The Best Iron Box in India 2021 | Price Review

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Irons are probably one of the Most Useful & Convenient appliances for the home.

We all love those beautifully tidied-up & wrinkle-free clothes every day!

So yeah that costs you a lot of time, a lot of bucks & also the effort for visiting laundry every day!

But having a Decent Iron Box at home can be a handy solution.

But choosing the Right Iron Box can make a significant difference in how effectively you can get laundry done at home.

Most Iron comes with Salient features for improving your comfort.

To cut the confusion while buying, here we have curated the list of  Best Iron Boxes in India for 2021 & Purchase Guidelines.

We Tested every Iron Box from Bajaj, Philips, Orient & more to make Your Purchasing Decision Easier 🏆

Our Pick
DX 7

Bajaj DX7 Dry Iron 🥇

Minimised Heat Damage

Save 19% by ordering NOW!

  • Non-Sitck Coated Soleplate
    This iron comes with an Non-Sitck Coated Soleplate to ensure even heating and to minimize sticking whilst ironing clothes.
  • Light Weight Iron
    The lightweight iron ensures that the ironing is fast, easy and simple.
  • Instant Heat Up with 1000 Watts Power
    High power provides quick heating of the iron and allows you to iron quick and fast.
Runner Up

Philips GC1905 Steam Iron with Spray 🥈

Easy Gliding on all Fabrics

Save 30% by ordering NOW!

  • Easy and Super Fast Emptying of the Watertank
    Easy and super fast emptying of the watertank thanks to the huge emptying hole, and the sideways opening door.
  • Faster Set-up and Storage
    Easy and super fast filling of the watertank thanks to the huge filling hole, and the sideways opening door of the Philips iron.
  • Easily Removes Creases
    The spray function produces a fine mist that evenly moistens the fabric, making it easier to iron out creases.
Budget Pick

Orient Electric Fabrijoy 1000-Watt Dry Iron 🥉

Easy To Use, Clean And Maintain

Save 45% by ordering NOW!

  • Non-Stick Iron Sole
    The non-stick coated sole of the iron ensures that it does not stick to the fabric thus keeping your favorite apparels safe and sound.
  • Indicator Lamp
    The iron is also equipped with an indicator lamp which informs the user when the iron has reached the required or preset temperature and is ready to use.
  • Easy to Grip Handle
    The shape of the handle of the iron allows its users to grip it comfortably to avoid any slippage and hence any accidents which might occur while using to it.

How much Should I Spend on a Iron Box?

Price Check & Review:

  • High Priced:

    High-priced iron boxes are the ones having attractive looks and more safety than other models.

    However, there is no huge difference in the price of iron boxes.

    Hence, if going for a high-priced model, go within the following price range.

    Price Range 💰
    We recommend spending:
    ₹ 1000 ~ ₹ 1800.

  • Medium Priced:

    Want to buy an iron box that fits in the budget?

    Here is the price range that most of the customers prefer to spend on the iron box.

    The range will give you a medium-priced iron box.

    Price Range 💰
    We recommend spending:
    ₹ 500 ~ ₹ 900.

  • Low Priced:

    We advise you to pick a low-priced iron box only after a complete investigation of that model.

    Because just spending some more rupees may give a better model.

    Hence, remember the price range before spending on a lower quality model.

    Price Range 💰
    We recommend spending:
    ₹ 300 ~ ₹ 500.

7 Best Iron Box Review

We have provided specifications, price, and features for the top 7 steam / electric Iron in India.

When you want to buy a product, the first thing you consider is finding a product that suits your requirements as well as the budget.

Bajaj DX 7

The following are the specifications:

  • Non-Stick coated soleplate:
    The Bajaj DX7 comes with a dry iron, which facilitates smooth gliding on all kinds of fabric. The non-stick coated plate would ensure that the cloth does not stick nor get torn due to excessive heat. The steam iron would run smoothly on the fabric.
  • Double indicator system:
    Here, in this iron, the product comes with an indicator system that ensures safety and convenience. When the red light gleams, the soleplate will get heated up, and when it reaches the required temperature, it shows a green light.
  • Adjustable knob:
    This iron comes with multiple temperature settings, which means you can customise your iron accordingly. Different fabrics will require different temperatures, so based on that, you can set the heat and get adequately ironed.
  • Safety Thermal Use:
    High temperatures can cause damage to electrical components. But in the case of this iron, the thermal fuse breaks down and protects it from any damage. The purpose of this is to reduce the power risk, electric shock, and injuries that cause due to overheating
  • 360 Degree Swivel Cord:
    The steam iron comes with a 360-degree swivel cord that can move freely and can avoid all possibility that comes in with tangled wires.
  • Light Weighted:
    The Bajaj majesty iron comes with a lightweight structure that is compact and handy to use. It’s very light in weight so it can carry anywhere.
  • Advantage
  • The aluminum soleplate should help for smoother gliding
  • Comfortable hand grip
  • Good water tank capacity of 180 ml
  • Disadvantage
  • Weight is light heavy
  • Easy to use
    • (4.3)
  • Regulated movement
    • (4.2)
  • Temperature control
    • (4.1)
  • Quality of material
    • (4.1)
  • Durability
    • (4.0)
  • Cord lengthCord length
    • (4.0)
  • Summary
    • (4.3)

Philips GC1905

The following are the specifications

  • Easily Removes Creases:
    The spray function produces a fine mist that helps in fabric moistens and in making it easy for iron to remove creases.
  • Super Fast Water Filling:
    Except for household chores, you have lots of other tasks to do in your life. So using this super-fast water filling and emptying the hole can give a smooth gliding soleplate. The quality of the iron built for speed.
  • Easy Setup and Great Storage:
    The water tank is a huge one and can quickly fill using a sideways door opening of the Philips iron.
  • Smooth Gliding on all fabrics:
    The steam iron comes with continuous steam output with up to g/min.
  • Advantage
  • The aluminum soleplate should help for smoother gliding
  • Good water tank capacity of 180 ml
  • Comfortable hand grip
  • Disadvantage
  • Weight is light heavy
  • Iron need to be kept in the horizontal position when not in use
  • Temperature control
    • (2.3)
  • Wrinkle-free
    • (2.0)
  • Summary
    • (4.3)

Orient Electric Fabrijoy DIFJ10BP 1000-Watt Dry Iron

The Iron is equipped with a comfortable grip handle to give a smooth and sleek design. Iron uses the thermal fuse to protect the appliance from overheating.

The following are specifications:

  • Quick Heat Technology:
    The technology heats and distributes it uniformly to have smooth, fast, and effective ironing with easy reverse strokes.
  • Non-Stick Triple Coated Soleplate:
    We’ll find effortlessly slides over different types of fabrics that are used to remove stubborn creases quickly.
  • Multi Fabric Selection:
    The nova plus iron comes with temperature adjustment, which suits different levels with ironing different fabrics.
  • Safe to Use:
    The dry iron is elementary to use and comes with a protected layer to save it from overheating and extremely high surges in electric current.
  • Advantage
  • Quick to heat up and therefore fast
  • Has an easy to hold the handle
  • Lightweight design
  • Disadvantage
  • Plastic material quality could be better
  • It can be too small
  • Light weight
    • (4.3)
  • Easy to use
    • (4.2)
  • Regulated movement
    • (4.1)
  • Temperature control
    • (4.1)
  • Durability
    • (3.9)
  • Summary
    • (4.2)

Usha EI 1602

Usha is a leading brand for selling iron and other home appliances. Once you bring home the Usha EI 1602 dry iron, you’ll understand that you have got state of an art product. It is one of the best features where the iron coated with non-stick poly Teflon. By using this, you can iron your clothes effortlessly and smoothen out all wrinkles from them.

The iron comes with a controlled temperature knob, which helps you to adjust the temperature based on the requirements. The body of the iron is lightweight, made up of PVC, and can handle it very comfortably. It comes with a centrally placed power cord which makes an extremely easy and efficient to use.

The following are the specifications:

  • Design:
    The design is exquisite, where the hard plastic body is heat resistant. The sides coated with soleplate, which works smoothly and helps in preventing them from sticking to the cloth surface.
  • Thermostatic Control:
    Usha EI 1602 comes with built-in thermostatic control, which helps to allow you to adjust the temperature as you need. Whether you use the iron for cotton, nylon, synthetic, or any other garment, the iron can set temperature for all types.
  • Lightweight:
    The iron is constructed using lightweight plastic material, which comes easy to handle. This model consumes 1000 watts of power peruse, and also there is an indicator that will let you know the iron adequately heat.
  • Advantage
  • Cord length is more than other
  • It has a cool touch body for safety
  • Disadvantage
  • Handle cold have been better
  • Light weight
    • (4.2)
  • Easy to use
    • (4.1)
  • Cord length
    • (3.9)
  • Temperature control
    • (3.9)
  • Durability
    • (3.8)
  • For travelling
    • (3.8)
  • Summary
    • (4.1)

Bajaj Majesty DX 6

If you’re looking to iron your clothes without any crease then, Bajaj Majesty Iron is the best option for you. It works very smoothly with leaving the surface scratch-free. Moreover, it comes with chord length measures of 2.5 meters along with having an effortlessly ironing experience. Bajaj Majesty iron makes the best and smart choice by giving a perfectly crisp and creaseless finish.

The following are the specifications:

  • Heat Control Switch:
    Here, the iron comes with equipped temperature and controlled circular switch. Which gives you an easy-to-use and effortlessly ironing experience.
  • Shock Proof Plastic:
    This dry iron tends to protect from shock as it’s made up of shockproof plastic material. This material helps to give a sturdy and durable product with preventing you from shocks.
  • Coated Sole Plate:
    The sole coating is very durable and comes with long-lasting effects. The plate helps to iron clothes by pressing the creases out and emulating the steam.
  • Cool Touch Body:
    You can hold the iron very quickly and can glide it through the fabric easily. The cold touch body comes with a comfortable grip where the cord ensures smooth gliding.
  • Advantage
  • Come with shock proof body
  • Product is scratch resistant and easy to glide on clothes and does not stick to the fabric
  • Disadvantage
  • Not steam Burst
  • Light weight
    • (4.3)
  • Easy to use
    • (4.2)
  • Temperature control
    • (4.0)
  • Value for money
    • (4.0)
  • Quality of material
    • (4.8)
  • Summary
    • (4.2)

Philips HI114

Are you looking for an affordable and modern design Iron? Philips HI114 Iron is the best fit for you. The Iron comes with a very efficient and easy to use model.

It can use at any time of the cloth material by giving a flawless design. Using this Iron gets the job done with ease and without burning any holes in your pocket. The Philips HI 114 Iron comes with easy to use the handle and weight light. You get amazing crease-free clothes and thus get effective results.

The following are the specifications:

  • Safety and Power:
    The product comes with a maximum consumption of about 1000w power that gives optimal heat performance with achieving uniformly in heat distribution. With this Philips iron, it comes temperature equipped indicator, which turns off automatically once it reached the heated mode. You don’t need to worry about manually figuring out the right temperature for each fabric.
  • Non-Stick Coated Sole Plate:
    The Philips Iron comes with a non-stick coated soleplate, which does not stick to the plate even when your Iron is high with temperature.
  • Thermostatic Control:
    If you want to iron your cotton and silk clothes, this Philips iron works great for you. You need to adjust the temperature and get a requires crease-dree ironing.
  • Swivel Cord:
    The Iron comes with a swivel cord, which is very easy to use. It allows us to move the Iron in multiple directions with getting all those stubborn spots with ease. This product has a flexible cord that features natural stress on your wrist for a longer time of ironing.
  • Advantage
  • Design to heat fast and deliver better performance
  • Button groove speeds up ironing along buttons and seams
  • Disadvantage
  • Indicator light doest turn on properly according to knob control
  • Regulated movement
    • (5.0)
  • Light weight
    • (4.4)
  • Easy to use
    • (4.4)
  • Temperature control
    • (4.2)
  • Durability
    • (4.2)
  • Summary
    • (4.3)

Morphy Richards Inspira

Morphy Richards Inspira IRON is the maestro of every fabric as it comes with a wide range of dry irons. Your ironed clothes will get free from flattening wrinkles and removes creases effortlessly on any material. If you’re looking for last-minute ironing or else other than the regular one, then bring home Morphy Richards Inspira IRON that comes with 1000W Inspira dry iron.

The ergonomically designed iron comes with a 360-degree cord, which gets tangled with allowing secure cord storage. The Teflon Soleplate guarantees to distribute the heat on soleplate where every part touches the fabric, and dry iron smoothly glides over the material.

The following are the specifications:

  • Ergonomically Design:
    Morphy Richards Inspira IRON comes with a well-structured design with a comfortable holding experience. Moreover, it uses a unique material that is placed between the body of dry iron to ensure that no heat transfer to the upper parts of the dry iron.
  • Adjustable Thermostatic Control:
    If you want better control over your iron then, this product comes with an adjustable thermostat. You can adjust the heat of dry iron depending on the fabric you’re ironing. Additionally, this flexible can help in preventing the damage to the fabric.
  • Non-Stick Coated Soleplate:
    The dry iron comes with 1000 w where all the clothes can iron without any hassle as it comes with a non-stick coated soleplate.
  • 360Degree Swivel Cord:
    The rotating 360-degree cord will not make it easier but will also add up easy storing in a minimalistic space. Isn’t it great to have this kind of iron at your home?
  • Sharp Beak:
    Sometimes, it becomes tough to iron the low accessible areas such as space near the button, collar region, etc. So, to ensure to have easy access, the iron comes with a sharp beak.
  • Power Indicator:
    The iron comes with a power indicator, which tells that when the power is on and off. It uses Integ soleplate technology, which uses minimum energy and comes with optimum usage to heat up faster.
  • Advantage
  • Neon power indicator
  • Adjustable thermostatic control
  • Disadvantage
  • It lacks insulation and the heat from the soleplate is transferred to other parts of the iron making it hard to handle
  • Light weight
    • (4.3)
  • Easy to use
    • (4.2)
  • Easy to hold
    • (4.2)
  • Durability
    • (4.1)
  • Temperature control
    • (4.1)
  • Summary
    • (4.2)

How we picked The Best Iron Box

Iron boxes are used frequently used in our homes. Gone are the days of heavily weighted irons which use to give trouble to the hands and took hours to heat up. We thought to research and find the perfect ironing solution for you all by considering the factors like Weight, Non-Sticky Soleplate, and the instant heat feature.

  • Light weight, easy to carry.

    Iron boxes have evolved and came a long way. Ironing with a heavier Iron Box is not an easy task with lots of clothes to work on regularly. That is why we found out a lightweight iron box by the brand called Bajaj to help you do the stuff faster and with more ease.

  • Non sticky sole plate

    When the soleplate is heated up, there are chances that particles would be stuck on it. But the product that we consider the best, has a nonsticky soleplate which ensures that you can erase such worries and carry ut the ironing work easily.

  • Instant heat

    Nobody has time to wait for an iron to get heated up. New iron boxes get heated up quicker that enables you to complete the task faster. The Iron box we selected as best has a feature called fast heating to save your valuable time.

How to use an Iron Box

Modern iron with steam

The right direction: To avoid double and triple ironing, always move the ironed side away from you.

1. The Machine: Iron is a machine that removes wrinkles from clothes. Iron consists of a flat metal plate that covers large and small areas of all types of fabrics. It uses electrically heated input, which, when plugged into an outlet. The handle on the top does not get burned. Only the soleplate gets heated when the ironing plate gets power supply. The iron adds temperature gauge and settings for all types of fabrics.

2. The Process: Once you plugged in, the plates get heated. When the hot plate applies to the wrinkled clothes, molecule bonds form in the fabric. It allows wrinkles in the material to adjust, later the pressure from the iron is added to weaken fabric once its press. If the lines do not vanish, then increase the temperature and iron it.

Types of Iron Box

Types Description
Dry Irons

Dry Irons are one of the essential iron, which typically is inexpensive.

They are light in weight and comes with basic controls.

To get the best press, you need to sprinkle some amount of water to it.

Steam Irons

Get smoother press with Steam Irons. The steam iron removes wrinkles on cotton and linen fabrics with ease.

These Irons come with small water tub inside, which can later produce steam to moisten clothes while pressing. It is a bit expensive than dry Irons.

Additionally, the steam irons come with great features such as overheat safety protection, self-clean mechanism, and auto-shutoff.

Portable Irons

These are irons, which are generally used by travellers.

The portable irons are for those who want their clothes wrinkle-free and should look presentable.

Compare to standard irons, and they look quite small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry.

Portable irons come in both dry and steam types and are even cordless, which makes a convenient for the user to take while travelling.


Reasons to Invest in Iron Box

  • Clean Smelling Clothes: Not every laundry person uses clean smelly detergent. But if you’re doing at home, you can use your choice detergent and get your clothes to smell tremendous and well-cleaned.

  • Identify Cleaning Errors: There can be a chance where some areas of garments require cleaning. But while cleaning the surface at the time of ironing can be observed clearly. You can clean each part of the clothing during the ironing process and prevent the error from it.

  • Kills Germs: The iron will clean the clothes along with killing the germs. There can be several chances where the process can be escaped, with fungi and thermophilic bacteria. You can eliminate the microorganism by ironing your clothes.

  • Makes cloth looks better: Cleaning not only makes clothes look better but also gives you fresh and stylish clothes. Ironing manipulates the fabric to improve quality and ensure a long life. Wearing well-cleaned and ironed clothes will boost your self-confidence.

  • Eliminate Shrinkage: When you wash clothes, there are chances that the clothes may shrink. It can happen due to various detergents, so the only way is ironing can help in keeping the clothes neat and clean with eliminating wrinkles and shrinkage.

Types Description
Auto Shut-Off

Auto Shut-off features come in all irons. But, knowing it before buying Iron is a must. It turns off the power when the Iron is not in motion. This auto feature prevents Iron from a fire.


The burst-of-steam feature will deliver extra blast to subdue stubborn wrinkles. It can be handled easily if you often press linen or heavy fabric, such as denim.

Convenient Controls

Temperature control marks easy access, preferably front handle, and comes with indicator. The indicator light will show whether the power is on or off.

Retractable Cord

The retractable cord keeps the cord out of the way when using it or when storing it. Make sure that the cable doesn’t whip when it retracts.

Self-Cleaning System

Flushes mineral deposits, but there is a chance that it does not always give useful with prolonged use. So, trying a burst-of-steam feature can be helpful in cleaning vents.

Adjustable Steam

The amount of steam using the adjustable and shut off the steam as needed. Additionally, it comes with an anti-drip feature which is designed to prevent the task from leakage with helping the steam at lower settings.

Transparent Water Reservoir

Would find small, vertical tube and some large chamber reservoirs under the handle. This transparent chamber makes it easy to see the water level by checking the water tank marked level.

Vertical Steaming

One can use iron in an upright position to remove wrinkles from various hanging garments.

Water Fill-Hole Cover

The Iron comes with a sliding cover and water-fill hole, which prevents leaking and does not work always.

Top Iron Box Brands in India

Best Iron Box Brands Description

Established by Gerard Philips and Frederik Philips, Philips is a Dutch Based brand and has its central command in Amsterdam.

This brand has zeroed in on the field of hardware, lighting, and medical care. It was the world’s biggest producer in the year 2013 incomes.

In India Philips resembles a mother brand for all hardware and lighting appliances. & we don’t hesitate while purchasing any item if it is made by Phillips.

Things We liked about Philips:

  • Philips Irons will assist you with getting amazing Ironing outcomes with fewer strokes in less time.
  • Philips offers the best yield with its plan and consistent quality due to solid material.
Morphy Richards:

Morphy Richards has consistently been most loved with regards to household items.

Incredibly famous and generally recognized for its quality, Morphy Richards is another brand that offers high-quality Iron Boxes.

Things we liked about Morphy Richards:

  • Straightforward & convenient Iron Boxes by Morphy Richards does the work rapidly and proficiently.
  • Morphy Richards offers safe & cost-effective Irons that go on for years without fatigue.

Established in 1926, Bajaj is India based brand and affects the personalities of the purchasers.

The company has various branches that include different enterprises like vehicles, lighting, domestic machines, insurance, iron, steel, travel, and money.

Things we liked about Bajaj:

  • Bajaj is the quintessential and dependable Indian brand with regard to home apparatuses.
  • Bajaj offers reasonable yet includes shrewd items that can make our life simple.

Everybody knows about the brand Usha, and its items are a declaration of the brand’s hold in the Indian market.

Usha is one of the main brands with regards to assembling home apparatuses.

Things we liked about Usha:

  • Usha items are designed with cutting-edge innovations and highlights for a pro-like execution.
  • Drop your stresses over warming to high temperatures and harming your valuable dresses with regards to Irons by USHA

Orpat Group is located in Gujarat and is occupied with assembling all-around differentiated items.

Things we liked about Orpat:

  • The home machines of Orpat are guaranteed value and strength.
  • The Iron Boxes of Orpat are the hits and are being utilized by hundreds of families.

FAQ's about Iron Box

It is the question that comes in mind while buying the Iron. Soleplate can call as a face of Iron, which touches the clothes while ironing. It comes with various functions such as:
• It is responsible for smooth Ironing.
• It throws the heat and steam evenly while ironing.
• The good soleplate would avoid wrinkles in any clothes.
• It glides smoothly over the Fabric by giving users a great experience.

Generally, we find three types of soleplates, such as Aluminum Soleplate, Non-Stick Soleplate, and Ceramic Soleplate. Let’s know them in brief:
Aluminum Soleplate: We do not recommend buying aluminium soleplate as they come with little friction, scratches easily, and are hard to clean. To give a summary:

• It glides with friction.
• Difficult to clean and gets easily scratched with buttons or hooks.
• Less durable and becomes sticky after using it.
• It creates wrinkles in clothes.

Note: You have two choices either use Non-sticky Soleplate
or Ceramic Soleplate.

• Non-Stick Soleplate
In this type, the plate does not stick while ironing and gives smooth gliding. When buying a non-stick iron soleplate, you need to look at the Non-Stick Coated Plate keyword in the product description.
Non-Stick Soleplate features:
o It glides better over Fabric
o Economical
• Ceramic Soleplate
Ceramic places on aluminium or metal plate. The nature of the ceramic is very efficient in heat and steam distribution. By adding all materials in it, the ceramic soleplate provides superior gliding and great ironing experience. The best example will be Morphy Richards Glide Steam Iron if you’re searching for the ceramic soleplate iron.
Ceramic Soleplate Features:
o Glides best over Fabric and top-most quality
o Quite expensive than others

A Steam generator iron comes with extra steam power at a premium steam generator. This Iron comes with internal pumps for pumping out pressurised steam with giving extra energy through tight creases. These irons are bit bulky and expensive compared to traditional Iron.

• Water Tank Size: If you’re ironing the whole bundle of clothes in one shot, then you need a larger tank size.
• Steam Shot: Steam irons releases certain level of steam at regular interval. But for some clothes, you need an extra level of steam to get better results.
• Steam Output: The stream produces in a few minutes. The steam output means more steam and faster Ironing.
• Anti-Drip: This feature makes sure that the water does not leak or spill from the water tank.
• Anti-Scale: Make sure that there is no scaling formed inside the water tank.

• Type of Iron: This is the first thing one needs to look while buying Iron. Whether you want to opt for dry iron or steam iron, the usage should clear in your mind. In steam iron, you can easily remove wrinkles whereas, for dry Iron, you need to choose a basic model which are less expensive.
• Variable Settings: Moving on to the next factor, you need to look at the settings of the Iron, which gives you an option to change the temperature settings and will allow you to generate the variable amount of steam.
• Spray: The main benefit of a shower is that you can moisten your clothes by sprinkling the spray before Ironing. By spraying them, you can iron quickly and give your clothes improved upshots.
• Soleplate: Getting the best soleplate type is very important. If you’re using aluminium or other material, make sure it comes with a non-stick plate. The reason behind this is your Iron won’t get stick to the Fabric and will prevent it from fire.
• Cord: It happens that the steam cord sometimes be not near the socket. So, in such a case, you need to move the wire around a bit. It the cable is not sturdy, then it will blend and will develop incisions after a period. Choose a retractable cord to increase the life of the wire.
• Weight: When you choose the Iron, it should be light in weight. The light-weighted Iron ensures that you’re able to use Iron for a more extended period and without any pain in your hand or shoulders.
• Automatic Shut-off: There can be a situation when you’re tired, and you left Iron-on, but this automatic shut-off feature will shut down the Iron automatically when it reaches to one temperature.
• Form Factor: The user needs to look at the mechanism of the handle, its control settings, and its comfort level. So, if the feature is working according to your needs, you’ll be able to use Iron for an extended period without any issues.
• Wattage: The higher the rating, you get higher wattage. Faster the heating process of Iron. If you’re opting for a steam iron, then the operation will be slow, but if you choose more top Iron, than you can get a faster and quick heating process.

It comes in two forms:
• Non-Pressurized: It works like steam irons but gives a much higher steam output.
• Pressurised: It consists of pressurised boilers where the steam output is quite like a non-pressurized model. This model comes with greater force and therefore penetrates deeper into most stubborn creases. The pressure level measured in bars.

You will get two different types of garment streamers available such as handheld and upright. We recommend using a handheld size for small touch-ups and travel. But if you’re looking for a machine that tackles a bigger job, we suggest using an upright model with bigger tank capacity.

• Simple and easy to use
• No external heating is required as it uses electricity.
• Low Cost
• Easily Portable
• Dry Iron sometimes is not well enough to remove stubborn wrinkles
• Soleplate isn’t that good to sustain heat and can leave a stain on clothes
• Vertical Ironing not possible

• It can be used as dry Iron when needed
• Stubborn wrinkles can remove easily
• Vertical Ironing is possible
• You need to recheck for refilling the water tank
• If an issue occurs, water will flow and wet the clothes
• Steam irons are a bit costly.

Bigger soleplate comes with bulkier Iron. It has extra weight but does its job very well. But in some cases, it causes tiring on the arms. The best soleplate would be a super-click coating that can slide effortlessly across garments with making weightlessly noticeable.



If you have any questions please feel free to write a comment


  1. Ripal Shah says: on December 19, 2019 at 2:16 am

    I got Usha EI 1602 1000-Watt Lightweight Dry Iron a few months back and it has been working perfectly for me. The iron is surely light-weight and compact. The major advantage is that it has in-built thermostatic control which makes it quite safe to use on various types of garment. Overall, nice one and easy to carry when travelling.

  2. Arpana Mishra says: on December 11, 2019 at 11:14 am

    This is a compact steam iron. I got it from Amazon for Rs 450 and this one proved to be a good deal. With 360 Degree Swivel cord, quick heat technology and comfortable grip handle, the iron is quite easy to handle and safe to use. Overall, value for money and good quality.

  3. Myra Bhatia Says: on December 9, 2019 at 1:08 pm

    What I liked the most about this iron is the temperature control feature. Just felt that the length of the cord should be a little longer. The green light glows when the desired temperature is reached and the red light glows when sole plate is heated. I wanted to inquire whether the iron is safe to use on woolen clothes?

    1. Rohan Khetan says: on December 13, 2019 at 11:15 am

      Yes it is quite safe. Go for it.

  4. Suhani Jain Says: on December 7, 2019 at 11:21 am

    I got Philips HI114 1000-Watt Golden American Heritage Soleplate Dry Iron box from Amazon for Rs 900 which I guess is a good deal. The iron is attractive and light-weight. The built is sturdy. The best part is that the iron is quick to get heated and quick to cool. I wanted to inquire if the length of the cord can be customized to be extended to 6 inches?

    1. Rishika says: on December 9, 2019 at 5:46 pm

      The given cord is quite long and convenient. However, it is difficult to extend the given cord. It might be done at some service center for a few bucks.

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