The Best 128gb Pendrive in India 2021 - Review

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Nowadays, digital data has been an essential part of our lives. Data transfer is being crucial & continuous thing in our day-to-day lives.

To all these questions, Pendrive is the compact & portable answer!

Pendrive is a type of Universal Serial Cable (USB) flash drive. A USB flash drive is a data storage device that includes flash memory with an integrated USB interface. It is generally removable, rewritable, and much smaller than an optical disc.

So, which is the best pendrive in India for 2021?

Read on, We have run an analysis & provided the answers in this article.

Top 7 Pendrive from SanDisk, Sony, Kingston along with Price Comparison & Review

Our Pick
SanDisk SDDD3-128G-I35

SanDisk Ultra Dual SDDD3-128G-I35 USB 3.0 128GB Flash Drive

Compact & Portable Pendrive with High-Speed Performance!

Save 43% by ordering NOW!

  • High-Speed Performance:

This fast drive is USB 3.0 enabled, enabling you to transfer and store large files up to ten times faster than USB 2.0 drives.

  • More Space for larger files:

The SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 Flash Drive is available with a capacity of up to 128 Gb.
Now you can hold all your favorite media and essential documents, including high-resolution images, MP3s, movies, presentations, and graphic files.

  • Stylish, Travel-friendly Design:

The SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 Flash Drive, with its sleek design, is as stylish as it is practical.
This lightweight and portable drive can fit in a pocket or handbag with you easily.

Runner Up
SanDisk SDCZ73-128G-I35

SanDisk Ultra Flair 128GB USB 3.0 Pendrive

Great portability Compatibility with OTG Android Devices

Save 45% by ordering NOW!

  • Reduce your Smartphone’s Storage:
    You can easily transfer all your photos and videos to save memory if you have little space on your Smartphone.
  • High-Speed USB 3.0:
    With the USB 3.0, it lets you transfer Data Super-Fast up to 150MB/s.
  • Memory Zone App:
    You can conveniently backup all your files from your phone to one location with the SanDisk Memory App.
Budget Pick
SanDisk SDCZ48-128G-I35

SanDisk Ultra 128 GB USB 3.0 Pendrive (Black)

Great Value for Money!

Save 69% by ordering NOW!

  • Super-Fast Data Transfer Speed:
    At a no-wait rate of up to 150MB/s3, switch from your flash drive to the USB 3.0 port of your device.
    Such a high speed makes it possible to transfer whole movies, audiobooks, or music collections in just seconds.
  • Compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0 Ports:
    The USB 2.0 backward-compatible SanDisk Ultra 3.0 Flash Drive allows you to plug into any USB 2.0 or 3.0 port.
  • Compatible with PC and Mac Computers:
    Keep all your files on one drive, from music to photos to important data.
    In addition to other devices such as tablets, TVs, car stereos and more the drive works with both PC and Mac computers.

How To Choose The Best Pendrive - Buying Guide & Review

  • Space:
    Before purchasing a pen drive, the most important criteria to consider is how much storage space it provides.
    Going bigger than the requirements is always the best.

  • USB:
    Pen drives usually use USB 2.0 or 3.0 for connection, with USB 3.0 providing a maximum transfer speed of 625 Mbps.
    The USB 3.0 provides a transfer rate is 10 times higher than USB 2.0.0

  • Compatibility:
    Hardware compatibility is something you should consider when purchasing a pen drive.
    However, most of the pen drives are suitable for all Windows operating systems.

  • Customer service:
    Always matters when buying a Pen Drive, particularly when you buy personalized products in bulk.

  • Durability:
    Before purchasing a pen drive, reliability and sturdiness should be considered.
    Make sure the drive’s outer casings are made of metal or reliable plastic for better protection against physical damage to your files.

7 Best 128gb Pendrive

For the top 7 Pen Drives in India, we have given specifications, prices, and functionality.

The first thing to consider when you want to purchase a product is selecting a product that fits your needs as well as the budget.

SanDisk Ultra Dual SDDD3-128G-I35 USB 3.0 128GB Flash Drive

Sandisk is extremely common in all memory formats for creating lots of variants of the new USB OTG Pendrives.
Besides, as a Pendrive brand, it is also the largest of all time.

This SanDisk Ultra Dual 128 GB Pen Drive is one of the most loved Pendrive because you can quickly and easily share files between your smartphone and PC. Storage, high data transfer speed, and durability make it stand out amongst other prominent products.

Here are the other specifications:

  • Aesthetics & Dimensions:
    This product is available in White color.
    This plastic-based Pendrive weighing just 5 gm is a compact, low profile flash drive that is extremely handy so that you can carry it anywhere.
    The dimension of the product is 1.18 x 2.55 x 3.02 cm.
  • Greater Storage:
    Now Store and transfer enormous data according to your needs and wish!
    The 128 GB storage capacity of this Pendrive lets you release the burden on your smartphone and convenient transfer between your phone and Computer.
  • SanDisk Memory Zone app:
    It has an option to back up images automatically using the SanDisk Memory Zone software.
    If you’re looking for a Pen Drive that is lightweight and quicker, then the SanDisk Ultra Dual is the best you’ll find in this series.
  • Dual USB Interface:
    The USB 3.0 and a micro-USB for connecting to the phone come with the SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive.
    It is compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, respectively.
  • High-Speed Performance:
    It has the latest USB 3.1 drive with 150MB/s read speeds that helps quickly move your files to your computer.
  • Warranty Information:
    This product comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Advantage
  • The sleek design makes it easy to handle and carry wherever you go.
  • SanDisk Secure Access Software provide password protection.
  • Provides high speed data transfer compared to other products.
  • This Pen Drive comes without a cap. Therefore, eliminating the risk of losing it.
  • Disadvantage
  • There is No LED indication provided drive access.
  • Easy to use
    • (4.3)
  • Storage Capacity
    • (4.2)
  • Value for money
    • (4.2)
  • Versatility
    • (4.1)
  • Quality of material
    • (4.1)
  • Durability
    • (4.1)
  • Summary
    • (4.3)

SanDisk Ultra Flair 128GB USB 3.0 Pen Drive

SanDisk has developed the SanDisk Ultra Flair USB 3.0 Flash Drive with transfer speeds of up to 15X quicker than regular USB 2.0 drives to transfer your files easily, so you waste less time in waiting.

Here are the other specifications:

  • Durable and sleek metal casing:
    The SanDisk Ultra Flair USB 3.0 Flash Drive features a fashionable yet durable metal case that protects the drive against accidental hits.
  • Lightweight Design:
    A compact design with a weight of just 4.5g makes the USB flash drive easy to slip into your pocket, bag, or purse and take your files anywhere with you.
    The dimension of the product is 0.66 x 4.24 x 1.32 cm.
  • Aesthetics:
    Metallic body and luscious black and gold color options make this pen drive stand strong in a matter of looks and appeal.
  • Storage:
    Store more & transfer more, as this product’s memory storage capacity is 128 GB.
  • Dual USB Interface:
    This product comes with a USB 3.0 interface.
    Though the pen drive is compatible with both USB 2.0 & 3.0 Interface.
  • Easy File recovery feature:
    The drive comes with RescuePRO Deluxe software for data recovery.
    This app makes it easy to restore unintentionally deleted files (you need to download this app firstly).
  • Choose the size of storage you need:
    This pen drive is available in various size ranges.
    So, you can choose the pen drive according to your need from the size chart.
  • High-Speed configuration:
    With SanDisk Ultra Flair USB 3.0 flash drive, experience high-speed USB 3.0 performance of up to 150MB/s1.
    Faster transfer of files compared to normal USB 2.0 drives.
  • Better security:
    With inbuilt SanDisk SecureAccess Software, This pen drive is available with easy to use password protection to secure your private data.
  • Warranty Information:
    This item comes with a 1 years warranty provided by the manufacturer.
  • Advantage
  • Compatible with both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports
  • Pen drive comes with an OTG drive. It is compatible with all OTG supported smart phones.
  • It is very small in size and easy to carry in pocket or wallet.
  • Disadvantage
  • Writing speed is not much sufficient.
  • Easy to use
    • (4.3)
  • Storage Capacity
    • (4.3)
  • Light weight
    • (4.2)
  • Value for money
    • (4.2)
  • Quality of material
    • (4.2)
  • Durability
    • (4.1)
  • Summary
    • (4.3)

SanDisk Ultra 128 GB USB 3.0 Pen Drive (Black)

A new venture from Sandisk, a global pioneer in flash memory technology, The SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 flash drive takes away the wastage of time in waiting for moving, sharing, or taking backup of huge files.
You can now move a full-length movie in less than 40 seconds.

The following are the specifications:

  • Aesthetics:
    This pen drive has a durable build made of high-quality material with a classy black color.
    It is a very easy to use design makes it quite handy and it’s aesthetic because of the smooth surface and a perfectly aligned look.
  • Compact & portable design:
    With a weight of around 8 gm, The compact and lightweight design help anyone to comfortably take it anywhere you want.
    The product dimesnions are 1.07 x 2.21 x 0.79 cm.
    A removable cap is attached to the pen drive.
  • High transfer speed:
    The pen drive has a transfer speed of up to 100MB/s2 and is extremely stable, reliable, and easy to process the job.
  • More storage options:
    It also has a 256 GB size, which makes it even more capable of storing big files.
    With different size options, you can choose the size you need in your pen drive.
  • PC and Mac¬† Compatible:
    Keep all your files on one disc, from music to images to essential details.
    In addition to other devices such as laptops, TVs, car stereos, and more, the drive works for both PC and Mac computers.
  • Inbuilt SanDisk Secure Access Software:
    This 128-bit AES encryption program makes sensitive files easy to password-protect.
  • Rescue Pro Deluxe Software
    The drive comes with data recovery tools named  Rescue Pro Deluxe.
    Recovering files that have been accidentally deleted is easy with this software.
  • Warranty Information:
    This pen drive comes with a 1 years warranty by the manufacturer.
  • Advantage
  • High Speed USB 3.0 enabled (USB 2.0 compatible)
  • High data transfer speed
  • Solid Hard plastic body
  • No heating issue
  • Disadvantage
  • No LED indication for drive access.
  • Easy to use
    • (4.3)
  • Storage Capacity
    • (4.3)
  • Value for money
    • (4.2)
  • Quality of material
    • (4.1)
  • Durability
    • (4.0)
  • Warmth
    • (3.7)
  • Summary
    • (4.3)

SanDisk SDCZ430-128G-I35 Ultra Fit 3.1 128GB USB Flash Drive (Black)

SanDisk Ultra-fit USB 3.1 flash drive from SanDisk provides an output that enables a full-length movie to be transferred up to 15x faster than standard USB 2.0 drives.
The easiest and quickest way to transfer your data between mobile & computer with extra, high-speed storage!

Here are the other specifications:

  • High Data Transfer Speed:
    With USB 3.1, the SanDisk Ultra Fit provides consistency and helps you to transfer a full-length film up to 15X faster than with regular USB 2.0 drives.
    Its speed of reading goes up to 130MB/s.
  • Compact & Weightless design:
    With a weight of just 1.29 gm and stylish black color,  Its rugged & lightweight plastic design with streamlined finishing also lets you plug and leave it in.
    The product dimensions are 2.98 x 1.43 x 0.5 cm.
  • SanDisk Secure Access Software:
    With the included SanDisk safe access program and much faster than the standard USB 2.0.0, you can secure private files with easy to use password encryption.
  • Compact Plug-and-Stay Design:
    This lightweight flash drive is intended as plug-and-stay storage for laptops, tablets, TVs, car audio systems, and more.
    Plug it in, and you have instant storage always on board!
  • Recover files easily:
    The Rescue Pro Deluxe Software makes it easy to recover the files deleted by mistake.
    You need to install this software firstly in your pen drive.
  • Warranty Information:
    A fiver years manufacturer’s warranty is enabled by the company.
  • Advantage
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Metal body makes it strong.
  • There is a hole on the backside. You can use a string if needed.
  • Good writing speed for USB 2.0.
  • The product is water proof, dust proof, and shock proof
  • Disadvantage
  • There is no cap provided for the pen drive.
  • Storage Capacity
    • (4.3)
  • Easy to use
    • (4.3)
  • Value for money
    • (4.1)
  • Regulated movement
    • (4.0)
  • Quality of material
    • (4.0)
  • Durability
    • (4.0)
  • Summary
    • (4.3)

HP USB 3.1 Flash Drive 128GB x740w

HP is a leading brand for storage devices in major markets all over the globe.
It is possible to find HP-branded storage solutions at hundreds of thousands of stores worldwide.
In this pen drive, HP has presented a cap-less configuration with a metal housing.

This HP USB 3.1 Flash Drive x740w provides a sleek and elegant interface with intelligent storage. Store all your papers, photos, MP3 files, video clips, and more. Take it wherever, everywhere you go, with you.

Here are the other specifications:

  • Compact Design:
    This metallic built, capless silver pen drive weighs just 8.7 gm.
    Its light and compact design make it feasible for carrying around.
  • Storage Capacity:
    The maximum storage capacity of this pen drive is 128 GB.
    The pen drive is also available in storage capacities, from which you can choose the most suitable size according to your needs.
  • Transfer Speed:
    With USB 3.1 Interface, this pen drive offers a read speed of 70 Mbps.
    Data can be written AS 12 Mbps, which means more quickly than USB 2.0.
    The pen drive is compatible with USB 3.0 & also backward compatible with USB 2.0.
  • Warranty Information:
    This product has 2 years of warranty enabled by hp.
  • Advantage
  • Metal body makes it strong.
  • There is a hole on the backside. You can use a string if needed.
  • Excellent reading speed for USB 3.1
  • The product is water proof, dust proof, and shock proof
  • Disadvantage
  • There is no cap for the pen drive.
  • Slow Data transfer speed.
  • Quality of material
    • (4.3)
  • Easy to use
    • (4.3)
  • Durability
    • (4.2)
  • Storage Capacity
    • (4.2)
  • Value for money
    • (4.1)
  • Light weight
    • (4.0)
  • Summary
    • (4.3)

HP x765w 128 GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive (Black and White)

In manufacturing electronic gadgets from laptops to pen drives, HP is a reputed brand.
Every day, millions of individuals rely on the efficacy, efficiency, and reliability of branded HP products.
You can easily archive, share, and upload your data and multimedia content with the new HP 128 GB X765W Pen Drive.

Here are the other specifications:

  • Aesthetics:
    The pen drive is available in black & white colors.
    The smart wave body and an anti-fingerprint finish aid in the aesthetics and ergonomics of the pen drive.
  • Ergonomic Design:
    With 8.9 gm weight, The pen drive is very lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.
    The size of the product is 5.5 x 2.03 x 0.95 cm.
  • Storage Capacity:
    With a maximum 128 GB capacity, this capless item is your great companion fr high data transfer & storage.
  • High-Speed Configuration:
    With the latest USB 3.1 Interface, This pen drive helps in the fast transfer of data with a read speed of 40+MB/ sec and a write speed of 23 MB/ sec.
    The pen drive also supports USB 3.0 & USB 2.0.
  • Other features:
    Other points that make it a must-buy are its size and its non-slippery nature, which is not too big or not too thin.
    Even after extended use, the pen drive will not encounter heating problems.
  • Warranty Information:
    This product comes with 2 years manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Advantage
  • Reasonable price for a 128 GB pen drive
  • The sleek design makes it portable and travel friendly.
  • High storage capacity
  • Disadvantage
  • No LED indication for drive access
  • Average build quality
  • Easy to use
    • (4.3)
  • Quality of material
    • (4.2)
  • Storage Capacity
    • (4.2)
  • Durability
    • (4.1)
  • Value for money
    • (4.1)
  • Summary
    • (4.2)

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Luxe Type C Flash Drive 128GB, 5Y - SDDDC4-128G-I35

SanDisk is the leading independent storage developer giant in the world.
This 128 GB Ultra Dual Drive Luxe Type C Flash Drive from SanDisk is the perfect solution for making more space for your smartphone or tablet to catch and store data.

Here are the other specifications:

  • Unmatched Storage Features:
    The stand-out feature of this pen drive is that the storage options are enormous starting from 32 Gb to 1 TB.
    From various capabilities and numerous colors, you can pick the best drive for your needs.
    Portable storage by the vibrant Data Traveller Generation 4 is made easy and convenient.
  • Faster Data Transfer:
    For fast and simple transfers of music, video, and all your files, this convenient Flash drive features USB 3.1.
    For the ultimate in portability, the Data Traveler G4 features a large, colorful loop that easily connects to most key rings, so you never skip your trip.
    You can conveniently transfer your files to your computer with the high-performance USB 3.1 Gen 1 drive with reading speeds of 150 MB/s.
  • Compact Design:
    Even with such a large storage option, The pen drive is made lightweight & travel friendly with the weight of just 20 gm.
    The measurement of the item is 4.4 x 1.2 x 0.9 cm.
    To safeguard the USB connector from damage and dust, it comes with a cap.
  • Data back up features:
    Back up images automatically using the SanDisk Memory Zone software.
  • Warranty Information:
    This product comes with a 5 years manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Advantage
  • Can attach to keychain for easy access
  • It comes with cap to protect USB connector from damage and dust
  • It is a durable product
  • Disadvantage
  • No LED indication for drive access
  • Storage Capacity
    • (4.3)
  • Sheerness
    • (4.1)
  • Value for money
    • (4.1)
  • Warmth
    • (3.8)
  • Summary
    • (4.3)

Types of Storage

Types Description
Pen Drive:

A USB flash drive is a computer with flash memory and an integrated Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface used for data storage.
USB flash drives are often removable and re-writable.
They are physically tiny, durable, and reliable.
A USB Flash Drive is often termed as a USB drive, Pen Drive, or a flash drive.

Hard Disk:

The hard drive is the largest data storage device used for external memory, and permanent HD computer storage necessary for the operating system, software titles, and other files are stored in the hard drive.

Memory Card:

A memory card is a computer used for storing information. For electronic devices such as Digital Cameras, phones, tablets, and most computers, SD memory cards are used.
Physically, it is tiny, robust, and effective.
This can be transferred to a disc drive or a drive with a USB memory card.

Zip Disk:

The Zip Disk is a removable storage device for floppy discs that Iomega launched in late 1994.
Zip discs were initially introduced with a capacity of 100MB, then 250MB, and then 750MB.

Types of Pen Drives

Types Description
(A) Based on the usage :
  • Security flash drive:
    This is not an ordinary flash drive, it comes with an additional data protection algorithm to ensure that your security is not compromised.
    As an additional safeguard, they have distinct mechanisms like encryption, password, or pin protection. When you have some substantial business data to store, these can be helpful.
    If necessary, one may adjust or add write protection.
  • Music flash drives:
    They are used to transfer music from one device to another, as the name suggests.
    A lot of portability and designs come with them.
  • Boot flash drive:
    Again, as the name suggests, if you have trouble starting your machine, this form of the gadget is used to boot up your system.
    One may also use this sort of flash drive as a standby.
    Installing an operating system on the computer is allowed.
(B) Based on physical appearance:
  • Credit card hard drive:
    They’re identical to credit cards. They can comfortably fit in your pocket and are easy to carry and lightweight. They can be personalized to meet your needs as well.
  • Keychain type:
    They have a distinctive look and are very convenient for individuals who usually lose their belongings. They are really well built so that they can be had by individuals who love to get some new designs for their pen drive. They come with a chain that you can hold on to your bags of stuff.
  • Wristband type:
    Well, this type looks fantastic. But it’s not very durable as it’s neither waterproof nor dust or wear-proof.
    You can easily tie it over the wrists and hold it anywhere, and these types of pen drives often come in various color types.
  • Branded USB flash drive:
    Some of us are genuine followers of the brand. There are several brands available on the market that offer various variants of pen drives for storage space.
    Sandisk and Samsung are some of the most popular brands on the market, who have created a brand craze for us!
  • Dummy head USB devices:
    These types are great for you and also for gifting to your loved ones. If you’re someone who always wants something special, dummy head pen drives are definitely your thing.
    They come in various designs and shapes of Bollywood actors, cricketers, football players, cartoon characters, and many more.
Reason for Investing in Pendrive

Reason for Investing in Pendrive

  • Pen drives are compact and lightweight in size.

  • Compared to conventional hard drives, it is easier to read and write.

  • Pen drives are less susceptible to injury, and they are robust.

  • It uses less power than conventional drivers of a hard disc.

  • There is more compatibility with pen drives. Nearly all the operating systems support pen drives and detect them.

  • The transfer speed of data to or from the pen drive is very high.

  • The new pen drives come with digital cameras and mp3 players.

  • It is possible to boot software applications such as image editors, games, web browsers, and office software straight from this computer.

  • In limited storage facilities, it is cheaper than conventional drives.

Features of Pen drives

The most important things to consider while choosing a Pen drive are various brands, features, requirements, pricing, usability, and so on.

With most pen drives having password encryption capabilities, they can be backed up with valuable family documents, medical records, and photographs.

SanDisk, Sony, HP, Toshiba, Moser Baer, iBall, Lexar, Kingston, and so on are the best Pen Drives and top brands on the Indian Market.

The following table provides information about a few features and their description:

Features Description
Transfer Speed

Usually, pen drives use USB 2.0 or 3.0 for connection.
The maximum speed of transfer that USB 3.0 provides is 640 Mbps.
The USB 3.0 is roughly 10 times quicker than the USB 2.0.0.

Hardware Compatibility:

Most pen drives are suitable for all Windows OS.
Apart from offering Windows operating system compatibility, some support Mac OS and Android smartphones.

Storage Capacity:

Pen drives have a storage capacity ranging from 1 GB to over 1 TB.
For a flash drive, there is no “right” size; the amount of storage you need depends on how much data you want to store.


In size, flash drives are thin. It makes them comfortably portable.
You may clip them or slip them into your shirt or trouser pocket with a keychain.
Most of these tools are between two and three inches long.

Consumption of Electricity:

There are no movable pieces on the pen drives.
Compared to hard discs, this feature makes it consume less fuel.


The cost of the pen drive depends on its ability for storage.
The price for the same size attached to a single drive, however, is lower than the price for a second drive in the same place.
i.e. two 16 GB pen drives are more expensive than a single 32 GB pen drive.
It’s one of the cheapest types of the storage unit, therefore.


It is always safe to have a warranty on your purchase.
It typically ranges from one year to a lifetime and when you find some manufacturing flaw in the device, it comes to our rescue.

Non-volatile storage:

Pen drives come with storage that is non-volatile.
And when removed from the USB port, the contents of the device are rewritable and do not lose their content.

Design and style:

Pen drives come in different types and shapes.
There are storage drives that look like wristbands, keys, keychains, credit cards, Angry Birds toys, ballpoint pens, and more.
But most of them look professional and classy with aluminum coverage.
Select the one that most of you like.


Of utmost importance is the protection of your valued data.
You need a pen drive that provides protection against accidental loss or wrongful access to your information.
Many pen drives, including password protection or fingerprint scanning, provide superior data security.

Advanced options:

The most advanced feature of a pen drive is having an MP3 player on the pen drive with an LCD monitor.
Pen drives can also available with a camera and tiny speakers.

Top Pendrive Brands in India

Brand: Description

Sony Corporation, headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, is a Japanese MNC.

Gaming, entertainment, consumer and technical electronics, and financial services are part of its diversified business.

Who doesn’t know Sony? It’s one of the largest producers of consumer and technical electronics. Sony Proudly stands as the best when it comes to pen drive quality & performance. It is the sum of all the other famous brands.

You’ve got the right one with you if you buy a Sony Pendrive and you doubt it.

For expanding money into it, smooth metallic finishes of premium higher range Pendrives are ideal.

Sony, along with Pendrives, provides other electronic items such as music systems, soundbars, tv, mobiles, and what not!

What we liked about Sony:

  • Premium Standard Design.
  • Higher speeds for data transmission.
  • Secured for data storage.
  • More vulnerable to Machine Viruses.
  • During data transmission, it doesn’t heat up.
  • Nice OTG support for laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

SanDisk is a company that manufactures USB flash drives, memory cards and readers, and solid-state drives for flash memory devices. It is the fourth-largest flash memory producer as of March 2019.

Sandisk is extremely popular for creating lots of variants of the new USB OTG Pendrives in all storage formats.
Other brands such as Hp and Kingston also manufacture USB On-The-Go Pendrive, but in this competition, Sandisk is a little ahead because they have it for a little less price than others.
Aside from that, as a Pendrive brand, it is also the best of all time.

What we liked about Sandisk:

  • Large Diversification of On-The-G0 (OTG) Pendrives.
  • It also has a good USB 3.0 Pendrive series.
  • Low price with the highest quality characteristics.
  • Highly and exceptionally safe and stable for transfer.
  • For permanent use and daily rough use, the best offer to purchase.

HP Inc., headquartered in California, USA, is an American multinational IT firm. It manufactures personal computers, printers, related supplies, and solutions for 3D printing.

You may know HP as one of the best brands for laptops, but the truth is that Hp is also perhaps the best producer of Pendrives. What else needs to be said about a brand such as Hp? They produce a highly consistent V series and X series Pendrive, although the pricing of Hp Pendrive is a bit higher than others. But that doesn’t matter much! Quality deserves it, doesn’t it?

What we liked about Hp:

  • Ultra-reliable hardware.
  • Efficiency constructed by Premium.
  • Quite fast USB 3.0.0. speed transfer with USB
  • Impressive metallic construction.
  • Enhanced built-in chipset.
  • OTG Pendrives are awesome.

Transcend Knowledge Inc., is a Taiwan-based company with headquarters in Taipei that manufactures and distributes products for memory storage.

Transcend is into selling thousands of products, including memory modules, flash memory cards, USB flash drives, multimedia products, portable hard drives, private cloud storage, card readers and accessories, etc.

Not only in India but across the globe, Transcend has its foothold, accounting for an 8.7 percent share in the global production of pen drives.
That’s why this enterprise is known predominantly for pen drives.

In some situations, transferring speed with reliability is better than other brands.
In one phrase, it is one of the best brands for pen drives. It comes with different choices for memory.

What we liked about Transcend:

  • Exclusive tools for Elite data processing.
  • Compact & Lightweight.
  • Some versions have USB 3.0 operation support.
  • Brand of Higher Quality.

Toshiba Corporation, with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, is also a Japanese MNC. It offers a broad range of products and services consisting of power systems, IT and communications systems, as well as computers, electronic and medium parts, consumer electronics, medical devices, home appliances, office equipment, etc.

It’s yet another widely regarded brand that provides a wide range of portable USB pen drives to fulfill users’ data storage and transfer needs. It is available in many versions and allows pen drives of all memory sizes. Among its users, Toshiba has a kind of pen drive craze.

What we liked about Toshiba:

  • Lightweight Product
  • Great Value for Product
  • Avails Pen drives in a wide range of memory size
  • Affordable Price
  • Sleek and compact body

FAQ'S about Pendrive

Step 1: On your device, locate the USB port 
Step 2: Plug the USB cord 
into the USB port of your device. 
Step 3: Once your pen drive is plugged into 
an open USB port, double-click the Computer on the desktop. 
Step 5: Drag and drop files and directories from 
your desktop into the disc window of the pen drive. 
If¬†you¬†want¬†to¬†transfer¬†files¬†and¬†directories¬†from¬†the¬†pen¬†drive,¬†drag and¬†drop¬†them¬†from¬†the¬†disc¬†window¬†of¬†the¬†unit¬†to¬†your¬†computer’s¬†location.¬†
Step 6: (If applicable): Right-click and choose Delete from the documents that you want to uninstall from your pen drive.
Step¬†7:¬†When¬†you¬†finish,¬†close¬†the¬†disc¬†window¬†of¬†the¬†pen¬†drive¬†and¬†then¬†click¬†on¬†the taskbar’s¬†Safely¬†Delete¬†Hardware¬†icon-it¬†looks¬†like¬†a¬†white checkmark USB¬†plug¬†in¬†a¬†green¬†circle¬†next¬†to¬†it.¬†
If the icon is missing, press Display Hidden 
Icons, and then click the Hardware Safely Delete icon. 
Note: The functions will stay the same for Mac users, although the options are different.

If your USB drive does not have important files you can try to Format it, but if it contains important files then you are not going to format it, to Remove Shortcut Virus follow the Steps Below:

1: Go to Start and Search cmd, right-click on it and click Run as Administrator.
2: Navigate to Flash Drive by typing its letter. [ Let’s Say it is i ], to find your USB drive letter open My Computer and check for the letter, type i: and press Enter.
3: Type del *.lnk (without quote) in cmd window and click Enter on your Keyboard.
4. Type attrib -s -r -h *.* /s /d /l (without quote) and click Enter.

Follow these steps to recover deleted/formatted files from pendrive:

Step 1: Connect the Pendrive to Your Computer
Directly insert the pendrive into the USB port of the computer. Then launch RePicvid Pendrive Recovery Software and select the ‚ÄúAll File Types‚ÄĚ module.
Step 2: Scan the Pendrive for Deleted/Lost Files and Preview
When RePicvid detects the pendrive, it will show in ‚ÄúRemovable disk‚ÄĚ with a brand name like Kingston. Select the pendrive disk and click ‚ÄúAdvanced Settings‚ÄĚ to refine file formats. Start to scan the pendrive and then preview the lost files.
Step 3: Recover Deleted Files from Pendrive and Save
Choose those files (pictures, videos, audio, etc.) you want to recover and save them onto another folder of disk.

If RePicvid Pendrive File Recovery is unable to recognize the pendrive, you may need to check it out one by one:

Step 1:Insert an intact pendrive to check if the USB port is normal. And make sure it plugs completely as some connectors are very tight.
Step 2:Connect your pendrive to the right USB port to examine the problem of pen drive itself.
Step 3:Enter bios to inspect the permission of pendrive.
Step 4:Remount USB driver in system device manager. After that, you need to restart your computer.
Step 5:Run anti-virus program to scan pendrive.

Note: Do not save anything onto the pendrive after you delete recent files for fear that new data would overwrite the device.

Perform the following are the steps using Disk parts (Windows):

Step 1:Toggle the switch on the USB drive. If your USB drive has a physical write-protection switch on its exterior, it might be in the wrong (locked) position. Try toggling the switch before you continue with this method.
Step 2:Insert the pendrive into an open USB slot. You can use any available USB slot on your PC.
Step 3:Right-click the Start menu. It is usually at the bottom-left corner of the screen. This displays a menu.
Step 4:Click Run. It is at the bottom of the menu that appears when you right-click the Windows Start menu. This opens Run in a new window.
Step 5:Type diskpart into Run and press Enter. This opens Diskpart in the Command Prompt.
Step 6:Type list disk and press Enter. A list of all drives, including your pendrive, will appear. Each drive is labeled “Disk (number)”, and each number is unique to that drive.
Step 7:Type select disk and press Enter. Replace # with the number of your pendrive (i.e. “select disk 3”). This selects the USB drive in Diskpart.
Step 8:Type attributes disk clear read-only and press Enter. This should remove write-protected status from the drive.
Step 9:Type clean and press Enter. This should remove the data from the drive. Once it is removed, you will be able to set it up for use.
Step 10:Type create partition primary and press Enter. This creates a partition on the USB drive.
Step 11:Type format fs=fat32 or format fs=ntfsand press Enter. This formats the drive in a format that is readable on any operating system. If the USB drive storage is smaller than 32GB, type “format fs=fat32”. If the drive is greater than 32GB, type “format fs=ntfs”.
Step 11:Type exit and press Enter. This returns you to the standard command prompt. The drive should now be available for data storage and other uses.

Install the Rufus Software and Open it. Once you open it. Perform the following steps:

Step 1:Plug in your Pendrive into USB Flash Port.
Step 2:To make a Windows bootdisk (Windows XP/7) select NTFS as file system from the drop-down.
Step 3:Then click on the buttons that looks like a DVD drive, that one near to the checkbox that says Create a bootable disk using:
Step 4:Choose the XP ISO file.
Step 5:Click Start, Done.

Step 1:Download Rufus Software.
Step 2:Click and Open rufus.exe.
Step 3:Once the user interface of the software opens up, plug-in your USB.
Step 4:Search Create a bootable USB drive option and from the drop-down, select an ISO Image.
Step 5:Click on the button next to the dropdown and select the Windows 10 ISO that you want to install.
Step 6:Click on Start and wait for the software to create the bootable USB drive.

1. Connect your USB drive to your Mac computer.
2. Open the Applications folder and click on Utilities.
3. Click on Disk UtilityThe Disk Utility window will open and display on-screen.
4. Click on the name of your USB drive in the left window panel in Disk Utility.
5. Click on the Erase tab displayed at the top of the Disk Utility window.
6. Click on the dropdown menu next to Format.
7. Select Mac OS Extended (Journaled), or your preferred format type. The former option can help ensure that the USB drive is made fully compatible with your Mac since most USB drives are preformatted for Windows computers by default.
8. Type a name for the USB drive in the Name field.
9. Click on the Erase button located at the bottom right corner of Disk Utility.
10. Click on Erase again when the confirmation dialogue box displays on-screen. Your USB drive will now be formatted and ready for use on your Mac.

1. Method 1:-

Change Pendrive’s Properties
Go to My Computer and under Devices with Removable Storage; search your pendrive device. Right-click on it and click Properties. In the pop-up box, sometimes there is an option to remove write-protection. Change the status of this option and try again.

2. Method 2:- Use Write Protection Removal Tool
If you are not a professional in computing management and not familiar with command lines, do not worry. There are many write protection removal tools available in the store to make your job easy.

1. Insert your blank USB flash drive into the PC.In most cases, a window called AutoPlay will pop-up automatically.
If no such window appears, press Win+E to open the File Explorer, right-click the drive in the left panel, then click Open AutoPlay.
If the drive is not blank, you should format it before you continue. Press ‚äě Win+E to open the File Explorer, right-click the drive in the left panel, and then select Format. Once formatted, right-click the drive and select Open AutoPlay.
2. Click Speed up my system on the “AutoPlay” window. This opens your USB drive’s properties to the ReadyBoost tab.
If you see an error on the tab says that your drive is not suitable for ReadyBoost, you may have plugged the drive into a USB port that is not fast enough. Try a different port. If that does not help, you will need to use a different USB drive.
If you see, an error that says the computer is fast enough that ReadyBoost will not provide any benefits; it is usually because you are using an SSD (solid-state drive). No performance gains would be possible with a USB drive in this case.
3. Select Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost or Use this device. You will see one of these two options near the top of the ReadyBoost tab.
If you are using Vista, drag the Space to reserve for system speed slider to the right.
4. Click OK. This adds a special cache file to the USB drive that allows it to be used by Windows as additional RAM.
Windows will start using the drive as RAM immediately, although you may not notice speed improvements until you have populated the new cache file by running your normal tasks.

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