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how to choose dosa tawa
A dosa tawa with dosa and chutney.

Everyone loves eating dosa because of its delicious taste. You can have it for breakfast or snacks in the evening. You can never go wrong with dosas topped with chutneys and sambar.

For making a perfect restaurant like dosa, we need to learn how to choose best dosa tawa so that we can make the crispiest dosas at home and enjoy them with our loved ones. A Dosa Tawa with excellent design can assist you.

The Indian market offers a wide range of Dosa Tawas, but picking the right one can be challenging. It is up to you to decide what type of Dosa Tawa you prefer out of the many options available. Here are some tips on how to choose best dosa tawa for your kitchen.

1What to look for when buying a Dosa Tawa?

Size of Tawa

There are various sizes of dosa tawa available for domestic use. The size ranges from 9 to 12 inches ( 22.5 to 30 cm). The actual cooking surface might differ by 1 or 2 cm depending on the model. Choosing a smaller or larger Tawa depends to you.

If you purchase a cast iron Tawa, this slight change of 1 or 2 cm would be a significant change in terms of weight. If compared, a 12 inch Tawa could weigh up to 3.3 Kg, while a 10 inch Tawa could weigh around 2.5 Kg. We would recommend you to buy a Tawa between 9 to 10 inches if you donโ€™t want your Tawa to be very heavy.

Handles of Dosa Tawa

Generally, the base of a dosa tawa is flat. Therefore, it is essential that the bottom of the handles lay flat against the surface where it is kept. It is necessary that the handle of the Dosa Tawa is ergonomic and heat-resistant so that it is safe to use while preparing Dosa. Dosa Tawas used in Indian homes usually have heat-proof handles for more convenience while preparing dosa.

If you are thinking to purchase a cast iron Tawa, make sure its handle is light to lift. Cast iron Tawas are generally heavier than a non-stick Tawa.

Finish of Dosa Tawa

Tawas with better finishes are more expensive. In addition to their smooth surface and durable seasoning, they have better stick resistance as well. As well as being well-designed, they are also durable.

There are also cheaper option available that have a grainy texture and are difficult to season.

Material of Dosa Tawa

The most common materials used for making Dosa Tawas are aluminum, anodized aluminum, and cast iron. Dosa Tawas made of cast iron are easy to use, non-stick, and offer better heat retention.

It might be a good idea to use an aluminum Dosa Tawa if you intend to use a lightweight Dosa Tawa. Your preferences should guide your choice of material.

2How much Should I Spend on a Dosa Tawa?

High Priced:
A high-priced dosa tawa comes with some good quality non-stick material. Even some dosa Tawa has granite non-stick base with a detachable handle. These are the special features that you have can get in a high-priced tawa.

Price Range?
We recommend spending โ‚น 1300 – โ‚น 1900.

Medium Priced:
Acquiring a medium-priced dosa Tawa will give stainless steel, non-stick Tawa with a regular base. There are fewer chances of getting a granite base in medium-priced Tawa. If you are looking for a BUDGET FIT Dosa Tawa, go for it.

Price range?
We recommend spending โ‚น 600 – โ‚น 1000.

Low Priced:
If you are auspicious enough, then you might find a good quality low-priced dosa Tawa. However, if you prefer buying a low-priced tawa, go for the below price range.

Price Range ?
We recommend spending up to โ‚น 550.

3How to Care for Your Dosa Tawa

Put forth a valiant effort to keep these guidelines and youโ€™ll see that your Dosa Tawa will last more, and utilizing them will be more pleasant while cooking.

Tip 1: Ensure your Dosa Tawa is Clean and Dry after usage.

  • Itโ€™s ideal to manually wash and dry your Dosa Tawa quickly after usage.
  • Cleaning Tawa after a long time & keeping it dirty expands the danger of permanent oil & burn marks onto the covering and outside of the container.
  • Such marks are hard to eliminate and make your food stick.
  • Dry your Dosa Tawa with soft cloths to keep rust from occurring.

Tip 2: Avoid High Temperatures or Drastic Temperature Changes.

  • Excessive Temperature or drastic temperature changes on Nonstick Dosa Tawa can make it bend & break down.
  • Also, the coating might bulge and lose its nonstick properties.
  • Certain Ceramic Dosa Tawa can withstand high temperatures for cooking foods like meat, yet the prolonged periods of high temperatures should be avoided.

Tip 3: Never Store Food in a Dosa Tawa.

  • Your Dosa Tawas are not food storing vessels.
  • After cooking, move the food to appropriate storage vessels regularly.
  • Foods that are acidic can likewise harm the coating when left in the Tawa for a long time.

Tip 4: Always Hand Wash your Dosa Tawa.

  • Dishwashing cleaners are excessively harsh for nonstick coatings.
  • Handwash the Dosa Tawa in hot water, wash well, and dry totally prior to storing.
  • Utilize a plastic scrub, wipe, or dishcloth to wash the Tawa.
  • Never use scrubbers that have implicit cruel chemicals or cleansers.
  • Nonstick Tawas for the most part needs a speedy and simple wash, requiring little scrubbing.
  • Make sure to eliminate all food buildup, which could heat in the Tawa later and harm the coating.

Tip 5: Store Your Dosa Tawa Properly.

  • While storing Dosa Tawa with other vessels, add a paper napkin between them to stay away from the lower part of one vessel scratching the covering of the other.
  • You can do likewise with nonstick bakeware, irons, and other cookware.
  • On the other hand, discover a cookware storing choice that limits contact with the nonstick covering.

4Types of Dosa Tawa

Anodized Aluminum

anodized aluminum dosa tawa
Anodized Aluminum Dosa Tawa

Anodized aluminum Tawa is an incredible conductor of warmth and is considered to some degree nonstick, making it one of the choices for a Dosa Tawa. After plunging the aluminum in an electrolyte shower and running an electric flow through the metal, Anodized aluminum is achieved. This cycle shields the aluminum from erosion. After the entire interaction, you are left with a hard dull dark surface that is Corrosion resistant.

Cast Iron

cast iron dosa tawa
Cast Iron Dosa Tawa

Cast iron has an amazing quality, it heats up quickly & staying hot for a long time. It also has a natural nonstick covering for longer usage. It very well may be very hefty, which can be an issue.

Non-stick Coating

non stick coating
Non-Stick Coating

They are extremely well known as cooking in them is simple, and food doesnโ€™t stick. The nonstick covering is Vital for making dosa.

5Top Dosa Tawa Brands in India


hawkins logo
Hawkins logo

Hawkins is a very notable cookware organization in India. Established in 1959, it is probably the most seasoned organization giving premium quality cookware to the Indian family. Things we liked about Hawkins: Hawkins Tawa consists of a high-quality nonstick coating & a wooden spatula to cook for better safety & handling. They make cookware appropriate for each Indian dish, which is the principal justification of its prominence.


prestige logo
Prestige logo

Prestige is an Indian organization that fabricates cookware items. Established in 1955, Prestige is known by numerous individuals for its quality items that are currently utilized in the family for an extensive period. Things we liked about Prestige: PrestigeTawa accompanies a non-stick covering so you can utilize less oil while cooking. Prestige Tawa is lightweight and made with aluminum material that is best for heat move and conduction.


wonderchef logo
Wonderchef logo

Established by star culinary specialist Sanjeev Kapoor, Wonderchef offers excellent cookware items that are reasonable and pretty to take a gander at. Things we liked about Wonderchef: The items have an Italian design and the materials utilized are German. This makes them strong and top quality. Wonderchef products are designed ergonomically to ensure smooth & safe handling.


sumeet logo
Sumeet logo

Sumeet cookware is the place where you will discover all you require to begin a kitchen. They offer meal dishes, supper plates, cookware sets, utensils. They offer incredible quality items at a reasonable cost. Things we liked about Sumeet: Sumeet Tawas are best for individuals who are searching for a jazzy and smooth design with great ergonomics. Their Tawa accompanies aluminum material and can disperse the warmth uniformly in nearly seconds.


ibell logo
iBell logo

iBell is an Indian organization which was begun in 2007. Throughout the long term, they have made an immense scope of items from gadgets, personal care, kitchenware, gardening equipment, cleaning devices & so onโ€ฆ Things we liked about iBell: iBell is an expert to offer the best comfort to their clients. iBell Tawa has 3 layers of non-stick covering. In this way, you can be certain no food sticks to the surface.

6Wrapping Up

Using your cookware correctly is the key while you understand how to choose best dosa tawa. Those who prefer easy to use and low maintenance cookware will benefit from nonstick dosa tawas, while those who are concerned with toxins and notice even minute differences in texture and flavor will appreciate cast iron tawas.
We hope that our guide on how to choose best dosa tawa helped you while purchasing a dosa tawa. We have also reviewed some of the best dosa tawas and the best induction cooktops in both these categories. Select the one that works best for you!

FAQs about Dosa Tawas

Which material is healthy for dosa tawa?

The use of cast iron tawa to prepare dosas is completely safe and healthy. The reason for this is that it doesn’t have a chemical coating, like Teflon products. A cast iron cookware from leading brands is attractive, lightweight, and easy to use.

You should aim for a dosa Tawa that has a thickness of at least 2.5mm and the maximum thickness of 4mm in order to ensure that the dosas are seared evenly and crisp on both sides.

There are several reasons why cast iron pans have some disadvantage. Cast iron pans are poor heat conductors, it takes a lot of strength to lift cast iron pans, a cast iron pan’s handles can become extremely hot, and pans made of cast iron need to be seasoned.

Our pick the Hawkins Futura Nonstick Dosa Tava is the best Dosa Tawa to buy in India. The handle of this Tawa is securely attached by a stainless steel rivet, allowing for the making of a very large dosa, a number of uttapams, and cutlets at the same time. This Dosa Tawa has the right curve and thickness to make the best Dosas. Its flat surface makes it easy to spread batter. This prevents oil from spilling, which is hazardous when cooking on gas or other open flames.

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