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About us

Check Best Before Invest – eBest Check Private Limited


We are happy to know that you are interested to know more about us. So, here is the introduction of the BestCheck family and our services. sees itself as a service for the consumer: We want to simplify purchasing decisions for consumers.

We see our strength in structuring data and preparing it in a consumerfriendly manner. Our editors take the necessary time to familiarize themselves intensively with topics and to determine the information that is really relevant for consumers.

We rely on different test sources in order to be able to give the best possible overall recommendation: In our product selection, in addition, to test results & magazines, we also take into account long-term experiences, e.g. from Amazon customers.

We deliberately avoid too much automation. Each of the products listed with us goes through a multi-stage selection process. Every day our editors work on the best possible test or comparison result for our readers.

BestCheck comparisons are objective and independent. That is why consumers trust our judgments when making purchasing decisions.

It is therefore particularly attractive for manufacturers to use our quality seals for their product packaging or on their websites, for example. Strict rules, therefore, apply to their use. We make sure that manufacturers only use our seals in the correct context and usually charge a nominal fee.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer streamlined and effective comparison articles that make it easy for you to choose a perfect product. With the best online shopping experience, is really passionate about doing our best for you.

We want to be a part of your dream home by offering the best home appliances products tested by our editors. Furthermore, these products go through a rigorous selection process, and our writers work hard to select top products.


How Do We Compare Products?

Embedding the related products in one article, rather we can say, in a single Comparison Table

There will be three top picks and the remaining four products will also be suitable to purchase. The first three products will be Our Pick, Runner-Up, and Budget Pick. You can choose the best from any of them!


What People Says About Us

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What we Value

We value our team, despite us being one family remarked as the BestCheck family. Moreover, our editors consider you as their own family and look for the best product that you can get. 

We provide the right and impartial advice to the buyers and also provide support to our customers. 

To know our process of working, you can always visit our How We Work page. Here you will find how we prepare comparison tables and much more about the information that we provide you.

In case of any suggestion, we’re happy to hear from you!

hardik jethava

Hardik Jethva

Project Manager & CEO

Mr. Hardik Jethva is one of the best entrepreneurs who achieved success at a very young age. From putting the Foundation Stone of BestCheck on June 10, 2019, to his present active performance helped our website to gain more audience. His achievements and hard work are sources of inspiration for our team. Moreover, besides his busy life, Mr. Hardik shows interest in morning walks, travel, meditation, eating healthy food, socializing with people, and car rides.

Carl Liebert

Carl Liebert

(Managing Editor, Director)

Mr. Carl is our Director from Germany. His main focus is on the Final Editing of BestCheck’s articles before publishing them. Being the final authority, he keenly checks the articles and also has his eyes on strategies to improve BestCheck. His favorite pastime activities are hanging around with friends, playing tennis, cooking, eating healthy foods, and gaming.


Prayansh Dubey

Content Writer & Social Media Strategist

Mr. Prayansh, though being a new member of BestCheck, brought BestCheck to new heights through his Social Media Strategies. After his graduation in Sales & Marketing, he is ruling Creative Writing for BestCheck. Prayansh also showcases his proficiency in lyrics writing, creating hip-hop music, and rapping.

kaushik jethava

Kaushik Jethva

Graphics Designer

Mr. Kaushik, an admirer of the Graphic Designing firm, has been with us for the last two years. After completing his graduation, he is with us as a Graphic Designer and SMM. Besides this, you will find Kaushik always ready for a long drive and playing cricket while he is free.

Shreyal Shingala

Shreyal Shingala

Content Writer

Ms. Shreyal Shingala, is the Content Writer, one of the faces behind the blogs and comparison articles that you see. After completing her graduation in the Information Technology firm, she chose writing as her career. Shreyal writes in different genres like fiction, how-to articles, and much more. Besides writing, you will find her spending leisure time with her family.


Karunesh Vadaliya

Web Developer

Mr. Karunesh Vadaliya has been with us for the last 1.6 years. After pursuing his MCA, Karunesh had the interest to become a Laravel Developer. He plays an important role in maintaining the BestCheck system Dynamic. In his free time, listening to songs and traveling is what Karunesh prefers.

Ajay Hadiyel

Ajay Hadiyel

Web Developer

Mr. Ajay Hadiyel is also one of our core team members working with us for the last 7 months. After completing his graduation, his interest was to become a WordPress developer. Along with web development, you will find Ajay traveling, listening to songs, and reading.

Dipak Sakariya

Dipak Sakariya

Web Designer

Mr. Dipak Sakariya has been with us for the last two years. He is one of the pillars behind the BestCheck website Designing. Graduated in 2013, he chose web designing as his career. In his free time, Dipak prefers to play video games, Handball and Basketball.

Nikhil Sadhariya

Nikhil Sadhariya

Web Developer

Mr. Nikhil Sadhariya has been with us for the last couple of years. After pursuing his MCA, he decided to form his career in PHP and WordPress development. Along with being an important member of BestCheck, he loves coding, playing cricket, traveling, and learning new things.

Our Journey


Founding of BestCheck

The Founding & Growing of the BestCheck family started in June 2019, with a miniature website.

But, no one knew that the mini-BestCheck will soon grow to a Giant Product Comparison Website.


Growing of BestCheck

As a sapling starts to firm its root in the soil, the same way, BestCheck confirmed its place in many hearts. 

With love & support from our customers, we ventured to add different product comparison pages to our website.


Formation of Express BestCheck

With the increasing demand & traffic, a Speed Optimization of BestCheck was much needed.

And thanks to our strong Back-end support, it was made possible to access BestCheck to innumerable customers simultaneously. 

Moreover, we got many new members who joined the BestCheck family this year.

They work tirelessly for finding, comparing, testing and finally presenting the best products for you.

No matter BestCheck being fully ergonomic now, we still pursue to reach every house and help them in getting the perfect product.

Address of BestCheck:

eBest Check Private Limited
R K Prime, Nana Mauva Circle, Office NO. 920, b/h Silver Heights, Rajkot, Gujarat 360004, India

Authorized Managing Director:

Hardik Himatlal Jethva
Carl Liebert


Phone: +91281 2361910
E-mail: [email protected]

Responsible for content:

Hardik Himatlal Jethva