3 Best Electric Hand Blenders to Buy [Expert’s Review]

Written by: Shreyal Shingala

Last Updated: February 20, 2024

electric hand blenders
Inalsa, Kent, and Philips electric hand blenders tested and reviewed at BestCheck office.

Hand blenders (stick blenders) and coffee maker machines make blending and mixing the ingredients easy. Along with some blenders, we also receive some extra accessories like a whisk, chopper, etc., to perform almost all tasks of an all in one best mixer grinder and juicer. However, while choosing the dish drying racks for small space, you might require assistance.

This comparison guide will make your job effortless. Here, you will see the 3 best hand blenders in India to help you with your cooking needs. Let’s switch directly to the best blenders and their descriptions without wasting time.

Our Pick
Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 Watt Hand Blender with 600 ml Multipurpose Jar
  • Chosen as Our Pick for its multifunctionality. It comes with a chopper, blending wand, multipurpose jar, and whisker.
  • Features an anti-slip design and comfortable grip.
  • Its dual speed setting allows you to control your blender.
Runner Up
PHILIPS HL1655/00 Hand Blender, White Jar 250W
  • Chosen as Our Runner Up Pick for its 18000 rpm along with rust proof steel rod.
  • Comes with a 1.2m cord.
  • Avoid overheating with a recommended usage time of one minute. For large quantities, process blending in multiple batches for optimal results.
Budget Pick
KENT 16044 Hand Blender Stainless Steel 400 W
  • Chosen as Our Budget Pick for its high speed rotating blades powered by 400 Watt.
  • The hand blender comes with a variable speed control.
  • It has a stainless steel body which is suitable for hot and cold blending.
Please note that the prices may vary.

Summary of Best Hand Blenders Price List

Table: Listing some of the Best Hand Blenders, along with their respective prices.
Rank Brand Product Price
1Inalsa Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 Watt Hand Blender with 600 ml Multipurpose Jar ₹ 2,595*
2PHILIPS PHILIPS HL1655/00 Hand Blender, White Jar 250W ₹ 1,897*
3KENT KENT 16044 Hand Blender Stainless Steel 400 W ₹ 1,398*
*Please note that the prices may vary.

Review of 3 Best Hand Blenders in India

Rank 1 Our Pick
Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 Watt Hand Blender with 600 ml Multipurpose Jar
₹ 2,595

Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 Watt Hand Blender with 600 ml Multipurpose Jar
BestCheck placeholder
Our pick Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 Watts hand blender.

Your perfect blending kitchen appliance

You can use Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 Hand blender as a complete alternative to a mixer grinder used in Normal conditions. It has 3 extra attachments that make whisking, chopping and blending easy.

With 1000W power, Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 finishes all your cooking tasks with expertise! This versatile machine accompanies a Powerful Chopping jar, Detachable Stainless-Steel Blending Wand, Multi-Purpose 600ml Jar, and Whisker for all your tasks. Not only that, the Double Speed Setting permits you to control your hand blender and get the texture as per your wish!

Inalsa hand blender Robot Inox 1000 with 1000 Watt motor can be the Mr. Perfectionist of hand blenders in India. Along with providing all necessary attachments, this model gains a lot of love from the users and has remained one of the best hand blenders from 2020 till today. Multiple attachments such as chopper attachment, whisk, and 600 ml mixing jar make it no less than a mini food processor. In addition to that, this model has all the features like a detachable stainless steel stem, variable speed control knob, stainless steel blade, and some extra attachments.

Along with 1000 W power, the input supply of this blender is 220-230V AC, which helps in proficient cooking. Input supply is enough for powerful processing each time you use it. You can also save meal preparation time with this hand blender and prepare mouth-watering dishes easily.

The first impression is last, so this model got in our hearts when we saw the variable speed controls option. We get two-speed buttons that are variable speed and turbo/max speed. While working on the variable speed option, you can control the speed through the speed setting knob on the top of the blender. These two different speed settings help us manage the blender and get the best texture of the ingredients as per our needs.

We didn’t realize that more amazing features were awaiting our way while testing Inalsa Robot 1000 Stick blender. The multiple accessories that we get along with this blender are boons. Let’s see what’s more with this model of a hand blender.

It can be your perfect kitchen helper as the multi-functional attachments help to chop, blend, whisk, make a puree, and mix ingredients you possess. The sophisticated design and quality add up to the pros of this model. The anti-slip and comfortable grip let us hold the blender with ease. And, the power light indication exhibits the mode in which the blender is working.

The Anti-splash technology of the SS shaft is made up of food-grade material, and the blade shield ensures blending in a splash-free manner. Along with that, we get press and lock operations to help in easy chopping, whisking, etc. Also, the easy disassembly and assembling of the attachments help with easy cleanup and use of the machine. Along with the 1000 W power consumption, this model has a 2-years product warranty and genuine customer service.

BestCheck placeholder
Inalsa Robot Inox Hand Blender.

Flaws but not Deal Breakers

As we promise to provide transparent information about the products, here are some flaws of Inalsa Robot Inox 1000. After prolonged use, the attachment and shaft fitting may loosen. Also, the price of this hand blender model is relatively high. However, getting 3 extra attachments at a little more cost is okay to purchase.

Buying Options

amazon.in Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 Watt Hand Blender with 600 ml Multipurpose Jar
₹ 2,595 ₹ 4,395 in stock Price updated: July 18, 2024

Rank 2 Runner Up
PHILIPS HL1655/00 Hand Blender, White Jar 250W
₹ 1,897

PHILIPS HL1655/00 Hand Blender, White Jar 250W
BestCheck placeholder
Our runner up pick Philips hand blender HL1655.

A powerful Immersion Blender from Philips

Most purchased blender from Philips that fits almost everyone’s needs. Not too fancy like the previous blender, but it still helps save your time while blending ingredients.

Philips HL1655/00 Hand Blender accompanies two distinct blades for whipping cream, eggs, & making drinks, making daily cooking a lot simpler. The Smart body shape of this hand blender is without any funnels on its surface. It guarantees simple cleaning. Also, the incredible Motor of this model has 250 Watts strong engine that blends and crushes even the toughest ingredients easily.

Philips HL1655/00 is the Runner Up model that we found worth suggesting to our customers. Its outstanding features like steel stem, rust proof metal rod, hot and cold blending allowance, and two extra SS blades made us pick this hand blender. Also, the 250 Watt powerful motor, 230 Volts input power, and 18000 RPM speed help with the perfect blending of the ingredients.

Its body has fewer grooves, which makes cleaning the blender body easy. And the 1.2-meter long power cord makes it easy to blend on long countertops as well.

Like the other hand blenders, Inalsa and Kent, this model is an entire hand blender. It doesn’t have a detachable shaft. Instead, you can clean the steel rod in a way that water doesn’t affect the motor area. Just put the rod under the water and clean it effectively after unplugging the blender. Also, the removable blades help with the whisk and whip of food particles. If you want to whip cream, this blender can help you with that too. It brings along one wall mounting stand, blade remover, two extra blades for whisking and whipping, and one puree-making blade that is already attached to the blender.

The ergonomically slim design makes it easy to handle and perfect for an anti-slip grip. You can hold it for a longer time, and it is light weight than the Inalsa robot hand blender. So, you can hold it for a longer time without hassle.

The compact design makes it an easy-to-use hand blender that helps blend food for up to 20 minutes. Whether you are preparing a hot dish or a cold one, Philips HL1655/00 daily collection will help you. The company suggests that it works for 20 minutes, but we recommend that if you feel that the motor is heating up quick, turn the blender off and wait for it to cool down before another use.

The 20 minutes blending of hot & cold dishes claim can prove wrong if any power up-down is created. However, if you feel that your product is not working, you can claim the 2 years warranty, and the service center will help you as per the rules they follow to claim a warranty.

With the single press button, blending at one speed gets easy. You can cover up the single-speed perfect texture of the food particles. In other models, it might happen that because of variable speed, the texture might differ. But that’s not the point when Philips HL1655/00 is concerned. Just blend perfectly and get the perfect blended ingredients to add to the different recipes.

BestCheck placeholder
Philips stick blender HL1655.

Flaws but not Deal Breakers

Philips HL1655/00 can be the best hand blender as it can help with all your cooking needs. Also, the specially designed blades for hot/cold blending are easy to disassemble and change. But the main flaw that we find necessary to share with you is this–

This product’s specification sheet mentions that it provides a 2-years worldwide guarantee, while Amazon mentions that it has 2 years warranty. However, you get 2 years of service on the product. So, in the case of blender malfunction, just consult the nearest, trustable Philips service center.

Buying Options

amazon.in PHILIPS HL1655/00 Hand Blender, White Jar 250W
₹ 1,897 ₹ 2,095 in stock Price updated: July 18, 2024

Rank 3 Budget Pick
KENT 16044 Hand Blender Stainless Steel 400 W
₹ 1,398

KENT 16044 Hand Blender Stainless Steel 400 W
BestCheck placeholder
Our budget pick Ken hand blender 16044.

The one with the best aesthetics and power

Style and power all-in-one hand blender machine from Kent. Save your time in preparing delicious dishes at your home.

KENT brings to you a smooth, treated steel Hand Blender to make your cooking experience quick and straightforward. This fast and handy KENT Hand Blender speeds up your day-by-day kitchen errands. This Hand Blender accompanies an impressive 400 W engine with a higher speed, and consequently, it consummately whisks and mixes the fixings according to your necessity.

Kent hand blender 16044 is lightweight different than all the hand blenders in many ways. Though Kent Hand blender is our budget pick model, it helps with the best blending, whisking, and churning process. A 400 Watts motor performs almost all tasks that hand blenders do with perfection.

Although being 0.680 grams in weight, it blends everything perfectly. You just need to purchase it and start using it from the next minute. The input power that it requires is 220 Volts and is a Single-phase with 50 Hz.

Along with being the best in-budget and quality hand blender from Kent, some functions of this model are similar to the Inalsa robot Blender. It comes with two buttons; one is for on/off functionality, and another is the Turbo Mode button. These are press buttons that you need to hold while operating the blender. The on/off button helps you to make the blender work after you plug it into the power socket.

The Turbo mode button helps attain the high-speed blending using the Kent 16044 hand blender. It can crunch, mix, and blend any ingredient easily. It is a convenient push button to get the work done efficiently by just pressing it.

As the length of the wire is 1.5m long, it becomes more convenient to use this blender on a broader countertop. Remember that the variable speed control knob feature works with the On/Off switch only. The reason behind this is the Turbo mode button operates only at one speed, while the on/off switch works at a lower speed. So, you can change the blender’s speed while using the upper button.

Just like the Inalsa Robot hand blender, Kent 16044 also has a detachable stainless steel shaft. It makes the cleaning of the stem easy. Also, while storing the hand blender, it is easy to store it in less space by detaching the shaft. You get a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer on Kent 16044 hand blender. You get a blank warranty card along with the blender that needs to b filled with your details.

Note: To begin your warranty, you need to fill that card with your details and send it to [email protected] email within 15 days of purchase.

BestCheck placeholder
Kent hand blender wit warranty card and box.

Flaws but not Deal breakers

Kent 16044 is the perfect hand blender if you are not looking for any extra attachments along with it. The only flaw that we would like to bring to your notice is you do not get any accessories, and the maximum continuous time is 4 minutes. If you blend more than that, the motor might heat up.

BestCheck placeholder
Kent hand blende 16044 detachable shaft.

Buying Options

amazon.in KENT 16044 Hand Blender Stainless Steel 400 W
₹ 1,398 ₹ 2,100 in stock Price updated: July 18, 2024

4 The test & research

Why you can trust us

Testing multiple hand blenders and finding these three hand blenders was like finding a needle from the heap of grass. After trials and errors in testing various blenders, these 3 blenders made their place as top blenders in India.

We tested them and the accessories that we got along with each model. Making smoothies, purees, blending and mixing different ingredients, and whether the blender is user friendly or not. These are some tests we carried out before choosing the best blenders for you. Besides testing them, Kaushik and Olyvia also connected with the manufacturers to confirm the warranty period and easy claiming ways.

Along with that, Monish and Hardik captured images of the blenders while unboxing them and testing them. And I wrote the test results and noticed the features worth sharing with you.

5 How we picked best Hand Blenders

BestCheck placeholder
How we picked the best hand blenders.

We kept in mind many factors while picking up the best immersion blenders for you. Here are some of the critical elements. Let’s check them.

Durable Hand Blender

The durability of the hand blender depends on the manufacturing material of the blender. So, while choosing the right blender, you should always check the material of the blenders. Best suggested material should be Stainless Steel or a steel body. Stainless Steel beaters have makes the model durable to use for a longer time.

Stainless Steel Shaft

Just like stainless steel blades are required in Hand blenders, in the same way, blenders with stainless steel shafts are worth purchasing. The SS shaft is easy to clean, rust-free, and more durable than plastic shafts. So, while choosing the best hand blenders, we kept in mind that they should have SS shafts for easy blending and durability of the machine.

Hot and Cold Blending

From making smoothies to blending boiled daal, a hand blender should perform all these tasks. Some low-quality blenders may heat up soon while mixing some hot ingredients or not work up with exactitude during cold blending. So, choosing blenders that can work well with both kinds of blending is preferred.

Comfortable Grip

The smooth surface of the hand blender sometimes creates trouble in holding the blender. Sometimes, after choosing a cheap blender, you might feel that it heats up quickly in less than a minute. So, holding the mixer for more time will ultimately heat the motor and make it impossible to hold it after some time. Hence, choosing the model of blender that is easy to hold and with a comfortable grip is necessary.

Lightweight hand blenders

Hand blenders that are heavy to carry are generally not preferred to purchase. You will have to hold the blender with one hand, and the second hand will be used to hold the container carrying ingredients to blend. The more the weight, the harder it gets to hold the blender with one hand for a longer time.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning blenders can get messy sometimes. But the hand blenders that BestCheck is suggesting are easy to clean. The preference is given to models with detachable shafts. However, the runner-up model is deprived of detachable shaft property, but its ergonomic design approves easy cleaning for the model.

Powerful Motor

The minimum power required by a hand blender motor to perform proper blending is a minimum of 200-250 Watts. Anything higher or equal to this wattage range will work perfectly for the excellent performance of a hand blender.

6 How We Tested Hand Blenders

BestCheck placeholder
How we tested the hand blenders.

While testing different hand blenders, I came across impressive factors of the blenders that you will see in this article. However, finding the 3 best hand blenders was like finding the pearl from the ocean. But our team made it possible. We tested each blender successively and recorded the unboxing and testing videos and images.

Olyvia and I used more than 11 hand blenders, including our three best blenders. While testing, we made buttermilk, tried to crush ice, make smoothies, and much more. At the same time, I tested the Inalsa robot Innox blender with 3 add-ons. One is a chopper jar, another is a blending jar, and the third is a whisk attachment. So, this blender made beating eggs, chopping vegetables, and blending easier.

Additionally, other blenders also helped us with the perfect blending of different ingredients. Along with blending, puree formation of different vegetables and leafy veggies like spinach was also included while testing the blenders.

7 The Competition Vs. Our 3 Best Hand Blenders

Orpat Hand Blender was manufactured in 2014, so it’s quite an old model. No doubt in initial use, this hand blender shows no mercy on the ingredients and blends them with full power. But after some months, the performance decreased. Also, while going through the user reviews of this product, we noticed that there were complaints from the users mentioning that Amazon mentions a warranty of 2-years. At the same time, the service center claims a warranty period of only one year.

Prestige Hand Blender could have been our budget pick model, but we noticed some drawbacks after testing it for a few months. The main drawback was that we didn’t get a warranty card and a hand blender. Moreover, the product heats up soon. There’s an automatic on-off switch that shuts down the blender if it overheats in any case. But some users mentioned that the blender never worked after overheating.

Boss Hand Blender is one of the most used hand blenders in Indian households. When we were testing this product, to be honest, our team found it amazing to use. The only con that is not appreciable is that the model is quite old and stylish like other blenders. But, this model is enough for blending purees and different things for preparing the perfect recipes.

The sleek design of this Morphy Richards Hand Blender model got our attention. But, testing this product made us realize that it is not durable as other hand blenders. After using it for a longer time, this blender’s performance decreases.

We bought this Bajaj Hand Blender during a sale on Amazon at a much lower price. But we would suggest that paying more than 1k is not worth this product. No doubt it functions smoothly, but you do not get any extra attachments along with this product. The alternative to this model is the one that you see in our Budget Pick Suggestion- Kent 16044 Hand Blender.

Lifelong Hand Blender is one of the latest hand blender models that we purchased. It was made available on Amazon in 2022. Despite seeing fewer ratings on Amazon, we ordered this product as it provides 3 attachments like Inalsa Robot Inox 1000. We must say that the product is good and its attachments are also helpful, but we haven’t tested it to the fullest. So, if we find this hand blender good for long-term use, we might update it to Our Pick hand blender in the future.

No doubt, Maharaja Whiteline Hand Blender is undoubtedly a good product to purchase, and we faced no trouble while using it. But the body of this model is made up of plastic. This feature is the biggest drawback of this hand blender. It might be less durable than other Stainless Steel hand blenders.

Agaro Hand Blender could have made its place as a Runner Up model as it has blender and chopper attachments. But we think the material of these attachments is delicate and can break if more pressure is applied. So, PHILIPS Hand Blender HL1655/00 takes Runner Up’s position.

The prestige plastic hand blender could have been our budget pick model, as we were happy after testing this product. But after collecting decent and deep reviews of other users of this model, we found that many of the users are complaining about receiving duplicate Philips blenders. So, if you love this model, try to purchase it from a local store instead of online purchasing.

8 How much Should I Spend on a Hand Blender?

High Priced:

A hand blender, whether the price is high, medium, or low, its main purpose is to blend things.

The additional accessories that we get depend on the price.

With a high-priced hand blender, the accessories that you will get in addition can be a jar, also a great warranty period.

Price Range ?
We recommend spending:
₹ 2000 ~ ₹ 3000.

Medium Priced:

Medium price hand blender comes with additional accessories like extra having two extra blending blades.

Also, some models get you a wall stand for placing the hand blender too.

Price range ?
We recommend spending:
₹ 1000 ~ ₹ 2000.

Low Priced:

Going to a low-priced hand blender will encounter you with a hand beater as well.

Some models do not reach up to the range of medium-priced but work alike.

Unfortunately, though, it does not have any special accessories.

But if you go for a hand beater, you will get different blades with it.

Price Range ?
We recommend spending:
₹ 500 ~ ₹ 1000.

9 How we Picked the Best Hand Blender

The Best Hand Blender should serve Various Blending Needs at Affordable Prices.

Motor Capacity & Speed

A Motor is the core factor of A Hand Blender.

Blender can not achieve its speed & efficiency without a Strong Motor.

We have found that 250-500 W is a must for A Powerful Hand Blender.

Speed Variations help to get better control in the execution of Hand Blender.

Our Best Picks come with Dual Speed Variations.


The Best Blender should Serve Easy to hold design & Comfortable grip.

The Blender must also be lightweight to ensure longer operation without fatigue.

As per our view, the ideal hand blender weight should not exceed 1.5 kg.


Additional Attachments enhance the usage & efficiency of the blender.

We found Attachments like Chopper,Frother & Whisker quite useful in Hand blenders.

10 How to use a Hand Blender

First: Gather all the ingredients

Collect the food mixture to be blended in a stainless-steel container.
Using glass or plastic utensils as a blending container will not be a safe option, so choose wisely.

Second: Choose the Right Vessel

The vessel you are in has a major effect when you need to take advantage of your hand blender.
If things you are blending are too shallow, your blender won’t manage it successfully, and you will get a less wonderful outcome.
Ingredients should stay deeper than the blade.
So for small batches, it is smarter to go with a taller and smaller holder for mixing versus a more extensive bowl.

Third: Set the blender

Insert the blender into the container containing the food mixture.
Make sure that the stick of the blender is completely submerged in the mix otherwise there are chances that the mixture may splatter.

Fourth: Start with a Slower Speed

Whether your unit has variable speed ranges, always consistently begin with the slowest speed.
Then increase the speed as you go.
This permits bigger parts to separate simpler before you go full speed.


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11 Types of Hand Blender

Types of Hand BlenderDescription
Immersion Blender or Stick Blender:These are the most well-known types of blenders. They are handheld ‘sticks’ with a comfortable handle toward one side and a sharp cutting blade on the other, of course with a safety guard. Uses: Majorly For blending soups and hot liquids. Also great for quick mixing of powder & liquid. For Creating protein shakes & instant pudding. Pros: No Fear of Short-Circuit or Burning Easy to Wash & Clean Firm & Ergonomic Grip Comes in Lightweight Cons: Not so good for crushing hard ingredients
Hand Mixer:These are frequently called hand mixers and are truly an electric form of the older style eggbeater. They may come with various attachments; however, they are intended for truly beating all the ingredients together. Uses: For a wide range of baking and desserts. Also used mainly for beating eggs. Pros: Lightweight Easy to remove & Clean The easiest solution for all baking tasks Also helpful in good whipping Cons: Only useful for smooth food or chopped ingredients
Portable Blender:These types of blenders are comprised of a transparent glass tube, one end screws into the blade base which contains the engine. The opposite end joins to the lid. The blenders are lightweight and more modest than normal flask, so are really versatile. Uses: Perfect for making instant juices & smoothies anywhere For making instant baby food Pros: Best on-the-go partners for a busy day Easy to charge Lightweight Cons: Sometimes Leakage can occur

12 5 Ways to Use Your Immersion Blender

You think your hand blender can be used to do a thing or two, but your device is handy for making so many dishes you could never imagine!

Let’s look at them one by one.

BestCheck placeholder
5 ways to use your immersion blender.
For Making Smoothies and MilkshakesWhether you’re after a rich milkshake for dessert or a fruit smoothie for breakfast, Your Hand Blenders are pro for preparing all these types of frothy drinks. Furthermore, it’s efficient to handle ice and frozen natural products.
For Beating EggsMaking fried eggs, omelets, or frittatas? Always opt for the hand blender when it’s an ideal opportunity to beat the eggs. Indeed, it’s quick and simple, yet mixing, instead of whisking or beating with a fork guarantees the yolks and whites are mixed thoroughly. You’ll be remunerated with soft & fluffy eggs, without fail.
For Making Some Fresh SalsaSearching for a simple-to-make nutritious salsa? This simple dish may not take a lot of artfulness. But slashing up every ingredient with a blade requires the additional time you might not have for a busy day. For a fast dice, cut your vegetables and fruits into small pieces. Utilize the chopper that accompanies your hand blender set for that. Blend all ingredients until you get the perfect texture & smoothness.
For Making Whipped CreamFor that extravagant texture & sweet taste, whipped cream is consistently a welcome addition to any dessert. Gone are the times of blending whipped cream by hand. What used to require around 10 minutes of whisking, now hardly takes under 30 seconds by a hand blender! A hand blender is your savior when you are on the move with a dessert dish & need some whipped cream in a hurry.
For Making PancakesWhat’s not to cherish about pancakes? Yes, this infamous breakfast comes readymade, but it is always better to make it with hands. Prepare & Stir the batter with a hand blender. You can prepare the batter this way for any pancake type you desire and never stress over dashes of flour all over the kitchen!

13 Top Hand Blender Brands in India

Hand Blender BrandsDescription
PhillipsPhilips is an organization from the Netherlands which has grounded establishes in India through its wide scope of items accessible on the lookout. It is an auxiliary of ROYAL PHILIPS which is a differentiated wellbeing and prosperity organization. Things We liked about Phillips: Philips Hand blenders have the fastest speed settings & handy ergonomics. Phillips Hand Blenders are designed to perform more than one task such as whisking, blending, etc.
PanasonicPanasonic is into making & serving top-notch home appliance solutions. Their motto is “Making a superior life, a superior world.” Things we liked about Panasonic: Panasonic Items help individuals save time, effort, and cash. Panasonic Blenders serve the ideal consistency and texture for every operation.
BossThe Boss Portable Hand Blenders is a maker of a wide scope of home appliances. Boss Products are spread and made accessible to the farthest corners of India. Things we liked about Boss: Usefulness, sturdiness, and advancement blended in with innovation are what they take a stab at. The Boss hand blenders are helpful in the kitchen with a wide range of mixing and blending tasks.
MaharajaWith an incredible market presence, Maharaja Whiteline is serving families with an assortment of kitchen apparatuses for over 40 years. The organization is a setup innovator in the worldwide market of kitchen machines. Things We liked about Maharaja: The organization holds the title of the second most known brand in the immense country India because of the dependability and productivity hold by their items. Maharaja hand blenders are liked by plenty of homemakers for their productivity and furthermore conservative and a la mode design.
UshaUsha is quite possibly the most celebrated brand in India. With a tremendous scope of gadgets, the brand has a restrict with a considerable lot of the large grounded brands. The organization has been granted a few esteemed honors for the great assembling of the items. Things We liked about Usha: Usha hand blender deals with all your weighty cooking prerequisites like blending, whipping, and manipulating necessities. Likewise, the handle design gives ease in holding the blender without fatigue, even for a long time.

FAQ's about Hand Blender

What is a hand blender?

A hand blender is an electric kitchen appliance used for blending and grinding of different food components. The processing of food is done using stainless steel blades attached in the blender.

We can use the hand blenders for various tasks such as making butter, grinding robust food components such as vegetables and hard cheese, for whipping cream, making purees, whisking eggs, and so on.

Yes, in most of the cases we can say that the hand blenders and the food processors are the same. The hand blenders can be used as a food processor for processing small food quantities such as tomato purees but for large amounts such as kneading or making any kind of dough.

Yes. Today’s hand blenders are available with such sharp stainless steel blades and the different attachments such as chopper and blending jar with measuring marks that making batters for cakes using the hand blenders become easy. Only one thing we need to take care of and that is that we need to blend the wet ingredients such as essence, milk, eggs, oil, etc. and the dry components such as nuts, baking powder, cocoa powder, etc. separately.

Yes. The maximum rpm available in the motor of the hand blender is 18000. More is the rpm of the engine; the more is the capacity of the hand blender to attend the hard food components. Also, it depends on manufacturing companies. Today, most of the companies produce hand blenders not just for blending purpose but also for grinding hard food components.

No, the blenders are extremely light in weight. The maximum weight of any model of a hand blender is 2 kg. So we can easily hold and grip the blenders in our hands and perform the blending process efficiently.

No, because the hand blenders come with a power consumption capacity of maximum 700 watts. So, we can easily use them daily without the fear of high electricity bills.

Yes, we can crush the ice using the hand blenders, but we need to cut the ice into small pieces; otherwise, it may damage the blades of the hand blender.

Yes, we can blend the hot food components with the hand blender, but before blending any hot food component, we need to allow the hot food component to cool down to some extent otherwise the hot part may damage the entire hand blender.

Yes. Because today’s hand blenders come with the speed setting switch on it through which we can blend the different food components with required different speeds by adjusting the speed using that switch.

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