Coffee Types: 21 Different Types of Coffee to Try in India

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Last Updated: November 23, 2022

different types of coffee to try
Different varieties of delicious coffee filed in cups for your taste.

With the difference in culture, you also get to see different types of coffee drinks across the world. Out of all these varieties, it’s confusing which variety will suit you the most.

Choosing the best coffee to enhance your morning mood is as important as the gravitational force holding us upright.

Just like without gravitation we cannot stand upright, without a morning coffee, the coffee aficionado cannot imagine their day.

If you are a strong coffee addict, this article is gonna be the best you will get to read because there are 20+ coffee varieties here.

But if you don’t have a coffee maker, get one for hassle-free coffee making.

Let’s see which coffees have acquired top places in our hearts. For sure they are going to be sense busters.

1 Types of Coffee Drinks ☕

As promised in the introduction, here are the best coffee drinks available to drink when you feel low.

These drinks enhance your mood every time you get to drink them. Here’s the list of various types of coffee available in the market.

Looking at the majestic names of various types of coffee, you might be thinking about how to make dalgona coffee and other coffees that you have not tried still.

So, let’s discuss the taste of each of these varieties, along with a small description of that coffee and its brief recipe.

1. The Black Coffee

black coffee
Black Coffee.

Starting with how to make black coffee, it’s quite bitter.

But that’s what it’s meant for. The bitterness enhances your senses and makes them active for the remaining day.

A shot of black coffee contains only grounded coffee powder and hot water.

Whether you make it in a Moka pot, coffee machine, or on a stove, the taste remains the same.

Moreover, you also get iced black coffee or cold black coffee.

Generally, people use brown sugar as a sweetening agent to cut down the bitter taste of this drink.

The recipe is easy:

  • Just take a mug, add the instant coffee powder to it, add brown sugar or simple powdered sugar (optional).
  • Then take 1 cup of hot water.
  • First, add a little hot water, the instant coffee and mix it until it dissolves.
  • After that add the remaining water to the mug, and there you go.
  • Your black coffee is ready.

2. Hot Espresso Shot

hot espresso shot
Hot Espresso Shot.

People who do not know much about coffees get confused between Espresso and Black Coffee. They think that both are the same. But no, they’re not the same.

Hot espresso is more caffeinated than black coffee. As the concentration of caffeine is more in espresso, more consumption (more than 5 shots a day) might be harmful to some of us.

However, 2-3 shots per day are enough to kill your fatigue and make your senses grow easily throughout the day.

Experts say, to make an espresso, you might require a fancy espresso machine. But you can also make it using a Moka Pot.

The recipe of Hot Espresso Shot is quite similar to Black coffee.

  • Fill water in the bottom part of the Moka Pot.
  • Add finely-ground coffee beans in the upper section and press it firmly to adjust the powder well.
  • Close the Moka pot firmly and place it on the stove.
  • Wait for a few minutes until you see the coffee brewing in the upper portion of Moka Pot.
  • A strict no to sweetening additives in Hot Espresso Shot. Avoid sugar if possible.

3. Doppio, Triplo, Lungo, and Ristretto

BestCheck placeholder
Doppio Triplo Lungo and Ristretto

These 4 types of coffees are near to similar to each other because they are different types of espresso.

The only difference between them is the concentration of espresso shots and additional water.

Um, I know this might be a really short difference to understand. So, here’s the recipe for each coffee that will make the difference clear for you.

Doppio simply means double espresso. The recipe of Doppio includes a double shot of espresso in one drink. Just double the quantity of one shot of espresso, and your Doppio coffee is ready to drink. 

Similarly, the recipe of Triplo has three shots of espresso in it. Just triple the espresso in one shot and Triplo is made. Have it and let your senses dance in joy.

Now looking at the recipe of Lungo, it consists of a 1:1 proportion of Water and Espresso. The water is added to dilute the hardness of espresso. Many people prefer to dilute caffeine, Lungo can be perfect for them.

While Ristretto is completely the reverse of Lungo. It has a higher concentration of espresso and even less amount of water than simple espresso. So, you can call it highly concentrated espresso coffee.

4. Macchiato

macchiato coffee
Macchiato Coffee.

A Macchiato is just a strong shot of coffee with little warm milk in it.

Originating from Italy, Macchiato is one of the best coffee drinks that you will find universally.

No matter it’s just a shot of espresso and a dash of warm milk, but still, the aroma and taste of Macchiato change with the change in the place.

The recipe for Macchiato is:

It consists of fresh espresso and milk, add sugar if you prefer sweet coffee.

5. Corretto

corretto coffee
Corretto Coffee.

Caffe Corretto is an Italian Drink that is a combination of Espresso and one Shot of Liquor.

Generally, it’s espresso with corrected Grappa. Sometimes, grappa is substituted by Brandy or Sambuca.

The recipe of Corretto is easy like other coffees.

  • Take 1.5 ounces lastly brewed espresso and 1.5 ounces of Grappa.
  • Mix the sugar in the freshly made espresso, and add Grappa into it.
  • You can avoid sugar in 1% cases, but it’s recommended not to avoid it here.
  • Moreover, if the quality of Grappa you are using is honey-like sweet, you can avoid sugar as well.

6. Con Panna

con panna coffee
Con Panna Coffee.

Con Panna is an Espresso with Cream. Panna is the word that means cream in Italian.

While in the USA, this variety of coffee is known as café Vienne. But in France and the UK, it’s known as café Viennois.

Wiener Melange is the name of Con Panna in Northern Europe. Here it is made up of Espresso, with the topping of whipped cream and Milk foam.

Franziskaner, aka Con Panna of Vienna location, is just Espresso with whipped cream and no milk foam.

You can call it an old-fashioned traditional coffee with milk foam, which many of us prefer instead of a cappuccino or latte.

The simple the name, the simple the recipe of Con Panna.

  • To make Con Panna, just get a freshly brewed Espresso in a mug and make it topped with whipped cream or milk foam whatever you prefer.
  • You can add both too. So, enjoy your coffee peacefully whenever and wherever you want.
cappuccino coffee
Cappuccino Coffee.

Cappuccino is the most heard name of coffee.

Almost all of us know about it, unlike other types of coffee. It’s a creamy coffee usually included in the breakfast in Italy and the USA as well.

This drink is associated with comfort, because of the thick foam layer and additive flavors sprinkled on it.

The recipe for Cappuccino includes:

  • 1 to 2 shots of espresso, 2 ounces of steamed milk, 2 ounces of milk foam, with the garnish of chocolate powder. Chocolate powder is optional.
  • Generally, it is served in a cup of 6 to 8 ounces.

8. Americano

americano coffee
Americano Coffee

An Americano, also known as Caffè Americano, is the Italian name of Americano. It is believed that this name is given by the soldiers of the US during the 2nd World War.

It’s nothing more than Water and Espresso. But not similar to Lungo. Here the amount of water is higher than Espresso.

During the 2nd WW, soldiers used a large amount of hot water to balance the scarce amount of espresso.

The recipe of Americano contains espresso as the base element. Then a huge amount of hot water is added to make the concentration of espresso weaker.

This helps turn a small cup of espresso into a large one.

So, in short, Espresso is the base element of the Americano. To make the espresso weaker, more hot water is poured over it, turning a little shot of espresso in the huge cup of coffee.

9. Cafe Latte (Caffè latte)

cafe latte coffee
Cafe Latte Coffee.

A coffee that fits in almost everyone’s favorite coffee list, is none other than Cafe Latte.

It is often called through the shortened name of latte. Containing ⅓ of espresso and ⅔ of steamed milk. In addition to it, there is the topping of microfoam of milk and garnished with cocoa/ brown sugar/ cinnamon powder.

Cafe Lattes are the introductory drink because the bitterness and acidity are reduced by adding milk to them. Also, the flavoring syrups are used to enjoy lattes as a sweet beverage.

The recipe for the Caffè latte includes:

  • Freshly brewed espresso (1 shot), 8 to 10 ounces of steamed milk, and 1 cm of milk foam.
  • You can serve this mixture in 14 ounces mixing glass.

10. Romano

romano coffee
Romano Coffee.

Looking at the short and sweet explanation of this type of coffee drink, it’s a shot of espresso along with lemon slice/s.

Oh my goodness, this is going to be the perfect drink for the ones who love tangy and refreshing tastes.

It can be served as an iced coffee drink too, but generally, it’s served warm.

A shot of hot espresso with one or two slices of lemon. Either the slice is dipped in or kept at the side.

The coffee beans should have a medium roast and be perfectly grounded.

There are different ways to serve Romano, here are two of them:

The first way to make Romano

  • Firstly, preheat the espresso cup.
  • Rub the lemon peel against that cup’s rim.
  • Now pour in the hot shot of espresso drip coffee.
  • Add a few drops of lemon (if you do not suffer from acidity issues)
  • Add sweetening agents for better taste.

The second way to make Romano

  • Grab one shot of the espresso.
  • Take one cup in which you will serve the espresso.
  • Put 1-2 slices of lemon in it.
  • Pour hot espresso on it.
  • Add sugar as per requirements.

11. Marocchino

marocchino coffee
Marocchino Coffee.

Espresso drink with cocoa powder and steamed milk is what Marocchino is made up of.

Um, I guess, I missed mentioning Nutella in the elements used to prepare Marocchino.

Yes, you can line your cup of coffee with Nutella before adding espresso, cocoa powder, and steamed milk to it.

The hotness of the milk will dissolve the cocoa powder, milk, Nutella, and espresso together to blend into a mouth-watering coffee. It’s also known as Caffè Marocchino in common.

There’s one more coffee similar to it that is espressino.

The main difference between them is: Espressino is served cold, while the other one is served hot. Espressino consists of Gelato instead of cream.

I hope this information will help you with preparing the Marocchino and enhance your mood when you feel low.

12. Mocha

mocha coffee
Mocha Coffee.

For Chocolate lovers like me, this drink is going to be a mood rocker for you all. Some of us might already be in love with Mocha, but this description will help you to deepen your love for Mocha.

It’s a combination of coffee, hot chocolate syrup, or chocolate powder, milk foam, and steamed milk.

It’s considered a coffee of heaven for chocolate lovers. Here is the ratio and recipe of Mocha coffee. So, you can finally spare some time and make a cup of happiness for yourself now.

Mocha is a hot chocolate and coffee hybrid. The chocolate syrup or cocoa powder gives a creamy and rich flavor that reduces the acidity of espresso.

The recipe of Mocha includes:

  • One shot of espresso from French Press or any coffee maker, 1 to 2 ounces of chocolate powder or syrup, 2 to 3 cm of whipped cream or foam, 1 to 3 ounces of steamy milk.
  • Serve this coffee in a 6-8 ounce mug of Irish Coffee.

13. Cold brew coffee

cold brew coffee
Cold brew coffee.

Cold Brew coffee requires time. So, if you are craving it, first prepare the concentration around 6 to 36 hours ago.

The trendiest amongst iced coffee is the cold brew. It consists of soaking coffee beans for longer hours. The soaking hours will depend on the strength of the cold brew you want.

Once the beans are steeped, collect the coffee water in a cup and add cream and sweetened condensed milk in it.

If you want to have a high caffeinated cold brew, you can steep the coarsely grounded coffee in room temperature water for an extended time. It will give you less bitter but high caffeine concentration.

The recipe of cold brew is easy, just mix the coffee with water, steer it, and leave it

14. Iced coffee

iced coffee
Iced coffee.

Iced coffees are very popular in summer and mainly in the US.

The recipe of iced coffee changes with the location change.

Some recipes choose milk instead of water and some additional water to make the recipe worth drinking.

Along with that, you will also find various flavors of syrups that will be added as per the preference of the customers.

The recipe for iced coffee includes:

  • 2 ounces of drip coffee/ espresso, 4 ounces of ice, 4 to 6 ounces of milk/water, and flavoring syrup of preferred taste.
  • You can serve it in 14 ounces of a Mixing glass. Ice is the main element because it should be served chilled.

15. Affogato

affogato coffee
Affogato Coffee.

Affogato that is generally pronounced as A-fuh-ga-to is a famous Italian Coffee Based Dessert.

In Italy, it is known as ‘affogato al cafe’ that means drowned in coffee. And yes, in this drink, you will be served with vanilla scoops drowned in hot coffee espresso.

So, whenever you look for an excuse for enjoying ice cream, Affogato will help you with that. You get a two-in-one combo in this dessert, that is, you get coffee and ice cream altogether.

In the recipe of Affogato, you are served a glass with 1 scoop of ice cream or sometimes two, and two shots of pour-over coffee (espresso). Garnishing it with chocolate cuttings will be thrilling.

16. Irish Coffee

irish coffee
Irish Coffee.

Irish coffee is an Alcoholic beverage that includes a special Irish whiskey as its key element.

It’s the coffee that consists of black coffee, sugar, whiskey, and a topping of whipped cream. You can also include brown sugar as a sweetening agent.

In the recipe of Irish coffee, you see the mixture of whiskey, sugar, and hot coffee.

It’s one of the popular alcoholic coffees preferred across the world.

You get a serving of brown sugar (if you prefer), coffee (generally espresso), Irish Whiskey, and whipped cream.

It looks like a classy drink just made for you to enhance the hotness in your blood and cheer up your mood.

17. Frappe

frappe coffee
Frappe Coffee.

Frappe is a popular iced coffee that originated in Greece.

It consists of cold coffee, vanilla ice cream, sugar, milk, and caramel or chocolate syrups.

Along with Greece, Frappe is gaining popularity across the world now. It has ice that makes the flavor more intense and delightful.

The recipe for Frappe is easy to make.

  • Take a blender and start adding the following things to it:
  • 1/2 cup prepared cooled Espresso, 1/4 cup milk, 1 cup ice cubes, sugar as per your taste.
  • After blending them for around 30 seconds, the mixture will turn into a smooth frappe. Pour it into the glass and add vanilla ice cream and syrup to it.

18. Cappuccino Freddo

cappuccino freddo coffee
Cappuccino Freddo Coffee.

It’s a type of coffee that consists of multiple delicious additives. These elements make it worth drinking whenever you feel low.

Let’s see what these additives are:

In the recipe of Cappuccino Freddo, you will need to add Espresso, Whipped cream, Steamed milk, and a lot of ice.

Ice makes it worth drinking because some of us might prefer a longer time spent with our coffee. It keeps the coffee cold until the last sip of coffee.

With the amazing taste, this drink can stay on your mind the whole day when you have consumed it.

So, getting a cappuccino freddo can make your day well spent.

19. Frappuccino

frappuccino coffee
Frappuccino Coffee.

Frappuccino got its fame once Starbucks started selling it. It’s nothing but a blend of iced coffee with some whipped cream and syrup.

Remember almost all the time, there is no milk in Frappuccino. Just whipped cream and chocolate syrup to make it look tastier.

However, not all Frappuccino is the same while making them. So, make sure you know the ingredients of your Frappuccino before you buy it.

The recipe for Frappuccino includes instant cold-brewed coffee, ice, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream.

20. Turkish Coffee

turkish coffee
Turkish Coffee.

Turkish coffee is unfiltered coffee. It means the remnants of the coffee powder also end up in the cup.

Moreover, you will also require finely ground coffee beans along with a Turkish Pot known as Cezve.

Here’s the recipe for Turkish Coffee: put it on the stove and place the cezve on it. Add water and sugar to it and let it boil.

After it starts boiling, add ground coffee to it. You can reheat the pot until it achieves froth up to the desired level.

21. Cafe Au Lait

cafe au lait
Cafe Au Lait.

Café au lait is perfect for coffee lovers who enjoy old-style coffees. It’s a bit more in flavor than other coffees.

In the recipe of au lait, just a dash of warm milk in your coffee, and all set, Au Lait is made.

It’s a drink that is typically made in French Press instead of Espresso. This brings a lot of flavor to the coffee. Scalded milk is then poured into it with a 1:1 ratio.

You can serve it in 12 ounces of Coffee mug that consists of 5 ounces of coffee from the french press and 5 ounces of scalded milk.

22. Flat White Coffee

flat white coffee
Flat White Coffee.

A flat white coffee has espresso as the base element in it. It consists of two shots of rich and robust espresso and frothy microfoam that arise from the steamy milk.

It’s small in volume, but still many people compare it with cappuccino and latte. It has an amazing amount of milk and only a little foam, that’s called microfoam.

Because of the drink’s structure, many coffee drinkers prefer the flat white because it has a higher proportion of coffee to milk, and whatever milk is there has a light, agreeable consistency.

2 Difference Between Arabica and Robusta

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Coffee beans arabica and robusta

With different coffees, it is also necessary to know about the difference in the coffee beans used to make coffee.

Mainly there are two types of coffee beans, Arabica and Robusta. Let’s see the difference between them


They are the most popular coffee beans and are generally used for brewing black coffee.

They are comparatively sweeter and more complex in flavor.

One funny thing is, though being popular, they have less caffeine than Robusta beans.


Robusta seeds are stronger and cheaper. Because they have a bitter flavor, Robusta is used in instant coffee and espresso coffee drinks.

If you are lagging behind the Morning Routine, its high caffeine amount will wake you up.

Have a cup of coffee made from Robusta to have a refreshing day.

3 Wrapping Up

Concluding the list of different types of coffee to try in India, we hope that you may have find the perfect coffee type that will sooth your taste buds! South India is a great place to try coffeelicious brews that are aromatic, strong, and delicious. Don’t miss out on these amazing types of coffee. They are worth it, we promise!

FAQ's about different types of coffee drinks

Which is the best variety of coffee in India?

In India, generally, Indian Robusta coffee is preferred as the best coffee variety due to its rich quality blending. Besides this, there is also a good international market for Arabica coffee from India.

Throughout the world, Arabica coffee is popular for its taste. Arabica coffee beans are typically used for black coffee because of its sweeter, more complex flavor. These coffee beans can be consumed straight from the ground.

The most commonly consumed coffee beans by Indians are arabica and robusta. There are various states in South India that grow these, including Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu.

Of all the different types of coffee, mocha has the sweetest flavor. There are three ingredients in a Mocha: espresso, a sugar cube, and chocolate powder, plus steamed milk, 2-3 cm of foam, and a few sprinkles of chocolate.

If you are not a coffee addict and want to try some of the tastiest coffees, you can try from Mocha, Latte, Flat White Coffee and Iced Coffee. You can also start drinking cappuccinos if you aren’t accustomed to drinking coffee everyday.

Coffee made from Arabica beans has a milder taste than that from Robusta beans. Coffee made from Arabica beans has less bitterness and more flavor, but they are more costly.

Drinking moderate amounts of coffee can contribute to a healthy diet for most people. About 3-4 cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, liver cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and depression.

If you are studying late at night, espresso coffee can be very useful since it contains 75 mg of caffeine per cup.

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