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Best Steam Iron for Indian Household [May 2022]

With these Steam Irons for home your Clothes will be pressed nice and neat

Ironed clothes are what make your personality look better. Steam irons or Dry irons, whichever you use, but ironing clothes is necessary to add up crispness in your look and clothes. But what if you are confused about which steam iron you can buy? We are here to make your choice easy! In this article, you will get the 3 best steam irons in India in this article. So, why wait? Let’s just begin with the article and get more information about steam irons and their properties. We also have some best recommendations for ironing tables, have a look at them as well.

Best Steam Iron for Indian Household [May 2022]
Our Pick
Philips GC1920/28

Philips GC1920/28 Non-Stick Soleplate Steam Iron

Philips Steam Iron for Everyday Use

Philips GC1920/28 1440 Watt steam iron heats up in less than a minute and is easier to carry than other heavy irons that we tested. These features make it Our Pick.


Philips GC1920/28 Non-Stick Steam Iron is effective and quick at clearing wrinkles and creases on the clothes. It’s one of the cost-effective, amazingly featured, and easy-to-use iron we’ve tested. Although the water tank capacity is 180 ml, smaller than the other two steam iron boxes, the steam output is good. It gives 17g/min of steam output that helps in giving the perfect ironing look to your garments. It is light-weight iron with an American heritage non-stick coating that makes it flatten wrinkles easily. Along with that you also get a 2 Years Warranty on this iron.

Runner Up

Philips EasySpeed Plus Steam Iron GC2145/20-2200W

Also Used for Vertical Ironing

Though hefty, the features like quick heat up, 30g/min continuous steam output, vertical steam function, and scratch-resistant ceramic coated soleplate make it the runner-up steam iron box.


Philips EasySpeed GC2145/20 2200 Watts of Steam iron moves with stronger whooshes and its vertical steam feature makes it useful for vertical ironing too. Its non-stick soleplates glide across a variety of fabrics and are also easy to handle. No doubt, it has quite a high price but when we tested it for a long time, it worked fantastically. Also, you get a 2-years warranty on this iron box, so, in some worse conditions, you can easily replace the product. First, this iron box was in ‘Our Pick’ but the heavyweight, poor reliability, and heavy price got it to ‘Runner Up’. You also get a Drip-Stop (Anti Drip Function) in this model.

Budget Pick

Havells Fabio 1250 Watt Steam Iron

Amazing features in Less Cost

Despite some flaws, this iron box is made up as a Budget Pick because we get amazing features like Adjustable Thermostat Control, Teflon Coated Soleplate, and horizontal and vertical smooth ironing.


The Havells Fabio 1250 Watt Steam Iron performs amazingly both horizontally and vertically. It cleans the creases and wrinkles and flattens the cloth effortlessly. While testing, we were surprised with the 10 gram/min of steam output despite being only 940 grams in weight. But yes, there are some issues with the water dripping over the fabric while ironing. You get a 2-years warranty on this iron model.

The test & research

Why you can trust us

Our team has started testing Steam Irons in 2019 and as a process for getting the best steam irons you can have, we have done a lot of follow-ups with many ironing professionals. You might be thinking why we chose these 3 steam irons, why should you trust our choices? This portion will answer all your doubts.

I am a content writer at BestCheck and also test products to know whether they are worth purchasing or not. I along with our product testing team, Olyvia, Kaushik, and Hardik went to many ironing professionals who helped us with their reviews after a long time of use of these iron boxes.

But, during the Covid-19 breakout, we tested these iron boxes ourselves, as direct contact with other professionals was not possible. We tested them based on different features like steam output, weight, power consumption, water tank capacity, steam ironing, and many more.

While testing, our experts, Olyvia, Kaushik, and Monish recorded these processes and I wrote the exact results that we got after using them each.

How We Picked the Best Steam Iron in India

Our 3 top picks of Steam Iron placed in our Studio while testing
Photo: Monish Goyani | Our 3 top picks of Steam Iron, placed in our Studio while testing

Along with testing irons since 2019, I’ve also gone through thousands of iron owners’ reviews on Amazon. My decision for getting these 3 perfect irons for BestCheck’s customers has much research and factors behind it. Along with that, I also read reviews and recommendations on one of the famous product comparison sites like Wirecutter.

Here are the features that helped me choose the suitable steam iron for you:

Steam Boost and Burst

Steam boost and steam burst depend on the steam holes of the steam iron. More the steam holes, more the steam output. The steam whooshing from the iron’s soleplate helps in ironing the garment, especially heavy fabrics. Many people prefer heavy and visible clouds when they iron clothes. I also prefer the same. More the cloud, the better the ironing process. So, these irons have a steam output of 12g/min, 17g/min, and 30 g/min.

Enough Wattage to Run Iron Easily

Soleplate requires some minimum wattage to heat up. If the heating up of the iron soleplate is not proper, your cloth cannot get proper crisp and ironing. So, having proper wattage is necessary to run the steam iron over a variety of fabrics.

Easy to use and hold

A steam iron that is heavy to hold and has an uncomfortable handle will be full of hassle. It will never help you to cleanly iron your garment. On the other hand, the easy-to-handle steam iron with lightweight and ergonomic handle design will help in the powerful ironing of the cloth.

Warranty and Customer Service

A minimum of 2 years warranty is required when we are buying a costly electronic product. Along with this, we also prefer easy warranty claiming. However, our budget pick might sometimes not get you a user manual and a warranty card. But you can take your original Amazon bill and try to claim the warranty from the trusted service center.

Cord Length

A 5 feet long cord is the minimum requirement while ironing clothes easily. So, while selecting the irons, we have kept in mind that they should have around 1.5 meters of length minimum. But to your surprise, our top steam irons have 1.8 – 1.9 meters long cord length.

Cost-effective steam irons

Along with the features, I have also kept in mind the cost-effectiveness of the steam irons while testing the irons. Also, these three steam irons are almost fit to everyone’s budget and also provide high-level features that will make ironing easy for you. In less amount, you get a fully organized machine that helps you to add crisp and diminish creases from your clothes.

Variable Steam Settings

Depending on the type of fabric that we are ironing, it is important to set up the steam functions. Heavy and thick fabrics require huge steam bursts from steam vents, and thin fabrics can get ironed in normal steam. Such steam irons have a button or a knob to control the steam settings.

Here’s one interesting fact about a steam iron- you can also use it as a dry iron. This feature is present in almost all steam irons, but for safety, you can check it once on the description of that iron box.

How We Tested Best Steam Iron in India

Soleplates of our best steam irons from Philips and Bajaj
Photo: Monish Goyani | Soleplates of our best steam irons from Philips and Bajaj

After reviewing multiple iron models, I also went through our readers’ requirements by looking at their comments. By evaluating the comments from the readers, I got to select 14 irons in total including the top 3 steam irons that you already saw above.

After our team ordered brand new irons, I and my product testing partner Olyvia started to test the steam Irons one by one. The testing of irons began back in 2019. We took these irons in our Studio and started to test them from different aspects. While using every steam iron, we noted down the heat up time, and also whether it has a safety auto shut feature or not. Along with that, we also measured the water tank capacity, along with the power cord length.

Moreover, each iron’s wrinkle-busting capacity is also tested by ironing various fabrics like wrinkled shirts, silk tops, buttoned shirts, cotton cloths, denim, etc. I also took help from my mother to know which is the most comfortable steam iron to hold in hand and iron. For years, we have been using Philips steam iron at my home and there are hardly any complaints about that model. Hence, we can trust Philips as one of the best steam iron brands. Let’s see other 11 iron models that didn’t make up to our picks of steam irons for you.

The Competition Vs. Our Best 3 Steam Irons

INALSA Steam Iron Professional CVG-2200W didn’t make it to our top steam iron picks because of certain flaws that our team noticed while testing it. The main drawback can be the short cord length. Also, this steam iron is too costly and there are issues with the steaming process.

Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000 Watt Steam Iron – The main issue with this model of Morphy Richards Steam Iron is that it has rare service stations in India. So, please check whether you have a Morphy Richards service center in your location or not before buying any Morphy Richards electronic item. But, I appreciate the fact that it has a steam burst function for perfect ironing.

Crompton Greaves Aristo 1200 Watt Steam Iron, when tested, its place was almost fixed in top picks. But, when we tested it on different fabrics, we found that the clothes that are ironed by this steam iron regain wrinkles in a short time. So, we decided to count on Philips Steam Iron instead of this model.

Havells steam iron Travel Buddy cordless steam iron is an 800 Watt steam iron that could have made its way up in the best steam irons. But being a new model, it lacks proper user reviews and its smaller size and small water tank capacity make it unworthy sometimes. Moreover, it’s a portable steam iron and remains helpful to iron while traveling.

Black + Decker BD BXIR2202IN 2200 Watt Steam Iron could have made its place as a runner-up steam iron. Also, the Anti-Drip feature, streamline steam distribution, self-cleaning functions add to the plus points of this model. But the high price of the iron and drawbacks like no auto-shut, and reviews of several users receiving low-quality products restricted us to place it in top products.

Havells Plush 1600 Watt Steam Iron got our team’s attention because it was a comparatively good feature provider with a self-clean function in the nominal range. But after testing this steam iron for a longer time, we felt that the soleplate has a lot of friction and is not able to glide properly on the various fabrics. Due to this reason, we didn’t pick it for top picks.

Tefal Master 1800 Watt Non-Stick Steam Iron has many plus points like smooth-gliding soleplate, Anti-Drip system, 360-degree swivel cord, easy heat distribution, and many more. But we didn’t know that it would require a larger Ampere plug to perform ironing. So, you should read the features properly before purchasing any electronic device.

Wipro Vesta 2200W Steam Iron is an efficient ironing machine with quick heating and also ensures uniform heat distribution, but it’s small in size. So, while ironing different fabrics, you will have to glide it comparatively more than other irons.

Bajaj steam iron came into our notice because of its lowest price out of all other irons, but after testing it for the 3rd time, the garment stuck to the soleplate. So, we decided to avoid this Bajaj MX-3 in our top picks.

Pigeon by Stovekraft Modern Casa 2.0 Steam Iron Box could have made its place as a budget pick because of its extraordinary features. But while I tested this iron, the non-stick plates almost stuck to my garment and gave it a burnt look. After this incident, by reviewing other users’ reviews, I found that many of them have faced the same difficulty.

Our Pick: Philips GC1920/28 Non-Stick Soleplate Steam Iron

Our Pick
philips gc192028 steam iron

Philips GC1920/28 Non-Stick Soleplate Steam Iron

Philips GC1920/28 1440 Watt steam iron heats up in less than a minute and is easier to carry than other heavy irons that we tested. These features make it Our Pick.


Philips GC1920/28 has everything you need in a steam iron for less than ₹2000/-

We are recommending the Philips GC1920/28 Steam Iron since 2020, the reason is its consistency in providing the best features at medium prices.

Here are the features that make it special: stronger steam burst, quick heat up, reliable, comfortable, Dual Calc Function, Less Power Consumption than Philips GC2145/20, removable steam controller needle, and 2 years of warranty. Also, Philips provides amazing customer service.

The Philips GC1920/28 is a powerful 1440-Watt steam iron that I tried and is capable of flattening wrinkles in minimal effort. Though it doesn’t give much steam like the 2200-watt Philips EasySpeed GC2145/20, it performs better than other steam irons that I’ve tested that had more power.

This performance is an attribute to the amazing ergonomic design having easy water filling and emptying space in this steam iron. Most steam irons that I tested got an inch high steam buttons or taller buttons that caused uneasiness to hold the iron. But in Philips GC1920/28, the spray button is almost to the level of the handle. And you get a steam control needle, or you can say steam control knob. You can press the spray button repeatedly when required and it gets easy to spray water on the fabric while ironing.

fast water filling and spray nozzle in Philips GC1920 steam iron
Photo: Monish Goyani | You can fill water easily from the water tank opening present on the dorsal side of Philips GC1920/28 Steam Iron

The steam control knob has two operating options, when not in use, place it on ‘0’ it means no steam. When you want minimum steam, turn the knob on ‘small cloud’ and when maximum and faster steam production is required, turn the knob on the ‘large cloud’ option. Moreover, the precision tip will help you to iron easily between and across the buttons.

Features of Philips GC1920/28 Steam Iron
Photo: Monish Goyani | Features of Philips GC1920/28 Steam Iron

It has a smaller water tank of 180 ml capacity than Philips EasySpeed GC2145/20 with 270 ml of capacity. But it uses this water easily to produce 17 grams/minute of steam. Though it cannot be used for ironing hanging clothes, it works surprisingly well while horizontal ironing.

The Quick Heat-Up function helps it to iron a little sooner. As per our test in our Studio, it took less than a minute to heat up enough to iron major types of fabrics. This feature at such a mid-level price is quite impressive and a time saver. Also, the American Heritage Non-stick soleplate plays an important role in the easy gliding of the iron over the garments.

At 1.06 kg of weight, Philips GC1920/28 is the most comfortable to hold steam iron amongst the steam irons that we tested. You might be thinking that how can a lightweight iron Philips GC1920/28 clear the wrinkles from the clothes?

It’s a matter of smart work that this iron performs. While testing this iron, it glides without any extra effort over most of the fabrics and hence it removes those stubborn creases faster. Without any discomfort created to your hand, it will glide over the garment remove stubborn wrinkles and add a perfect crisp to the material. While reading the user manual, we came across the steam control needle, and Calc cleaning feature. These features make this iron unique and easy to use without calc deposits on the steam vents.

steam controller needle in Philips GC1920 steam iron
Photo: Monish Goyani | Steam Controller Needle in Philips GC1920 Steam Iron

The user manual suggests that there is a Dual Calc feature in this iron. The 1st one is an anti-calc tablet already present inside the water tank of the iron that prevents the scale from clogging the steam vents. And the 2nd one is the Calc-clean function.

Whenever you run the calc-clean function, generally it should be performed once every 2 weeks, the calc deposit on the steam holes will be removed. Also, the anti-calc tablet is always active and avoids the calc deposit until possible.

This needle should be removed when necessary, or one time every week. You can clean it with a cloth dipped in vinegar, clean it and place it back in the iron box. It is easy to remove it, just turn the knob towards the ‘calc clean’ option and pull the needle out slightly.

Here is how to perform the calc-clean function in Philips GC1920/28 Steam Iron:

  • Unplug the iron from the socket.
  • Set the steam controller needle’s position on ‘O
  • Fill the water in the water tank of the iron till the maximum level indication. (Do not fill descaling agents like vinegar or any other alike agents in the water tank)
  • Set the temperature dial on the MAX.
  • Put the plugin in the wall socket that is earthed and switch the iron on.
  • Wait until the light of the iron goes out for one time.
  • Unplug the iron after that hold it above a sink and turn the steam controller towards the Calc-clean option.
  • Slightly lift the steam controller knob after turning it towards Calc Clean option and shake the iron gently until hot water, scale (if any), and steam is completely removed from the iron soleplate holes.
  • After you see that the water tank is empty, push the needle back and turn it back to ‘O’ before using it again.
  • You can heat the iron after emptying water for 1-2 minutes and once it cools down, clean the soleplate with a clean cloth before you use it again.
temperature control dial
Photo: Monish Goyani | Image representing temperature options of Philips GC1920/28 Steam Iron

Along with that, you get a 5 settings temperature control knob, or you can say a temperature dial and a 180-degree Swivel Cord. Here are the options that you get in this iron: Nylon, Silk, Woolen, Cotton, Linen. Set the temperature as per your requirement to iron different fabrics. This will help you in the easy ironing of different fabrics.

  • Advantage
  • The powerful steam bursts are worth your investment
  • Specially made for everyday use on regular fabrics.
  • Removable Steam Control Needle
  • Additionally, this steam iron provides dual calc-clean feature, and low power consumption.
  • Disadvantage
  • The Philips GC1920/28 may seem to be too lightweight to clear creases from heavy fabrics like thick Linen.
  • Sometimes when you want to flatten seams while sewing, this iron might not look fruitful.

Runner Up: Philips EasySpeed Plus Steam Iron GC2145/20 2200W Steam Iron

Runner Up
Philip EasySpeed Plus Steam Iron GC214520 2200W Quick Heat Up with up to 30 g min steam_110_ gsteam Boost Scratch Resistant Ceramic Soleplate Vertical steam Drip Stop.jpg

Philips EasySpeed Plus Steam Iron GC2145/20 2200W Steam Iron

Though being hefty, the features like quick heat up, 30g/min continuous steam output, vertical steam function, and scratch-resistant ceramic coated soleplate make it the runner-up steam iron box.


We recommend Philips EasySpeed Plus Steam Iron GC2145/20 as a Runner Up Steam Iron. The reason behind putting it as our second choice is that it provides some extraordinary features than regular steam irons that we tested. No doubt the price is high, but the features that we get are up to the mark. Also, we get 2 years warranty on the product along with to-the-mark customer services from Philips.

The Philips GC2145/20 works on 2200 Watt power and is more powerful compared to the previous and the successive Bajaj Steam Iron. It flattens wrinkles in no time and also produces more steam than other iron models that I tested.

If we look for the plus points of Philips GC2145/20, the first thing that makes this iron worth investing in is its 270 ml large capacity of the water tank. It helps you to iron more clothes without the need to refill them again. Now, if we consider the design of this iron box, the water tank opening is just present in the front part of the handle, and just below that, there is the spray function nozzle that helps to spray water when required. No doubt Philips GC2145/20 is a 1.19 kg heavy beast and this steam iron helps to remove almost all tough creases from any fabric. Also, the cord length is around 1.9 meters, which is enough for hassle-free ironing.

philips easyspeed steam iron GC214520
Photo: Monish Goyani | Spray nozzle and water filling and emptying point of Philips GC2145/20

Additionally, this steam iron has two buttons on the top of the handle of this iron. One is for high steam bursts and another one is for water spraying. Along with that, you get a calc clean feature on the steam control knob.

The steam control knob has 5 different settings. Calc Clean, no steam, Eco, Small Cloud, and Big Cloud. When the steam iron is not in use, place the controller on the No steam mode. The Eco Mode is a surprise feature of this steam iron. Eco means it saves energy while ironing. You can iron different fabrics easily while in Eco Mode. Now, you can turn the controller to a small cloud when minimum steam emission is required, and when maximum steam is required, turn the controller towards the big cloud.

philips GC2145 steam control knob
Photo: Monish Goyani | Philips GC2145 Steam Control Knob with 5 different settings

Now comes the Philips GC2145/20 calc clean function. It doesn’t require calc clean performing every two weeks like Philips 1920/28. But you have to perform the Calc clean feature once every month.

Here’s how you can perform Calc Clean in GC2145/20:

  • Make sure the steam controller rests on the no smoke option and the iron is not plugged into the socket.
  • Fill the water in the iron till the Max Indication on the iron.
  • Now rotate the temperature control dial and set it to MAX temperature.
  • Now place the iron in a vertical position and plug it in the socket. Remember this iron will need a 15 Amp socket to function.
  • Switch on the power supply and wait for the glowing light to switch off for one time.
  • Then switch off the power supply and unplug the appliance.
  • Take your iron above the sink hold the controller on Calc Clean function and shake the iron gently until all water drains out.
  • After the water tank is empty, take the iron back plug it again, and switch the power on. Let it heat for 2 minutes so the remaining water droplets will evaporate.
  • Clean the soleplate once the iron cools down and place it in a proper place until next use.
features of Philips GC214520
Photo: Monish Goyani | Features of Philips GC2145/20 Steam Iron

Now the main factor that steam irons should have is a non-stick soleplate. Yes, Philips GC2145/20 has a ceramic coated soleplate that helps in easy gliding over the fabrics. While ironing, the iron slides over the creases without tucking itself into the garment. Also, you get to see a Triple Precision Tip for ironing garment sections that are hard to reach like collars, button strips, etc.

One thing that we would like to bring to your notice is that it has a 15 A plug that requires a larger socket. Our studio had one socket in which this iron was plugged, but if you do not have a special socket for it, then install one before purchasing this steam iron. Also, numerous steam vents help in 30 g/min of continuous steam, and 110g/m steam boost when required. The 360-degree swivel cord adds up in comfort while ironing the tricky garments easily.

Also, a major feature that makes this iron-worthy is, you can perform vertical ironing too. It also helps in removing creases from hanging clothes. You should avoid filling tap water if the water in your location is hard, use distilled water instead. However, if the tap water is not too hard and you are using it inside the water tank, use the Calc clean function once a month.

  • Advantage
  • But heavy irons require less effort while ironing the thick fabrics so, Philips GC2145/20 performs well even while ironing thick fabrics.
  • 110 g/min steam boost for high steam emission.
  • Eco Mode for energy conservation.
  • 270 ml Large Water Tank Capacity.
  • Disadvantage
  • Heavy irons are hard to carry while ironing
  • Clean the soleplate, or you might get rusty stains.

Budget Pick: Havells Fabio 1250-Watt Steam Iron

Budget Pick
Havells Fabio 1250 Watt Steam Iron Blue

Havells Fabio 1250-Watt Steam Iron

Less price, but no compromise when the matter is of feature. It has 110 ml water tank that is enough to produce 10 g/min continuous steam and the main feature of this steam iron is Adjustable Thermostat Control.


Havells Fabio 1250-Watt Steam Iron, though cheaper than other irons, covers almost the features of the competitive steam iron models.

Here are the best features that made us pick Havells Fabio 1250-Watt Steam Iron as our Budget Pick steam iron, the 360-degree swivel cord, 5 settings temperature control, with 110 ml capacity water tank, Spray button, 2 years warranty, Adjustable Thermostat Control, iron heat up process in less than 1-2 minutes, and steam control knob with two steam emission setting, and a Self Clean function.

Not only that you get all these features at minimal rates. Let’s see what are the features that we verified while testing the Havells Fabio 1250-Watt Steam Iron steam iron. This iron consumes 1250 Watts of power is comparatively lower than other steam irons and hence it saves electrical energy as well.

Havells Fabio Steam Iron water tank
Photo: Kaushik Jethva | Water filling and emptying opening in Havells Fabio Steam Iron

The water filling and water emptying is an easy process while using Havells Fabio 1250-Watt Steam Iron. It has a 110 ml capacity water tank. Along with that, you get a water-filling beaker with the steam iron. The beaker is of 100 ml capacity. You can pour water easily inside the steam iron by using this beaker. Along with that, there are 5 different temperature settings on the temperature dial. These 5 settings are Nylon, Silk, Wool, Cotton, and Linen. Select the temperature as per the type of fabric you are ironing. The Teflon coated soleplate of this steam iron allows you for smooth gliding over the garments.

temperature knob in havells fabio
Photo: Kaushik Jethva | Temperature Knob in Havells Fabio Steam Iron

Along with the temperature dial, you also get a steam control knob that has three options. Starting from the left, it has steam, off, and steam boost. It emits 10 g/min of steam output while you point the knob on the steam option. Along with that, there is a spray button and steam boost button on the dorsal part of the iron handle. Pressing the steam button will emit water powerful fine mist spray from the spray nozzle of the iron. And after turning the knob towards steam boost, pressing the steam button will emit powerful steam bursts. This is generally used when you are ironing a thick and more creased garment.

Now, let’s see the steps of the Self Cleaning feature works in Havells Fabio 1250-Watt Steam Iron:

  • Unplug the iron.
  • Fill it with water up to Max level.
  • Plug the iron back in the socket.
  • Turn the power supply on.
  • Wait for the light to glow out and then unplug the iron.
  • Hold the iron above the sink and let all water flow out of the iron.
  • Heat the iron for 1-2 minutes and then place it safely until next use.
  • Clean the soleplate once the iron cools down.
steam output in havells fabio steam iron
Photo: Kaushik Jethva | Steam Output in Havells Fabio Steam Iron

Once the steam emission starts the Uniform Steam Distribution function makes sure that the steam is distributed equally while ironing. So, the clothes can be ironed up to the mark, and removing wrinkles from the garments gets easy. Moreover, Havells Fabio 1250-Watt Steam Iron also makes it possible to iron vertically over the hanging garments.

And yes, this 940-gram weighing iron contains a thermal fuse that makes it easy to maintain the long life of the iron during power-ups and downs. These are some of the features that helped us pick this product as our Budget Pick. But yes, there are some flaws that we want you to have a look at before purchasing Havells Fabio 1250-Watt Steam Iron.

  • Advantage
  • Easy to hold while ironing garments
  • Teflon coated Soleplate
  • 2-years warranty.
  • Uses less energy compared to other steam irons.
  • Disadvantage
  • The iron is very lightweight, so it might not be effective enough on thick fabrics.
  • The common problem users faced is the iron stopped working after using for a few months

Unboxing Video of 3 Best Steam Irons in India


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How much Should I Spend on a Iron Box?

  • High Priced:

    High-priced iron boxes are the ones having attractive looks and more safety than other models.

    However, there is no huge difference in the price of iron boxes.

    Hence, if going for a high-priced model, go within the following price range.

    Price Range ?
    We recommend spending:
    ₹ 3000 ~ ₹ 1500.

  • Medium Priced:

    Want to buy an iron box that fits in the budget?

    Here is the price range that most of the customers prefer to spend on the iron box.

    The range will give you a medium-priced iron box.

    Price Range ?
    We recommend spending:
    ₹ 1500 ~ ₹ 900.

  • Low Priced:

    We advise you to pick a low-priced iron box only after a complete investigation of that model.

    Because just spending some more rupees may give a better model.

    Hence, remember the price range before spending on a lower quality model.

    Price Range ?
    We recommend spending:
    ₹ 500 ~ ₹ 900.

How to perform Calc Clean function in Steam Iron?

How to perform Calc Clean Function in Steam Irons
Photo: Shreyal Shingala

Types of Iron Box

Types of Iron Steam Irons Description
Dry Irons

Dry Irons are one of the essential iron, which typically is inexpensive.

They are light in weight and comes with basic controls.

To get the best press, you need to sprinkle some amount of water to it.

Steam Irons

Get smoother press with Steam Irons. The steam iron removes creases on cotton and linen fabrics with ease.

These Irons consist of a small water tub, which can later build steam to moisten your clothes while pressing. It is a bit expensive than dry Irons.

Additionally, the steam irons come with great features such as overheat safety protection, self-clean mechanism, and auto-shutoff.

Portable Irons

These are irons, which are generally used by travelers.

The portable irons are for those who want their clothes wrinkle-free and should look presentable.

Compare to standard irons, and they look quite small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry.

Portable irons come in both steam and dry types and are even wireless, which makes a convenient for the user to take while traveling.

Top Steam Iron Brands in India

Best Steam Iron Brands Description

Established by Gerard Philips and Frederik Philips, Philips is a Dutch Based brand and has its central command in Amsterdam.

This brand has zeroed in on the field of hardware, lighting, and medical care. It was the world’s biggest producer in the year 2013 incomes.

In India Philips resembles a mother brand for all hardware and lighting appliances. & we don’t hesitate while purchasing any item if it is made by Phillips.

Things We liked about Philips:

  • Philips Irons will assist you with getting amazing Ironing outcomes with fewer strokes in less time.
  • Philips offers the best yield with its plan and consistent quality due to solid material.
Morphy Richards:

Morphy Richards has consistently been most loved with regards to household items.

Incredibly famous and generally recognized for its quality, Morphy Richards is another brand that offers high-quality Iron Boxes.

Things we liked about Morphy Richards:

  • Straightforward & convenient Iron Boxes by Morphy Richards does the work rapidly and proficiently.
  • Morphy Richards offers safe & cost-effective Irons that go on for years without fatigue.

Established in 1926, Bajaj is India based brand and affects the personalities of the purchasers.

The company has various branches that include different enterprises like vehicles, lighting, domestic machines, insurance, iron, steel, travel, and money.

Things we liked about Bajaj:

  • Bajaj is the quintessential and dependable Indian brand with regard to home apparatuses.
  • Bajaj offers reasonable yet includes shrewd items that can make our life simple.

Everybody knows about the brand Usha, and its items are a declaration of the brand’s hold in the Indian market.

Usha is one of the main brands with regards to assembling home apparatuses.

Things we liked about Usha:

  • Usha items are designed with cutting-edge innovations and highlights for a pro-like execution.
  • Drop your stresses over warming to high temperatures and harming your valuable dresses with regards to Irons by USHA

Orpat Group is located in Gujarat and is occupied with assembling all-around differentiated items.

Things we liked about Orpat:

  • The home machines of Orpat are guaranteed value and strength.
  • The Iron Boxes of Orpat are the hits and are being utilized by hundreds of families.

FAQ's about Steam Iron

It is the question that comes in mind while buying the Iron. Soleplate can call as a face of Iron, which touches the clothes while ironing. It comes with various functions such as:
• It is responsible for smooth Ironing.
• It throws the heat and steam evenly while ironing.
• The good soleplate would avoid wrinkles in any clothes.
• It glides smoothly over the Fabric by giving users a great experience.

Generally, we find three types of soleplates, such as Aluminum Soleplate, Non-Stick Soleplate, and Ceramic Soleplate. Let’s know them in brief:
Aluminum Soleplate: We do not recommend buying aluminium soleplate as they come with little friction, scratches easily, and are hard to clean. To give a summary:

• It glides with friction.
• Difficult to clean and gets easily scratched with buttons or hooks.
• Less durable and becomes sticky after using it.
• It creates wrinkles in clothes.

Note: You have two choices either use Non-sticky Soleplate
or Ceramic Soleplate.

• Non-Stick Soleplate
In this type, the plate does not stick while ironing and gives smooth gliding. When buying a non-stick iron soleplate, you need to look at the Non-Stick Coated Plate keyword in the product description.
Non-Stick Soleplate features:
o It glides better over Fabric
o Economical
• Ceramic Soleplate
Ceramic places on aluminium or metal plate. The nature of the ceramic is very efficient in heat and steam distribution. By adding all materials in it, the ceramic soleplate provides superior gliding and great ironing experience. The best example will be Morphy Richards Glide Steam Iron if you’re searching for the ceramic soleplate iron.
Ceramic Soleplate Features:
o Glides best over Fabric and top-most quality
o Quite expensive than others

A Steam generator iron comes with extra steam power at a premium steam generator. This Iron comes with internal pumps for pumping out pressurised steam with giving extra energy through tight creases. These irons are bit bulky and expensive compared to traditional Iron.

• Water Tank Size: If you’re ironing the whole bundle of clothes in one shot, then you need a larger tank size.
• Steam Shot: Steam irons releases certain level of steam at regular interval. But for some clothes, you need an extra level of steam to get better results.
• Steam Output: The stream produces in a few minutes. The steam output means more steam and faster Ironing.
• Anti-Drip: This feature makes sure that the water does not spill from the water tank.
• Anti-Scale: Make sure that there is no scaling formed inside the water tank.

• Type of Iron: This is the first thing one needs to look at while buying Iron. Whether you want to opt for dry iron or steam iron, the usage should clear in your mind. In steam iron, you can easily remove wrinkles whereas, for dry Iron, you can choose a basic model which is less expensive.
• Variable Settings: Moving on to the next factor, you need to look at the settings of the Iron, which gives you an option to change the temperature settings and will allow you to generate the variable amount of steam.
• Spray: The main benefit of a shower is that you can moisten your clothes by sprinkling the spray before Ironing. By spraying them, you can iron quickly and give your clothes improved upshots.
• Soleplate: Getting the best soleplate type is very important. If you’re using aluminium or other material, make sure it comes with a non-stick plate. The reason behind this is your Iron won’t get stick to the Fabric and will prevent it from fire.
• Cord: It happens that the steam cord sometimes be not near the socket. So, in such a case, you need to move the wire around a bit. It the cable is not sturdy, then it will blend and will develop incisions after a period. Choose a retractable cord to increase the life of the wire.
• Weight: When you choose the Iron, it should be light in weight. The light-weighted Iron ensures that you’re able to use Iron for a more extended period and without any pain in your hand or shoulders.
• Automatic Shut-off: There can be a situation when you’re tired, and you left Iron-on, but this automatic shut-off feature will shut down the Iron automatically when it reaches to one temperature.
• Form Factor: The user needs to look at the mechanism of the handle, its control settings, and its comfort level. So, if the feature is working according to your needs, you’ll be able to use Iron for an extended period without any issues.
• Wattage: The higher the rating, you get higher wattage. Faster the heating process of Iron. If you’re opting for a steam iron, then the operation will be slow, but if you choose more top Iron, than you can get a faster and quick heating process.

It comes in two forms:
• Non-Pressurized: It works like steam irons but gives a much higher steam output.
• Pressurised: It consists of pressurised boilers where the steam output is quite like a non-pressurized model. This model comes with greater force and therefore penetrates deeper into most stubborn creases. The pressure level measured in bars.

You will get two different types of garment streamers available such as handheld and upright. We recommend using a handheld size for small touch-ups and travel. But if you’re looking for a machine that tackles a bigger job, we suggest using an upright model with bigger tank capacity.

• Simple and easy to use
• No external heating is required as it uses electricity.
• Low Cost
• Easily Portable
• Dry Iron sometimes is not well enough to remove stubborn wrinkles
• Soleplate isn’t that good to sustain heat and can leave a stain on clothes
• Vertical Ironing not possible

• It can also be used as dry Iron when needed
• Stubborn wrinkles can remove easily
• Vertical Ironing or upright ironing is possible
• You need to refill the water tank and recheck it timely.
• If an issue occurs, water will flow and wet the clothes
• These irons are a bit expensive.

Bigger soleplate comes with bulkier Iron. It has extra weight but does its job very well. But in some cases, it causes tiring on the arms. The best soleplate would be a super-click coating that can slide effortlessly across garments with making weightlessly noticeable.

Best Steam Iron
1. Philips GC1920/2831162 - EXCELLENT CHECK PRICE AMAZON

With the best Iron Box, you can iron your clothes easily. But what for other products? We have comparison pages for them too. Visit BestCheck for the same.

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Philips GC1920/28

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Philips GC1920/28 1440 Watt steam iron heats up in less than a minute and is easier to carry than other heavy irons that we tested. These features make it Our Pick.

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Runner UpPhilip EasySpeed Plus Steam Iron GC214520 2200W Quick Heat Up with up to 30 g min steam_110_ gsteam Boost Scratch Resistant Ceramic Soleplate Vertical steam Drip Stop.jpg


Also Used for Vertical Ironing

Though being hefty, the features like quick heat up, 30g/min continuous steam output, vertical steam function, and scratch-resistant ceramic coated soleplate make it the runner-up steam iron box.

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Despite some flaws, this iron box is made up as a Budget Pick because we get amazing features like Adjustable Thermostat Control, Teflon Coated Soleplate and horizontal and vertical smooth ironing.

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