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How we work

BestCheck’s goal is to simplify the purchase decision for the consumer and to draw attention to important aspects when buying

What are the 3 biggest problems and challenges when shopping online for consumers?

Information overload:
Bulk information makes it hard for you to search what features you actually should look at. This overload sometimes results in a bizarre and unintentionally you skip reading the main drawback of that product!

Product Quality:
No quality assurance! You cannot physically examine a product while shopping online. But we at, provide a transparent examination of the product including pros & cons both!
Finding a product under budget is a tedious task, especially when there is a lot of alike products available online on the same platform.
how do we present the best product comparison pages

Our Solutions

Evaluate data and structure it easily: is India’s best product comparison website. We compare a lot of products to produce a vital and absolute comparison guide for you. We bundle up each and every raw data of all products and present you in the form of a well-structured & easy-to-read comparison article. Trust us, you will enjoy reading the article of your choice!

Rate Real Customer Ratings:

We have an eagle’s eye on the real customer ratings and their reviews about the products that they purchase. So, based on these ratings, we select the high-rated products that will be advantageous for you.

We avoid low-rated products or ones with the most negative reviews.

Provide the Best Products for every Budget:

Budget is not a matter of rich or poor, it’s a matter of money management that everyone does. So, we have a product that fits every Budget Range of our customers.
We do not give any chance of disappointment to our readers. 99% of them will find the best-fit product that they were in search of.

Why and How our Compare Pages are Structured for an Easy Buying Decision

Our Pick:

It will be the best product that our editorial team will pick up from numerous similar selections available in the hawk. After a rigorous investigation, we categorize products into these three categories: Our pick, Runner Up, and Budget pick.

Runner Up:

The product that we feel is worth showcasing, but is a little dull than the first one, gets the title of a Runner Up product. But, we would like to say: “Runner Up and other products in a comparison guide are hand-picked and all are worth purchasing!”

Budget Pick: 

The name itself suggests that this product will fit in everyone’s budget and still provide the most out of it! You can witness that almost all features of this category are similar to Our Pick & Runner Up.


Structured Comparison Table for the Most Important Specification of the Product

The comparison table is what we consider a cherry on the cake! It makes your task of comparing various similar products in one place!

It will make you feel: ‘Why didn’t we visit BestCheck’s Comparison Guides at first??’

However, no regrets now. Just have a look at the categorical comparison guides we have in the form of Electronics, Home & Living, Office Equipment, Personal Care & Cleaning Supplies.

We gather the complex data and present it in a minimal way to you in the form of a Comparison Table. And the main thunderbolt is: You will see at least one comparison table on every product comparison page on

Advantages of the Comparison Table:

  2. It provides all details of the 7 best products in one place.
  3. Also, the purchasing link is included in the table itself!
  4. If you are a non-reader, you can just go through the table. It has an all-over summary of the whole comparison article.

Buying Guide on How to Choose the Right fitting Product for Your Budget and Needs

Review of every Single Product: turns to be a SAVIOR: When you are looking for a product that has various alternatives, and now you don’t know which product to pick. We pick up the 7 best models of the products that you are willing to buy. This is followed by rigorous testing and reviewing each and every product. Lastly, put them up in a product comparison guide for you.


Along with the product, we collect each specification of that product from multiple trustworthy sites like Amazon and many more. Our editorial team is 24×7 working on validating all these data and then presenting it in front of you.

Advantage & Disadvantage:

Pros & Cons are necessary to learn before purchasing any product. Here too, BestCheck caps up the task of providing the absolute and transparent advantages & disadvantages that our team encountered while using that product.

Own Star Ratings:

As you know, we test every product before embedding it into the comparison guide. After testing we rate them. And the star ratings that you will see on the product comparison page, are our own star ratings.

Additional Important Accessories & Information a Consumer should know for the Product

How-to Guides:

Not only comparison pages, but we are also good at How-to guides. For these guides, you should our Blog section at least once. We guarantee, these articles will make you enhance your knowledge regarding the blog that you select to read.

Moreover, there are how-to guides in the comparison guides as well. There you can look at the how-to guides of a specific product that you are viewing.

Best Brands:

Best Brands is the section that shows you the reasons why you should choose a specific brand where you can compare the brands of the product.

Most Important Features about the Product:

We have a special section that happens to be: ‘How do we pick up these products?’
This section gives you all the details about the specifications on the basis of which we selected the products. It contains almost all important features.

People also ask about the Product [FAQs]:

There are common questions that arise in everyone’s mind while purchasing any product. So, these common questions and queries are covered in the FAQ section at the end of the article.

Why You Should Trust Us?

Transparency and our customer’s satisfaction are what we work for. No detail, good or bad, is hidden from you. We are not bound under anyone, so we can show-case the truth of the products.

Moreover, we are also receptive towards our customers. You can go through our Disclaimer and Affiliate Disclosure pages to get more reasons why you should trust us.

We do not store your data in cookies until you do not interact with us through comments. So, we will not follow you on every second application that you open. Hence, we are not unwanted ghosts that you hate! You may also visit our Privacy Policy page for knowing which data we collect from you.