How to Clean a Refrigerator Inside Out Effectively

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a refrigerator installed in a kitchen
Fresh vegetables stored inside a refrigerator.

What if you mistakenly mess up with your refrigerator, instead you can play safe by reading this how to clean refrigerator guide.

The gross feelings overflow when something is wrong with the odor in your refrigerator.

There could be many reasons for cleaning the refrigerator. Either you split something inside the fridge by mistake. Or if something is rotten inside the fridge and it is causing a bad odor.

Anyways, whatever the reason might be, regular cleaning of your refrigerator is compulsory.

But what if you are cleaning it in the wrong way? In the end, it might put your fridge in danger.

Don’t panic; we are here for you!

Understanding the cleaning process for the best single door fridge will not only decrease the chances of it getting spoilt but also increases its lifespan.

Also do not forget to clean ceiling fan and your other appliances within a regular of time.

1Basic steps to follow before Cleaning the Fridge in your home!

Basic steps to follow before cleaning the refrigerator at home are:

Switch of the electricity supply.

Unplug the machine if possible.

Empty your refrigerator. Remove everything from the inside!

Hahaha, you might think these steps include in Common Sense. But sometimes in a hurry, if you forget to perform them, it will be dangerous for you. Hence, take care of them.

Now, if we see further, there are many parts in the refrigerator. If we want to clean them all, here is a stepwise guide made especially for you! Let’s see through it together.

2Make a refrigerator cleaning liquid by yourself!

It is strictly not advisable to clean your refrigerator with an access amount of water. For that, you can prepare one solution at your home. It’s easy to prepare the solution.

Here’s how-

Take warm water and add some mild dishwasher liquid into it. You can also add some vinegar and baking soda if there are tough stains anywhere in the fridge.

Now take a sponge or cloth that is having strands on it. It will make the work of rubbing the stains easy. Now, start cleaning the parts one by one.

3Now the Step-Wise Guide Begins

Cleaning Drawers and shelves

The first and foremost dirtiest stains may appear on the drawers and shelves of your fridge.

It is because of you touching them with dirty hands while cooking. Sometimes, the things kept inside might also spill inside and make them dirtier and messier.

Generally, shelves are removable from their place. If they are not removable, clean them with the cloth in their place.

If they are removable, get them off your fridge, wash them with dish soap, and rinse them properly. Place them to dry.

Follow the same thing with drawers as well. Let them dry.

Also, clean the shelves and drawers neatly because after the place is clean, you have to fix the shelves and drawers again.

Cleaning your fridges’ interior

Cleaning the interior of your refrigerator will be the toughest part, I guess.

No, no, it will be the second toughest task. Because cleaning the coil tops the list, LOL!

After removing everything from the fridge, you have to clean the interior with the solution you made.

Take the cloth and soak it into the solution. Remove excess water from the cloth and start cleaning every corner of the fridge.

Main dust and stains might appear in the interior door where the sauce bottles are kept. Also, clean the egg shelf and other spaces inside the refrigerator.

If necessary, keep dipping the cloth or sponge inside the water from time to time. Doing this will keep the stickiness away from the cloth, and it will clean the interior better.

Cleaning the Exterior of your Fridge

Exterior cleaning becomes easy if the interior of the refrigerator is already clean. Obviously, a bright, sparkling exterior of your fridge will make it look like a new one.

Also, if the refrigerator is shining, the kitchen will have its own type of glam. Cleaning exterior looks easy, but IT IS NOT EASY!

The main headache occurs in cleaning the stained handles and oily stains that might be on the door. One thing that happens to be the relief that any specific solution is not to be prepared for cleaning the exterior.

You can use COLIN or any other cleaner like it to clean the fridge from the outermost side. If you own a stainless-steel refrigerator, here is a trick for you as well!

If there are sticky and greasy stains on the fridge, take few drops of alcohol on the cloth.
Rub the cloth on the stains, and for sure, the stains will disappear from the surface.

Shhh!!! It’s a secret tip, don’t share it with anyone, okay?

Here are some refrigerator cleaners that you may need!

Cleaning the Refrigerator coils

Cleaning the coil of the fridge is the hardest task ever! Why? Because it requires patience, time, proper skills, and proper cleaner.

All these things blend together, and then the cleaning of the coil is possible. Generally, cleaning a coil is a stepwise process. These steps are normally included in the manual guide that comes with the product.

Read the steps carefully in the guide and then clean the coil. REMEMBER TO UN-PLUG YOUR FRIDGE before cleaning the coil.

Almost all the fridge comes with coils at the backside. Hence, locating the exact location becomes difficult. If there is no place behind the fridge, pull it forward and look for coils.

After that, take a cloth and remove the dust debris from the coil. After that, follow the steps mentioned in the guide. Avoid using water (unless mentioned in the guide.)

Cleaning the Water Dispenser of the refrigerator

Just like cleaning the coils, cleaning of water dispenser should be done from time to time. Also, the user manual should be consulted first so that any mistake may not happen while cleaning the product.

Cleaning steps differ for different models. Along with the water dispenser, also schedule cleaning for the ice maker filter replacement too. Both of them are useful in providing hygienic water and ice to the owner.

Cleaning the water dispenser might require the removal of stains and spots as well. Clean the dispenser with a cloth and homemade liquid.

Also, clean it with a cloth dipped in clean water. After that remove one glass of water from it before drinking.

Cleaning the Mold from Refrigerator

In layman language, we can say the fungi-looking creature inside the refrigerator is called mold.

Cleaning this mold requires a lot of hard work. But why being so lazy and careless that mold starts to reside inside your refrigerator?

Be regular in cleaning your fridge so that the molds do not dare to enter your refrigerator. The question is:

Why does mold happen to appear in the fridge?

The answer to this question is- if you are storing a lot of unused and rotten food, the molds might attract towards it. As a result, molds might also attack other products inside the fridge.

Not only eatables, but this mold can also survive on the layer of the refrigerator. The color of it is mostly black, white, and green. Any other color molds are rare.

4Some tips to keep your fridge neat and tidy

Hahaha, suppose you have a hectic schedule every day. In that case, it seems like an impossible task to give time to cleaning machines like the fridge, AC, air purifier.

The only thing that remains constant is- POSTPONING THE CLEANING TASK every time, LOL!

Here are some tips that you should follow to make the refrigerator cleaning task easy:

  • Stop touching your fridge with dirty hands.
  • Always clean the stains at the same time when they are still fresh. Clean stains are not hard to remove and easy to clean.
  • AVOID OILY HANDS while touching coming in contact with a fridge.
  • Have a schedule for cleaning the refrigerator as well.
  • Make sure that the coil is not exposed to the dusty areas of your home. It increases the chances of dust debris to check the working of the refrigerator as well.
  • Deep cleaning of the fridge is required every 3 to 6 months. But free cleaning is necessary as well.
  • Make sure to quickly clean it every month on a specific date. Or else, at the end of 3 months, you will feel like you are cleaning a dump.
  • To Remove ODOR: Odor in the refrigerator is a common mess. To remove the odor from the fridge, place a baking soda cup in one place inside the fridge. It absorbs almost all odors.

There are many tips to avoid the fridge getting dirty. But all of them are practically impractical. So, if you are thinking to buy an air conditioner for your family you can check our air conditioner review which will guide you in choosing the best ac for your needs.

Keeping the fridge in the kitchen and using it regularly will always make it dirty. So, try to use it with complete care and regular cleaning.


If you have any issues or suggestions regarding ‘How to clean the refrigerator, do let us know in the comment section. We are always keen to help our readers with all the manners we can. So, stay tuned with us, and happy reading.

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