Golden Grains: Best Tawa for Roti for Crisp & Fluffy Dreams

Written by: Hardik Jethva

Last Updated: October 3, 2023

best tawa for roti
Our best pick, Hawkins Futura Tawa for roti.

Welcome, culinary enthusiasts, to a realm where tradition marries innovation! The humble roti, a staple in numerous cuisines, epitomizes simplicity and nutrition.

But crafting that perfect, fluffy roti is an art, and the maestro behind this art is a superb tawa! In this culinary voyage, we unveil the best tawa for roti, crafting impeccable chapatis, showcasing a myriad of options that promise to elevate your roti-making experience to heavenly heights.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook, delve into the world of sizzling possibilities as we explore tawas that boast durability, superior heat distribution, and non-stick prowess.

Let’s embark on this tantalizing journey to discover the tawa that resonates with your culinary spirit and breathes life into your rotis!

What we look for
  • Size
    Choose a tawa with an ideal diameter (usually around 25-30 cm or 10-12 inches) to cook rotis without any inconvenience.
  • Thickness
    A thicker tawa ensures even heat distribution and retention which is crucial for making perfect rotis.
  • Compatibility
    Check if the tawa is compatible with your cooktop type, be it gas, electric, or induction.
  • Handle
    Opt for tawas with heat-resistant and ergonomic handles for a comfortable and safe grip.
Our Pick
Hawkins Futura Anodised Tava (AT28)
  • Chosen as Our Pick for its hard anodised aluminium which provides tough and durable quality.
  • Its surface is non-toxic, non-staining and non-reactive surface, keeping your food fresh.
  • With a stainless-steel handle, smooth surface and high-quality materials, this product becomes the best tava for roti.
Runner Up
Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Roti Tawa Pan
  • Chosen as our Runner-up Pick for its uni-body ‘one-piece’ design – free of any screws or weld joints.
  • This tawa is suitable for all cooktops including Induction.
  • With toxin-free, no enamel and no chemical coating on the inner and outer surface, this best roti tava becomes a great pick!
Budget Pick
Prestige Hard Anodised Roti Tawa
  • Chosen as our Budget Pick for its affordable price and great quality.
  • It is made of hard-anodised aluminium with a wider base for better results.
  • With induction compatibility and perma-cook handles, this roti tawa is the best and in-budget pick.
Please note that the prices may vary.

Summary of the Best Tawa for Roti with Price List

Table: Listing some of the Best Tawa for Roti, along with their respective prices.
1HawkinsHawkins Futura Anodised Tava (AT28)₹ 1,089*
2MeyerMeyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Roti Tawa Pan₹ 2,120*
3PrestigePrestige Hard Anodised Roti Tawa₹ 769*
4VinodVinod Black Pearl Hard Anodised Roti Tawa₹ 1,379*
5IBELLIBELL PT3833 Non Stick Roti Tawa₹ 1,283*
*Please note that the prices may vary.

Review of the Best Tawa for Roti

Rank1Our Pick
Hawkins Futura Anodised Tava (AT28)
₹ 1,089

Hawkins Futura Anodised Tava (AT28)

The Hawkins Futura 28 cm Tawa is a top-tier kitchen essential renowned for its robust quality and outstanding functionality.

This hard-anodised Tawa, presented in a sophisticated black (AT28), ensures uniform heating, allowing for optimal cooking of a vareity of dishes, making it a versatile asset in any kitchen. The Tawa’s standout feature is its unparalleled durability, thanks to its hard-anodised surface which is non-toxic, non-staining, and resistant to high temperatures, ensuring prolonged use without any degradation in performance.

It is paired with a sturdy, ergonomic stainless steel handle, ensuring comfortable grip and maneuverability. The sleek design harmonizes well with any kitchen aesthetic while meeting practical needs. The Tawa is of the high-quality craftsmanship of Hawkins, promising users a long-lasting cooking experience with every use, and it stands as a testament to the blend of style, resilience, and efficiency in modern cookware.

Table: Technical Specifications of Hawkins Futura Tawa
Tawa MaterialAluminium
Handle MaterialStainless Steel
Product Dimensions 38.1 x 27.9 x 7.6 cm
Product Weight1.1 kg
Warranty5 years
Table: Product Features of Hawkins Futura Tawa
Hard-Anodised SurfaceThe Hawkins Futura Tava features a hard-anodised surface that is two and a half times harder than stainless steel, ensuring outstanding durability and resistance to wear and tear.
Versatile CookingWhether it’s making delicious pancakes, dosas, chapatis, or grilling sandwiches, the Hawkins Futura 28 cm Tava is versatile enough to handle a myriad of dishes, making it a valuable asset in any kitchen.
Uniform HeatingThe Tava is engineered to provide uniform heating, allowing for consistent cooking results.
Robust ConstructionConstructed with an emphasis on durability and longevity, this Tava is a testament to the high-quality craftsmanship of Hawkins, ensuring it remains a central piece of cookware in kitchens for years to come.
Easy to CleanThe non-staining and non-reactive properties of the hard-anodised surface make the Tawa easy to clean.
  • The hard-anodised surface is non-reactive and will not alter the taste.
  • It is equipped with a sturdy, high-quality stainless steel handle.
  • It is not induction compatibility.

Buying Options

amazon.inHawkins Futura Anodised Tava (AT28)
₹ 1,089in stockPrice updated: September 29, 2023

Rank2Runner Up
Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Roti Tawa Pan
₹ 2,120

Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Roti Tawa Pan

Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Roti/Chapati/Dosa Tawa Pan is a versatile and indispensable addition to your kitchen arsenal. Perfectly sized at 26cm, it offers ample space to cook your favorite flatbreads and pancakes with ease. This Tawa Pan, in an elegant black, boasts a specialized stick handle, ensuring comfortable grip and maneuverability.

The standout feature of this iron Tawa is its pre-seasoned surface, rendering it instantly usable and promising durability. It promotes even heat distribution, ensuring perfectly cooked, golden-brown dosas, rotis, and chapatis every time.

The Tawa Pan is also gas stovetop and induction compatible, making it a flexible cooking companion.

Table: Technical Specifications of Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Tawa Pan
Tawa MaterialCast Iron
Handle MaterialCast Iron
Product Dimensions 45 x 26 x 5 cm
Product Weight2 kg
Table: Product Features of Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Tawa Pan
Features Details
MaterialConstructed with high-quality cast iron, this Tawa Pan offers unparalleled durability and heat retention, enabling consistent cooking results.
Pre-Seasoned SurfaceThe pan arrives with a pre-seasoned surface, allowing immediate use and negating the need for initial seasoning. This feature also ensures easy food release and simplified maintenance, enhancing the pan’s longevity.
Stick HandleEquipped with a stick handle designed for a comfortable and secure grip, this Tawa Pan ensures effortless handling and maneuverability, making flipping and lifting foods easy.
Even Heat DistributionThe cast iron material guarantees uniform heat distribution across the cooking surface, allowing for consistent and thoroughly cooked dishes.
Health BenefitsCooking on cast iron cookware can supplement food with iron, a significant advantage for individuals with iron-deficiency anemia or those needing an iron boost.
  • It is eco-friendly and long lasting.
  • The optimal thickness of the Tawa Pan ensures it is resistant to warping.
  • This tawa pan is not dishwasher-safe.

Buying Options

amazon.inMeyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Roti Tawa Pan
₹ 2,120₹ 3,125in stockPrice updated: September 29, 2023

Rank3Budget Pick
Prestige Hard Anodised Roti Tawa
₹ 769

Prestige Hard Anodised Roti Tawa

Prestige Hard Anodised Plus Cookware Induction Base Roti Tawa is a budget-friendly kitchen essential marked as our budget pick! Its standout feature, the hard-anodized surface, guarantees fast and even heat distribution while resisting abrasion, ensuring longevity.

The induction base makes it versatile, suitable for all heat sources. It sports perma-cool handles that remain cool, providing safety and convenience during cooking.

It’s also easy to maintain with its hand-washable feature, making cleanup a breeze. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned cook, this Tawa meets all your roti-making needs, combining functionality with affordability, all without compromising on quality!

Table: Technical Specifications of Prestige Hard Anodised Plus Roti Tawa
Tawa MaterialAluminum
Handle MaterialStainless Steel
Product Dimensions 41 x 24 x 7 cm
Product Weight900 g
Table: Product Features of Prestige Hard Anodised Plus Roti Tawa
Induction BaseCompatible with both induction cooktops and gas stoves, this tawa provides versatility in cooking environments.
Perma-Cool HandlesThis tawa remains cool to the touch during cooking, preventing accidental burns.
Brand ReliabilityComing from Prestige, a renowned brand in cookware, this tawa promises reliability and quality assurance.
Uniform CookingWith the wide base, this tawa ensures ensures uniform cooking of rotis, essential for achieving the perfect texture and taste.
Budget-FriendlyGiven its durability and versatility, it is a cost-efficient choice for diverse cooking needs.
  • It can also be used for other flatbreads and pancakes.
  • Provides resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and extreme temperatures.
  • It is heavy to lift.

Buying Options

amazon.inPrestige Hard Anodised Roti Tawa
₹ 769₹ 780in stockPrice updated: September 29, 2023

Rank4Vinod Black Pearl Hard Anodised Roti Tawa₹ 1,379

Vinod Black Pearl Hard Anodised Roti Tawa

The Vinod Black Pearl Hard Anodised Roti Tawa, with a generous 30 cm diameter, is a quintessential kitchen ally for crafting perfect rotis, parathas, and phulkas. This tawa is renowned for its unparalleled durability and efficient heat conduction, courtesy of its 5.25 mm thickness and premium hard-anodised aluminium construction.

This ensures uniform cooking and a splendid taste, capturing the authentic essence of Indian cuisine. The tawa sports a riveted sturdy handle, promising a secure grip and ease of manoeuvre, preventing any accidental spills or slips. With a sleek black finish, it’s aesthetically pleasing and seamlessly blends with other kitchenware. Compatible exclusively with gas stoves, it’s easy to clean, maintaining its sheen and functionality over prolonged usage.

This Vinod Black Pearl Tawa exemplifies superior craftsmanship, providing an impeccable cooking experience for both novices and culinary aficionados.

Table: Technical Specifications of Vinod Black Pearl Roti Tawa
Tawa MaterialAluminium
Handle MaterialMetal
Product Dimensions 42.5 x 30 x 0.5 cm
Product Weight1 kg
Warranty2 years
Table: Product Features of Vinod Black Pearl Roti Tawa
Features Details
Large Cooking SurfaceWith a 30 cm diameter, it provides ample space for cooking rotis, parathas, and phulkas, allowing flexibility in portion sizes.
Riveted Sturdy HandleThe tawa features a robust handle that is securely riveted, providing a stable grip and making it easy to manoeuvre during cooking.
Gas Stove CompatibilityExclusively designed for gas stoves, it ensures optimal performance and efficiency on compatible heat sources.
Easy to CleanIts smooth surface and non-reactive properties make it easy to clean, allowing for the maintenance of its aesthetic and functional qualities over time.
Scratch-ResistantThe hard-anodised surface of this tawa is resistant to scratches, ensuring the tawa maintains its appearance and functionality even with rigorous use.
  • Sleek black finish complements other kitchenware and adds to the kitchen’s aesthetics.
  • Non-reactive and smooth surface ensures hassle-free cleaning.
  • Only compatible with gas stoves.

Buying Options

amazon.inVinod Black Pearl Hard Anodised Roti Tawa
₹ 1,379₹ 1,650in stockPrice updated: September 29, 2023

Rank5IBELL PT3833 Non Stick Roti Tawa₹ 1,283

IBELL PT3833 Non Stick Roti Tawa

For our last but not least pick, we have chosen the IBELL PT3833 Non Stick Tawa, a kitchen essential meticulously designed for an ultimate cooking experience. This large rectangular tawa, measuring 38cm x 33cm with a thickness of 4mm, is versatile and perfect for making dosa, roti, chapati, and pathiri.

Crafted from high-quality aluminum, it promises durability and even heat distribution, ensuring every meal is cooked to perfection. The non-stick surface guarantees a reduced need for oil, promoting healthier cooking and making clean-up a breeze. Its robust build can endure high temperatures, making it ideal for varied cooking styles.

Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, the IBELL PT3833 Tawa stands out for its convenience, efficiency, and high performance, turning every cooking session into a joyful experience. Upgrade your kitchenware with this premium tawa, and let the flavors bloom!

Table: Technical Specifications of IBELL PT3833 Non Stick Tawa
Tawa MaterialAluminum
Handle MaterialPlastic
Product Dimensions 32.5 x 37.5 x 2
Product Weight2.1 kg
Table: Product Features of IBELL PT3833 Non Stick Tawa
Features Details
Rectangular ShapeThe large, rectangular shape of this tawa makes it suitable for cooking various flatbreads like dosa, chapati, and pathiri all together.
4mm ThicknessFeaturing 4 mm thickness, this tawa ensures uniform heating, preventing hot spots and allowing for consistent cooking results.
Healthy CookingThe superior non-stick surface requires minimal oil or butter, promoting healthier, low-fat cooking options.
LightweightDespite its large size, the aluminum construction makes it lightweight, enhancing its usability and storage.
Cost-EffectiveGiven its array of features and robust build, the IBELL PT3833 Non Stick Tawa offers exceptional value for its price.
  • Facilitates healthier cooking with less oil and offers ease of cleaning.
  • Offers comfortable handling and maneuverability.
  • The handles are made from plastic.

Buying Options

amazon.inIBELL PT3833 Non Stick Roti Tawa
₹ 1,283₹ 2,190in stockPrice updated: September 29, 2023

6Wrapping up

Crafting a roti, simple yet profound, requires the embrace of a perfect tawa—a silent artist rendering each roti a masterpiece. The tawas explored here embody excellence, offering a harmonious blend of durability, even heat distribution, and seamless release.

These silent maestros of the kitchen not only elevate your roti game but also invite an era of culinary elegance and versatility into your cooking realm. As you stand at the intersection of choices, may your selected tawa be the beacon guiding your culinary ship to the shores of delicious perfection!

If you need more options, check out our review on the best dosa tawa!

Happy cooking!

FAQ's about the Best Tawa for Roti

How do I choose the best tawa for roti?

Consider the material, size, handle type, and whether it is non-stick. A good tawa should have even heat distribution, a comfortable handle, and should be easy to clean. Reviewing product ratings and user reviews can also guide you in choosing the best tawa.

Both have their advantages. Non-stick tawas are easy to clean and usually require less oil, while iron tawas are durable and provide health benefits such as added iron to your diet. Your choice may depend on your personal preferences and cooking style.

For non-stick tawas, clean with a soft sponge using mild detergent and avoid metal scrubs. For iron tawas, avoid soap; instead, use salt and a soft cloth or a mild scrubber. Regular seasoning is crucial for iron tawas to prevent rusting.

It depends on the model. Some tawas are induction-compatible, while others are not. Please check the product specifications before purchasing if you intend to use it on an induction cooktop.

To season an iron tawa, heat it and apply a thin layer of oil over the surface. Heat until the oil smokes, then let it cool. Wipe off excess oil. Repeat this process a few times before the first use and occasionally thereafter.

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