Pune’s Heart and Soul: Best Things To Do In Pune

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Last Updated: November 22, 2023

shree swaminarayan temple in the evening ambe gaon pune
Shree Swaminarayan temple in the evening, Ambe Gaon, Pune

Pune, a city teeming with history, culture, and modern vibrancy, offers a myriad of experiences for every kind of traveller. Whether you’re seeking adventure, a romantic getaway, or a deep dive into India’s rich heritage, Pune has it all. Let’s explore the best things to do in Pune, from the most exciting places to visit near Pune to fun activities in Pune for adults, ensuring your trip is as enriching as it is enjoyable.

1 Historical and Cultural Treasures

Pune’s history is a complex tapestry of events and figures, and its cultural heritage is reflected in its numerous historical sites.

Shaniwar Wada: A Historical Fort

shaniwar wada fort pune maharashtra
Shaniwar wada fort Pune Maharashtra

Shaniwar Wada, once the pride of the Maratha Empire, now stands as a symbol of Pune’s rich history. The evening light and sound show bring the fort’s past to life, making it a must-visit.

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

interiors of raja dinkar kelkar museum
Interiors of Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, various sculptures, ornaments, musical instruments, war weapons, statues etc. display for tourist.

Home to a fascinating collection of Indian artefacts, the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum showcases items ranging from pottery to musical instruments, offering a glimpse into India’s artistic legacy.

Aga Khan Palace: A Monumental Heritage

gandhi memorial aga khan palace pune
Gandhi memorial, Aga Khan Palace, Pune

Not just a stunning piece of architecture, Aga Khan Palace also holds a significant place in India’s freedom struggle. The palace’s sprawling lawns and photo gallery make it one of the most important tourist places near Pune.

2 Nature’s Abode: Scenic Beauty Around Pune

The region surrounding Pune is blessed with breathtaking landscapes, ideal for nature lovers and photographers.

Lonavala and Khandala: Hill Station Havens

khandala hills valley maharashtra india
Khandala hills valley Maharashtra India

These twin hill stations are the perfect retreats for those looking to escape the city’s bustle. With their misty hills, lush greenery, and cascading waterfalls, they are among the best places to visit near Pune.

Mulshi Dam and Lake: Serenity and Scenery

a beautiful landscape of mulshi dam pune
A beautiful landscape of Mulshi Dam Pune

An idyllic place for nature enthusiasts, Mulshi Dam offers stunning views of the Sahyadri range. It’s an excellent spot for birdwatching and photography.

3 Adventure and Outdoor Activities

For thrill-seekers and adventurers, Pune offers many activities to get your adrenaline pumping.

Trekking and Fort Exploration

a trekking group in the sahyadri range
A trekking group in the Sahyadri range

The Sahyadri range is dotted with ancient forts like Sinhagad, Rajgad, and Torna, offering challenging treks and panoramic views.

Paragliding in Kamshet

paragliding in kamshet
Paragliding in Kamshet

For a unique perspective of Pune’s landscape, try paragliding in Kamshet. The feeling of soaring over hills and lakes is unparalleled.

Water Sports at Khadakwasla Dam

khadakwasla dam pune
Khadakwasla Dam, Pune

Engage in various water sports activities at Khadakwasla Dam, a popular spot for fun activities in Pune for adults.

4 Romantic Escapades for Couples

Pune is a haven for couples, with numerous spots offering a romantic ambience.

Empress Garden: A Botanical Haven

empress botanical garden a green paradise in the heart of pune
Empress Botanical Garden, a green paradise in the heart of Pune

This sprawling garden is a peaceful retreat with its diverse flora, making it one of the best couple places in Pune.

Lavasa: A Picturesque Town

lavasa is a private planned city being built near pune
Lavasa is a private, planned city being built near Pune

Drive to Lavasa, a beautiful planned hill city, reminiscent of the Italian town Portofino. The scenic journey and romantic setting make it a great choice for couples.

5 Pune’s Culinary Delights

Pune’s food scene is a vibrant mix of traditional Maharashtrian cuisine and global flavours.

Koregaon Park: A Culinary Hotspot

serene paths of koregaon park pune
serene paths of Koregaon Park, Pune

With its plethora of cafes, bistros, and restaurants, Koregaon Park is the go-to destination for food lovers. Don’t miss out on the local street food for an authentic taste of Pune.

Street Food in Camp Area

misal pav a traditional chat food from pune
Misal Pav a traditional chat food from Pune

For an immersive culinary experience, the Camp area offers a variety of street foods, from spicy chaat to sweet delights.

6 Shopping and Leisure

Pune is a shopper’s paradise, with markets and malls offering a wide range of shopping experiences.

Shopping in Laxmi Road and Tulsi Baug

tulsi baug one of the largest and most famous ladies street shopping market in pune
Tulsi Baug one of the largest and most famous ladies street shopping market in Pune

These bustling markets offer everything from traditional wear to contemporary fashion and accessories.

Visiting Malls

amanora mall
Amanora Mall

For a more modern shopping experience, Pune’s malls like Phoenix Market City and Amanora Mall offer a variety of international and local brands.

7 Nightlife and Entertainment

night cityscape at pune india
Night cityscape at Pune India

The city’s nightlife is a lively blend of music, dance, and drinks.

Koregaon Park and Kalyani Nagar Nightlife

These areas are the epicentres of Pune’s nightlife, with numerous bars, pubs, and lounges offering diverse experiences.

Live Music and Performances

Pune hosts various live music and dance performances, catering to all tastes and preferences.

8 Workshops and Cultural Events

Pune is a hub for cultural activities and learning opportunities.

Cultural Festivals and Workshops

From the Pune International Film Festival to the Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Mahotsav, these events reflect the city’s rich cultural tapestry.

Art and Craft Workshops

Participate in various workshops, from pottery to painting, and take a piece of Pune’s artistic spirit home.

9 Wrapping Up

Pune is not just a city, but an experience that caters to every kind of traveler. Whether you are searching for places for couples in Pune, exploring tourist places near Pune, or looking to indulge in fun activities in Pune for adults, this vibrant city promises a memorable journey filled with discovery, adventure, and romance.

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