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We know what’s BEST for you!

Just like any other start-up, our company started with a dream. That dream sowed the seeds of hope and when the water of hard work was poured, we began to bloom. We take it not as our job but as our responsibility to provide you with the BEST product reviews to make your life simpler.

As a fully integrated, data-fueled, in-demand comparison engine, we perform extensive research by neutrally testing and auditing a thousand products every year. We aim at being your best buddy to assist you with the indecisive process of shopping by allowing you to check what’s best before you invest.

When it comes to shopping, our goal is to save your time and make it easier for you, whether you’re searching for everyday gear or gifts for your family. Our mission is to be the most trusted product recommendation service platform, along with maintaining a trustworthy and independent editorial for the products we recommend.

Best Check Pvt. Ltd. was established back in 2019. Our revenue is generated from subscriptions and up-rising affiliate marketing programs. We take pride in structuring data and presenting it in a consumer-friendly format. We invest our time to thoroughly familiarize ourselves with topics and determine what information is most useful for consumers.

We spend weeks or months researching our reviews and have years of experience in this field. As part of our assessment process, we read customer reviews to understand what matters to real people who use and own the products we evaluate. We want to recommend products that are worth the money and don’t push extra features that you won’t use.

Our Mission

For a world where overpriced, top-of-the-line models packed with junk features are often seen as the gold standard, we strive to recommend products that are worthy of their price without adding unnecessary features that won’t be of any of your use.

With a deep knowledge of E-Commerce shopping over the years and still counting, we are very passionate about being a part of your online shopping by offering only the tested appliances by our review team and our editors. To ensure the highest quality of products, our writers rigorously select them from a wide array of choices.

How Do We Pick the BEST?

Choosing the BEST product within a particular category is itself very challenging and requires a lot of knowledge.

We simplify this task for you by embedding the top products from the category based on customer reviews and at the same time which can be affordable for you. Our Comparison Table does the best job for this.

We categorize the top 3 products from the list as:

1. Our Pick
2. Runner Up
3. Budget Pick

The remaining products in the list will be reviewed as you scroll down the page.

Whichever you choose, you can count on us to be the best!

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Our Core Values

We often find our process fascinating and enjoyable, with numerous categories of products, we employ our assiduous approach and next-level research skills. We strive to make finding the best stuff-and knowing what’s not worth buying-quick, easy, and transparent, so you can get on with your life.

In order for us to succeed, we need the trust of our readers. Any recommendation made due to bias or laziness wouldn’t be supported by our readers. Our articles also provide readers with the opportunity to check the facts, which reveal how much time, logic, and energy we had spent researching, interviewing experts, and testing gear.

If you are interested in learning the process of how we work, you can always visit our How We Work page. The information we provide is described here, along with how we prepare comparison tables.

Project Manager & CEO Hardik Jethva hardik-jethava
Mr. Hardik Jethva is one of the best entrepreneurs who achieved success at a very young age. From putting the Foundation Stone of BestCheck on June 10, 2019, to his present active performance helped our website to gain more audience. His achievements and hard work are sources of inspiration for our team. Moreover, besides his busy life, Mr. Hardik shows interest in morning walks, travel, meditation, eating healthy food, socializing with people, and car rides.
Content Writer & Social Media Strategist Prayansh Dubey dubey-bestcheck
Mr. Prayansh, though being a new member of BestCheck, brought BestCheck to new heights through his Social Media Strategies. After his graduation in Sales & Marketing, he is ruling Creative Writing for BestCheck. Prayansh also showcases his proficiency in lyrics writing, creating hip-hop music, and rapping.
Content Writer & Data Analyst Kaushik Jethva Kaushik Jethava
Kaushik Jethva is a dynamic professional with a robust academic foundation in data analysis and a profound passion for technology. Armed with a keen analytical mind and a knack for deciphering complex datasets, Kaushik excels in extracting actionable insights that drive informed decision-making. His comprehensive knowledge of state-of-the-art technologies, coupled with hands-on experience, positions him as a trailblazer in the tech industry. Kaushik's track record of delivering impactful solutions to intricate challenges underscores his commitment to excellence. He is a visionary leader in harnessing data and technology to foster innovation and propel business success
Content Writer Shreyal Shingala Shreyal Singala
Ms. Shreyal Shingala, is the Content Writer, one of the faces behind the blogs and comparison articles that you see. After completing her graduation in the Information Technology firm, she chose writing as her career. Shreyal writes in different genres like fiction, how-to articles, and much more. Besides writing, you will find her spending leisure time with her family.
Web Developer Karunesh Vadaliya Karunesh Beshcheck
Mr. Karunesh Vadaliya has been with us for the last 1.6 years. After pursuing his MCA, Karunesh had the interest to become a Laravel Developer. He plays an important role in maintaining the BestCheck system Dynamic. In his free time, listening to songs and traveling is what Karunesh prefers.
Web Developer Ajay Hadiyel Ajay Hadiyel
Mr. Ajay Hadiyel is also one of our core team members working with us for the last 7 months. After completing his graduation, his interest was to become a WordPress developer. Along with web development, you will find Ajay traveling, listening to songs, and reading.

Our Journey

June 2019

A Small Visionary

Founded by Alexander Flach, Carl Liebert and Hardik Jethva on 1st July 2019, Best Check began with this dream and has expanded into a high-class product comparison website. Our company humbly took baby steps and secured its place in many people’s hearts.

June 2020

Our Pathway towards Growth

As time flew and with love & support from our customers, we ventured to add different product comparison pages to our website.

June 2021

Establishment of Express BestCheck

Our heartly thanks to our strong backend support and writers which made it possible for BestCheck to be accessible to a wide society of readers and community.

We also expanded our BestCheck.in family this year with many new members.

Our team works consistently to find, compare, test, and ultimately present the best products possible.

In spite of the fact that BestCheck.in is fully ergonomic now, we still strive to reach every house and help them get the perfect product.

June 2022

New Phase of BestCheck

As we began to grow, gain trust and authenticity, we decided to give a new user-experience to our readers on our site.

As a part of this process, we implemented a fresh user interface for our website so that our readers can easily navigate and fetch the right information.

We also changed our way of reviewing the products. We unbox, use, test and review them at our premises and we are bound to give RAW, REAL AND UNFILTERED reviews for each product.

How you find us?

Address of BestCheck:

eBest Check Private Limited
R K Prime, Nana Mauva Circle, Office NO. 920, b/h Silver Heights, Rajkot, Gujarat 360004, India

Authorized Managing Director:

Hardik Himatlal Jethva
Carl Liebert


Phone: +91281 2361910
E-mail: [email protected]

Content Strategist:

Hardik Himatlal Jethva