Munch on the Move: The Best Snacks for Travelling

Written by: Hardik Jethva

Last Updated: December 19, 2023

snacks for travelling
Our best pick, the Beyond Snáck Kerala Banana Chips.

As avid travellers and self-confessed snack enthusiasts, we’re always on the hunt for the perfect travel-friendly munchies. Whether we’re scaling mountains, exploring new cities, or just grinding away at our desks, our snack game is always on point.

In this review, we’re diving into the world of snacks that make every trip a delicious adventure. From the sweetest treats to savoury delights, we’ve sampled and scrutinized a plethora of options to bring you the crème de la crème of travel snacks.

These aren’t just the best snacks for travelling; they’re the companions that keep our spirits up and our hunger at bay, no matter where we are. Join us as we unveil the ultimate snack lineup that’s sure to make your next journey, be it a global expedition or a day at the office, a tasty affair to remember!

What we look for
  • Portability
    The ideal travel snack is easy to carry and won't make a mess. Look for items that come in sturdy, lightweight packaging and are easy to eat with your hands.
  • Nutritional Value
    Look for snacks with a good combination of protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates to keep you energized and full.
  • Satisfying
    The best travel snacks should keep you feeling full and satisfied between meals. High-fiber options like whole grains or nuts are great for this. Protein-rich snacks like jerky or cheese can also be very satiating.
  • Dietary Restrictions
    If you have dietary restrictions (like being gluten-free, vegan, or allergic to certain ingredients), it's crucial to find snacks that fit these needs.
Our Pick
Beyond Snáck Kerala Banana Chips (Pack of 3)
  • Chosen as Our Pick for its three packs of delicious flavours!
  • These chips are hygienically processed without any hand interaction.
  • With 20% less fat and zero cholesterol, these chips become the best munching snacks for travelling.
Runner Up
Unibic Snack Bar Multigrain Choco (Pack of 12)
  • Chosen as our runner-up Pick because it provides high energy with taste!
  • Made up of 40% cereals, fibre & micro-nutrients from 5 grains, and honey and nutrient-rich ingredients.
  • With the goodness of dates, golden raisins and amazing taste, these chocolaty and healthy snacks become a great pick.
Budget Pick
Pintola Organic Wholegrain Brown Rice Cakes
  • Chosen as our Budget Pick for its affordable price and healthy ingredients.
  • These brown rice cakes are ultra-low in fat, which makes them diet-friendly.
  • With a crispy texture and 100% organic and vegan filling, it becomes the best snacks for travelling.
Please note that the prices may vary.

Summary of the Best Snacks for Travelling with Price List

Table: Listing some of the Best Snacks for Travelling, along with their respective prices.
Rank Brand Product Price
1Beyond Snacks Beyond Snáck Kerala Banana Chips (Pack of 3) ₹ 203*
2Unibic Unibic Snack Bar Multigrain Choco (Pack of 12) ₹ 240*
3Pintola Pintola Organic Wholegrain Brown Rice Cakes ₹ 149*
4Paper Boat Paper Boat Chikki Jar (50 Pieces) ₹ 305*
5Snackible Snackible Crispy Cheese Dosa Khakhra (Pack of 3) ₹ 269*
6TBH - To Be Honest TBH – To Be Honest Vegetable Chips Crunchies (Pack of 6) ₹ 652*
7Forest Found Forest Found Chilly Masala Cashews Nuts ₹ 569*
*Please note that the prices may vary.

Review of the Best Snacks for Travelling

Rank 1 Our Pick
Beyond Snáck Kerala Banana Chips (Pack of 3)
₹ 203

Beyond Snáck Kerala Banana Chips (Pack of 3)

Embark on a delightful journey with Beyond Snáck Kerala Banana Chips, our top pick for travel snacking. This tantalizing combo pack, weighing 300g, features three distinct and exotic flavours: Original Style (Salty), Peri Peri, and Sour Cream, Onion and Parsley, each offering a unique taste experience.

The standout feature of these chips lies in their authentic origin. Crafted from the Nendran banana, a special variety native to Kerala, these chips promise unparalleled authenticity in taste. The fully automated, no-hand-touch processing ensures maximum hygiene, a crucial aspect for the conscious snacker.

Each flavour offers a distinct palate adventure. The Original Style is a classic, delivering a crisp, salty satisfaction. The Peri Peri variant introduces a spicy kick, perfect for those who crave a little heat. The Sour Cream, Onion and parsley flavour is a creamy, tangy treat, balancing the trio with its subtle complexity.

Notably, Beyond Snáck Kerala Banana Chips boasts 20% less fat and zero cholesterol, making them a healthier alternative to traditional chips. The quick exposure to oil during processing keeps the chips light and crunchy without being greasy. Plus, being trans-fat-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and free from added preservatives, they cater to various dietary preferences.

I personally admire the variety this pack offers, ensuring that every craving is satisfied. The Peri Peri is particularly appealing for its bold flavour. However, those sensitive to spicy foods might find it a bit overpowering. The original flavour is perfect for traditionalists, though it may seem too plain for adventurous palates.

Table: Technical Specifications of Beyond Snáck Kerala Banana Chips
TypeFruit Chip
Net Quantity100 g x 3
Diet Type Vegetarian
  • Healthier choice with 20% less fat and zero cholesterol.
  • Suitable for various dietary needs (Gluten-free, Non-GMO, No added Preservatives).
  • Authentic taste from Kerala-grown Nendran bananas.
  • Limited availability outside of certain regions.

Buying Options Beyond Snáck Kerala Banana Chips (Pack of 3)
₹ 203 ₹ 270 in stock Price updated: December 18, 2023

Rank 2 Runner Up
Unibic Snack Bar Multigrain Choco (Pack of 12)
₹ 240

Unibic Snack Bar Multigrain Choco (Pack of 12)

For those seeking a delicious yet nutritious snack, our runner-up pick is the Unibic Snack Bar Multigrain Choco Pack of 12. This snack bar combines the goodness of various ingredients, making it an ideal companion for your travel adventures or daily snacking needs.

The standout feature of the Unibic Snack Bar is its composition – a rich blend of 40% cereals, providing a substantial fibre and micronutrient boost from 5 different grains. The inclusion of honey and nutrient-rich dates adds to its health benefits, offering a natural source of energy.

Each bar is a delightful mix of flavours and textures. The presence of dates and golden raisins adds a natural sweetness and chewiness, while the multigrain base offers a satisfying crunch. The chocolate flavour is not overwhelming but adds a pleasant, indulgent touch, making these bars a great option for both adults and children.

Packed with fibre and micro-nutrients, these snack bars are designed to provide sustained energy. The combination of cereals and grains ensures a balanced intake of essential nutrients, making it a smart choice for health-conscious individuals. The use of honey and dates as sweeteners also means you’re getting a healthier alternative to refined sugars.

I appreciate the balanced sweetness and the texture variety in these bars. They are filling enough to stave off hunger between meals without being too heavy. However, those who prefer less sweet or more protein-rich snacks might find them lacking in these aspects.

Table: Technical Specifications of Unibic Snack Bar Multigrain Choco
Net Quantity360 g
Diet TypeVegetarian
  • Rich in fiber and micro-nutrients from a mix of 5 grains.
  • Natural sweetness from dates and honey, without excessive sugar.
  • Satisfying taste with a good balance of sweetness and crunch.
  • It might be a little chewy.

Buying Options Unibic Snack Bar Multigrain Choco (Pack of 12)
₹ 240 ₹ 480 in stock Price updated: December 18, 2023

Rank 3 Budget Pick
Pintola Organic Wholegrain Brown Rice Cakes
₹ 149

Pintola Organic Wholegrain Brown Rice Cakes

In the realm of healthy, budget-friendly snacks, Pintola Organic Wholegrain Brown Rice Cakes – All Natural (Unsalted) stands out. This choice is not only economical but also aligns with a health-conscious lifestyle, making it our top budget pick.

The stand-out feature of these brown rice cakes is their simplicity and health benefits. Made from wholegrain brown rice, they are all-natural and unsalted, catering to those who prefer their snacks without any added flavours or preservatives. Their low-calorie count, at only 30 calories per cake, makes them an ideal snack for weight-conscious individuals.

These rice cakes have a mild, natural taste, making them versatile for various toppings. Their unsalted nature allows the natural, slightly nutty flavour of the brown rice to shine through. While they might be bland for some palates when eaten alone, they provide a perfect canvas for spreads, cheeses, or fresh fruits.

Pintola’s rice cakes are a nutritional powerhouse. They are cholesterol-free, low in fat, and devoid of soy and yeast, making them suitable for a wide range of dietary requirements. The use of wholegrain brown rice ensures that you get a good dose of fibre with each cake, promoting digestive health.

I personally liked the versatility and low-calorie nature of these rice cakes. They are a great snack option for health-conscious eaters. However, their plain taste might require additional toppings to make them more palatable, which could be a downside for those looking for a ready-to-eat snack.

Table: Technical Specifications of Pintola Organic Wholegrain Brown Rice Cakes
TypeRice Cake
Net Quantity125 g
Diet TypeVegetarian
  • Free from cholesterol, low in fat, soy-free, and yeast-free.
  • Versatile for pairing with a variety of toppings.
  • Lack of added flavors might not appeal to those who prefer seasoned snacks.

Buying Options Pintola Organic Wholegrain Brown Rice Cakes
₹ 149 ₹ 160 in stock Price updated: December 18, 2023

Rank 4 Paper Boat Chikki Jar (50 Pieces) ₹ 305

Paper Boat Chikki Jar (50 Pieces)

For those with a sweet tooth who also value health, Paper Boat Chikki Jar, Peanut Bar emerges as an excellent choice. This snack harmoniously blends the crunchiness of peanuts with the natural sweetness of jaggery, offering a delightful and nutritious snacking option.

The standout feature of Paper Boat Peanut Chikki is its perfect blend of traditional taste with health benefits. Made with jaggery from Kolhapur, this chikki offers a richer, more wholesome sweetness compared to those made with refined sugar. Additionally, the individual wrapping of each chikki piece underscores the product’s commitment to hygiene and convenience.

The taste of Paper Boat Peanut Chikki is a delightful balance between the nutty crunch of peanuts and the deep, earthy sweetness of jaggery. It’s a classic flavour that evokes nostalgia while satisfying modern health sensibilities. The texture is crunchy yet not too hard, making it a pleasurable eat for all ages.

This peanut chikki is more than just a sweet treat. It’s rich in fibre, aiding in digestive health, and the peanuts provide a good source of protein and antioxidants. These nutritional benefits make it an energy-boosting snack, suitable for consumption at any time of the day. The commitment to quality with 12 checks on the size, quality, and texture of the peanuts ensures a consistently high-quality snack.

Being a Gujarati, I adore chikkis, they are the perfect snacks for munching because they are tasty and healthy. I also love binge-eating Haldiram Peanuts while on the go.

For this product, I personally enjoy the natural sweetness that comes from jaggery, which feels less overwhelming than refined sugar. The protein and fibre content are added bonuses, making it a guilt-free indulgence.

Table: Technical Specifications of Paper Boat Chikki Jar
Net Quantity800 g
Diet TypeVegetarian
  • Rich in fiber and protein, offering health benefits.
  • Free from artificial ingredients, colours, and preservatives.
  • It might be a little hard.

Buying Options Paper Boat Chikki Jar (50 Pieces)
₹ 305 ₹ 350 in stock Price updated: December 18, 2023

Rank 5 Snackible Crispy Cheese Dosa Khakhra (Pack of 3) ₹ 269

Snackible Crispy Cheese Dosa Khakhra (Pack of 3)

Snackible Crispy Cheese Dosa Khakhra, a unique fusion of traditional Indian snacks, emerges as a delightful choice for snack lovers. This innovative snack combines the flavours of South Indian dosa with the crunch of North Indian khakhra, creating a culinary experience that is both familiar and novel.

The standout feature of this snack is its ingenious combination of two regional Indian delicacies. The crispy texture of khakhra fused with the savoury taste of dosa, complemented by a delicious cheese seasoning, makes every bite an exciting flavour journey. It’s a creative twist on traditional snacks that appeal to a wide range of palates.

Every bite of the Crispy Cheese Dosa Khakhra is a burst of flavour. The cheese seasoning adds a rich, savoury taste that enhances the natural flavours of dosa and khakhra. The crunchiness of the khakhra provides a satisfying texture, making it a delightful snack to munch on at any time of the day.

Made with ragi, a grain known for its high protein and fibre content, this snack offers a nutritious alternative to typically processed snacks. It’s gluten-free, making it accessible to those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease. With 10.50 grams of protein per 100 grams, it’s a good choice for those seeking high-protein snack options.

I personally enjoy the unique fusion of flavours and textures in this snack. The cheese seasoning is a definite highlight, adding a gourmet touch to the snack. However, the specific taste of ragi might not be for everyone, especially those new to this grain.

Table: Technical Specifications of Snackible Crispy Cheese Dosa Khakhra
TypeGrain Chip
FlavourCheese Dosa
Net Quantity300 g
Diet TypeVegetarian
  • Gluten-free, catering to dietary restrictions.
  • No added preservatives, ensuring a natural snack experience.
  • The ragi flavor might not appeal to all taste buds.

Buying Options Snackible Crispy Cheese Dosa Khakhra (Pack of 3)
₹ 269 ₹ 299 in stock Price updated: December 18, 2023

Rank 6 TBH - To Be Honest Vegetable Chips Crunchies (Pack of 6) ₹ 652

TBH - To Be Honest Vegetable Chips Crunchies (Pack of 6)

TBH – To Be Honest Vegetable Chips Crunchies, a pack of 6, stands out as an innovative and health-conscious snack choice. Made from 100% real vegetables and fruits, these chips offer a guilt-free snacking experience with a variety of flavours that cater to diverse taste preferences.

The standout feature of these chips is the vacuum cooking technology used in their production. This method allows for 50% less oil usage compared to traditional frying, resulting in a lower fat content without compromising on crunchiness or flavour. The inclusion of unique variants like Beetroot, Sweet Potato, Ripe Banana, and Taro Chips adds to the appeal, providing a diverse range of tastes in one pack.

Each variant in the TBH Vegetable Chips Crunchies pack offers a unique taste experience. The Beetroot Chips have a slightly sweet, earthy flavor, the Sweet Potato Chips are naturally sweet and satisfying, the Ripe Banana Chips add a tropical twist, and the Taro Chips provide a subtle, nutty flavor. The seasoning on each chip type is well-balanced, enhancing the natural flavors of the vegetables and fruits without overpowering them.

These chips are a healthier alternative to traditional fried snacks. Being gluten-free and vegan-friendly, they cater to a wide range of dietary preferences. The use of real vegetables and fruits ensures that you’re snacking on nutrient-rich options, making them suitable for all age groups and various snacking occasions.

I appreciated the variety of flavors and the health-conscious approach of using 50% less oil. The unique choice of ingredients like beetroot and taro makes these chips stand out. However, those accustomed to the taste of traditional fried chips might find the texture and flavor different from what they’re used to.

Table: Technical Specifications of TBH - To Be Honest Vegetable Chips Crunchies
TypeVegetable Chip
FlavourBeetroot, Sweet Ripe Banana, Taro & Sweet Potato
Net Quantity485 g
Diet TypeVegetarian
  • Gluten-free and vegan-friendly, making them suitable for many diets.
  • No preservatives, offering a natural snack option.
  • Lower fat content due to vacuum cooking technology.
  • Slightly higher price point compared to regular chips.

Buying Options TBH - To Be Honest Vegetable Chips Crunchies (Pack of 6)
₹ 652 ₹ 688 in stock Price updated: December 18, 2023

Rank 7 Forest Found Chilly Masala Cashews Nuts ₹ 569

Forest Found Chilly Masala Cashews Nuts

Forest Found Oven Roasted Chilly Masala Cashews Nuts close our list as a premium, health-conscious snack choice. These cashews, roasted with a unique dry oven technique and seasoned with natural chilly powder and Himalayan pink salt, offer a delicious and nutritious snacking experience.

The standout feature of these cashews is the dry oven roasting technique used in their preparation. This method eliminates the need for oil, making the cashews a healthier option as they retain their natural flavors and nutritional value without the added fat. The use of Himalayan pink rock salt and natural chilly powder for seasoning adds a unique and flavorful twist.

The taste of Forest Found Chilly Masala Cashews is a delightful blend of subtle heat from the chilly powder and the rich, creamy texture of high-quality cashews. The slight saltiness from the Himalayan pink salt enhances the overall flavor, making them irresistible. The dry roasting process ensures that each cashew is perfectly crunchy.

These cashews are a nutritious choice, being oil-free and low in sodium. Cashews are known for their heart-healthy fats, protein, and essential minerals, making them a beneficial addition to any diet. The use of natural seasoning and the absence of broken pieces in the product signify a commitment to quality and health.

I personally love the rich flavour and crunchiness of these cashews. The chilly masala seasoning is well-balanced, providing just the right amount of heat. However, those who are not fond of spicy snacks might find the chilly flavor a bit overpowering.

Table: Technical Specifications of Forest Found Oven Roasted Chilly Masala Cashews Nuts
TypeChilly Masala Cashews
FlavourCashew Nuts
Net Quantity400 g
Diet TypeVegetarian
  • Suitable for a variety of dietary preferences due to its natural and simple ingredients.
  • Rich in protein and essential minerals, beneficial for overall health.
  • Premium pricing compared to regular roasted nuts.

Buying Options Forest Found Chilly Masala Cashews Nuts
₹ 569 ₹ 699 in stock Price updated: December 18, 2023

8 Conclusion

Finding the right snack for your travels can elevate your entire experience. It’s not just about quelling hunger; it’s about enjoying a piece of comfort and delight, no matter where you are. In our quest for the best travel snacks, we’ve tasted, tested, and loved a variety of options.

From crunchy nuts and seeds to decadent chocolates and chewy bars, each snack brought a unique flavour to our journeys. Remember, the best travel snack is one that not only satisfies your taste buds but also nourishes your body and soul. So, the next time you pack your bags, make sure to stash some of these incredible snacks.

FAQ's about the Best Snacks for Travelling

How do I choose snacks that won't spoil during my trip?

Opt for dry, non-perishable snacks like nuts, seeds, or dried fruits that have a long shelf life and don’t require refrigeration.

Absolutely! Look for snacks rich in protein and fiber like granola bars, trail mix, or whole grain crackers. Check out our runner-up pick for the healthiest and ummiest option.

Select snacks with a balance of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates, like energy bars or mixed nuts.

Use airtight containers or resealable bags to keep snacks fresh and avoid spills.

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