Top Lunch Box for Office in India to Keep your Food Fresh

Written by: Shreyal Shingala

Last Updated: September 22, 2022

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Best 3 Lunch Box for Office in India reviewed and tested at BestCheck office.

Purchasing the best lunch box for the office in India is just a healthier, cheaper, and best way to carry homemade food or delicious indian breakfast at your office.

We all have heard regularly from our parents that junk food is not a healthy option, so we must carry our lunch with us while going to the office. But how to choose the best lunch box for the office?

This page has India’s 3 best lunch boxes. Many of us will require lunch boxes immediately. Also, check out the Crispy dosa in a minute recipe and boiling eggs perfectly with egg boilers.

Our Pick
Oliveware Teso Lunch Box with Bottle - Black | 3 Stainless Steel Containers and Pickle Box and Assorted Steel Bottle | Insulated Fabric Bag | Leak Proof Microwave Safe | Full Meal and Easy to Carry
  • Oliveware Premium Lunch Box is made using only the best quality materials that are European Food Grade Virgin raw materials and following the most stringent of international standards.
  • Ideal for office executives and college students, 4 unique tight and spill proof containers that keep food and beverage fresh and crisp for hours. The Lunch box set contains 1x290ml, 1x450ml, 1x600ml Stainless Steel containers, with 1x130ml Plastic container and 1x750ml Stainless Steel Bottle, with 1 fork and 1 spoon.
  • Easy to carry containers along with a durable covering bag. You can keep these containers altogether safely in this bag. It’ll ensure the longevity and portability of this product. Built-in slot for water bottle inside the bag.
  • Sleek in size and round in shape, Oliveware’s sleek range of lunch boxes gives you the option of carrying curry items in peace. Don’t worry about any spillage as they are spill proof and also freezer safe and dishwasher safe and YES, Microwave safe!
  • Easy to clean fabric jacket along with zipper to ensure best in class lunch box range online. Oliveware is sold across the nation, millions of pieces sold and is now here to rule the online market with best of pricing and options.
Runner Up
Milton Electron Stainless Steel Tiffin Box Set, 360ml/158mm, Set of 4, Blue
  • Material type: Stainless Steel; No. of containers: 4; Capacity of containers: 360 ml Each; Contents include: Electron Tiffin Box (4 Containers); Colour: Blue. Thermoware
  • Best usage: Office/College/Picnic; Microwave safe: No; Leak proof: Yes; Insulated: Yes; Keeps food hot for Hours
  • Electric heated lunchboxes simply plug into a wall outlet or car adapter, and can heat lunch to a comfortable eating temperature typically in 30 minutes. You can now enjoy the convenience of reheating lunch right at your desk without having to worry about finding space in the office microwave.
  • Heated lunch boxes are also a great tool to have along on family trips or camping trips. They are also useful on long drives or business trips, when you may have to plan on stopping for a meal. Get a home cooked food and reheat them easily. PU insulated lid keeps food hot after heating for long hours, lid with snap clams for better locking, belt for convenient carrying
  • It operates on normal 230V domestic A.C supply, it also consumes very less power – 80 watts, it has NEON lamp indicator to indicate power ON and OFF. It has detachable power cord with provision to store in lid, special durable heat resistant plastic for long term use and electrical shock proof body, Thermostat for safety of heater and tiffin.
  • This Product Is Under 1 Year Warranty From The Date Of Retail Purchase Against Any Manufacturing Defects In Material And Workmanship. The Warranty Does Not Cover Damages Resulting From Accidents, Mishandling Or Tampering With The Mechanism. Warranty Valid Against Producing Original Bill Endorsed By Seller.
Budget Pick
Home Puff Borosilicate Glass Lunch Box -Microwavable, AirVent Lid, Premium Carry Bag (Round 400 ML, Set of 3)
  • HomePuff presents Premium high quality Borosilicate Meal/ Food Storage Container. These containers resist shattering and explosion proof and will last for years to come.
  • Microwave-abled, Oven Safe (up to 4250C excluding the lid), FREEZER safe (up to -200C excluding the lid), DISHWASHER-Safe, Odor- Free, Stain Proof, BPA Free, Stackable Design.
  • Airtight/ Leak-Proof Polypropylene plastic lid featuring a silicone ring to ensure perfect seal. 4 way ‘Snap-N-SealTM’ locking Leakproof lid helps lock in fresh, delicious flavors while holding in odors and liquids. It also come with a Venting feature on every lid make the meal boxes easy to open.
  • PREMUIM QUALITY LUNCH BAG – Designer Bag, Abstract Pattern, Premium Quality, Insulated and Perfectly Padded for Safety.
  • Package Contains: 3 Unit of Premium 400ml Round Borosilicate Meal/ Food Storage Container with Lunch Bag.
Please note that the prices may vary.

Summary of Lunch Box for Office Price List

Review of 3 Best Lunch Box for Office in India

Rank 1 Our Pick
Oliveware Teso Lunch Box with Bottle - Black | 3 Stainless Steel Containers and Pickle Box and Assorted Steel Bottle | Insulated Fabric Bag | Leak Proof Microwave Safe | Full Meal and Easy to Carry
₹ 899

Oliveware Teso Lunch Box with Bottle - Black | 3 Stainless Steel Containers and Pickle Box and Assorted Steel Bottle | Insulated Fabric Bag | Leak Proof Microwave Safe | Full Meal and Easy to Carry

Your best friend over lunchtime!

With an oliveware tiffin box, you get 3 stainless steel containers and one bottle. It’s an insulated lunch box set along with a lunch bag. Ideal lunch box for a college office goer.

Oliveware is an Indian brand that specializes in lunchboxes, food containers, fruit bowls, etc. Oliveware Teso is a uniquely designed lunch box for Modern needs. There are 5 more colors other than black that you can purchase. Inside the lunch bag, we get 3 stainless steel containers of 290ml, 450ml, and 600ml, one plastic container of 130ml good to carry salads, and 1 bottle of 750 ml capacity. The bottle is also made up of stainless steel material.

Oliveware Teso Lunch Box with Bottle is the lunch box made up of superior quality material– the European Food Grade. This Virgin raw materials follow strict international standards. Hence we can trust the product easily.

It is an ideal tiffin for college students, people working in 9-5 jobs, and you can also carry it while traveling. Along with the lunch box pack, you get 3 different sized containers, 1 chutney box, a 750 ml stainless steel bottle, 1 spoon, and 1 fork. The capacity of each container is 290ml, 450 ml, 600 ml, and the chutney box’s capacity is 130 ml.

Along with the containers, we also get a lunch box bag to carry containers, bottles, spoons, and forks easily. The bag material is durable and provides portability and longevity. A water bottle slot inside the bag makes the bottle stable and avoids liquid spillage. The round shape containers make the design sleek, and it makes carrying curry and other semi-fluid food easy.

And features like microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and freezer safe makes this lunch box more purchase worthy. Tiffin is undoubtedly amazing to use, but the carry bag is also made up of easy-to-clean material and a quality zipper. These features make Oliveware rule the online hawk for selling the best lunch boxes at a nominal range.

While testing Oliveware Teso Lunch Box, our team focused on things that the manufacturer is claiming. We tested some features that make the Oliveware Teso Lunch Box worth purchasing.

The product is microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. It is made up of stainless steel material, and the high-quality bag makes it a complete package to purchase. Oliveware Teso Lunch box also has cutleries, and the bag and container are made in India.

Additionally, the leakproof test we conducted on this lunch box proved to be correct at 99%. Containers have leak proof and airtight lids that make spillage of food near impossible. And the 360 degrees lock lids are made up of food-grade silicone seal.

The Oliveware lunch boxes have never compromised with product material with stylish looks. They claim that the lunch box is 100% stainless steel and has no toxins.

And the easy-clean bags and containers help with squeaky and easy cleaning of the containers. The SS surface can be cleaned effectively with a wet sponge and soap. Last but not least, you get a 6 months domestic warranty on Oliveware Teso Lunch Box.

BestCheck placeholder
Our pick Oliveware Teso lunch box with bottle.

Flaws but Not Dealbreakers

Though testing the Oliveware lunch box for a longer time, we didn’t notice any deal-breaker flaws in this model. But yes, while going through the reviews of other users, some of them mentioned that water fills in between the steel container and the plastic wall of that container. However, we didn’t face this issue while testing it continually for 8 months.

BestCheck placeholder
Oliveware Teso Lunch Box

Buying Options Oliveware Teso Lunch Box with Bottle - Black | 3 Stainless Steel Containers and Pickle Box and Assorted Steel Bottle | Insulated Fabric Bag | Leak Proof Microwave Safe | Full Meal and Easy to Carry
₹ 899 ₹ 1,800 in stock Price updated: September 17, 2022

Rank 2 Runner Up
Milton Electron Stainless Steel Tiffin Box Set, 360ml/158mm, Set of 4, Blue
₹ 1,368

Milton Electron Stainless Steel Tiffin Box Set, 360ml/158mm, Set of 4, Blue

All-new Electric Lunch Box from Milton

Milton lunch box is almost everyone’s top priority while purchasing a tiffin box for school kids, college students, or office employees. The brand name is enough to trust the products they manufacture.

This electric lunch box from Milton has 4 stainless steel containers, each with a 360 ml capacity. If you complain about food not remaining hot at lunchtime, this model will solve this problem. We get a power cord and tiffin. Plug it in the wall socket 30 minutes before lunch. It will heat the food accordingly, and enjoy hot food.

One of the best electric tiffins in India– Milton Electron Stainless Steel Lunch Box reserves its place as the Runner Up model of BestCheck. Many models were competent enough to purchase the best electric lunch boxes instead of Milton electron while choosing the best electric lunch boxes. But Milton is a trustworthy brand, and you can find its service station anywhere nearby your location.

So, trusting the brand name, reviews, and ratings of Milton Electron, we decided to test it further. And to our surprise, it passed almost all tests that our team conducted, from heating food to automatic cut-off. Let’s see what Milton Electron Lunch Box features make it worth investing in.

We get a 4 tier lunch box and a collapsable frame that holds the stainless steel containers at the place. The capacity of each container is 360 ml, and the color of this model is Blue. You get different color options like Ivory, Cream, Orange, and Red.

The size and aesthetics of this Milton Electron Lunch Box are good enough to carry it in office, college, or even during a picnic. Along with the stainless steel material, it is also insulated and helps to keep food hot for a longer time.

BestCheck placeholder
Milton Electron Stainless Steel Tiffin.

Milton hot Lunch Box is easy to use and typically heats food in 30 minutes. Either plug the tiffin in the wall socket, or you can even use a car adapter. This feature complies convenience of reheating your lunch at places with an electric supply and socket. Reheat your lunch just on your office desk without searching for a microwave in the office.

It is also a great lunch box for picnics and family trips. You can also carry lunch for long drives, business trips, or highway routes where you prefer homemade food over unhygienic eatables. The PU lid insulation in charges hot food for longer hours.

Milton Electron lunch box operates on 230 Volts and easily burns only 80 Watts to warm food. A Neon Red lamp indicates whether the power supply is on or off. With the detachable power cord stored in the lid, the durable and heat resistant body is made of plastic, making it shockproof.

When 30 minutes are left for your lunchtime, take the detachable wire from the special holder section of the wire. Fit one end in the tiffin and another end in the wall socket. Switch on the power and wait for around 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the food is almost hot and worth eating.

The 1-year warranty from the manufacturer over this model is like giving a durability promise for customers like us. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and not breakages created due to mishandling of the product. You will need an original bill from the seller to claim the warranty.

The dimensions of this lunch box are 15.8 x 15.8 x 24.6 cm, and it weighs around 1.18 kgs. That’s easy to carry and store food easily inside 4 large containers. We also get options for purchasing 3-tier lunch boxes.

Milton Electron Stainless Steel Tiffin Box Set, 360ml/158mm, Set of 4 Electron double-walled electric tiffin towers are designed to heat food on demand. It features 3 tiers of high-quality stainless steel tiffin containers with a collapsible steel frame making them easy to handle.

Plug it in 30 minutes before you’re ready to eat; its auto cut-off feature prevents overheating. If you want to eat hot food, get a microwave, induction stove for the office, or an electric tiffin.

BestCheck placeholder
Milton Electron Stainless Steel Tiffin Box.

Flaws but not DealBreakers

One flaw we noticed in Milton’s electric lunch box model is that the containers don’t microwave safe. We tested this electric tiffin for more than 6 months with no major challenges.

BestCheck placeholder
Milton Electron SS electric Tiffin.

Buying Options Milton Electron Stainless Steel Tiffin Box Set, 360ml/158mm, Set of 4, Blue
₹ 1,368 ₹ 1,710 in stock Price updated: September 17, 2022

Rank 3 Budget Pick
Home Puff Borosilicate Glass Lunch Box -Microwavable, AirVent Lid, Premium Carry Bag (Round 400 ML, Set of 3)
₹ 1,189

Home Puff Borosilicate Glass Lunch Box -Microwavable, AirVent Lid, Premium Carry Bag (Round 400 ML, Set of 3)

Best Glass Lunch Box from Home Puff

The microwave-safe, OTG safe, freezer safe, and Dishwasher safe, the transparent glass lunch box is the best for office use. It has three containers that are leakproof and easy to carry.

The Borosilicate glass lunch box from Home Puff consists of 3 boxes inside the lunch bag. It is one of the perfect luxury glass lunch boxes that you can carry anywhere. If you are looking for a perfect lunch box for the office, you can rely on Home Puff Glass Lunch Boxes.

Homepuff is a brand that manufactured glass lunch boxes, as were stainless steel lunch boxes. We have picked the Homepufff Borosilicate meal box with a carry bag as the looks, and quality of this product was astonishing.

BestCheck placeholder
Homepuff Borosilicate Lunch Boxes.

This lunch box from Home Puff consists of 3 borosilicate glass containers that keep lunch fresh and worth eating. The high-quality glass containers can resist the explosion and shattering of the glass and last for years, as the manufacturers say.

It can handle temperatures from -20 degrees C to 425 degrees C. Even when placed in a freezer where the temperature is around -18 degrees C; it bares it. In the same way, it bears up to 425 degrees C temp when placed in a microwave.

Dishwasher safe makes this product odor-free, BPA free, stain-proof, and OTG safe. The airtight and leak-proof lids are made up of Polypropylene plastic has a silicone ring that seals the container and avoids food spilling. The snap-n-sealTM leakproof lid locks the delicious flavors and freshness of the food.

The air venting feature in each lid helps in the easy opening of each meal box. Just pull up the cover of an air vent and then unlock the container’s lid; it helps to release the air that has made the container airtight after filling with warm food.

It will be a perfect quality lunch box with a premium quality carry bag. It’s a designer lunch bag with abstract design, insulation, and perfect padding inside the bag. Perfect padding ensures the safety of the glass containers that we will pack inside the bag. The space inside the bag is enough to carry 3 containers 400 ml capacity each and round in shape.

While testing the containers we filled inside the hot food, it was somewhere between 70-100 degrees C. At the end of 4 hours, the food was warm, and to our surprise, the glass containers didn’t break. After containers withstanding this temperature, our team decided to test them at a higher temperature.

Taking the test forward, we tried to bake the remaining pasta by placing it in the glass container and inside the oven at 350 for 15-20 minutes. We added some cheese on the top of the pasta to get a cheese pull when the pasta is baked. But remember to flip pasta once it reaches 7-10 minutes and then put cheese in the last half of the baking process. This process will spread even heat, the pasta will have perfect crisp, and cheese will add a delicious pinch.

In the same way, to check the lowest temperature, we placed the container in the refrigerator freezer for 3-4 hours after filling the peas inside it. When we took out the container, peas jammed with each other due to moisture, but the container was just like before putting it inside the freezer.
Overall, here are the key features that make the Home Puff Borosilicate Glass Lunch Box unique and worth purchasing:

  • Washable bag and dishwasher safe containers
  • Elegant, rich, and sophisticated look
  • Durable glass containers.


Lids are not recommended to be put inside the microwave, freezer, dishwasher, or oven. They may or may not withstand extreme situations.

BestCheck placeholder
Homepuff Borosilicate Lunch Box.

Flaws but not DealBreakers

Though durable and rugged, it may break into pieces if the glass container falls from your hands from a specific height. Hence, take good care of this lunch box while carrying it to the office and cleaning.

Buying Options Home Puff Borosilicate Glass Lunch Box -Microwavable, AirVent Lid, Premium Carry Bag (Round 400 ML, Set of 3)
₹ 1,189 ₹ 2,199 in stock Price updated: September 17, 2022

4 The test & research

Why you can trust us

While choosing the best lunch box in India, we kept in mind some factors like stainless steel lunch boxes, lunch boxes with glass containers, insulated lunch boxes, etc. Our primary focus was on the tiffins that keep the food warm and have a carry bag.

After filtering out the best lunch boxes from various online models, we picked 10+ lunch boxes and then picked the best three from them. After proper testing of these lunch boxes, they are represented in this article. Olyvia and I tested lunch boxes, and Hardik and Monish captured the photos while we were testing and unboxing the product.

5 How we Picked the Best Lunch Boxes for Office (Buying Guide)

While choosing the best quality lunch boxes, here are the factors that we kept in mind before picking and suggesting the lunch boxes to you. So, we tested the following features before suggesting the lunch box to our customers.

Material of the Lunch Box

While choosing the best lunch box for office in India, we prioritized stainless steel and glass lunch boxes over plastic lunch boxes. No doubt Tupperware lunch boxes (plastic) are made up of food-grade plastic. But filling plastic containers with hot food will directly or indirectly harm you in smaller or larger amounts.

Extra Accessories

In some lunch boxes, you get a bottle to carry liquid food like buttermilk, and in the containers and spoon and fork. But generally, the cost of such a lunch box is high.

How Much food It can Store (Capacity of Containers)

The capacity of each main container should not be less than 250 ml. Or else the required food cannot be stored inside it. And investing in such a lunch box is useless.

Spill proof Containers

The leak proof lid is a must feature in any lunch box, whether office employees are using it or school-going kids. Leak proof containers generally create less mess because it hardly leaks inside food from the lid.

Insulated Bag to carry lunch boxes

If you get an insulated bag and the containers, it becomes easy to manage and carry the lunch box anywhere. Some bags even have special pockets for placing spoons and forks. Hence, get the best lunch box with a lunch carrier.

6 How we tested

When we began to check and test lunch boxes back in 2020, we were unaware of the new electronic lunch boxes. So, we began by testing stainless steel tiffins, glass container tiffins, and plastic container tiffins. Slowly, after moving forward with the testing and reviewing process, our team realized that stainless steel material remains the best option for keeping the food fresh. Also, steel containers keep food hot for more time.

Testing all lunch boxes was necessary to verify whether the leak proof claim was correct. So, firstly we filled water inside the containers. Here is where some lunch boxes failed, and some were passed. After this step, we filled thick liquid food inside the containers. Here too, some tiffins passed, and some failed.

We also reviewed these lunch boxes’ reviews, ratings, and real user experiences. The reviews and experience helped us bifurcate these 3 from the rest of the lunch boxes.

BestCheck placeholder
How we tested our top 3 picks.

7 The competition Vs. Our 3 Best Lunch Boxes

Milton Royal 4 Insulated Stainless Steel Tiffin Box could have been Our Pick Tiffin box, but due to some flaws, it missed its place. No significant flaws were noticed, but after receiving it, we noticed that the size of the steel containers was large. It’s too large to carry to the office. However, there is no issue with the material and quality. So, you can buy it if its large size is not an issue.

Milton Delicious Combo Stainless Steel misses its place on the Runner Up position. With three containers, you also get a liquid bottle and a bag with this lunch box. But there are some severe issues some users are facing regarding the quality of the stainless steel containers. After some months of use, it tears up or the lid breaks. However, while we tested, we didn’t face this situation. Hence, if you find this lunch box worth purchasing, you can go for it.

Signoraware Best Stainless Steel Lunch Box was worth suggesting as a budget pick lunch box. We didn’t find any flaws while testing this lunch box for 1 month. But after reading other user reviews, we realized that they are complaining about the poor quality of the SS containers.

Signoraware Director High Borosilicate, the reason for this lunch box is that despite mentioning it is microwave safe, the glass container breaks after reaching a specific temperature. Hence, try to choose another signoraware lunch box rather than this.

Home Puff Borosilicate Glass Lunch Box is undoubtedly aesthetically beautiful in looks and design, but it’s costly. At this price, you can get a better lunch box.

In everyone’s eyes, Tupperware Executive Plastic Lunch Box with Bag generally tends to be the best lunch box. The brand name is enough for anyone to believe in the quality of the lunch box. But, Tupperware lunch boxes are made up of plastic material that is said to be food-grade and safe to use. Still, filling hot food in a plastic container is everyone should avoid.

Cello Max Fresh Click Stainless Steel Lunch Box could have been our Budget Pick Lunch Box. Containers are too small for one person. If the size is not a matter, you can go for it.

Vaya Tyffyn Stainless Steel material is a stylish hunk lunch box that you can carry, and people are staring at you because of its luxurious look. We didn’t put it in the best three lunchboxes because of its high cost. The cost is above 3000 INR. Also, many users complain about the SS containers’ quality issues. Instead, pick anyone from the top 3 lunch boxes that we suggest. They are way more cost-effective and quality lunch boxes.

Cello Max Fresh Plastic Sling Lunch Box could fit perfectly in the budget, but we came across some flaws while testing the cello lunch box. Lunch box containers are perfect, but the bag quality requires compromise. Sometimes the bag smells even after washing it. This might not happen with every piece of this model, but this was the flaw that our team faced.

Treo By Milton Health First Square Glass Tiffin Box is the one that could fit in place of the Home Puff Glass container tiffin box. But after testing the Treo lunch box, we felt that the glass quality is relatively low than Home Puff lunch boxes. If you love this product’s design, you can go for it.

Milton Chic 4 Stainless Steel Tiffin Box gave tough competition to other lunch boxes for the position of Budget Pick model. But we didn’t get the appropriate time to test it as it was our last model. After testing it for 1-2 months more, we will update the Budget pick model if Milton Chic 4 SS lunch Box seems to be perfect for Budget Pick.

8 How To Choose The Right Lunch Box?


Today, when buying a food storage product, whether the product is food-safe or not is the most important thing one must bear in mind.

Since the lunch box is used for long hours of food storage, we need to purchase the food-safe lunch box otherwise it may cause adverse health effects.


No matter which material is used for the lunchbox, We must check the durability firstly.

The lunch box will be able to withstand any pressure and will not crack easily if the plastic or stainless steel material used in the lunch box is of good quality.

Food-warmth Preservation:

The only reason people need lunch-box sets is so they can enjoy their lunchtime with warm and fresh food.

So, we need to see that the lunch-box set containers are air-tight when buying the lunch-box set, preventing the food from getting spoiled and also maintaining the long-lasting warmth of the food.

9 How we picked The Best Lunch Box

While working hard from morning to afternoon, you must be thinking of having your lunch and the much-needed break! But what if you do not get the meal way you expected? What if food losses its taste? To avoid all this, you must choose such a lunch box, that is spacious, made up of good quality steel and keeps the food tasty. Thus, we searched and found the best lunch box for you by considering factors like Size and Quality.

Size of the lunch box

Our pick, Milton’s exceptional lunch box can contain a sufficient amount of food that can satisfy your hunger easily. Even if you want to share the food with your buddies, you can!

Made up of Stainless steel

It is obvious that you must use a lunchbox that has been made from stainless steel to assure healthier food. But during the research, we found that not all lunch boxes are such. But the product selected as the best for you is made up of stainless steel. This means you get healthier food, every time.

Freshness of food

In order to keep your food fresh and tasty, you must use a lunch box that has air-tight lids. Milton’s exclusive lunchbox has airtight lids that assure that you get a perfect lunch that is yummy, warm, and tasty as it’s just cooked.

BestCheck placeholder
Importance of a good quality lunchbox.

10 5 Tips for Lunch Boxes

Why do you need a good lunch?

  • Without a fair lunchtime feast, you won’t get enough need energy. Result?
  • You right lose focus and your overall performance will diminish.
  • Lunch is a solution to rejuvenate the mind and refuel the body with what it needs to proceed for the whole day.
  • Before you snatch that instant shop sandwich or caesar salad, recollect that these pre-bundled food varieties.
  • But they will surely be high in fat, salt, and sugar and can fuel be the hunger even more!
  • Furthermore, they once in a while meet all your nourishing requirements.

A fair lunch ought to incorporate every one of these nutritious supplements:

ProteinIt assists with fixing your body and keeps you feel full for a long time. So, it’s imperative to attempt to remember protein for each dinner. Ensure your lunch makes up 33% of your everyday consumption. Pick lean meats, like canned fish, chicken bosom, or salmon. Or choose vegetarian way with a hard-bubbled egg, beans or tofu, or low-fat cheddar. Hummus, nuts, and low-fat cheeses are additionally extraordinary wellsprings of protein.
CarbsSugars, including dietary fiber, give a consistent stockpile of energy for the duration of the day. Fiber likewise keeps you feeling full for a long time subsequently. Try to decide on complex carbs, which digest gradually and help assimilation. Sources incorporate whole grains, beans, yams, organic products, pasta, and brown rice.
Healthy FatsMonounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats assist your body with orchestrating fat-solvent nutrients, like nutrient D. This will give you sufficient power for working the whole day. Nuts, olives, avocados, and fish include a rich amount of Healthy Fats.
Fruits & VeggiesFruits & Veggies are vital for your immunity. They give fundamental nutrients and minerals and boost creativity. Additionally, they add colors & aesthetics to make your lunch more delicious! Ensure a decent bit of your everyday five servings is remembered for your lunch.
WaterMaintain your water intake to ensure you’re remaining hydrated. Have your container of water carry out dual work by freezing it short-term and loading it with your lunch. It’ll keep your food chilled and will have thawed out into a good beverage by noon.

11 Features of a Lunch Box

Features for Lunch BoxDescription
Air-Tight LidsThe lids of the lunch-box set are air-tight, keeping food from being poisoned by air moisture. The tightness of the lids is also strong enough to sustain the long-lasting warmth of the food.
Food-Grade MaterialThe lunch-box sets are built with the help of high-quality food-grade material, say plastic, glass, or stainless steel material. So, for long hours, the plastic or glass lunch-box sets are safe for storing food.
Leak-ProofThe lunch-box sets containers have specially crafted leak-proof lids that prevent semi-liquid food from being spilled from the containers. Via lunch-box sets, the carrying of chutneys and curries becomes easy.
BestCheck placeholder
Food ideas for lunch box.

12 Which Material is best for a Lunch Box?

There are essentially 3 distinct main materials useful for lunch boxes as Hardened Steel, Plastic, and Glass.

Every material has its own upsides and downsides.

Let’s look at them one by one.

Types of Lunchbox MaterialDescription
Stainless SteelStainless Steel lunch boxes are supposed to be the most strong and vigorous among different materials. Being vigorous, steel lunch boxes can be hefty also. Nearly, all-steel lunch boxes are rust-proof, so you can wash them effectively with your hands. Pros: Solid and vigorous Simple to clean and wash Food Safe Cons: Heavier than plastic Not viable with Microwaves and Dishwashers
PlasticPlastic lunch boxes are featherlight, less expensive, and comes in numerous appealing designs. Practically all the plastic lunch boxes are viable with microwaves. However, there is a drawback to plastic lunch boxes: they are not extremely tough. Pros: Cheap Lightweight Comes in appealing variations Microwave safe Cons: Not extremely durable Vulnerable to oil stains
GlassGlass material is a middle-of-the-road choice among plastic and hardened steel. Lunch boxes produced using glass material are normally costly, heavier than the rest and they are microwave safe as well. However, there is consistently a danger of breakage with glass holders in the event that you don’t deal with it well, so you generally must be careful in their upkeep. Pros: Strong and vigorous Looks extremely appealing Microwave safe Simple to clean Cons: Hazard of breakage Costly
BestCheck placeholder
School boy with lunch box.

13 Top Lunch Box Company in India

Best Lunchbox BrandsDescription
TupperwareTupperware is a name with great fame in the Indian market. Tupperware is an American brand working since 1948 and is known to produce premium quality lunch boxes. Things we liked about Tupperware: Tupperware lunch boxes might be marginally costly but they’re worth it as they utilize better crude materials and don’t compromise for quality. Some models by Tupperware also come with carry bags to provide spill-proof traveling.
MiltonMilton is an Indian brand based out of Mumbai and it was shaped in the year 1972. Starting today, Milton is selling their items through thousands of retailers and is perhaps the best brand for lunch boxes in India. Things we liked about Milton: The Airtight Lunchboxes by Milton come in stylish color choices and are microwavable and dishwasher safe. Milton’s insulated Lunchboxes include an impermeable internal steel compartment and steel spoons.
CelloCello is one of the main processors of family customer items in India. Cello produces premium quality pens, water bottles, and other writing material stuff. Things we liked about Cello: Cello lunch boxes offer spillage-free activity with double-walled protection to secure both the hot and cold parts of your food for a long time. Cello’s electric tiffin boxes include an epoxy-covered warming base and leak-proof internal covers.
BorosilBorosil is a glassware-making organization based out of Mumbai. This organization is counted as one of the biggest glassware-making brands in India, the USA, and the Netherlands as well. In India, Borosil makes lunch boxes, microwave-safe glass bowls, supper sets, tumblers, and so on… Things we liked about Borosil: This brand offers lunch boxes with microwavable & blast-proof glass which is harder compared to any standard glass. The non-permeable nature of glass doesn’t succumb to the smell or taste of Indian spices and holds its clearness even after rehashed use.
SignorawareSignoraware is a top Indian brand in the class of Kitchen machines, earthenware, and food compartments. Things we liked about Signoraware: The microwave-safe lunch box brand of Signoraware is created utilizing 100% Food Grade plastic which can promise you the best of taste and health. It’s 100% rust-proof tempered steel variations can be useful for kids as well as professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lunch Box

What is the use of lunch box box set?

The lunch box can be used to fill lunchtime meals at workplaces, schools, or colleges.

Yes. The plastic lunch box sets are made up of food-grade plastics keeping it safe to store food contents for a longer duration.

Yes. Today containers of many lunch box sets are made up of high-quality glass which is microwave safe. So by keeping the container in the microwave food gets warmed up and becomes ready to eat.

Yes. Nowadays containers of Tiffin box are designed in such a way that we can easily put the containers in the dishwasher and wash them.

No. Today the lids of the containers in the lunch box set are leak proof. So there is no fear of oil or food leakage.

Yes. The containers of lunch box sets have air-tight lids. These air-tight lids prevent the moisture from spoiling the food content. Thus keep it warm and fresh for long hours.

Yes. The lunch box sets are made up of high-quality plastics, glass or food-grade stainless-steel material. This food-grade plastic or glass does not break easily.

Yes. Today most of the lunch box manufacturing companies take care of their client’s health. So these lunch box sets are of made up of food-grade material which are safe and BPA free.

No, absolutely not. The containers of the lunch box set are light in weight as they are made up of food-grade plastic.

No, anyone can afford to buy these lunch box sets as their price ranges from Rs.400 to Rs.1000. One can get a good quality lunch box set at an affordable price.

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