The 7 Best Office Chairs in India 2021 | Ergonomic for Office & Home

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The year 2021 has been brutal to all the people around the globe.
Their workspace has changed from office to home.

Moreover, most of us are finding it difficult & tiresome to work from home.
Hence, having a Decent Office chair can solve half of your problems.

There are many products available in the market, which can create an office environment at home.
All you need to do is find A comfortable office chair to get started.

An office chair is a type of chair that is designed for workplace (or home office)use.
It is usually a swivel chair, with a set of wheels for mobility.

Modern office chairs come with pneumatic controls.
These chairs were introduced around the mid-19th century as more workers spent their shifts sitting at a desk, leading to the adoption of several features that are not found on other chairs.

Here we have listed out the 7 best office chairs of 2021 in India.

We Compared & Reviewed every Office Chair from Savya, Amazon, Apex & more to make Your Purchasing Decision Easier šŸ†

Our Pick
Savya AM-5001CB

SAVYA HOME APEX Apollo Chrome Base High Back Engineered Plastic Frame Office Chair šŸ„‡

Save 20%Ā by ordering NOW!

  • Ergonomics at its best
    It features a Synchro-Tilt Mechanism with a Tilt-Lock lever to support the natural movements of the body.
  • Best Executive Chair
    The chair provides long and comfortable sitting throughout the day.
  • Efficient Tension Controller
    With this controller mechanism, you can easily adjust the stiffness of the chair as per your choice.
Runner Up
Amazon Brand ZURICH/MB

Amazon Brand - Solimo Zurich Mid Back Mesh Office Chair šŸ„ˆ

  • Aesthetics
    With a tasteful look and an elegant matte dark tone, the Amazon Solimo fits astonishing highlights.
  • Lattice Design
    The charming computerized look is ideal for a gaming room & office interior.
  • Breathable Fabric material
    Amazon Solimo is produced using European quality-based, nontoxic & breathable fabric.
Budget Pick

Savya Home Apex Chairs Deltta MB Chair Umbrella Base Office Chair (Standard, Black)

  • Authorized Sellers:
    Cloudtails India and OEM are the authorized sellers in India.
  • Dimensions:
    Base- 24″, Seat- 18″ x 18″
  • Warranty:
    1-year warranty if any breakage in the chair. However, the chances of breakage are less as it is made up of top-notch material.
  • DIY assembly.

How much Should I Spend on a Office Chair?

Price Check & Review:

  • High-Priced
    A luxurious office chair might cost high.

    But if you have lavish furniture and a high-maintenance office, do go for a high-priced office chair.

    Some extra features that you might get are as follows:
    ā€¢ Leather-made body.
    ā€¢ The chair will look like it hugs your back and making you comfortable to sit all day.
    ā€¢ Adjustments for knees, ankles as well.

    The price range to expect is given below:
    Price Range šŸ’°
    We recommend spending:
    ā‚¹ 20,000 ~ ā‚¹ 25,000.

  • Medium-Priced
    If you want to acquire a budget-friendly lavish-looking chair, go for a medium-priced model.

    It is also comfortable, but 99% of models do not have leather material used.

    It’s good, you have saved the life of an animal, congratulations!

    The price range to expect is as below:
    Price Range šŸ’°
    We recommend spending:
    ā‚¹ 7000 ~ ā‚¹ 15,000.

  • Low-Priced
    A low-priced office chair is generally a half-back, or we can say a mid-back model.

    You can go for it if it fits into the decorum of your office.

    The price range of low-priced office chair is mentioned below:
    Price Range šŸ’°
    We recommend spending:
    ā‚¹ 4000 ~ ā‚¹ 7000.

7 Best Office Chair Review

We have provided specifications, price, and features for the top 7 Office Chairs in India.

When you want to buy a product, the first thing you consider is finding a product that suits your requirements as well as the budget.

Best One in 2021:

Savya HomeĀ® APEX Chairsā„¢ Apollo Chrome Base HIGH Back Office Chair

The Savya HomeĀ® APEX Chairsā„¢ Apollo Chrome Base High Back Office Chair is the Best Ergonomic Office Chair in the market with its advanced and unique features.

The chair comes with a mesh back for comfortable breathing. The chair provides long and comfortable sitting throughout the day.

Lets’s take a look at the features:

  • Versatile Range of Motion
    The five smooth casters make it easy to roll over from one place to another effortlessly, allowing for multi-tasking convenience.
  • Fully Adjustable Seat Height
    The product comes with a pneumatic gas lift system that enables to adjustment of the height of the seat by flipping the level up under the seat.
  • 360- Degree Swivel Chair
    The Chair allows you to rotate 360- degrees for multi-tasking convenience.
  • Tilt Lock Lever Support
    The chair is designed with a Synchro-Tilt Mechanism that enables to support the natural movement of the body throughout the day. Tilt Lock helps to adjust the recline anger of the chair.
  • Efficient Tension Controller
    The Chair has an efficient tension controller to adjust the stiffness of the chair. You can adjust the resistance of the chair by rotating the knob clockwise.
  • Warranty Information
    Savya has backed up the chair with one year warranty.
  • Advantage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable back support fitted in the mesh
  • Extra-long life pneumatic gas lift
  • Super smooth 360- degree swivel
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • Disadvantage
  • The product lacks finishing quality
  • Easy to assemble
    • (3.9)
  • Ergonomic
    • (3.7)
  • Support
    • (3.7)
  • Comfort
    • (3.3)
  • Quality of hair
    • (3.6)
  • Summary
    • (3.6)

Best for Home Use:

Amazon Brand - Solimo Zurich Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

With the trust & durability of Amazon, This Amazon Brand – Solimo Zurich Mid Back Mesh Office Chair packs some amazing features at affordable prices.

Lets’s take a look at the features:

  • Aesthetics
    With a tasteful look and an elegant matte dark tone, the Amazon Solimo fits astonishing highlights.
  • Measurement Specifications
    With a Dimension of 48.3 x 66 x 109 Centimeters, this chair gauges 90 kg.
  • Lattice Design
    The charming computerized network configuration is an ideal supplement to your office just as the gaming room stylistic layout and gives extreme solace.
  • Incredible Capacity
    The chair can withstand 150 kgs or above, which is uncommonly extraordinary at a chair with this cost.
  • Adaptable ergonomics
    The chair has premium tensor preparing units that can withstand high pressing factors.
    The 50mm caster wheels give helpful development.
  • Flexible height
    The chair has a class 4 gas lift framework to set the stature to the level you need.
  • Breathable Fabric material
    Amazon Solimo is produced using expense European quality texture that is without poison, particularly for wellbeing cognizant people very much like you.
  • Warranty Information
    The chair has superior quality and accompanies a level 3 years guarantee.
  • Advantage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with great warranty
  • Made with premium quality material
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Value for Money
  • Disadvantage
  • Available only in black color
  • No Lumbar cushion given
  • Value for money
    • (4.0)
  • Ergonomic
    • (3.8)
  • Easy to assemble
    • (3.7)
  • Support
    • (3.5)
  • Comfort
    • (3.5)
  • Summary
    • (3.9)

Best Value:

Savya Home Apex Chairs Deltta MB Chair Umbrella Base Office Chair (Standard, Black)

Savya Home Apex Chairs Delta MB Chair Umbrella Base Office Chair (Standard, Black) is the best model of the office chair that is also our budget-pick model for you. You can look at its specifications and decide whether you want to purchase it or not.


  • Assembly:
    DIY Assemble the chair.
  • Dimensions and Weight:
    60 x 58.2 x 28.8 cm and weightā€Ž- 12.52 kg
  • Manufacturing Country:
    Made in India product.
  • Package Contains:
    Chair in a semi-assembles manner
  • Sellers in India:
    OEM, Cloudtails India
  • Base Dimension:
  • Seat:
    18ā€ x 18ā€œ
  • Warranty:
    1-year warranty.
  • Advantage
  • Can handle up to 100 kg of weight.
  • Pullback mechanism supported.
  • Ergonomic office chair.
  • Disadvantage
  • Sometimes model that you receive is different from what is shown.
  • Easy to assemble
    • (3.8)
  • Comfort
    • (3.6)
  • Support
    • (3.5)
  • Ergonomic
    • (3.3)
  • Quality of hair
    • (3.3)
  • Value for Money
    • (3.2)
  • Summary
    • (3.5)

Best Quality:

APEX Chairsā„¢ TRAX Medium Back Office Chair

The Savya Home APEX Chairsā„¢ TRAX is a medium-back Office Chair.

The chair is fitted with amazing features like the ergonomic mesh back, Pneumatic 5-inch-seat height adjustment, and thick padded seat for daylong comfort.

Lets’s take a look at the features:

  • Aesthetics
    The black color with silver parts aid to great aesthectis of the chair.
  • Transparent Mesh
    This Chair comes with a transparent mesh across the back which allows air to circulate efficiently & keeping you cool.
  • Extra-Long Life Pneumatic Gas Lift
    The chair is equipped with an extra-long life pneumatic gas lift for solid functioning for a long time.
  • Dual Wheel Nylon CastorsĀ 
    These nylon wheel castors eliminate the risks of scratches and mark & protect the floor.
  • Larger and Thicker Cushion Compared to Others
    This chair comes with larger and thicker cushions to provide extra comfort.
  • One-Touch Height and Tilt Adjustments
    You can raise or lower the seat using the pneumatic seat adjustment lever. In addition, you can turn the tilt adjustment knob to set the force for rock or recline of the back.
  • Warranty Information
    Savyo provides a 1-year warranty on the chair against breakage & manufacturing defects
  • Advantage
  • Larger and thicker cushions
  • Easy to assemble
  • Smooth wheels for mobility
  • Transparent mesh for easy breathing
  • Elegant appearance
  • Disadvantage
  • Sharp edges
  • Easy to assemble
    • (3.7)
  • Comfort
    • (3.6)
  • Support
    • (3.4)
  • Quality of hair
    • (3.3)
  • Ergonomic
    • (3.2)
  • Value for Money
    • (3.1)
  • Summary
    • (3.3)

Best All in One:

CELLBELLĀ® C104 Medium-Back Mesh Office/Study Chair

CELLBELL is tied in with winning client hearts since 2015 through its electronic extras or uniquely crafted office Furniture planned according to client needs.

ThisĀ CELLBELLĀ® C104 Medium-Back Mesh Office/Study Chair is perhaps the most popular and conspicuously utilized office seat in India.

Letsā€™s take a look at the features:

  • Comfort
    This chair is provided with a thick padded seat for long hours of comfort.
    Shaped Mesh back is given for air circulation in the back.
  • Ergonomics
    For varying personal needs, Pneumatic Hydraulic seat adjustments are provided for up to 5 inches.
  • Safety
    A strong plastic Arm resting handle and durable metallic base are given to assure safety.
  • Product Dimensions
    This chair measures 50.8 x 48.26 x 104.14 cm and weighs around 14 kg only.
  • Maximum weight capacity
    This chair can sustain up to 105 Kgs weight.
  • Warranty
    1-year Limited Warranty is availed by the brand on this product.
  • Inside the box
    Gas-Lift Hydraulic Shaft, Bolt-Mechanism., Chair Back, Chair Seat and Chair Arm-Rest., Wheel-Base with 5 castor wheels.
  • Advantage
  • Soft foam
  • Smooth castors
  • Hydraulic Pneumatic Lift
  • Can hold up to 105 kg weight
  • Elegant appearance
  • Disadvantage
  • The back support is not very flexible
  • Easy to assemble
    • (4.5)
  • Comfort
    • (4.5)
  • Value for money
    • (4.5)
  • Support
    • (4.5)
  • Ergonomic
    • (4.3)
  • Summary
    • (4.5)

Best Under 5000:

SAVYA HOME Apollo Medium Office Chair

SAVYA HOME Apollo Medium Office Chair is an ideal chair for sitting the whole day without sweat or back pain issues.

Let’s take a look at the features:

  • Dual Wheel Nylon Castors
    The chair comes with Dual wheel nylon castors to make sure the surface is protected from marks and scratches from the movement of the wheel.
  • One-Touch Height and Tilt Adjustments
    You can raise or lower the seat using the pneumatic seat adjustment lever.
    In addition, moving the knob clockwise and anticlockwise can increase the lunar support.
  • Flexible Back Seat
    The back of the seat is adjustable using a small amplitude, up and down adjustment with an exquisite and stable system.
  • Extra-Long Life Pneumatic Gas Lift
    The Chair is equipped with a heavy gas lift for solid support.
    It provides a longer life for the chair despite the regular use.
  • Sturdy Rotation Mechanism with Tension Control
    This product is equipped with a heavy-duty swivel mechanism with tension control. You can move around 360- degrees smoothly and the tension control allows you to adjust the stiffness of the chair.
  • High-Density Seat Padding for Extra Comfort
    The product has a larger and thicker cushion to provide extra comfort for a longer time.
  • Warranty Information
    Savyo provides one year of warranty on this chair.
  • Advantage
  • Easy to adjust the height and lumbar support
  • Extra-long life pneumatic gas lift
  • Smooth wheels for mobility
  • Value for Money
  • Elegant appearance
  • Disadvantage
  • We cannot rest our head by sitting straight
  • Easy to assemble
    • (3.8)
  • Sturdiness
    • (3.3)
  • Back Support
    • (3.5)
  • Seat Comfort
    • (3.3)
  • Ergonomic
    • (3.0)
  • Value for Money
    • (3.9)
  • Summary
    • (3.2)

Best Chair for Back Pain:

Amazon Basics Mid Back Office Chair

Amazon Basics Mid Back Office Chair adds style to your home office or at-work space.

It is an Ergonomic task and computer chair that allows you to work for a longer time without back or neck pain.

Lets’s take a look at the features:

  • Fully Adjustable Seat Height
    The adjustable task chair helps promote an ergonomically correct seated position, which is important when at your desk or in front of the computer for long stretches of time.
  • Smooth-Rolling Casters
    The chair swivels 360 degrees for multi-tasking convenience, while its durable casters allow for smooth-rolling mobility from one workspace to another.
  • 360Ā° Degree Swivel
    This office chair comes with a 360-degree swivel that offers a versatile range of motion and the five smooth casters make it easy to roll around function for multi-tasking.
  • Black Bonded Leather Upholstery
    The Chair comes with a black bonded leather upholstery that covers both the padded seat of the chair, as well as the contoured padded back.
  • Aesthetics
    The Chair comes in a variety of colors of brown, black, and white to accommodate surrounding dƩcor or to show off your own personal sense of style.
  • Warranty Information
    Amazon provides a one-year limited warranty on this chair.
  • Advantage
  • Easy to adjust the height and lunar support
  • Extra-long life pneumatic gas lift
  • Smooth wheels for mobility
  • High weight capacity
  • Value for Money
  • Disadvantage
  • The leather makes the chair hot.
  • Value for money
    • (4.4)
  • Easy to assemble
    • (4.0)
  • Comfort
    • (3.6)
  • Support
    • (3.6)
  • Ergonomic
    • (3.5)
  • Summary
    • (3.7)

How we picked The Best office Chair

An office chair must be comfy yet classy. It isn’t an easy task to sit and work continuously for 7,8 hours. This makes comfort ness an important factor that shall be considered before buying. We came across many different kinds of office chairs but found the best by inspecting different components. Let’s find out!

  • Comfort ness and flexibility.

    You want your chair to support natural body movements while working. Thus, we found such an office chair that has Synchro-Tilt Mechanism that gives you a comfy feeling throughout the day. You must go with APEX’s classic office chair if you are looking forward to buying one.

  • Good quality seat material

    During summers, sitting constantly on leather seats could be irritating and tough. That is why we chose an office chair for you that has a breathable fabric material on the seat. Classic, comfy, and affordable too!

  • Advanced Stiffness Controller

    The office chair by APEX allows you to set its stiffness according to your needs. This avoids body pains that are generally caused by sitting on a chair continuously for long hours.

How to Assemble an Office Chair

Assembling an office chair is very easy and the following are the steps:

Step 1:

  • Unpack all the items and lay them down.
  • Firstly, you must place all the parts and bolts in place.

Step 2:

  • Put the wheels on the base.
  • You must put the wheels on the keeper ring and push it down.
  • Make sure that the alignment is correct before snapping it in.

Step 3:

  • Fix the hydraulics lift cylinder.
  • It is a friction-based unit.
  • You just must drop it in the center point.
  • Be careful that the green button should go up, the black button should go down, and it just slides right.
  • There are no screws to it. Therefore, the alignment must be perfect.

Step 4:

  • Place the seat plate back towards the front.
  • You must line it with the four holes in the bottom of the seat.
  • They already have superglue on it. Hence, they will resist coming out.
  • Insert the bolts and tighten them using an Allen wrench, which is included in the kit.

Step 5:

  • Apply for the seal plate:
  • Apply for the seal plate and cover the hydraulic release arms with this plate.
  • Fix the remaining bolts to those holes.
  • It is just a shield to cover the area.
  • You must place it properly.

Step 6:

  • Put the armrest on.
  • You must turn the seat and it is important to get the right arm.
  • Fix the armrest by tightening the bolts.
  • The bolts must be lined up carefully.

Step 7:

  • Put the backrest on.
  • You must stick the metal brackets to both the armrests and line them up with the holes carefully.
  • There will be a long bolt, which you must fix by applying little pressure.
  • You can cover the screws with small caps.

Step 8:

  • Fix the seat on the base.
  • You must connect the lever with the hole in the base.
  • The chair is fully assembled and ready to use.
  • You can adjust the height and pushback based on your requirements.

Types of Office Chairs

Chairs in Office
Types Description
Boss Chairs
  • These chairs are designed for the top-level member of the organization.
  • The design of the chair is unique from the rest of the office chairs.
  • They are generally big and very comfortable.
  • They are a bit expensive when compared with other types but do pure justification in the matter of service.
Conference Chairs
  • These chairs are used for conference rooms.
  • They are a good choice if you are spending limited time sitting on them.
Ergonomic Chairs
  • These chairs have improved lumbar support, which makes this product worthy of daily use.
  • If you spend several hours a day sitting in front of your computer, then you need a chair with ergonomic supports.
  • It will help foster the overall posture.
Executive Chairs
  • These chairs have inherited all the good things from the other type of chairs.
  • They are very comfortable with the full range of ergonomic features.
  • They are very stylish and expensive.
  • Some Executive chairs have advanced features like reclining function and massage heads.
Guest Chairs
  • These chairs are mainly used in waiting rooms or reception areas.
  • It is not recommended for any other purpose, which takes long-term seating.
  • They are reasonably comfortable but lack the support necessary for extended use.
Kneeling Ergonomic Chairs
  • This is not a common choice of chairs in the office.
  • If you suffer from chronic back pain, these are an excellent choice.
  • Unfortunately, they are not very comfortable compared to other types of Office Chairs.
  • You cannot sit for more than four hours at a stretch.
Petite Chairs
  • These chairs are designed for physically smaller people.
  • It is smaller, lighter, and constructed of thinner materials.
Stacking Chairs
  • These chairs are used when mass seating is needed for a short period.
  • These are cheap and easy to mass-produce.
  • These are used for company-wide meetings.
Ergonomic Stools
  • Ergonomic Stools are not very common in the office atmosphere.
  • However, they exist in a few workplaces.
  • While they do foster better posture and are ideal for short to medium-term seating time.
  • If you spend several hours at your computer at a time, these can be exhausting to sit on.
Task Chairs
  • These chairs are ideal for corporate use.
  • These inexpensive and moderately comfortable chairs tend to have a limited feature set.
  • They are excellent for short-term seating.
  • Sometimes their lack of posture support features will make them uncomfortable.

Reasons for Investing in Office Chair

  • Increases Your Productivity
    Having a good Office Chair will eventually help you focus by improving your productivity.

    If you can sit continuously without worrying about your back and neck, then you will tend to finish your tasks faster.

  • Boosts Your Blood Circulation:
    Office Chairs have designed in such a way that it helps to distribute the weight equally to the seat allowing the seat to support your weight.

    It improves your blood circulation and oxygen flow even after working 8 hours a day.

  • Reduces Back Pain and Neck Pain
    Office Chairs are designed for working professionals.

    Therefore, it comes with many advanced features that enable you to work for a longer time without body pain.

  • Improves Your Body Posture
    The right Office Chairs can improve body posture eventually.

    Especially if somebody is working 8 hours a day in front of the computer, it is recommended to use Ergonomic Chairs.

  • Lifts Employee Morale

    Organizations that give the best office chairs show their representatives that they are focused on their satisfaction and wellbeing.

    Therefore, representatives will likewise be slanted to work more enthusiastically and more astute, boosting the benefits of the organization.

  • Diminishes health hazards

    A bad sitting position can influence blood course in the body, bringing about blood clots.

    Examination shows that people who sit for more than 23 hours seven days have a higher possibility of creating cardiovascular infections.

    A decent chair will decrease tension on the muscles, permitting your blood to stream all through the body with no deterrents.

Top Office Chair Brands in India

Brand Description
Savya Home

The Savya Home was introduced to the market in 2009.

Since then, modern genius has updated to reflect and enhance the workplace experience.

Things We liked about Savya Home:

  • Their chairs are designed to improve their posture while sitting for a longer time.
  • Savya Home Office chairs have a unique design that is proven for extra comfort and durability.

AmazonBasics is the brand of Amazon and is manufactured by amazon to compete with other brands on a high level with the benefit of low prices.

It was launched in 2009 and it is currently sold on Amazon shopping websites.

Things we liked about AmazonBasics:

  • The brand originally focused on small, relatively inexpensive products.
  • Office Chairs offers smooth contours and adjustable settings to ensure all-day comfort.
Green Soul

Green Soul has been an expert in giving premium quality items across India.
Their office chairs are a mix of solace and moderateness.

Things we liked about Green Soul:

  • Their Chairs are made with Smart Ergonomic features & Comfortable Padding.
  • Breathable fabric aids comfort & stress-free sitting for a long time.

Wipro Enterprises is an Internationally acclaimed brand for giving top caliber and imaginative items.

Things We preferred about Wipro:

  • Their top-notch range office chairs Adapt is a mix of contemporary looks and imaginative innovation.
  • The heavy-duty chairs made my Wipro can sustain up to 120 kg weight.

CELLBELL is an Indian Startup brand since 2015, which is popular for making decent chairs.

Things we preferred about CELLBELL:

  • CELLBELL Chairs are reasonable for individuals who need uncompromising high gaming chairs at a moderate cost.
  • At the point when you analyze the cost and highlights, it is absolutely worth putting resources into.

FAQ's about Office Chairs

It is not necessary that you must self-assemble the chair. The company sends a service executive to assemble the product within a few days of delivery.

It depends on which model you are planning to buy. Some variants do have reclining options. However, it is expensive compared to the other Office Chairs.

Most of the Office Chairs are equipped with pneumatic controls, which helps adjust the backrest by pressing the knob at the bottom of the seat.

It is safe to buy Office Chairs online. However, select the genuine online platform and chair based on your budget and requirements.

There are many variants available in the market. On average, the minimum seat height is 18 inch and the maximum is 23 inch.

Yes, you can. Most of the modern Office Chairs are equipped with pushback mechanism. You must pull the liver with the round knob to tilt your back.

We recommend you select an Office Chair with a metal base so that it can support your weight for a longer time.

No, it is not possible to adjust the armrest in most of the Office Chairs that are available in the market. However, there are few products with this feature.

You can adjust the height by pressing the lever with a round knob at the bottom of the chair.

You must check with the customer service for such enquiries. Most of the products online have a return policy.

You can assemble the chair by yourself. You can find the guide with the product and it is very easy. Click How to Assemble an Office Chair in our guide to assemble your chair.

There are many Office Chairs designed for longer seating time. You can consider Ergonomic Chairs for longer comfort.

Ergonomic Chairs are made of high-quality fabric. The purpose of the chair is to distribute the body weight equally to the chair so that it will help you work for a longer duration. Ergonomic Chairs offers a good posture to the person who is sitting on it for a longer time.

A standard Office Chair range from 7 KG to 18 KG on an average.

A standard Office Chair will come with a 1-year warranty.

The right Office Chair can improve your posture and reduce the back pain and neck pain eventually.

The Ergonomic Chairs are known to improve the posture of the individual that helps to increase the oxygen flow and blood circulation in the body during the working hours.

It only takes maximum 30 minutes to assemble the chair.

It depends on the duration of time you spend on the Chair daily. If you are looking for an average one, then you can buy an Ergonomic Chair. In case, if you want to invest more money on the chair, then you can buy an Executive Chair, which is equipped with all the modern features for extra comfort.

It is very easy to clean the Office Chair. You can use a wet cloth to clean the chair comfortably.

7. AmazonBasics HL-00256612956 - GOOD CHECK PRICE AMAZON
If you have any questions please feel free to write a comment


  1. Mahesh Soni Says: on August 16, 2021 at 4:04 am

    I have been using the Savya Home APEX chair for a year now. I bought my chair from amazon and am really happy with the build and quality. The chair is lightweight yet sturdy. A good choice for home use in this Work from home scenario.

  2. Rahul Bajaj Says: on July 07, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Looking for an economical yet sturdy office chair for home use. A lot of online reviews suggest buying a Solimo Zurich chair. Anyone who has been using it for a while?

  3. Sameer Says: on June 02, 2021 at 1:01 am

    I have been using the CellBell office chair at my home since the first lock down. The chair is compact and sturdy. Perfectly suited for small study / office tables. The rotation is smooth and flawless. For a price of 3500 odd this seems to be the best option available.

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