The Tissue Test: Who Reigns Supreme as the Best Facial Tissues?

Written by: Hardik Jethva

Last Updated: October 31, 2023

best facial tissues
Our best pick, the Amazon Brand Presto facial issues.

When it comes to facial tissues, we often overlook the subtle but vital role they play in our daily comfort and hygiene. Imagine battling a cold, removing makeup, or simply dabbing at teary eyes – without the gentle caress of a quality tissue.

This is why I embarked on a quest to find the very best facial tissues out there. From evaluating the softness and strength to understanding the environmental impact, every aspect was scrutinized.

Whether you have sensitive skin, allergies, or just prefer a bit of luxury, this review is crafted to help you find the perfect tissue that meets your needs, combining comfort with practicality. Let’s dive into a world where even the smallest details like a tissue can make a big difference to our daily lives!

What we look for
  • Softness
    This is perhaps the most crucial factor. The tissue should feel gentle against the skin, especially since the facial area is sensitive.
  • Strength and Durability
    A good tissue shouldn’t fall apart or tear easily, especially when dealing with colds or allergies where more vigorous use is expected.
  • Absorbency
    Quality tissues should effectively absorb moisture without disintegrating or becoming overly soggy.
  • Thickness
    Typically, more plies mean greater strength and absorbency. Decide if you prefer the softness of a 3-ply tissue or the adequacy and cost-effectiveness of a 2-ply.
Our Pick
Amazon Brand - Presto! 2 Ply Facial Tissue (Pack of 6)
  • Chosen as Our Pick for its soft 100% natural virgin paper.
  • These are highly absorbent tissues that can be used in multiple ways.
  • Free from the optical brightening agent (OBA), it becomes the best facial tissues.
Runner Up
SofTouch 2 Ply Facial Tissues (Set of 3)
  • Chosen as our Runner-up Pick for it is soft and sensitive on your skin and durable as well.
  • The perfect tissue size makes it great for fixing make up smudges, wiping tears or stopping the sniffles.
  • With great absorbent ability and high quality, this best facial tissues become a great pick.
Budget Pick
Origami 2 Ply Facial Tissue Box (Pack of 4)
  • Chosen as our Budget Pick for its affordable pick and high-quality material.
  • The tissues are extra soft, safe and hygienic for wiping skin.
  • Made from 100% cellulose fibre, these facial tissues become an amazing pick.
Please note that the prices may vary.

Summary of the Best Facial Tissues with Price List

Table: Listing some of the Best Facial Tissues, along with their respective prices.
1Presto!Amazon Brand – Presto! 2 Ply Facial Tissue (Pack of 6)₹ 485*
2SoftouchSofTouch 2 Ply Facial Tissues (Set of 3)₹ 270*
3OrigamiOrigami 2 Ply Facial Tissue Box (Pack of 4)₹ 149*
4KleenexKleenex 2 Ply Facial Tissues (Pack of 3)₹ 499*
5MINISOMINISO Pocket Facial Tissues Forest Family (18 Packs)₹ 190*
6COZECoze Face Tissues Box (Pack of 3)₹ 369*
7BREEZEBREEZE BRE024 Facial Tissues (Pack of 3)₹ 213*
*Please note that the prices may vary.

Review of the Best Facial Tissues

Rank1Our Pick
Amazon Brand - Presto! 2 Ply Facial Tissue (Pack of 6)
₹ 485

Amazon Brand - Presto! 2 Ply Facial Tissue (Pack of 6)

Amazon’s Presto! 2 Ply Facial Tissue Soft Pack emerges as a practical and gentle choice for daily hygiene needs. Each pack is meticulously made from 100% natural virgin paper, ensuring not only softness but also an eco-friendlier footprint. These 2-ply white tissues stand out for their exceptional absorbency, adept at handling everything from minor spills to personal care.

The dimensions of each sheet (19.5 cm x 20 cm) are just right for versatile use, whether in cars, bathrooms, or offices. Notably, the absence of optical brightening agents (OBA) speaks volumes about the safety and purity of the product, particularly significant for those with sensitive skin. The package includes six soft poly packs, each containing 200 sheets, proving both economical and convenient.

Table: Technical Specifications of Amazon's Presto! 2 Ply Facial Tissue Soft Pack
Number of Items6
Skin TypeAll
Special FeatureAbsorbent
Sheet Count1200
Ply Rating2
  • Ideal for sensitive skin, avoiding irritation.
  • Free from harmful OBAs, ensuring safety for regular use.
  • Sheet size may not satisfy those preferring larger tissues.

Buying Options

amazon.inAmazon Brand - Presto! 2 Ply Facial Tissue (Pack of 6)
₹ 485₹ 780in stockPrice updated: October 31, 2023

Rank2Runner Up
SofTouch 2 Ply Facial Tissues (Set of 3)
₹ 270

SofTouch 2 Ply Facial Tissues (Set of 3)

The SofTouch 2 Ply Face Tissue Paper is an essential addition to any setting, be it home, office, or car. Each box in this set of three boasts 100 pulls with 200 sheets, sized at a convenient 20 cm x 20 cm. These tissues strike a delicate balance between softness for sensitive skin and durability, ensuring they don’t easily tear during use.

SofTouch has tailored these tissues not just for basic needs but also for more nuanced uses like fixing makeup smudges, gently wiping away tears, or swiftly dealing with sniffles. A standout feature is their aesthetic appeal — available in a variety of designs and colours, these tissues seamlessly blend with and enhance various interiors.

Table: Technical Specifications of SofTouch 2 Ply Face Tissue Paper
Special FeatureUltra Soft
Skin TypeSensitive
Number of Items3
Sheet Count600
Ply Rating2
  • Balances softness with robust 2-ply construction.
  • Soft enough for sensitive skin, minimizing irritation.
  • The box material is a little fragile.

Buying Options

amazon.inSofTouch 2 Ply Facial Tissues (Set of 3)
₹ 270in stockPrice updated: October 31, 2023

Rank3Budget Pick
Origami 2 Ply Facial Tissue Box (Pack of 4)
₹ 149

Origami 2 Ply Facial Tissue Box (Pack of 4)

Origami 2 Ply Facial Tissue Box, particularly designed for car use, stands out as a convenient and reliable option for on-the-go needs. Each pack in this set of four contains 100 pulls, summing up to a total of 400 sheets per pack and 800 sheets overall. These tissues are carefully crafted to ensure they are gentle on the skin while being resilient enough for various uses.

What sets these tissues apart is their suitability for car environments. Their compact and sleek box design easily fits into car holders, ensuring tissues are always within reach without cluttering the space. The 2-ply structure combines softness with strength, making them ideal for quick clean-ups, wiping windows, or just dealing with the usual sneezes and spills.

Table: Technical Specifications of Origami 2 Ply Facial Tissue Box
Special FeatureHighly absorbent and soft
Skin TypeAll
Number of Items4
Sheet Count800
Ply Rating2
  • Robust yet gentle, suitable for various uses.
  • Boxes designed for quick and easy pull-out of tissues.
  • Tissues may be smaller than standard size.

Buying Options

amazon.inOrigami 2 Ply Facial Tissue Box (Pack of 4)
₹ 149₹ 396in stockPrice updated: October 31, 2023

Rank4Kleenex 2 Ply Facial Tissues (Pack of 3)₹ 499

Kleenex 2 Ply Facial Tissues (Pack of 3)

Kleenex, a name synonymous with quality and comfort in facial tissues, presents their 2 Ply Facial Tissue Flat Box, offering a blend of softness, strength, and absorbency. This pack includes three flat boxes, each containing 200 pulls, summing up to a total of 600 tissues. Known for being the world’s number one facial tissue brand, Kleenex assures a product that’s trusted by a vast number of customers globally.

The flat box design is both stylish and compact, making it an ideal fit for various spaces such as living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, cars, and offices. Each 2-ply tissue is crafted to be durable, thick, and highly absorbent, perfect for handling anything from sniffles and messy finger foods to makeup smudges and small spills.

Kleenex tissues are part of Kimberly Clark’s family of brands, which includes other trusted names like Huggies and Kotex, further reinforcing their commitment to quality.

Table: Technical Specifications of Kleenex 2 Ply Facial Tissue Flat Box
Special FeatureTravel Size
Skin TypeAll
Number of Items3
Sheet Count200
Ply Rating2
  • Kleenex's reputation for quality provides assurance.
  • Perfect for a range of needs from hygiene to cleaning.
  • While absorbent, might not be as plush as higher-ply options.

Buying Options

amazon.inKleenex 2 Ply Facial Tissues (Pack of 3)
₹ 499in stockPrice updated: October 31, 2023

Rank5MINISO Pocket Facial Tissues Forest Family (18 Packs)₹ 190

MINISO Pocket Facial Tissues Forest Family (18 Packs)

The MINISO Pocket Tissues from the Forest Family collection bring convenience and gentle care together in a beautifully designed package. Each of the 18 packs offers tissues that are not only soft and natural but also durable, even when damp. The refreshing sakura scent adds a unique, soothing touch, differentiating it from typical unscented tissues.

Made from 100% virgin wood pulp, these tissues assure quality and safety, being free from migratable fluorescent whitening agents. This choice of material underlines the brand’s commitment to both skin-friendliness and environmental responsibility. MINISO’s pocket tissue stands out for its lightweight nature and quick moisture absorption, providing a comfortable, cozy feel upon use.

The design aspect isn’t forgotten – each pack features lovely patterns, adding a stylish and joyful touch to everyday life. Its compact size makes it perfect for slipping into a pocket, purse, or small bag, ensuring you’re always prepared, whether for sniffles, quick clean-ups, or refreshing touches on-the-go.

Table: Technical Specifications of MINISO Pocket Tissues
Special FeatureLightweight
Skin TypeAll
Number of Items18
Ply Rating3
  • Made from 100% virgin wood pulp, gentle on the skin.
  • Ideal for on-the-go use, easily fitting in small spaces.
  • Sakura fragrance adds a pleasant and unique aspect.
  • Each pack’s quantity is llimited due to the pocket-size format.

Buying Options

amazon.inMINISO Pocket Facial Tissues Forest Family (18 Packs)
₹ 190in stockPrice updated: October 31, 2023

Rank6Coze Face Tissues Box (Pack of 3)₹ 369

Coze Face Tissues Box (Pack of 3)

The Coze Face Tissue Box presents a harmonious blend of comfort, safety, and style. This pack of three boxes, each containing 200 double-ply facial tissues, stands as a testament to thoughtful design and quality. The tissues are ultra-soft, gentle, and highly absorbent, making them ideal for a range of uses from face cleansing and makeup application to capturing happy tears.

What sets these tissues apart is their commitment to safety and eco-friendliness. Being 100% skin-safe and FDA FDA-approved, and free from Optical Brightening Agents (OBA), they ensure no compromise on health and hygiene. Each tissue is crafted in India from 100% virgin natural fibre, and processed in a hygienic facility with strict quality control measures.

The combo pack’s dimensions (‎23 x 14 x 28 cm; Weight: 810 grams) are a testament to its practicality, while the 100% plastic-free packaging reflects an admirable environmental consciousness. The pack offers an assortment of coloured boxes, adding a touch of elegance and variety to fit into any car, bathroom, bedroom, or office decor.

Table: Technical Specifications of Coze Face Tissue Box
Special FeatureAbsorbent
Skin TypeAll
Number of Items3
Sheet Count200
Ply Rating2
  • FDA approved and OBA free, crafted from virgin natural fiber.
  • 100% plastic-free, aligning with environmental values.
  • The box quality is fragile.

Buying Options

amazon.inCoze Face Tissues Box (Pack of 3)
₹ 369₹ 450in stockPrice updated: October 31, 2023

Rank7BREEZE BRE024 Facial Tissues (Pack of 3)₹ 213

BREEZE BRE024 Facial Tissues (Pack of 3)

The BREEZE BRE024 2 PLY Facial Tissue offers a perfect amalgamation of gentleness, strength, and practicality. Each box in this pack of three comes with 60 pulls, providing a substantial supply for varied uses.

Unlike regular paper tissues, these wipes boast a cloth-like durability while maintaining the softness essential for delicate facial skin. Each wipe, designed to be thick and strong, matches the size of typical facial tissues, enhancing its functionality and user comfort.

These tissues are disposable, emphasizing their convenience for one-time usage – an excellent feature for maintaining hygiene in various settings like kitchens, cars, offices, or homes. The light and portable nature of the box makes it an ideal companion for travel and outdoor activities, ensuring you always have a reliable wipe at hand.

What distinguishes BREEZE tissues is their versatile application. They are suited not just for facial cleaning but can be used as baby dry wipes, disposable hand towels, and even in makeup removal, providing softer and gentler care for both babies and adults. Made from 100% natural virgin paper and free from optical brightening agents (OBA), they align with eco-friendly and health-conscious preferences.

Table: Technical Specifications of BREEZE BRE024 2 PLY Facial Tissue
Special FeatureOil Absorbent
Skin TypeSensitive
Number of Items3
Sheet Count120
Ply Rating2
  • Made from 100% natural virgin paper, free from OBAs.
  • Ideal for a range of applications from personal care to cleaning.
  • May require frequent replacement compared to larger packs.

Buying Options

amazon.inBREEZE BRE024 Facial Tissues (Pack of 3)
₹ 213₹ 225in stockPrice updated: October 31, 2023

8Wrapping up

After journeying through countless brands and types, it’s clear that not all facial tissues are created equal. The best ones strike a harmonious balance between softness, strength, and environmental responsibility.

They soothe our skin without causing irritation and stand firm against the mightiest of sneezes. Whether you opt for the luxury of silk-like textures or the earth-friendly embrace of recycled materials, remember that the right facial tissue can offer more than just convenience; it provides a gentle, comforting touch in our everyday moments.

So, as you reach for that next tissue, know that your choice reflects not just on your personal care but also on the values you hold dear in choosing products that blend quality, comfort, and conscientiousness.

Also, to moisturise your skin and hydrate your face, check out our review on the best sheet face mask.

FAQ's about the Best Facial Tissues

What makes a facial tissue "the best"?

The best facial tissues generally combine several key qualities: softness, strength, absorbency, and gentleness on the skin. For many, being hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly are also important factors.

Yes, many brands offer tissues specifically designed for sensitive skin. These are typically softer, free from fragrances, lotions, and dyes, and are less likely to cause irritation.

3-ply tissues offer extra strength and absorbency, making them suitable for colds or allergies. 2-ply tissues are thinner and more economical, better for general, everyday use.

While they don’t exactly expire, facial tissues can lose their softness and strength if stored in damp or unfavorable conditions over a long period. It’s best to store them in a dry, cool place.

Yes, facial tissues are designed to be softer and gentler on the skin, whereas paper towels are more abrasive and designed for cleaning and absorbing spills.

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