7 Best Iron Table in India for Home Use [Nov 2023]

Written by: Shreyal Shingala

Last Updated: July 10, 2023

iron table used while ironing clothes
An iron kept on an iron table with a shirt.

Are you tired of ironing your clothes on the bed or uneven surfaces?

If yes, then you are in the right place. Ironing clothes is a tedious task which can also cause accidents if you aren’t careful. That is why investing in a good quality ironing table becomes essential. Ironing boards or ironing tables provide a firm and heat-resistant surface. This way, not only can you iron the clothes easily, but it also speeds up the process.

Keeping in mind many such advantages, we have listed down the Best Iron Table in India for Home Use. Make sure to check the product’s specifications and features as well. So, let’s begin!

last update: July 10, 2023

Six of the products of this article were recently edited considering the 2022 market research.

What we look for
  • Heat-resistant
    Look for a board with a firm cushion and heat-resistant material. This quality becomes important as it prevents accidents and clothes from sticking to the board.
  • Foldable Design
    The iron tables are convenient, but they also take up a lot of space. That is why look for a table which easily folds down flat. This way, you can also store it conveniently.
  • Iron Stand
    To avoid any accidents, buy an iron table which features a strong-quality stand on which you can put hot iron for rest.
  • Adjustable
    Choose an iron table with height-adjustable features. This way, you can adjust the height of the table according to your requirements.
Our Pick
Bathla X-Pres Ace Ironing Table for Home
  • Chosen as Our Pick for its anti-skid shoes facility, which prevents the table from slipping or falling.
  • Utilises the latest in heat-transfer material technology.
  • With aluminised cloth cover, wire manager, and wide surface, this becomes our best pick.
Runner Up
Zemic Full-Size Ironing Board
  • ▶ Color ▶ Grey ▶ Size ▶ X-Large – 43 x 13 inches with a 0.89 inch Ivory Frame
  • ▶ Extra-wide and ergonomic ▶ adjustable to 4 different heights (27 – 38 inches)
  • ▶ Features ▶ Handy transport lock keeps the table folded when stored or transported
  • ▶ Press Stand ▶ Hot Steam Iron ( Press ) Stand / Holder
  • ▶ Comes with a 3 year Zemic Brand Trust WARRANTY
Budget Pick
Ikea Jall Ironing Table
  • Chosen as our Budget Pick for it offers the best quality at a low price.
  • Extra stable and durable because the frame and base are made of steel.
  • With a space-saving design, high-quality material and minimalistic design, this iron table becomes the best affordable choice.
Please note that the prices may vary.

Summary of Best Iron Table in India with Price List

Here is a table listing some of the best iron table in India for home use, along with their respective prices.
1BathlaBathla X-Pres Ace Ironing Table for Home₹ 4,199*
2ZemicZemic Full-Size Ironing Board₹ 2,268*
3IkeaIkea Jall Ironing Table₹ 729*
4Amazon Brand - SolimoAmazon Brand – Solimo Wooden Ironing Board with Iron Holder₹ 1,599*
5PENG ESSENTIALSPeng Essentials Ironing BoardN/A
6FlipzonFlipzon Self Standing Ironing Table₹ 1,449*
7ParasnathParasnath Folding Ironing Table₹ 1,257*
*Please note that the prices may vary.

Review of the 7 Best Iron Table in India

Rank1Our Pick
Bathla X-Pres Ace Ironing Table for Home
₹ 4,199

Bathla X-Pres Ace Ironing Table for Home

For our best pick, we have chosen the Bathla X-Pres Ace Ironing Board. The feature that makes this product stand out from the crowd is its multi-utility tray which is extremely convenient to put ironed clothes.

Additionally, this ironing board has anti-skid shoes which stick to the ground. With a foldable design, you can easily store this board anywhere while not in use. Let us see more features of this best ironing board in India.

Table: Technical Specifications of Bathla X-Pres Ace Ironing Board
Product Dimensions42 x 10 x 143 cm
Product Weight8.6 kg
Warranty2 years
Table: Product Features of Bathla X-Pres Ace Ironing Board
Anti-skid ShoesWith this ironing board, you'll get an unmatched surface grip and stability thanks to the specially designed PVC shoes.
Wire ManagerWhen ironing, this board keeps annoying wires out of your way with its strategically placed wire manager.
Iron HolderDesigned specifically to cradle your iron when it is needed to be safely kept aside, this ironing board feature an iron holder to withstand high temperatures.
Multi-utility TrayBy providing a multi-utility tray, this ironing board helps you stack clothes conveniently, allowing you to iron without any interruptions.
  • The fabric of this ironing board is heat-resistant.
  • You can adjust the height of this ironing board.
  • The boards weigh a lot so it is a bit difficult to move.

Buying Options

amazon.inBathla X-Pres Ace Ironing Table for Home
₹ 4,199₹ 8,599in stockPrice updated: November 24, 2023

Rank2Runner Up
Zemic Full-Size Ironing Board
₹ 2,268

Zemic Full-Size Ironing Board

For our runner-up pick, we have selected Zemic Full-Size Ironing Board. This board has an extra wide and ergonomic design. This way, you can iron your clothes comfortably. Also, the cotton cover of this board is heat resistant for safety.

The features that highlight this iron board is its wire board and 4-leg stand, which promise the sturdiness of this product. Let us explore the features in detail.

Table: Technical Specifications of Zemic Full-Size Ironing Board
Product Dimensions104 x 33 x 96 cm
Product Weight3.9 kg
Warranty3 years
Table: Product Features of Zemic Full-Size Ironing Board
Transport LockYou can adjust the height of the table according to your convenience by using the transport lock. The legs of this iron table are also foldable for easy storage.
Hot Iron HolderThis iron has a steel stand which can be used to put the hot iron holder. This way, accidents are easily avoided.
Large Surface AreaFeaturing a large surface area, this iron board lets you iron your clothes comfortably.
Easy HangerThere is a stand beside the iron holder which can be used to hang your clothes with hangers.
  • The board is made of three paddings, which provide a nice cushiony touch and promise the highest quality.
  • The feet of this iron board are made of rubber. This makes the board stick to the floor and avoids any accidents.
  • It does not have a shelf or a tray.

Buying Options

amazon.inZemic Full-Size Ironing Board
₹ 2,268₹ 5,000in stockPrice updated: July 10, 2023

Rank3Budget Pick
Ikea Jall Ironing Table
₹ 729

Ikea Jall Ironing Table

For our budget pick, we have chosen the most affordable ironing board available, the Ikea Jall Ironing Board. This is a door mount and surface mount ironing table. The feature that makes this iron table highlight is that it doesn’t offer a stand but you can iron your clothes while comfortably sitting down. Also, this board can be hung on the door to store it easily.

With such a space-saving design and affordable price, this product can be perfect for your home.

Table: Technical Specifications of Ikea Jall Ironing Board
Product Dimensions50 x 15 x 100 cm
Product Weight1.2 kg
Warranty1 year
Table: Product Features of Ikea Jall Ironing Board
Space SavingThis is a space-saving iron board since it can be placed on a table and then, when you are done, you can easily hang it up on a door or in a closet.
Steel BaseFeaturing a sturdy steel base, this iron board promises longevity.
Heat-resistant ClothDue to the aluminium coating on the ironing board, heat is reflected off the ironing board's surface.
High-Quality Top FabricIn addition to the high-tech aluminium coating, the foam and felt layer allows for a smooth and thick surface for ironing.
  • The leg pain is avoided because you can sit and iron your clothes comfortably.
  • Can be stored easily due to its compact size.
  • Does not have iron stand.

Buying Options

amazon.inIkea Jall Ironing Table
₹ 729₹ 1,499in stockPrice updated: November 24, 2023

Rank4Amazon Brand - Solimo Wooden Ironing Board with Iron Holder₹ 1,599

Amazon Brand - Solimo Wooden Ironing Board with Iron Holder

The Amazon Brand – Solimo Wooden Ironing Board is chosen as our next best pick as it is a reliable and sturdy choice for your ironing needs. Its heavy-duty wide legs and anti-skid bootlegs provide enhanced stability, ensuring a wobble-free ironing experience. The board’s protective finish on the bootlegs prevents any damage to your floor, giving you peace of mind while ironing.

This ironing board offers excellent adjustability, with the ability to be set at various height positions ranging from 30 to 36 inches. You can easily find the perfect height that suits your comfort and preference. Furthermore, the foldable design allows for convenient storage when not in use, saving valuable space in your home.

This board also provides a hot iron holder for convenient ironing. So, let’s explore the details of this product.

Table: Technical Specifications of Amazon Brand - Solimo Wooden Ironing Board with Iron Holder
BrandAmazon Brand - Solimo
Product Weight4.7 kg
Warranty1 year
Table: Product Features of Amazon Brand - Solimo Wooden Ironing Board with Iron Holder
Iron HolderWhen you want to fold your clothes after ironing, you can put the hot iron on the metal holder featured on this iron board.
Clothes HangerThe iron holder has been designed in a way that you can hang the clothes with hangers.
Heat-resistant ClothThe top of this iron board is made with heat-resistant cloth which provides safety with convenience.
Foldable DesignYou can adjust the height of this iron table as well as it can be folded completely to save space while storing it.
  • The iron holding stand is well-designed, although it can be slightly challenging to pull out.
  • The height is absolutely ideal, and the product boasts exceptional quality considering its price range.
  • The stand lacks stability and exhibits noticeable shaking during use.

Buying Options

amazon.inAmazon Brand - Solimo Wooden Ironing Board with Iron Holder
₹ 1,599₹ 3,599in stockPrice updated: July 10, 2023

Rank5Peng Essentials Ironing BoardCheck Price

Peng Essentials Ironing Board

The Peng Essential Ironing Board is chosen as our next pick. This table features anti-slip pads at the bottom and a metal framing which makes this product a great choice. The top of this table also has a silicone pad for the iron rest, which makes your ironing process easier.

With a smart black design and sturdy fit, this iron table can be the best fit for you. Let us check some details about this product.

Table: Technical Specifications of Peng Essential Ironing Board
BrandPeng Essentials
Product Dimensions119 x 35 x 80 cm
Product Weight590 g
Warranty1 year
Table: Product Features of Peng Essential Ironing Board
Anti-slip FeetFeaturing anti-slip feet, this table prevents the table from sliding or scratching the floor.
Silicone Iron RestEquipped with silicone iron rest, the iron table prevents accidents and keeps you safe.
Height AdjustmentWith a multi-adjustable level, you can regulate the height accordion to your preference.
Heat ResistantThe top of the iron table is made of heat-resistant fabric, so it provides safety with convenience.
  • It is lightweight for you to easily move it.
  • The fabric of this iron table is made of high-grade quality.
  • It is compact in size so it takes a while to iron clothes.

Buying Options

amazon.inPeng Essentials Ironing Board
N/APrice updated: November 24, 2023

Rank6Flipzon Self Standing Ironing Table₹ 1,449

Flipzon Self Standing Ironing Table

Our next choice is the Flipzon Ironing Board. The highlighting feature of this ironing table is its superior quality cotton cove with thick Polyester pudding. This feature makes sure that you have a firm surface for ironing your clothes.

Additionally, this product has a pink and orange floral design with sturdy stands. With aesthetic looks, convenient ironing and foldable design, this product becomes a great choice.

Table: Technical Specifications of Flipzon Ironing Board
Product Dimensions122 x 46 x 77 cm
Product Weight6.6 kg
Warranty1 year
Table: Product Features of Flipzon Ironing Board
Adjustable Height For a smooth ironing process, this table is made in a way that you can adjust its heights to three different levels.
Polyester PaddingEnsuring that your clothes do not stick to the board, this iron table features the best quality cotton cover with Polyester Padding.
Hot Iron HolderTo avoid any accidents and to provide convenience, this iron board has a metal iron holder.
Foldable DesignWhen you are not using this iron table, you can easily store it with its easy-to-fold design.
  • The design is extremely aesthetic and colourful.
  • The surface of the board is firm.
  • It is a bit flimsy if not set properly.

Buying Options

amazon.inFlipzon Self Standing Ironing Table
₹ 1,449₹ 2,999in stockPrice updated: November 24, 2023

Rank7Parasnath Folding Ironing Table₹ 1,257

Parasnath Folding Ironing Table

For our last pick for this article, we have chosen the Parasnath Ironing Board. The best thing about this product is that it offers multiple colours and design choices so that you can select the best according to your preference.

Additionally, this iron board features a 100% cotton cover which prevents clothes from sticking to the board. Let us explore more amazing specifications and features of this product.

Table: Technical Specifications of Parasnath Ironing Board
MaterialWooden and Iron
Product Dimensions122 x 46 x 77 cm
Product Weight5 kg
Warranty1 year
Table: Product Features of Parasnath Ironing Board
Perforated Metal BoardMade with pure cotton and foam layers, this perforated metal board makes sure that it withstands heat and keeps the clothes from sticking.
Rotating FeetIf you think that the table is a bit flimsy, then you can rotate the feet of this iron table to make it stable.
Adjustable HeightFor easy convenience, this ironing table’s height can be adjustable up to six different levels.
Foldable DesignYou can easily store this iron table which folds down flat so it doesn’t cover a lot of space in your room.
  • There is a sturdy iron stand attached to this board.
  • The feet of the board are made of plastic.

Buying Options

amazon.inParasnath Folding Ironing Table
₹ 1,257₹ 3,000Price updated: November 1, 2022

8Wrapping Up

Iron tables or Iron boards have many advantages. This is why we hope that our review of the best iron tables in India helps you a great deal. Choose an aesthetic iron table which can match the décor of your room while checking its high functionality. It is always useful to know the methods to clean iron box for easy maintenance.

Our writers work day and night to provide real product reviews such as best steam irons in India and  front loading washing machine so that you can check what’s best before you invest. Write to us if you want any specific product reviews.

FAQs about Best Iron Table in India for Home Use

What are the advantages of ironing board?

In addition to being safer and made better than cheap ironing boards, high-quality ironing boards also make the process of ironing a lot easier. They come with special heat-resistant pads and covers that will protect your home and clothes.

Before choosing the best ironing board in India, list down its size, cloth, and special feature. If this list checks all the necessary features, then you can go ahead and buy the table.

After a month of research, we think that Bathla X-Press Ace Foldable Ironing Board is the best as it has all the necessary and user-friendly features.


Using a steam iron is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of wrinkles and creases from clothing because of its weight along with the heat and steam that it produces.


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Follow these easy steps to make a DIY Ironing board cover at home:

1. Selection of the fabric:

Select the right material for the cover.
In order to avoid any color loss when using steam, the fabric you select should be color-fast.
An additional layer of utility fabric such as unbleached muslin would also be needed.
This helps to prevent the sticking of fibers and threads of padding in clothes while Ironing.
The amount necessary for fabric will depend on the size of the pattern piece you create in the next stage.
2. Measurement & Marking:

Measure the dimensions of the board.
At close intervals, use a ruler to mark the measurement measured in the above stage.
To produce the edge of the pattern, join these markings.
Consequently, cut out the pattern part.
3. Sewing:

Precisely press all the sides of covers one by one & sew them.
You can choose hand stitching or a portable sewing machine for this.
4. Covering:

Place the core on the board and properly cover it.
You can review the above-shown video for better understanding.

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