Mastering the Art of Reading the Mounts on Palm

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different mounts on palm
Different Mounts on Palm

Palmistry, also known as chiromancy or palm reading, has been practised for centuries as a way to gain insight into a person’s character, emotions, and even future. One key aspect of palmistry is the study of mounts – the fleshy, elevated areas on the palm. In this blog post, we will discuss how to read the mounts on palm and what they can reveal about your personality and life.

1 Understanding the Importance of Mounts in Palmistry

Mounts are a crucial aspect of palmistry, as they reveal various aspects of an individual’s life, such as their strengths, weaknesses, talents, and potential challenges. They are named after celestial bodies and Greek gods, which signify their specific characteristics and influences. In total, there are seven primary mounts on the palm, each corresponding to different aspects of life.

2 Identifying the Seven Primary Mounts on Palm

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Seven Primary Mounts on Palm

To begin your journey in palmistry, you first need to identify the seven primary mounts on your palm. These mounts are:

  • Mount of Jupiter
  • Mount of Saturn
  • Mount of Apollo
  • Mount of Mercury
  • Mount of Mars (Upper and Lower)
  • Mount of Luna (or Moon)
  • Mount of Venus

3 Reading the Mounts: Size, Shape, and Prominence

The first step in reading the mounts is to examine their size, shape, and prominence. A well-developed mount suggests strong characteristics or abilities, while an underdeveloped or flat mount may indicate weaknesses or challenges in that area of life.

  • Well-developed: A well-developed mount indicates a strong presence of the qualities associated with that mount, suggesting positive traits and strengths in that area of life.
  • Underdeveloped or flat: An underdeveloped or flat mount signifies a lack of the associated qualities, which could indicate weaknesses or challenges in that area of life.
  • Overdeveloped: An overdeveloped mount can imply an overemphasis on the associated qualities, potentially leading to negative traits or an imbalance in the individual’s personality.

The Mount of Jupiter

Located at the base of the index finger, the Mount of Jupiter signifies ambition, leadership, and spirituality. A well-developed Jupiter mount indicates an ambitious, confident individual with strong leadership qualities. An underdeveloped mount may suggest a lack of ambition or confidence, while an overdeveloped mount could indicate arrogance or a domineering personality.

The Mount of Saturn

Found at the base of the middle finger, the Mount of Saturn represents wisdom, responsibility, and introspection. A well-developed Saturn mount suggests a disciplined, responsible individual who values knowledge and has a deep understanding of life. An underdeveloped mount could indicate a lack of discipline or a superficial approach to life, while an overdeveloped mount may represent pessimism or excessive introversion.

The Mount of Apollo

Located at the base of the ring finger, the Mount of Apollo is associated with creativity, artistic talents, and personal magnetism. A well-developed Apollo mount signifies an individual with strong creative abilities and a charismatic personality. An underdeveloped mount might indicate a lack of creativity or an inability to express oneself, while an overdeveloped mount could suggest vanity or a tendency to seek constant attention.

The Mount of Mercury

Situated at the base of the little finger, the Mount of Mercury represents communication, intelligence, and adaptability. A well-developed Mercury Mount indicates an individual with strong communication skills, a quick wit, and the ability to adapt to different situations. An underdeveloped mount may signify difficulty in communication or a rigid mindset, while an overdeveloped mount might indicate a tendency to manipulate others or engage in dishonest behaviour.

The Mount of Mars

The Mount of Mars is divided into two parts: the Upper Mars (located between the Mounts of Jupiter and Venus) and the Lower Mars (found between the Mounts of Luna and Venus). The Mount of Mars represents courage, determination, and aggression.

  • Upper Mars: A well-developed Upper Mars mount signifies an individual with strong self-control, resilience, and determination. An underdeveloped mount may suggest a lack of courage or assertiveness, while an overdeveloped mount could indicate a combative or argumentative nature.
  • Lower Mars: A well-developed Lower Mars mount indicates an individual with physical courage and a strong sense of self-protection. An underdeveloped mount might signify vulnerability or a lack of confidence in one’s abilities, while an overdeveloped mount could suggest excessive aggression or a confrontational personality.

The Mount of Luna

Located on the opposite side of the palm from the thumb, the Mount of Luna represents intuition, imagination, and emotional intelligence. A well-developed Luna mount signifies an individual with a vivid imagination, strong intuition, and a deep connection to their emotions. An underdeveloped mount may indicate a lack of empathy or imagination, while an overdeveloped mount could suggest a tendency towards escapism or be overly emotional.

The Mount of Venus

Found at the base of the thumb, the Mount of Venus represents love, sensuality, and passion. A well-developed Venus mount indicates an individual with a strong capacity for love, a healthy sex drive, and a passionate nature. An underdeveloped mount might signify a lack of passion or difficulty in forming deep connections, while an overdeveloped mount could indicate possessiveness, jealousy, or an overly indulgent personality.

4 Additional Mounts and Considerations

In some cases, you may notice additional mounts or markings on your palm. While these are less common, they can still provide valuable insights into your character and life. For example:

  • The Mount of Rahu: Located between the Mounts of Saturn and Apollo, the Mount of Rahu represents obstacles and challenges in life. A well-developed Rahu mount can suggest a resilient individual who has overcome significant challenges.
  • The Mount of Ketu: Situated between the Mounts of Venus and Luna, the Mount of Ketu represents spirituality and detachment. A well-developed Ketu mount indicates a highly spiritual individual or someone who values simplicity and detachment from material concerns.

5 Wrapping Up

Reading the mounts on your palm can provide a fascinating glimpse into your personality, strengths, and potential challenges. By examining the size, shape, and prominence of each mount, you can gain a deeper understanding of your character and the various aspects of your life. As with any form of self-discovery, it is essential to approach palmistry with an open mind and remember that personal growth and self-awareness are ongoing processes that require patience and self-compassion.

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