8 Best Cricket Games for Android [Dec 2023]

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cricket games for android
Best cricket games for android featuring real cricket 20 game poster.

Cricket is a symbol for a gentleman’s sport. Cricket is not only a popular sport around the world, but it also dominates mobile games in the Sports category. It is always fun to play a fun simulation of your favorite sport with your friends or to take revenge on your rivals as your favorite team. There are some free cricket games that emphasize only batting, whereas other competitive cricket games include the surprising add-ons of fielding and bowling.

While cricket games can offer stunning graphics, realistic gameplay dynamic ai, real cricket precise motions, and realistic simulations, it is difficult to find the best cricket games that have these features all at once. Since different games specialize in different experiences, we’ve finally found the best cricket games for android.

1World cricket championship 2

world cricket championship 2 banner
Poster for world cricket championship 2.

Over 10 million downloads of World Cricket Championship 3 and 4.2-star rating on Google Play make it one of the most popular cricket games.

Among the most epic cricket games in the world, the World Cricket Championship is undoubtedly one of the best cricket games for android for cricket fans, this official game features realistic animations and immersive strokes of batting and bowling from real professionals.

In addition to choosing from Tests, T20s, ODIs, World Cups, and other cricket models, you can also participate in auctions with a variety of options. The game includes famous stadiums, giving you the nostalgic feel of playing a test match.

Along with wearing great looking team jerseys from around the world, you can also participate in hot events that replicate live cricket matches. The game features well-analyzed professional commentary by Matthew Hayden and India’s renowned star and leading pundit Aakash Chopra.

World cricket championship is developed by the game developers of Next Wave Multimedia, and they keep updating the game regularly.

Download for : Android | IOS

2Real Cricket

real cricket game banner
Poster for real cricket game.

Real cricket game is among the most popular cricket game widely played in India. If you feel WCC games are unrealistic and look like sticky characters sometimes, then you should definitely check this game. I really like the graphics on this game. The game is about 570 M.B in size and is available for free.

One of the most real-time multiplayer games on Android is Real Cricket, which features detailed images, real-life player faces, stylish jerseys for your own team, and live stadiums with the highest accuracy. A few of these cities are London, Melbourne, Cape Town, Pune, and Mumbai, all of which have their own unique characteristics. The game offers all the standard match formats, including T-20, Test, and ODI, as well as multiplayer games which can be played 1v1, 2v2, or co-op with friends, or you can enjoy watching your friends playing in real-time.

Players can compete in a variety of international tournaments, as well as assemble their own team by bidding on their favorite players.

There is no doubt that Real Cricket 20 sets the bar exceptionally high for all upcoming new cricket games. Not only does it deliver the greatest simulation experience, but the commentary is well synchronized as well.

Download for : Android | IOS

3Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

poster of sachin saga cricket champions
Sachin saga cricket champions game banner.

Here’s another cricket simulation game for Android. The Sachin Saga Cricket Champions cricket game lets you assume the role of Sachin Tendulkar, who starts his cricket journey at the age of 16 and you will follow him throughout his 24 years as a cricketer. It will be an exciting feeling for you to play cricket at the same stadiums where he played. In addition to One-day, T20, Test, Premier League, domestic, and amazing World Cup modes, the game also has other modes. With high-quality graphics and motion-captured animation, it is sure to impress.

The game offers excellent graphics and motion-captured animations that give players a premium gaming experience.

A high-quality graphics engine and motion-captured cricket ensure that players experience a premium gaming experience. Not only do you get to enjoy the classic forms of T20, ODI, and Test cricket, but you will also have the opportunity to relive India’s popular cricketer Sachin Tendulkar’s glorious 24-year glorious cricketing career through a campaign mode. In addition to motion-captured strokes, similar to the famed straight drive of Sachin, you can take part in World Cup and IPL tournaments.

There’s no denying that Sachin Saga Cricket Champions is one of the best mobile cricket games available.

Besides that, it also includes more than 28 cricketing shots of Sachin Tendulkar. There are many tournament modes in Sachin saga cricket champions, like Asia Cup, World Cup, and so on.

To score more runs, you can also compete with online players and user boosters.

The initial experience with the game was not as good as expected when it was first announced. Recently, the team has improved the gaming experience. There are a number of ways in which Sachin Saga Cricket champions bring their experience to the game. A free version of the game is about 180 M.B in size.

Download for : Android | IOS

4Smash cricket

smash cricket banner
Poster for smash cricket game.

Smash Cricket is simple cricket that is really fun and easy to play. Instead of different angles of camera, smash Cricket mainly relies on single-back camera angles that are usually found on OLX Cricket games. The graphics are really good and the experience is fun and really impressive.

Based on your interest you can select different formats like T20, Test cricket, and more. You can also choose the difficulty of this game based on your progress. The size of the game is about 20 M.B in size and is available totally for free on Google Play Store.

The game Smash Cricket is a play-ready, fast-paced version of cricket. During fast-paced international matches, you can compete against your friend’s live matches and bring home the World Cup. In this game, defending your wickets and scoring runs is essential with realistic bat and ball motions, or you can challenge the world’s best teams to a championship match. The game resembles the original smash arena, in which you use a bat to smash all balls coming towards you while your score is displayed. The realistic 3D sound and engaging environment make Smash a fun game to play.

People who like to play cricket in short bursts will enjoy Smash Cricket.

Download for : Android

5World cricket battle 2

world cricket battle 2 banner
Poster for world cricket battle 2 game.

With World Cricket Battle 2, you’ll be able to compete in T20 leagues, hit real-time balls, and take on your opponents in multiplayer matches. A similar feature of the T20 Cricket Premier League is that you can manage a team and bid on franchises, similar to Real Cricket 20. Moreover, World Cricket Battle 2 has dynamic weather which allows a match to be interrupted by rain and provides a Duckworth-Lewis determination of the winner.

Unlike other Cricket games, You cannot cheat the artificial intelligence with World Cricket Battle’s next level, real-time optimized difficulty algorithm, which provides you with the best cricket game experience., and also the feat of hitting continuous sixes will also prove challenging. As the game progresses, the difficulty of the gameplay will change which gives you stunningly entertaining gaming sessions.

As you progress through all new career mode, you will reach various stages of the Cricket Journey until you retire. To advance through each stage, you need to achieve certain milestones and target scores. If you are good at Cricket Captaincy and you have a high success rate, you can hold the position of cricket team captain.

Download for : Android | IOS

6Stick cricket super league

stick cricket super league banner
Poster for stick cricket super league game.

Over 5 million people have downloaded Stick Cricket Super League on Google Play, earning it a 4.3-star rating.

The Stick Cricket Super League attracts players from around the world. You won’t find a better T20 league or cricket game! Get your favorite cricket team to the top of the world cricket championship.

You can create and customize your character before heading out on the field for T20 cricket. With so many hairstyles and accessories to choose from, you are the ultimate cricket megastar.

Pick your first eleven players, win the toss, and determine who bats and bowls. The decisions you make as captain will be in your hands.

Your progress will be shown in your career and season statistics. Be rewarded with gratitude and trophies. Become the best of the best playing iconic cricket matches.

Download for : Android | IOS

7Stick Cricket Live

stick cricket live banner
Poster for stick cricket live game.

Get your friends together and play stick cricket. The Stick Cricket Live game offers a realistic cricketing experience and dynamic 1v1 multiplayer matches in local multiplayer mode. The real cricket graphics are great fun and the gameplay is very simple.

Featuring stadiums from all around the globe in Stick Cricket Live, this is a multiplayer game where players take on each other in 1v1. It features an intense batting test where you can use a variety of cricket shots to beat your opponent. Keeping your bowlers upgraded will help you gain a tactical advantage over your opponent.

You will be surprised by knowing that this game has also won the Best Competitive Games for Android award from Google Play Store.

Download for : Android | IOS

8Cricket league

cricket league banner
Poster for cricket league game.

Over 10 million people have downloaded Cricket League from the Google Play Store, with a rating of 4.1.

Quick-play cricket games are designed for travelers who enjoy passing the time while playing small games for fun while on the road. Cricket League matches take place worldwide, in cricket grounds such as Karachi, Dubai, Adelaide, Mumbai, Dhaka, Johannesburg, and Melbourne. The game involves bowling and batting for an over, or six balls, for each player. If you want to win, you either need to score as much runs as possible, or you have to keep your opponent from scoring. At the moment that you’re down with a wicket, your turn and innings end. A few minutes of gameplay usually results in the winner being the one with the highest attainable score when the game ends.

Download for : Android | IOS

9Wrapping Up

To all the cricket fans out there reading this article on the best cricket games for android, We hope that this article got your favorite cricket game covered! Please let us know which cricket game won your heart, and gave you the real experience while playing cricket in the comment section below. Also do not forget to check out our list for the best Bus simulator games and Best truck simulator games for android.

FAQ's about Cricket Games

Which is the best cricket game for Android mobile?

There are many great cricket games for Android and iPhone that deliver authentic cricket experiences. There are a few games like Sachin Saga Cricket, World Cricket Championship 3, Real Cricket 20, that allows you in a stadium to play against a team of some of the greatest cricketers.

There is no doubt that Real Cricket 20 is one of the most popular cricket apps available for both Android and iOS devices. You can play this game offline without an internet connection. You can challenge your friends to a one-on-one cricket match using the app.

‘Real Cricket 22’ is the latest version of the game Real Cricket released on 10th August 2022.

Yes, you heard it right. You can now play your favorite game Real Cricket 20 for free without downloading it from the Play Store or App Store. With now.gg, you can play it for free on your browser. You can play Real Cricket 20 instantly in your browser by clicking the ‘Play in Browser’ button!

Stick Cricket Super League is one of the lightest game which you can play on your device. This game only takes up 35 MB space on your device.

We have handpicked some of the best online cricket games for you. Out of which, World Cricket Championship 2 is the best online cricket game. The game features realistic animations and immersive strokes based on real-life batting and bowling. In addition to wearing great looking jerseys from around the world, you can also take part in thrilling events that simulate live cricket matches.

No, WCC3 is not an offline game. You will require an active internet connection to sign-up with your Facebook login credentials or Play Store id. If you do not login with your credentials and signup as a guest-user, you may lose the chance to claim one-time Platinum bonus.

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