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human hand holding paint roller over floor tile in the bathroom
Human hand holding paint roller over floor tile in the bathroom

Tiles, whether on your kitchen backsplash, bathroom walls, or floors, can dramatically alter the appearance of a space. However, if your tiles look outdated or worn out, replacing them can be both time-consuming and expensive. So, what’s the perfect solution? Painting tiles can transform the appearance of your space without breaking the bank. Whether you’re interested in upgrading tired old tiles or just changing the colors to match your aesthetic, this blog will guide you on how to paint tile effectively and with confidence.

1 Why Paint Tiles?

Over time, tiles can lose their charm. Sometimes, they may appear old due to wear and tear, especially in high-traffic areas like your kitchen or bathroom. Or perhaps the tile colour that was once trendy a decade ago now looks outdated. Instead of spending a fortune on replacing old tiles, painting them offers a more economical option. The key lies in the details and using the right materials.

2 Step-by-Step Guide on How to Paint Ceramic Tile

Prepare the Surface

  • Cleaning: Before painting, it’s essential to have a clean surface. Start by washing the tiles with a mild detergent to remove any dirt, grease, or grime. Ensure that the tiles and grout lines are absolutely free of mould and mildew, especially in the bathroom or shower area.
  • Sanding: Once the tiles are clean and dry, lightly sand the surface. This step is critical as it helps the paint adhere better to the tile.
  • Wash Again: After sanding, wash off any residue to ensure the tile surface is completely clean and ready for painting.

Protect Adjacent Areas

Use painter’s tape to protect areas adjacent to the tiles, like countertops, walls, or flooring you don’t wish to paint. This step ensures clean edges and protects your space from accidental paint splashes.


brush primer grout of red tiles resistant
brush primer grout of red tiles resistant

Applying a primer is an important step that you shouldn’t skip. Primers help the paint adhere to the tiles, giving them a fresh, long-lasting appearance. Use a quality primer designed for ceramic tiles. Allow it to dry completely before proceeding.

Choose the Right Paint

For a lasting effect, especially in high-traffic areas or spaces exposed to moisture like the bathroom, epoxy paint for tile is a recommended choice. Epoxy paint is durable and stands up well against daily wear and tear. However, if you’re painting wall tiles or tiles in low-traffic areas, ceramic paint for tiles or wall tiles paint could suffice.

Tip: When choosing tile painting colors, always consider the overall decor of your space. Ceramic tile paint offers a variety of colors, allowing flexibility in design.


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Repainting old dated kitchen ceramic tile back wall with modern gray chalk paint indoors at home

Start with the edges and grout lines using a small brush to ensure every detail is covered. For the larger tile surface, use a roller for even coverage. A second coat may be necessary for complete coverage, ensuring the first coat is dry before applying the second one.


If you’re painting tiles in high-traffic areas or in spaces exposed to moisture, sealing the painted tiles is crucial. This step will protect the paint and make it last longer.

Allow to Dry

This might seem like a given, but letting the paint dry is pivotal. Depending on the paint and environmental conditions, it might take between 24-48 hours. Refrain from heavy traffic on painted tile floors during this period.

3 Tips for a Successful Tile Painting Project

  • Test First: If unsure about the paint or colors, always test on a spare tile or an inconspicuous area.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Always invest in quality paint for bathroom tiles or kitchen spaces to ensure longevity.
  • Maintenance: Once painted, regular cleaning can extend the life of your painted tiles. However, avoid harsh chemicals that might wear out the paint.

4 When Not to Paint Tiles?

In areas that are consistently wet, like inside a shower, painting might not be the best solution. Similarly, tiles in extremely high-traffic areas might wear out quickly, even with the best paint. Always weigh the pros and cons.

5 Best Tile Paints to Renovate Your Homes | Tiles Painting Ideas

Renovating homes can be an overwhelming experience, especially when trying to decide where to save and where to splurge. One cost-effective way to give your home a fresh look without committing to a complete overhaul is to paint your existing tiles. But with so many tile paints in the market, which ones are the best? Let’s delve into the best tile paints to transform your homes and some innovative tile painting ideas to inspire you!

6 What Ceramic Tile Paint Should I Use?

India, with its humid climate in many regions, tropical weather, and penchant for colourful aesthetics, requires specific considerations when choosing paints, especially for ceramic tiles. Painting ceramic tiles can be a great way to revamp your space without the costs and hassle of a complete renovation. However, the key to a successful tile paint job lies in choosing the right paint. So, what ceramic tile paint should you use in India? Let’s find out.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Ceramic Tile Paint for India

  • Weather & Humidity: Due to the tropical climate and monsoons, many parts of India experience high humidity. This can affect the adherence and durability of the paint. Opt for paints that are moisture-resistant.
  • UV Resistance: In regions that receive strong sunlight, UV resistance is vital to prevent the paint from fading quickly.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Indian kitchens, in particular, can see a lot of oil and spice-based splatters. The bathroom and other tiled areas also gather dirt and grime. A paint that’s easy to clean without wearing off is crucial.

7 Top Ceramic Tile Paint Options for India

Asian Paints Apcolite Premium Gloss Enamel


Best for: Kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, and other areas exposed to moisture.

Advantages: This paint offers a high gloss, smooth finish. It is stain-resistant, which is particularly useful for areas exposed to water and cooking splatters. It also comes in a wide range of colors, catering to the Indian love for vibrant shades.

Nerolac Enamel Paint

nerolac enamel paint
Nerolac Enamel Paint

Best for: Wall tiles in living rooms, bedrooms, and low-moisture areas.

Advantages: Known for its durability, Nerolac offers a glossy finish that’s easy to clean. It also boasts of a high coverage rate, ensuring you get value for your money.

Berger Luxol Satin Enamel Paint

Luxol Satin Enamel Can

Best for: Balcony tiles, exterior tiles, and areas exposed to direct sunlight.

Advantages: This paint offers a satin smooth finish and is renowned for its UV resistance, making it ideal for exteriors.

8 Tiles Painting Ideas to Inspire Your Renovation

  • Monochrome Magic: Paint your tiles in varying shades of the same colour to give a monochromatic, elegant look. A gradation of greys or blues can look extremely classy.
  • Stencil Stories: Use stencils to paint patterns over your tiles. This can instantly elevate the look of an otherwise plain tiled surface.
  • Checkerboard Charm: Alternate between two contrasting colours that timeless checkerboard appearance.
  • Mediterranean Muse: Opt for bright blues, yellows, and whites to bring the Mediterranean vibe right into your home.
  • Artistic Ambitions: If you’re artistically inclined, paint murals or scenes on your tile wall. This works best for larger, uninterrupted tiled spaces.
  • Retro Revival: Use pastel shades or vintage-inspired colours for a retro, chic look.
  • Natural Nuances: Opt for earthy tones like terracotta, beige, and olive green for a nature-inspired theme.

9 Tips for Painting Tile

  • Surface Preparation: Start by cleaning the tiles thoroughly, removing any grime, oil, or grease. Follow this up with a light sanding to help the paint adhere better.
  • Primer: Using a primer designed for tiles will ensure the paint adheres well and lasts longer. Brands like Asian Paints and Nerolac offer primers specifically formulated for this purpose.
  • Technique: Use a foam roller for larger areas to achieve a uniform finish and a brush for edges and detailed areas.
  • Sealant: After painting, especially in high-traffic or high-moisture areas, consider sealing the paint with a clear sealant. This additional layer will offer protection against wear and tear.
  • Drying Time: Given the varied climates across India, ensure that you let the paint dry completely. This might take anywhere from 24-48 hours or more depending on the humidity in your region.

10 Tile Paint Tips

  • Surface Prep is Key: Before painting, always clean, sand, and prime the tiles. This ensures better adhesion and a longer-lasting finish.
  • Seal the Deal: Especially for high-moisture or high-traffic areas, sealing the paint with a clear sealant can help protect and prolong the paint job.
  • Gloss or Matte: Depending on the look you want and where you’re painting, decide between a glossy or matte finish. For instance, glossy finishes might suit walls or backsplashes, while matte might look great on floors.

11 Wrapping Up

Upgrading your space doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’ve been living with old tile floors or walls that no longer stand out or align with your style, know there’s a fresh, cost-effective solution. By understanding how to paint tile, you can transform any space, be it your bathroom, kitchen, or hallway.

Remember, while the task might seem daunting, with the suitable materials, tips, and a little patience, you’ll have a newly upgraded space that not only looks good but also adds value. Whether you’re aiming to transform old tiles in high-traffic areas or simply give a fresh coat to your bathroom walls, tile painting is a project that promises fantastic results. And now, armed with this comprehensive guide, you’re all set to accept the tile painting challenge! Happy painting!

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