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Last Updated: November 6, 2023

best luggage locks
Our best pick of the keyless combination luggage lock.

Imagine standing at the carousel after a long flight, watching bags tumble onto the belt. Your heart sinks as you spot your suitcase—the one you thought was secure—now gaping open like a fish

That’s a scene no traveller ever wants to experience, and it’s why choosing the right luggage lock is as crucial as picking the perfect travel destination. In a world where the security of your belongings is paramount, a trusty luggage lock becomes your first line of defence against the chaos of transit.

Today, we delve deep into the realm of these miniature sentinels, exploring the fusion of innovation and reliability that marks the best luggage locks on the market. From combination padlocks that confound intruders to key locks that stand unyielding against force, we’ve left no stone unturned. Get ready to meet the guardians of your peace of mind.

What we look for
  • TSA Approval
    Ensure the lock is TSA-approved if you are traveling to or within the United States. This means TSA agents can open the lock with a master key without damaging it during a security inspection.
  • Durability
    The lock should be made of high-strength materials like hardened steel or zinc alloy to resist tampering and withstand the rigors of travel.
  • Size and Weight
    The lock should be compact enough to fit through the zippers of your luggage and not add significant weight, making it cumbersome to handle.
  • Lock Type
    Decide between key locks, combination locks, or locks that offer smart technology features such as Bluetooth or RFID protection, depending on your preference and convenience.
Our Pick
DOCOSS 309 Metal TSA Approved Luggage Lock (Set of 2)
  • Chosen as Our Pick for its solid construction of high-quality zinc alloy and plated steel.
  • This TSA-approved luggage lock is designed and tested to withstand the rigours of travel.
  • With a hardened steel shackle and touch metal quality, this product becomes the best luggage lock.
Runner Up
Tag8 Dolphin Bluetooth Smart Padlock (Pack of 1)
  • Chosen as our Runner-up Pick for its GPS location tracking abilities.
  • This TSA-compliant Bluetooth padlock can be attached to your phone.
  • With durable alloy steel and zinc for the body and alarm system, this product has become the best smart luggage lock for travel.
Budget Pick
Kuber Industries 4 Digit Combination Luggage Lock
  • Chosen as our Budget Pick for its strong build and affordable price.
  • It is crafted from robust zinc alloy, which guarantees long-lasting strength.
  • With a spacious inner lock hook and generous size, this product becomes one of the best luggage locks.
Please note that the prices may vary.

Summary of the Best Luggage Locks with Price List

Table: Listing some of the Best Luggage Locks, along with their respective prices.
1DOCOSSDOCOSS 309 Metal TSA Approved Luggage Lock (Set of 2)₹ 749*
2Tag8Tag8 Dolphin Bluetooth Smart Padlock (Pack of 1)₹ 2,799*
3Kuber IndustriesKuber Industries 4 Digit Combination Luggage Lock₹ 270*
4GodrejGodrej Candy 6666 Baggage Locks (Pack of 4)₹ 624*
5SARTESARTE Multi-Use Lock₹ 312*
6SunkizzrsSunkizzrs 10 Digit Push-Button Luggage Lock₹ 299*
7ZHIXINZHIXIN Fingerprint Lock for Luggage₹ 4,378*
*Please note that the prices may vary.

Review of the Best Luggage Locks

Rank1Our Pick
DOCOSS 309 Metal TSA Approved Luggage Lock (Set of 2)
₹ 749

DOCOSS 309 Metal TSA Approved Luggage Lock (Set of 2)

Embark on international voyages with confidence using the DOCOSS Set of 2-309 Metal TSA Approved Lock. This robust pair of locks blends a unique metal construction with a travel-savvy design, providing security and peace of mind.

Recognized as the best luggage locks for international travel, their TSA-approved status allows for hassle-free inspection by airport authorities, ensuring your airport-approved luggage locks aren’t damaged during routine checks. With a 4-digit customizable code offering 10,000 combinations, it stands out as the best travel lock for luggage, deterring even the most persistent thieves.

The high-quality zinc alloy and plated steel construction are not just for show; these airline-approved locks for luggage are tested for enduring the rigours of travel, making them a reliable companion for any journey.

Table: Technical Specifications of DOCOSS Luggage Lock
Lock TypeCombination Lock
Special FeatureTSA approved luggage locks
Product Dimensions7 x 3.3 x 3.3 cm
  • Durable zinc alloy and plated steel construction.
  • Versatile use beyond luggage (lockers, cabinets, chains).
  • Combination digits may wear off.

Buying Options

amazon.inDOCOSS 309 Metal TSA Approved Luggage Lock (Set of 2)
₹ 749₹ 1,495in stockPrice updated: November 6, 2023

Rank2Runner Up
Tag8 Dolphin Bluetooth Smart Padlock (Pack of 1)
₹ 2,799

Tag8 Dolphin Bluetooth Smart Padlock (Pack of 1)

Tag 8 Dolphin Bluetooth Smart Padlock transforms luggage security with its innovative technology, making it the best travel lock for luggage in the tech-savvy traveller’s arsenal. This keyless and code-less silver marvel syncs with your phone app, offering a futuristic approach to securing your valuables.

Its Bluetooth capability not only keeps your items safe but also provides a live GPS location through the Dolphin Tracker app, ensuring your belongings are tracked in real time. The built-in separation alarm is a standout feature, alerting you when your luggage is out of range. As a TSA-compliant Bluetooth padlock, it allows for quick inspections without the fear of damage, thanks to its “red diamond” TSA-recognized mark.

The long battery life, durable alloy steel, and zinc construction of this TSA-approved suitcase lock make it a reliable and long-lasting choice for any travel scenario. Whether for your suitcase, bike, locker, or door, the Tag 8 Dolphin offers versatility and security with a touch of innovation.

Table: Technical Specifications of Tag 8 Dolphin Smart Padlock
MaterialAlloy Steel
Lock TypeBluetooth
Special FeatureGPS Tracker
Product Dimensions3.2 x 8 x 7.2 cm
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Keyless and code-less unlocking via a mobile app
  • Durable, tamper-proof, and water-resistant materials.
  • Morse Code feature not available for iOS users.

Buying Options

amazon.inTag8 Dolphin Bluetooth Smart Padlock (Pack of 1)
₹ 2,799₹ 4,499in stockPrice updated: November 6, 2023

Rank3Budget Pick
Kuber Industries 4 Digit Combination Luggage Lock
₹ 270

Kuber Industries 4 Digit Combination Luggage Lock

Secure your travel essentials with the Kuber Industries 4 Digit Combination Padlock, a keyless solution that’s both affordable and reliable. This best luggage lock is crafted from a robust zinc alloy, offering travellers enduring strength and resilience against the rigours of transit.

The generous dimensions and thick hook diameter make it versatile for a range of uses, from airport-approved luggage locks to securing gym lockers. The spacious inner lock hook is designed to accommodate a variety of latch sizes, ensuring a snug fit wherever you use it.

The black finish adds a touch of sophistication, ensuring that this lock is as stylish as it is functional. Let us check out more specifications of the best travel lock for luggage.

Table: Technical Specifications of Kuber Industries Padlock
MaterialZinc Alloy
Lock Type4 Digit Rotatory Combination
Special FeatureGenerous Size
Product Dimensions‎8 x 4.8 x 4.2 cm
  • User-friendly 4-digit customizable combination.
  • Budget-friendly without compromising on quality.
  • Limited colour options.

Buying Options

amazon.inKuber Industries 4 Digit Combination Luggage Lock
₹ 270₹ 649in stockPrice updated: November 6, 2023

Rank4Godrej Candy 6666 Baggage Locks (Pack of 4)₹ 624

Godrej Candy 6666 Baggage Locks (Pack of 4)

Embark on your next journey with a burst of colour and security with the Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems Candy 6666 Key Alloy Steel Baggage Lock Pack. This vibrant quartet is not just about aesthetics; each lock is forged from alloy steel and finished with an electroplated shackle, ensuring they stand up to both tampering and rust—ideal for the best luggage locks for international travel.

The self-locking mechanism is a standout feature, offering quick and efficient security with a simple press of the shackle, while the key retention in an unlocked state prevents mishaps of key misplacement.

Easy to operate and perfect for securing travel bags, luggage, school bags, and even computer CPUs, these locks are the best travel locks for luggage, offering a painted finish in blue, red, green, and yellow. They are a practical choice for families or individuals who value both function and form.

Table: Technical Specifications of Godrej Candy 6666 Baggage Lock
MaterialAlloy Steel
Lock TypeKey Lock
Special FeatureDurable
Product Dimensions3.8 x 2.9 x 1.9 cm
  • Electroplated steel shackle is tamper-proof and rust-resistant.
  • 1-year product warranty.
  • You have to keep the key handy!

Buying Options

amazon.inGodrej Candy 6666 Baggage Locks (Pack of 4)
₹ 624₹ 780in stockPrice updated: November 6, 2023

Rank5SARTE Multi-Use Lock₹ 312

SARTE Multi-Use Lock

The SARTE Multi-Use Lock is a versatile guardian for your on-the-go gear. Forged with a flexible yet robust steel wire, this lock is engineered for both security and longevity. Its sizeable 4mmx100cm cable ensures that it can encircle and secure a diverse range of items, from bike helmets to luggage, making it the best travel lock for luggage when versatility is key.

Not just limited to safeguarding travel essentials, this multi-use lock excels as a bike cable lock, keeping your ride and helmet securely tethered. The 4-digit combination lock provides keyless convenience, eliminating the worry of lost keys and the hassle of key management.

Whether you’re locking up a skateboard, a gate, or sporting equipment, the SARTE Multi-Use Lock’s sturdy cable and easy-to-set combination make it an indispensable travel companion.

Table: Technical Specifications of SARTE Multi-Use Lock
MaterialStainless Steel
Lock TypeCombination Lock
Special Feature4 digit combination
Product Dimensions‎100 x 0.4 x 0.4
  • Strong steel wire construction for cut resistance.
  • Sufficient cable length for securing multiple items.
  • The reset button is small.

Buying Options

amazon.inSARTE Multi-Use Lock
₹ 312in stockPrice updated: November 6, 2023

Rank6Sunkizzrs 10 Digit Push-Button Luggage Lock₹ 299

Sunkizzrs 10 Digit Push-Button Luggage Lock

Travelling just got a lot more secure with the innovative Sunkizzrs 10 Digit Push-Button Combination Number Code Luggage Lock. This travel code lock is a game-changer in personal security, providing you with a vast array of combination options to keep your belongings safe. The standout 10-digit interface offers a heightened level of security, far surpassing the standard 4-digit locks, making it one of the best luggage locks for those who prioritize complex security measures.

The Sunkizzrs Luggage Padlock boasts versatility and can be used on a multitude of items, from doors to gym lockers and motorcycle trunks. Its sleek silver design adds a touch of elegance, while the push-button mechanism ensures ease of use without compromising on safety. For travellers and daily commuters who demand the best travel locks for luggage, this padlock offers a sophisticated blend of style and advanced security.

Table: Technical Specifications of Sunkizzrs Luggage Lock
Lock TypeCombination Lock
Special FeaturePIN Lock
Product Dimensions7.2 x 4 x 1.2 cm
  • Push-button operation for quick and easy access.
  • High-security 10-digit combination for thousands of possible codes.
  • Remembering a 10-digit code can be challenging.

Buying Options

amazon.inSunkizzrs 10 Digit Push-Button Luggage Lock
₹ 299₹ 1,000in stockPrice updated: November 6, 2023

Rank7ZHIXIN Fingerprint Lock for Luggage₹ 4,378

ZHIXIN Fingerprint Lock for Luggage

Elevate your security to the next level with the cutting-edge ZHIXIN Fingerprint Lock. This smart padlock is the epitome of modern security technology, making it a standout amongst the best luggage locks available. The padlock is quick and easy to use—your finger is your key, and it takes less than a half-second to gain access. Capable of storing up to 20 fingerprints, it offers a personalized and highly secure experience.

The lock’s USB rechargeable feature ensures it’s always ready to go, boasting over 2,000 unlocks on a single charge, making it ideal for international travel. Built from sturdy zinc alloy and free from any apps or Bluetooth requirements, this padlock offers unmatched reliability and robust protection for your luggage or personal items.

Table: Technical Specifications of ZHIXIN Fingerprint Lock
Lock TypeBiometric
Special FeaturePortable
Product Dimensions9.1 x 4.4 x 2.2 cm
  • USB rechargeable with a long battery life.
  • Durable and environmental zinc alloy material.
  • Definitely on the high price for a luggage lock.

Buying Options

amazon.inZHIXIN Fingerprint Lock for Luggage
₹ 4,378in stockPrice updated: November 6, 2023

8Wrapping up

So, as you prepare for your next departure, remember to equip your travel gear with one of these formidable allies. Let your adventures be wild, your experiences rich, and your luggage locks unyielding. Safe travels and even safer suitcases await you with the turn of a key or the scramble of a combination.

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FAQ's about the Best Luggage Locks

Why should I use a luggage lock?

Luggage locks add an extra layer of security to your belongings during travel. They deter thieves and give you peace of mind, knowing that your items are safer while you’re in transit or away from your luggage.

Not all luggage locks are TSA-approved. TSA-approved locks can be opened by security agents with a master key without damaging your lock or bag. Look for the TSA-approved symbol when purchasing a lock for hassle-free travel through US airports.

A combination lock uses a numeric code that you set and enter to unlock your luggage. A key lock requires a physical key to unlock. Combination locks are convenient as there’s no key to lose, while key locks may feel more secure to some users.

Most combination locks come with a preset code, usually 000. To set or reset the code, you typically need to hold a reset button or turn a screw while entering your new combination. Detailed instructions should be provided with your lock.

Consider the type of travel you’ll be doing, the value of your belongings, and the level of security you desire. Also, think about whether you prefer a combination or key mechanism, and if you need a TSA-approved lock.

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