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The need to stay updated with the world is rapidly increasing in this fast-paced world. And that is why the in-phone news apps become handy to be well-informed about current affairs without wasting a lot of time. These apps come in every language, so if you don’t understand English, want to enjoy the world news in your mother tongue, or simply want to get acquainted with the news cost-free, these apps got your back. This article features the best news apps in Telugu. If Telugu is your primary language, these applications will keep you up with breaking news and Telugu live news with up-to-the-minute notifications popping on your android device.

1 AP TS Telugu News Papers

astp news app for telugu news
AS TP Telugu news app

Upon our survey, we have discovered that AP TS Telugu News Papers is the best Telugu news app as it is designed in a way that one can read all Telugu newspapers through this app. This application brings news to your phone, published in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states, so you do not have to buy newspapers or wait for one. All the papers available in this app can be easily accessed, read, and downloaded so that even a lack of internet doesn’t stop you from acquainting yourself with the world news in Telugu. This application also provides the feeling of a physical newspaper because of its design but with a digital touch, as it also allows its readers to share any pdf or link from the application via WhatsApp, Facebook, or other Apps.

Another fantastic feature of this app is that it doesn’t share just newspapers; the readers can also access special magazines, various English newspapers, and employment news. The special magazines cover the latest news, Telugu movie reviews, Telugu cinema news, Telugu shows like Graham Anugraham, and Telugu movie events. Also, they showcase Telugu videos and photos of Telugu cinema actor and actress. With 4.4 stars, the reader is provided with important news as well as entertainment. The app is 12 MB; you can download it by clicking on the link below.

Download for : Android

2 Eenadu News

ennadu news app for telugu news
Ennadu Telugu news app

Eenadu News app is a Telugu news app that offers the latest Telugu news and breaking news. This app showcases comprehensive articles on different trends and current events. The reader is provided with immediate current affairs with the push notification feature. The reader can also see this app’s daily horoscopes and save anything with its iconic bookmark feature. It also exhibits an interesting Telugu movie gallery along with Telangana news, Hyderabad news, Andhra news, political news, local news, and overall India news. This app provides a dark mode to please the user’s preference. This Telugu News app size is 8.0 MB, rated 4.2 stars. Overall, this app is user-friendly and trendy. Download this app by clicking on the link below.

Download for : Android | IOS

3 Telugu News - Latest Telugu news app

telugu news app for telugu news app
Telugu latest telugu news app

This app provides the latest Telugu news updates and breaking news from top Telugu news papers. It is a simple and easy-to-use app with eye-pleasing blue colour. It consists of more than 70 Telugu newspapers that perform as trusted sources, i.e., Daily hunt, Andhra Jyothi, News 18, etc. This application envelops local, political, current affairs, sports, and international news. This News app size is 15 MB, and it is rated 4.2 stars. To download this application, click the link below and enjoy Andhra Pradesh news headlines daily.

Download for : Android

4 Telugu News App Live - Samayan

samayan news app for telugu language
Samayan Telugu news app

If you are nowhere near a physical newspaper and wondering what is happening worldwide, this application will fulfil your wish to stay connected with the world. With this application, you can access Telugu news live with one touch. This live Telugu news app is highly user-friendly, from different cooking recipes of famous Telugu dishes like Telugu Vantalu to providing Astrological, spiritual, and political news. It is the best news app that includes free news from Telugu news channels and newspapers. Besides this, the user can access the Telugu calendar with this application and set reminders for special occasions. The push notification feature of this app notifies the user of every breaking news, and one can get in-depth information about any news by clicking on the notification easily. This app also allows users to personalize their choices to receive personalized alerts in the Telugu Language. This application thus provides everything that one requires from a news app. It is rated 4.1 stars, and the app size is 14 MB. To download this app, click the link below.

Download for : Android | IOS

5 Sakshi Telugu news app

sakshi news app for telugu language
Sakshi Telugu news app

India is a country with many religions, festivities, political parties, cultural differences, and seasons. Thus, it is necessary to stay acquainted with happenings to run along with the world. Sakshi Telugu news is another application that provides news in the Telugu language. This online application notifies readers of the latest Andhra news headlines, Telangana news, political news, Indian news, and world news in general. This app provides the user with detailed coverage with a minute-to-minute update. It incorporates the news from all genres with free videos and photos for better clarity and visual aid. With the Sakshi TV feature, the user can watch Telugu news live. Another great part this app includes is that it provides text-to-speech in articles to listen to the news, and it also allows voice search on the search page. This feature becomes extremely important for the hearing and speaking impaired for easier use. The size of this app is 12 MB, with a 3.8 stars rate. You can download this application for free by clicking the link below.

Download for : Android | IOS

6 Wrapping Up

While these applications perform their best, users can also use the Google News app and select the news option in the Telugu language. Stay connected, stay safe!

7 Wrapping Up

We hope that our list of the best telugu news apps have helped you stay updated with the latest news and current issues in Telugu language. If you have any suggestions or would like to know about any topic, please let us know in the comment section below. You can also check our blog on tips to hide reels on instagram. For coffee lovers, our writers have made a list on different coffee variety. Do not miss that out!

FAQ's about Telugu News Apps

Which is the best news app in Telugu?

AP TS Telugu News Papers is the best news app for Telugu news readers. This app gives you the comfort to read all the newspapers inside a single app. The main feature of this app is you can use it without having an active internet connection.

We have a list of news app which will keep you engaged with all types of news. Some of these apps are Reuters, Apple News, Feedly, SmartNews, News 360, NewsBreak and Digg.

There are many free news apps available nowadays which you can have in your Android devices for latest news updates. This list includes, Google News, Dailyhunt News, Flipboard, Opera News and CNN News.

We Indians are always curious about what is happening around us. We have made a list of best news app for latest news i.e. Koo, Aaj Tak Hindi News Live TV App, Hindi News by Dainik Bhaskar, Dailyhunt News.

Jagran Josh Current Affairs & GK App is the most trusted app for daily news and current affairs. This app keeps you updated with verified with all top current affairs both in Hindi and English language.

During the last general election in India, ABP Live News was ranked as the fastest news app for Android. Among the millions of people who prefer national or regional news in their native language, ABP Live News is also available in Bangla, Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, and Punjabi.

According to August 2022, these are the top 5 most popular News & Media Publishers sites in India:
1. aajtak.in
2. india.com
3. indiatimes.com
4. ndtv.com
5. news18.com

The Times of India has been the most reliable in India with a trust score of 74%. Among Indian news outlets, TOI holds the highest level of trust.

The following are five newspapers one should consider specifically to improve vocabulary as a beginner:
1. The Hindu
2. The Indian Express
3. Times of India
4. Hindustan Times
5. The Statesman

The Hindu is able to match the quality of international newspapers due to its high-quality content and the number of unfamiliar words. However, there are a few newspapers for students which are Times of India, The Indian Express, The Telegraph, Live Mint etc.

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