An Ultimate Guide on How to Choose Best Lunch Boxes

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Fresh and healthy food packed in a lunch box.

It wasn’t long ago that we used to carry packed hot food in those steel tiffin boxes while going to school. There were times when we used colorful plastic boxes, but they also never kept the food hot and fresh.

Fortunately, today’s lunch box market comes in various varieties, shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. In order to stay healthy and active, you must eat freshly cooked food if you spend most of your day studying, working, or even outside. If you want to keep your lunch fresh, warm, and healthy for a long time, then you need a lunch box.

Its no doubt that a meal tastes best when it is warm and fresh. Taking into account the cost of eating out, carrying your meal in a lunch box can help you save a good amount of money and also help the environment by reducing wastage.

We have compiled a few tips that will help you pick the best lunch boxes that ensure warm and fresh meals from the time you pack them till you eat them.

1 How To Choose The Best Lunch Box?


Today, when buying a food storage product, whether the product is food-safe or not is the most important thing one must bear in mind.

Since the lunch box is used for long hours of food storage, we need to purchase the food-safe lunch box otherwise it may cause adverse health effects.


No matter which material is used for the lunchbox, You must first check its durability.

The lunch box will be able to withstand any pressure and will not crack easily if the plastic or stainless steel material used in the lunch box is of good quality.

Temperature-controlled food storage

The only reason people need lunch-box sets is so they can enjoy their lunchtime with warm and fresh food.

So, we need to see that the lunch-box set containers are air-tight when buying the lunch-box set, preventing the food from getting spoiled and maintaining the food’s long-lasting warmth.

2 5 Tips you can consider while choosing the best lunch boxes

Why do you need a good lunch?

  • Without a fair lunchtime feast, you won’t get enough needed energy.
  • You right lose focus and your overall performance will diminish.
  • Lunch is a solution to rejuvenate the mind and refuel the body with what it needs to proceed for the whole day.
  • Before you snatch that instant shop sandwich or salad, recollect these pre-bundled food varieties.
  • But they will surely be high in fat, salt, and sugar and can fuel hunger even more!
  • Furthermore, they once in a while meet all your nourishing requirements.

For a fair lunch you need to incorporate every one of these nutritious supplements:

healthy food ideas for tasty meals
Healthy food ideas for tasty meals.


It assists with fixing your body and comes with a feeling full for a long time. So, it’s imperative to attempt to remember protein for each dinner. Ensure your lunch makes up 33% of your everyday consumption. You can get high protein If you like Pick lean meats, canned fish, chicken bosom, or salmon. Or choose the vegetarian way with a hard-bubbled egg, beans or tofu, or low-fat cheddar. Hummus, nuts, and low-fat cheeses are additionally extraordinary wellsprings of protein.


Sugars, including dietary fiber, give a consistent stockpile of energy for the duration of the day. Fiber likewise keeps you feeling full for a long time subsequently. Try to decide on complex carbs, which digest gradually and help assimilation. Sources incorporate whole grains, beans, yams, organic products, pasta, and brown rice.

Healthy Fats

Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats assist your body with orchestrating fat-solvent nutrients, like nutrient D. This will give you sufficient power for working the whole day. Nuts, olives, avocados, and fish include a rich amount of Healthy Fats.

Fruits & Veggies

You need fruits and vegetables for a healthy immune system. Their primary function is to provide essential nutrients and minerals, as well as to boost creativity. You will also find that they add attractive colors & aesthetics to make your lunch taste even better! Remember to take a reasonable portion of fruits in your daily servings with you.


Maintain your water intake to ensure you’re remaining hydrated. Have your container of water carry out dual work by freezing it short-term and loading it with your lunch. It’ll keep your food chilled and will have thawed out into a good beverage by noon.

3 Features of a Lunch Box

Air-Tight Lids

The lids of the lunch box set are air-tight, keeping food from being poisoned by air moisture. The tightness of the lids is also strong enough to sustain the long-lasting warmth of the food.

Food-Grade Material

The lunch-box sets are built with the help of high-quality food-grade material, say plastic, glass, or stainless steel material. So, for long hours, plastic or glass lunch box sets are safe for storing food.


The lunch-box sets containers have specially crafted leak-proof lids that prevent semi-liquid food from being spilled from the containers. Via lunch-box sets, the carrying of chutneys and curries becomes easy.

importance of a good quality lunchbox
Importance of a good quality lunchbox.

4 Best Lunch Box for keeping your food hot and fresh based on the material

There are a variety of materials used for lunch boxes to keep food BPA-free. Every material has its own upsides and downsides.

Let’s look at them one by one.

Stainless steel lunch box

Stainless Steel lunch boxes are supposed to be strong and vigorous among different materials. Being vigorous, steel lunch boxes can be hefty also. Nearly, all-steel lunch boxes are rust-proof, so you can wash them effectively with your hands. They are solid and vigorous. Simple to clean and wash. Sometimes they can be heavier than plastic and they are not compatible with microwaves and dishwashers.

Plastic lunch boxes

The lunch boxes made of plastic have a featherlight, are less expensive, and come in numerous appealing designs. Practically all plastic lunch boxes are viable with microwaves. However, there is a drawback to plastic lunch boxes, they are not extremely tough. Plastic lunch boxes are cheap, lightweight and come in appealing variations. They are not extremely durable and can be vulnerable to oil stains.

Glass lunch box

Lunch box that is made of glass material are a middle-of-the-road choice among plastic and hardened steel. Lunch boxes produced using glass material are normally costly, and heavier than the rest. They are microwave safe as well. However, there is a consistent danger of breakage with glass holders in the event that you don’t deal with it well, so you generally must be careful in their upkeep. They are strong and vigorous. They look extremely appealing and are Microwave safe. Along with being simple to clean, they can break easily.

Insulated lunch box

The use of insulated lunch bags can greatly enhance the cooking or cooling of your food for a longer period of time than traditional plastic and electric lunch box so that your food will not spoil. Insulated lunch boxes preserve heat and freshness better than traditional lunch boxes because they provide insulation.

5 Some of the Top Lunch Box Brands in India


Tupperware is a name with great fame in the Indian market. Tupperware is an American brand working since 1948 and has a well-known name for producing premium quality lunch boxes. Things we liked about Tupperware: Tupperware lunch bag might be marginally costly but they’re worth it comes with crude materials and don’t compromise quality. Some models by Tupperware also come with easy-to-carry bags to provide spill-proof traveling.


Milton is an Indian brand based out of Mumbai and it was shaped in the year 1972. Starting today, Milton is selling their items through thousands of retailers and is perhaps the best brand for lunch boxes in India. Things we liked about Milton: The Airtight Lunchboxes by Milton come in stylish color choices and are microwavable and dishwasher safe. Milton’s insulated Lunchboxes include an impermeable internal steel compartment and steel spoons.


Cello is one of the main processors of family customer items in India. Cello produces premium-quality pens, water bottles, and other writing material stuff. Things we liked about Cello: Cello lunch boxes offer spillage-free activity with double-walled protection to secure both the hot and cold parts of your food for a long time. Cello’s electric tiffin boxes include an epoxy-covered warming base and leak-proof internal covers.


Borosil is a glassware manufacturer based out of Mumbai. This organization is counted as one of the biggest glassware-making brands in India, the USA, and the Netherlands as well. In India, Borosil makes lunch boxes, microwave-safe glass bowls, supper sets, tumblers, and so on… Things we liked about Borosil: This brand offers lunch boxes with microwavable & blast-proof glass which is harder compared to any standard glass. The non-permeable nature of glass doesn’t succumb to the smell or taste of Indian spices and holds its clearness even after rehashed use.


Signoraware is a top Indian brand in the Kitchenware class, earthenware, and food compartments. Things we liked about Signora ware: The microwave and dishwasher-safe lunch box brand of Signoraware is created utilizing 100% Food Grade plastic which can promise you the best of taste and health. Their lunch boxes are made of 100% rust-proof tempered steel variations that can be useful for kids as well as professionals.

6 Wrapping Up

Lunch boxes are the most convenient and affordable option for enjoying fresh meal at work, classroom or a trip. You’ll have an easier time keeping your food warm and more enjoyable meal times with durable and safe lunch boxes. It is essential to keep the above tips in mind before you purchase a lunch box for office to keep your food more delicious and healthy. Wishing you a best shopping and eating experience!

FAQ's about Lunch Boxes

Does wrapping food in foil keep it warm?

Wrapping your food in foil not only keeps it warm for a long time but can also keep them cool if you want to store cold items. It can transfer heat from cold or frozen food due to its barrier effects against oxygen and air.

Insulated lunch boxes made of stainless steel are chemical-free, which makes them safer for daily uses. These are BPA-free, in contrast to plastic ones. It has been scientifically proven that BPA leaches into food through plastics which can lead to cancer.

Stainless steel and food-safe plastic are the most common materials used for lunch boxes. It is also possible to keep food safe until lunchtime by making use of an insulated lunch box.

Lunch boxes with a smaller size have dimensions of 9 inches long, 5 inches wide, and 9 inches high, which are suitable for most average-sized lunches. There are large capacity lunch boxes out there that are ideal for meal preparation. Some are as wide as 7 inches and as high as 10 inches.

As per our expert’s review, it is recommended to replace your lunch box every year to keep yourself healthy. Despite the fact that the box may appear clean from the outside, there are high chance that bacteria, fungi or mold may have grown in the inner region which may affect your health if you still use them.

You should always take food out of plastic containers before reheating it to avoid the release of chemicals. Although BPA-free lunch boxes are generally safe, it is recommended to avoid placing plastics in the dishwasher.

An insulated lunch bag should be refrigerated, particularly if you are not planning on eating for more than two hours. You can keep your lunch safe until lunchtime! If you can, keep your lunch bag in a cool environment.

It’s no secret that stainless-steel lunch boxes offer more versatility and cannot be broken. Glass lunch boxes are easy to break, and they can also cause serious injury. It is therefore recommended to use a stainless steel lunch box instead of a glass lunch box.

To prevent your food from getting too moist, double-wrap it in plastic, and then in foil. Stainless steel lunch boxes can be a great option for keeping foods separated. The same trick will work for the thermos. You can line the box with paper towels after boiling a little water to keep it warm.

As per our research, when a lunch box is sealed, the water vapor which is trapped inside this lunch box leads to condensation in the inner part. The part with a cold surface will condense the most water vapor.

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