7 Best Home Security Cameras for 2024

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best smart home cameras
Best Smart Home Cameras

In the digital age, where safety and privacy are paramount, ensuring the security of your home has never been more crucial. With an overwhelming number of options available, selecting the right home security camera can feel like navigating through a maze without a map. That’s where we come in! Our comprehensive review dives deep into the world of home security cameras, comparing features, performance, ease of installation, and cost, to help you make an informed decision. Whether you’re looking to deter porch pirates, monitor your furry friends, or simply keep an eye on your home while you’re away, we’ve got you covered.

From the latest tech wonders to great deals that won’t break the bank, our roundup of the best home security cameras will help you find peace of mind with ease. Let’s get started on finding the right camera to keep your home safe.

What we look for
  • Video Quality
    Opt for cameras with at least 1080p resolution to ensure clear, detailed footage. Higher resolutions like 4K offer even greater clarity but may require more storage.
  • Storage Options
    Decide between cloud storage, which offers easy access from anywhere but typically involves a subscription fee, or local storage, like microSD cards, which is more cost-effective but needs manual management.
  • Night Vision
    Ensure the camera has effective night vision capabilities, with infrared LEDs to illuminate dark areas for clear video footage at night.
  • Motion Detection and Alerts
    Choose cameras with motion detection that send real-time alerts to your smartphone. Customizable motion zones can help reduce false alarms, making the system more reliable.
Our Pick
Tapo TP-Link 360° 2MP 1080p Full HD Pan/Tilt Home Security Wi-Fi Smart Camera
  • Chosen as Our Pick for its crystal clear 1080p high definition recording.
  • Advanced Night Vision provides a visual distance of up to 30 ft.
  • Two-Way Audio enables communication through a built-in microphone and speaker.
Runner Up
Qubo Smart 360 WiFi CCTV Security Camera | 2MP 1080p Full HD
  • Chosen as Our Runner Up Pick for its Intelligent AI feature which automatically recognizes a moving object and tracks the object in real time.
  • The smart security camera supports Multi-Directional rotation of the lens ensuring that there are no blind spots.
  • Qubo Smart Cam 360 allows you to secure your recordings on cloud storage based in India.
Budget Pick
Godrej Security Solutions EVE PRO Smart WiFi Security Camera for Home with 350 Degree 3MP (HD)
  • Chosen as Our Budget Pick for its IR LED Night Vision up to 10 meters.
  • This home security camera features a built-in mic and speaker for 2 way communication.
  • Customize your camera settings to receive alerts whenever motion is detected, ensuring you never miss important events.
Please note that the prices may vary.

Summary of 7 Best Home Security Cameras Price List

Table: Listing some of the best home security cameras, along with their respective prices.
Rank Brand Product Price
1Tapo Tapo TP-Link 360° 2MP 1080p Full HD Pan/Tilt Home Security Wi-Fi Smart Camera ₹ 2,099*
2Qubo Qubo Smart 360 WiFi CCTV Security Camera | 2MP 1080p Full HD ₹ 1,989*
3Godrej Security Solutions Godrej Security Solutions EVE PRO Smart WiFi Security Camera for Home with 350 Degree 3MP (HD) ₹ 2,399*
4Xiaomi Xiaomi MI Wireless Home Security Camera 2i Full HD 360 View 2MP ₹ 2,299*
5Xiaomi Xiaomi Mi 360° Home Security Camera 2K (1296p) ₹ 3,299*
6Imou IMOU 360° 1080P Full HD Security Camera ₹ 1,715*
7EZVIZ EZVIZ by Hikvision WiFi Indoor Home Security Camera ₹ 1,980*
*Please note that the prices may vary.

7 Best Home Security Cameras in India

Tapo TP-Link 360° 2MP 1080p Full HD Pan/Tilt Home Security Wi-Fi Smart Camera

We have chosen the Tapo TP-Link Home Security Wi-Fi Smart Camera as our top pick for those wanting a simple yet effective way to monitor their homes. This compact camera impresses with its ability to deliver crystal-clear images in 1080p HD, ensuring every detail is captured. Not just a pretty face, its design is practical too, boasting a wide range of movement with 360º side-to-side and 114º up-and-down coverage.

A standout feature is the advanced night vision, allowing you to see up to 30 feet in total darkness, offering peace of mind round the clock. It’s equipped with motion detection that alerts you to any activity, alongside a light and sound alarm to deter unwanted visitors. The two-way audio feature enhances communication, making it easy to talk and listen through the built-in microphone and speaker.

Storage worries are a thing of the past, as it supports up to 128 GB on a microSD card, translating to 384 hours of video storage. Voice control via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integrates this camera seamlessly into your smart home ecosystem, making it convenient for everyday use. If you’re in the market for a smart home security camera that combines functionality with ease of use, the Tapo TP-Link Home Security Wi-Fi Smart Camera is one of the best security camera for home in india.

  • Offers reliable and continuous streaming and remote access, enabling seamless monitoring without interruptions.
  • You will receive timely alerts on your phone, ensuring immediate awareness of any detected activity.
  • The ability to adjust sensitivity settings minimizes false alarms, ensuring alerts are received only for significant movements or activities.
  • Despite being connected to the same Wi-Fi network, users may experience difficulties accessing the camera from their phone, including errors when attempting to download incident footage.
  • The sound quality during two-way audio interactions is reported to be low, affecting the clarity and effectiveness of communication through the device.

Buying Options

amazon.in Tapo TP-Link 360° 2MP 1080p Full HD Pan/Tilt Home Security Wi-Fi Smart Camera
₹ 2,099 ₹ 3,299 in stock Price updated: February 8, 2024

Rank 2 Runner Up
Qubo Smart 360 WiFi CCTV Security Camera | 2MP 1080p Full HD
₹ 1,989

Qubo Smart 360 WiFi CCTV Security Camera | 2MP 1080p Full HD

Our runner-up pick is the Qubo Smart 360 WiFi CCTV Home Security Camera, a proud innovation designed and made in India by the Hero Group. This camera is specifically engineered to meet the security needs of the Indian market, offering not just surveillance but the assurance of the Hero Group’s round-the-clock customer service and support network. It ensures that all your concerns and queries are addressed, providing peace of mind for a lifetime.

Featuring a 360-degree coverage, the Qubo Smart Cam 360 leaves no blind spots, thanks to its multi-directional rotation. It’s worth noting that this camera is intended for indoor use only, making it a perfect choice for home security. One of its standout features is the theft-proof cloud storage, a significant upgrade from traditional CCTV systems. This allows you to securely store your recordings on a cloud-based service in India, ensuring your private moments remain safe, even if the device itself is stolen.

The Qubo Smart Cam 360 also boasts advanced AI capabilities for person detection with an intruder alarm. It can intelligently detect and notify you whenever a person is detected, and in the case of an intrusion, it can trigger an automatic loud siren to deter the intruder. Additionally, its motion tracking feature uses intelligent AI to automatically recognize and track moving objects in real-time, enhancing the overall security of your home.

Technical Specifications of Qubo Smart 360 WiFi CCTV Home Security Camera
Product Weight165 g
Product Dimensions‎0.1 x 0.1 x 0.1 cm
Product Features of Qubo Smart 360 WiFi CCTV Home Security Camera
360° Panoramic CoverageThe Qubo Smart Cam 360 features Multi-Directional rotation, eliminating blind spots with its comprehensive field of view. Designed exclusively for indoor use, it ensures complete coverage of your space.
Person Detection with Intruder AlarmEquipped with sophisticated AI, the camera not only identifies the presence of a person within its field of vision but also allows for the activation of an automatic loud siren to deter intruders effectively.
Intelligent Motion TrackingIt is powered by Intelligent AI that distinguishes moving objects, enabling it to track them in real time for enhanced security and monitoring efficiency.
Secure Cloud-Based RecordingUnlike traditional surveillance systems, the Qubo Smart Cam 360 offers theft-proof cloud storage located in India. This feature guarantees that your private moments remain accessible and secure, even if the camera itself is compromised.
  • This camera delivers crystal-clear footage with its 1080p high-definition video recording capability, capturing every detail with precision.
  • You can hear and respond to someone on the other side of the camera. This feature is versatile for various scenarios, whether giving instructions to a courier or deterring a trespasser.
  • The camera's mounting system consists of two screws without the inclusion of a mounting hook, unlike other Wi-Fi cameras. Installation requires screwing directly into the wall, as the mount is integrated within the camera's base. This design aspect did not meet our preferences.
  • The clarity deteriorates when using the zoom feature.

Buying Options

amazon.in Qubo Smart 360 WiFi CCTV Security Camera | 2MP 1080p Full HD
₹ 1,989 ₹ 3,990 in stock Price updated: February 8, 2024

Rank 3 Budget Pick
Godrej Security Solutions EVE PRO Smart WiFi Security Camera for Home with 350 Degree 3MP (HD)
₹ 2,399

Godrej Security Solutions EVE PRO Smart WiFi Security Camera for Home with 350 Degree 3MP (HD)

Our budget pick for those looking to enhance their home security without breaking the bank is the Godrej Smart Home Security Camera. This camera stands out for offering a solid balance of quality features at an affordable price, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Boasting a 3MP (1296P) HD quality video, the Godrej camera ensures that the live feed viewing on your smartphone is crisp and clear. The pan and tilt function, with 350 degrees of pan and 90 degrees of tilt, allows for a comprehensive view of your surroundings, ensuring no corner is left unmonitored.

One of the camera’s key features is the built-in mic and speaker, facilitating two-way communication. This means you can not only hear what’s happening but also talk back, adding an extra layer of security and convenience. The IR LED night vision extends up to 10 meters, providing clear images even in the dark, and the 100° wide-angle viewing ensures you get a broad view of your space.

The camera simplifies home security with auto recording and notification alert configuration, so you’re always informed of any activity. The Godrej ACE app, available on both the Play Store and Apple Store, makes it easy to manage your camera settings and view footage. Plus, with support for up to 128GB Micro SD Card, storage won’t be an issue.

Technical Specifications of Godrej Smart Home Security Camera
Product Weight187 g
Product Dimensions8 x 8 x 12 cm
Product Features of Godrej Smart Home Security Camera
Proactive Intruder Alert SystemEquipped with an automated siren, the home security camera remains vigilant, ready to emit a loud alarm upon any intrusion detection. This feature acts as a proactive deterrent against potential burglaries, enhancing your home's defence system.
Expansive Surveillance CoverageThe camera is designed to offer an extensive field of vision, with the capability to pan up to 350 degrees and tilt up to 90 degrees. This wide-angle view ensures comprehensive monitoring, allowing for early detection of threats and keeping your home safeguarded around the clock.
Real-Time Threat NotificationIntegrating advanced technologies, the camera system is adept at distinguishing genuine threats through precise motion and humanoid detection. This ensures that you are promptly informed about any real-time security breaches, facilitating swift action to protect your premises.
Live Two-Way CommunicationMonitor your home in real-time and engage in two-way conversations with anyone on-site through the app.
Shared Surveillance AccessWith the Family View Share feature, live video feeds can be shared among family members. This collective monitoring capability allows everyone to stay informed about the home's security status, enhancing protection through collaboration.
Superior Low-Light PerformanceThe camera provides HD ultra-clear night vision, ensuring detailed and vibrant footage even in minimal lighting.
  • The smooth motion tracking system, coupled with the practical pan-tilt feature, offers dynamic and efficient surveillance, adapting seamlessly to monitor movements within its field of view.
  • The camera has A1 lens clarity, ensuring crystal-clear visuals. Its straightforward setup and connectivity process enhance user convenience significantly.
  • The night vision feature tends to produce somewhat blurry images, affecting the sharpness of footage in low-light conditions.
  • The built-in microphone exhibits low sensitivity, capturing sound effectively only from close proximity to the camera, which may restrict audio clarity and range during recordings or live communication.

Buying Options

amazon.in Godrej Security Solutions EVE PRO Smart WiFi Security Camera for Home with 350 Degree 3MP (HD)
₹ 2,399 ₹ 4,199 in stock Price updated: February 8, 2024

Rank 4 Xiaomi MI Wireless Home Security Camera 2i Full HD 360 View 2MP ₹ 2,299

Xiaomi MI Wireless Home Security Camera 2i Full HD 360 View 2MP

Our next pick in the line up is the Xiaomi MI Wireless Home Security Camera 2i, a device that stands out for its advanced features and sleek design, making it a formidable option for those seeking comprehensive surveillance capabilities. This camera captures every detail with its Full HD picture quality, ensuring that the footage is crisp and clear, day or night.

A standout aspect of the Xiaomi MI 2i is its AI-powered motion detection, which intelligently identifies and alerts you to any unusual activity, making it more efficient and reducing false alarms. The infrared night vision paired with a 360° panorama view means that you can see every corner of the room, even in complete darkness, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed.

The talk-back feature, or 2-way audio, allows for direct communication through the camera, a convenient tool for speaking with family members or deterring unwanted visitors without being physically present. Constructed from durable plastic, this camera is designed to last, and it comes with everything you need to get started, including a power adapter, charging cable, wall mounting kit, and a user manual. Its specific use for surveillance is enhanced by these included components, making installation and operation straightforward.

Technical Specifications of Xiaomi MI Wireless Home Security Camera 2i
Memory Storage Capacity‎32 GB
Form Factor‎Dome
Mounting TypeWall Mount
Viewing Angle‎360 Degrees
Voltage‎5 V
Wattage‎5 W
Product Weight‎254 g
Product Dimensions7.5 x 7.5 x 10.8 cm
Product Features of Xiaomi MI Wireless Home Security Camera 2i
Voice-Enabled Smart ControlEasily connect the camera to Google Assistant or Alexa for hands-free operation, allowing for seamless control through voice commands.
Convenient Video Playback on SmartphoneAccess and review recorded videos from anywhere via your smartphone. Features include the ability to fast-forward through footage, ensuring you can swiftly check in on your family or review important moments.
Exceptional Clarity and SmoothnessEnjoy a clear and crisp viewing experience with full HD video at 1920x1080p resolution, producing sharp and fluid video footage for detailed surveillance.
Face-to-Face Conversation ExperienceThe camera supports two-way real-time voice calling.
Intelligent AI Human DetectionEquipped with AI technology for human detection, the camera efficiently minimizes false alarms and provides accurate notifications, enhancing security and convenience.
  • The camera stands out for its exceptional image resolution, advanced night vision capabilities, and robust construction, ensuring reliable performance and clear visuals at all times.
  • It can maintain a strong connection even when positioned 7 feet away from the router, indicating good wireless performance.
  • The camera offers minimal storage options and does not include motion tracking functionality, which may reduce its utility for extensive recording or tracking movement.
  • After recognizing motion or a person, the device only records a 10-second preview, potentially limiting the amount of captured detail or context for each detected event.

Buying Options

amazon.in Xiaomi MI Wireless Home Security Camera 2i Full HD 360 View 2MP
₹ 2,299 ₹ 4,499 in stock Price updated: February 8, 2024

Rank 5 Xiaomi Mi 360° Home Security Camera 2K (1296p) ₹ 3,299

Xiaomi Mi 360° Home Security Camera 2K (1296p)

The Xiaomi Mi 360° Home Security Camera is a great choice for people looking for an advanced, feature-rich surveillance solution. With its 3MP 2K (1296P) resolution, this camera ensures that every video is recorded with crisp and clear quality, making live feeds and playback exceptionally detailed.

A remarkable feature of this camera is its two-way voice call capability, offering real-time communication that makes it feel like you’re having a face-to-face conversation. The camera works really well in low light because it has a special F/1.6 lens that lets in a lot of light, capturing clear images even when it’s dark. Plus, it has an improved lens for even better picture quality. It can also move around to give a full 360° view, so it can see everything with no missed spots, making sure every part of the room is covered.

For privacy, it supports up to 256 GB Micro SD card storage to keep data secure. This combination of high-resolution video, smart features, and privacy protection makes it an excellent choice for enhancing home security efficiently.

Technical Specifications of Xiaomi Mi 360° Home Security Camera
Power Source‎Corded Electric
Form FactorDome
Mounting Type‎Tabletop Mount, Ceiling Mount
Product Weight280 g
Product Dimensions7.8 x 7.8 x 11.5 cm
Product Features of Xiaomi Mi 360° Home Security Camera
Seamless Integration with Smart AssistantsEnjoy hands-free control and enhanced convenience with Alexa and Ok Google compatibility, enabling you to manage your security system effortlessly within your smart home environment.
Real-Time Two-Way CommunicationEngage in intimate conversations with your loved ones anytime, anywhere, through two-way voice calls in real-time.
Enhanced Video ClarityExperience crisp and clear video recording with 3MP 2K (1296P) resolution, ensuring clarity in live video and playback for heightened surveillance accuracy.
  • The installation process is quite easy and fast.
  • The app facilitates effortless pairing with the camera, offering a seamless experience for users to access the live feed, adjust settings, and review past recordings.
  • The voice quality could have been enhanced a bit.
  • Some users may experience delays or sluggishness in video streaming, particularly when adjusting the camera's position.

Buying Options

amazon.in Xiaomi Mi 360° Home Security Camera 2K (1296p)
₹ 3,299 ₹ 4,999 in stock Price updated: February 8, 2024

Rank 6 IMOU 360° 1080P Full HD Security Camera ₹ 1,715

IMOU 360° 1080P Full HD Security Camera

Next on our list, we have picked the IMOU 360° 1080P Full HD Security Camera. Its 1080P Full HD resolution ensures smooth video playback, capturing every detail with clarity, even in the dark, with its night vision extending up to 33ft.

This smart home camera is designed to provide a complete view without any blind spots, thanks to its 108° viewing angle and the ability to rotate 355° horizontally and 85° vertically.

What sets this camera apart from its competitors is its Human AI Detection feature, which accurately identifies human movement and sends instant alerts to your smartphone, reducing the nuisance of false alarms. It’s also equipped with sound detection that notifies you about unusual noises like a baby crying or dog barking, keeping you informed about what’s happening at home.

A significant advantage is its two-way audio capability, allowing you to communicate with family or deter unwanted guests directly through the camera. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, it can be controlled via voice commands for added convenience. With a 2-year warranty and dedicated after-sale service, including online support and a service center in India, the IMOU 360° 1080P Full HD Security Camera can be a reliable choice.

Technical Specifications of IMOU 360° 1080P Full HD Home Security Camera
Optical zoom ‎8 x
Memory Storage Capacity‎256 GB
Optical Sensor Resolution‎2 MP
Form Factor Box
Mounting Type ‎Wall, ceiling, table
Actual viewing angle ‎360
Voltage‎12 V
Wattage‎6 W
Product Weight‎238 g
Product Dimensions10.6 x 7.7 x 7.7 cm
Product Features of IMOU 360° 1080P Full HD Home Security Camera
Continuous RecordingEnjoy peace of mind with 24x7 continuous recording capability on SD card (supports up to 256GB) and cloud-based alarm video storage. Ranger 2 automatically manages storage space by deleting the oldest recordings when the SD card reaches full capacity.
Smart Sound DetectionReceive instant alerts on your smartphone for various sound events such as baby crying or glass breaking. The two-way talk function enables timely interaction, whether to soothe your baby or reassure your pet.
Motion Detection and TrackingCapture memorable moments and stay informed about activities at home, even when you're away.
Versatile Connectivity OptionsYou get both LAN and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connectivity options for seamless integration into your home network.
Enhanced Night VisionFeaturing a high-quality infrared lamp, it extends night vision up to 10m/33ft, allowing clear visibility even in low-light conditions.
  • The combination of intelligent motion tracking and exceptional picture quality enhances monitoring capabilities.
  • The camera operates with remarkably quiet motion and rotation.
  • The human detection feature may experience occasional interruptions or delays, impacting its reliability and effectiveness, as it occasionally gets stuck.
  • The camera does not record without an internet connection, even when an SD card is inserted.

Buying Options

amazon.in IMOU 360° 1080P Full HD Security Camera
₹ 1,715 ₹ 7,500 in stock Price updated: February 8, 2024

Rank 7 EZVIZ by Hikvision WiFi Indoor Home Security Camera ₹ 1,980

EZVIZ by Hikvision WiFi Indoor Home Security Camera

Our list concludes with the EZVIZ by Hikvision WiFi Indoor Home Security Camera. Featuring two-way talk, this camera allows real-time conversation through its built-in microphone and speaker, facilitated by the EZVIZ App. The EZVIZ App makes it straightforward to manage your device, providing access to live feeds and recordings from anywhere.

One of its standout features is smart tracking, where the camera automatically rotates to follow moving objects, alerting you in real-time, ensuring no moment goes unnoticed.

The Smart IR with night vision feature adjusts to dim light conditions, providing clear video images up to 33ft away, making it perfect for night-time surveillance. For those moments when privacy is paramount, the sleep mode can be activated via the EZVIZ App, temporarily halting video recording and notifications.

Technical Specifications of EZVIZ by Hikvision WiFi Indoor Home Security Camera
Product Weight218 g
Product Dimensions50 x 50 x 28 cm
Product Features of EZVIZ by Hikvision WiFi Indoor Home Security Camera
Smart IR with Night VisionExperience clear video imaging in low light conditions with Smart IR technology, delivering evenly exposed footage with enhanced detail up to 10m/33ft in the dark.
Zero Blind SpotsUtilize the EZVIZ App to rotate the camera, ensuring coverage of a wide area with a 360° panoramic view, minimizing blind spots for comprehensive surveillance.
Sleep Mode for Privacy Protection:Activate Sleep Mode via the EZVIZ App to suspend video recording and notifications, offering privacy whenever necessary.
Integration with Voice AssistantsSeamlessly control your camera with voice commands using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, enhancing convenience and accessibility.
  • The motion sensor operates effectively, initiating recording promptly upon detecting motion, and users can conveniently view the recordings within the mobile app.
  • Communicate through the mobile app, with your voice transmitted through the camera speaker for seamless interaction.
  • The camera maintains recording capability independent of Wi-Fi connectivity status, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance even when Wi-Fi is inactive or disabled.
  • An issue arises when activating the talk mode, as it produces excessive hissing noise.

Buying Options

amazon.in EZVIZ by Hikvision WiFi Indoor Home Security Camera
₹ 1,980 ₹ 6,700 in stock Price updated: February 8, 2024

8 Wrapping Up

In the quest for safeguarding what matters most, finding the right CCTV camera for home security is paramount. With our comprehensive guide to the best home security cameras, you can now make informed decisions to fortify your home’s protection. Whether you prioritize crystal-clear video quality, seamless integration with smart home systems, or advanced features like motion tracking and two-way communication, we’ve got you covered. Take charge of your home’s security today and enjoy unparalleled peace of mind. Don’t wait until it’s too late – invest in your safety now!

FAQ's about the Best Home Security Cameras

Which CCTV camera is best IP or HD?

IP cameras are known for their high resolution and advanced features like remote access and motion detection. They’re perfect for those who prioritize crystal-clear images and want to monitor their property from anywhere with an internet connection.

On the other hand, HD cameras offer a more budget-friendly option with straightforward installation and reliability. They’re ideal for those who want a simple yet effective surveillance solution without breaking the bank.

Wired cameras offer reliability and consistent performance, making them ideal for long-term installations where stability is crucial. They typically require professional installation due to wiring needs but provide stable connections. On the other hand, wireless cameras offer flexibility in installation and are easier to set up. They are suitable for temporary installations or areas where running cables is challenging. Ultimately, the best option for you depends on factors such as reliability, security requirements, and ease of installation.

For basic recording purposes onto a local DVR or NVR without any remote access or monitoring features, internet connection isn’t mandatory. However, if you seek remote access to live feeds or recorded footage from your devices, internet connectivity becomes essential. This remote access typically relies on the CCTV system being linked to your home network, necessitating an internet connection. Moreover, for CCTV systems offering cloud storage options, internet connectivity is crucial to upload footage securely online and access it from any internet-enabled device. Additionally, features like alerts and notifications, which inform you of motion detection or other events, require internet connectivity to transmit notifications over the network. Therefore, the necessity of internet connectivity for your home CCTV system hinges on your desired functionalities and features.

Here are some companies in India which makes the best CCTV cameras
2.Godrej Security Solutions
3.Xiaomi MI

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