users. It is seen that after some time, sponge mops become useless, and also the sponge wears and tears. The string mop is hard to clean and dry it squeezing with your hand is a mess. So, the spin mop’s performance is better than these two. As it has its spin mechanism and bucket where you can easily place the mop and water while mopping the area.

I would suggest after every mopping session, you should clean the refill. Either wash it in the washing machine or wash it using your hands. But if you live in a location where dust debris is less, you can clean the refill alternatively. The conclusion of this answer will be, it depends on how dirty the refill is, depending on it, decide when you can clean it.

It depends on the size of your house or office, and even on how dirty the place is. If you are cleaning the place regularly, and the size of the office is normal, then it is possible to clean the full area by changing the water once or not at all. But if the place is large and quite dirty, then change the water accordingly.

Using the spin mop without a bucket is sometimes hard because squeezing the bunch of microfibers is clumsy. It might sometimes not even fit in your hands and ultimately make it impossible to dry the mop like the spin mechanism present in the bucket of the spin mop.

Using a spin mop is easy, you just need to assemble it and start using it. The microfiber refill, spin mechanism, and easy-to-move bucket will make mopping easy to perform. After keeping the required amount of water in the mop fiber, it will clean the floor easily. The rotational motion available in the mop head helps with an effective mopping of the floor.

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