How to Use Car Air Purifiers? Do we really need it?

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how to install and use a car purifier
Installing a car air purifier inside the gloves cabin of a car.

Your car needs a car air purifier in the same way you use an air purifier in your home. Due to the fact that air pollution directly affects our lives no matter where we are, be it at home or in the office.

Because prevention is always better than cure, we should install a car air purifier in our cars before we become another victim of rising air pollution levels.


1 How does a car air purifier work?

components and working of a car air purifier
Different components in a car air purifier.


You might not realize that a negative ionizer in your car air purifier emits negative ions. Using the ionizer, the purifier is capable of eliminating toxic substances from the air by producing a million fresh ions. In this way, your car is provided with a clean air environment while you enjoy the health benefits of the air purifier.

HEPA Filter

The term HEPA refers to High-Efficiency Particulate Air. It is an important component of an air purifier for cars. HEPA filtration is used by most car purifier brands to remove harmful airborne particles. The HEPA filter purifies polluted air and replaces it with fresh, breathable air by removing fine dust particles.

You will often find dust, smoke, and pollen inside your car. Seeing these particles is impossible because they are so small. The HEPA filter, on the other hand, traps these air particles, allowing you to fight against common allergens linked to respiratory problems more effectively.

Activated Carbon Filter

Getting rid of dangerous gases and fumes released by cars is really difficult. These gases and smoke can be removed from your car by using an activated carbon filter. The activated carbon filter works on the absorption principle.

When activated carbon is mixed with harmful gases in a vehicle, it bonds with them. Air that has been polluted filters out once they are bonded, and fresh, pure air is provided by the purifier.

Air Freshener

A car air purifier works just like an air freshener, which is one of its best features. It masks the foul smell so you breathe fresh air. However, it does not completely remove it.

It is common to discuss indoor car air pollution in the cities as a result of the challenges urban cities face in combating outdoor pollution.

One of the best ways to combat indoor air pollution is by using an air purifier in your car. Although it is important to remove the sources of pollution from the car, it must be done in a timely manner.[1]

2 What should you keep in mind before buying car air purifiers?


Car air purifiers are normally found in the middle of the instrument panel, the central armrest box, on the rear window sill under the rear windshield of the vehicle, and above the armrest box in the middle of the rear seat.

To prevent component damage during emergency braking, the car air purifier must be fixed at a place where it does not block the driver’s view and his sight. The vehicle-mounted purifier has a size limitation and a relatively long suspension time of air pollutants, so it is better placed relatively close to people. We should also keep in mind that when choosing a car-mounted purifier, we should select one based on its model.

For example,if you want to place it in the center console or water cup slot, you should buy a cylindrical car purifier with a similar shape. For hanging on the back of the car, consider a square or flat shape. You should also close the windows before turning on the air purifier in your car.

Cleaning on a regular basis

Since the vehicle-mounted purifier absorbs and settles down the particulate matter and toxic gases, it reduces the quantity of air pollutants. Make sure that the vehicle-mounted purifier is regularly cleaned (especially the filter) and that the surrounding area is kept clean as well.

Clean the car interiors

Air purifiers do not ensure that your car is clean, so you still have to clean it. Keeping the car’s interior and environment clean is also important. Using a vacuum cleaner for car is the easiest and most convenient option to keep its interior free from dust. In order to keep the car clean, garbage needs to be emptied out and food that can’t be stored for a long time should be thrown out. However, the car’s interior space can also contribute to reducing the sources of air pollution. Additionally, it is recommended that the car purifier be turned on at least half an hour before driving.

Proper Air Ventilation

Since the vehicle-mounted purifier purifies the indoor air, it is not recommended that the window remain closed for 24 hours. The car windows should be closed in places with poor air quality and properly opened in areas where the air quality is good. Physical and mental health are more conducive to improving air circulation.

3 How to use car air purifier - 4 steps

steps for using car air purifier
A person feeling the fresh and cool air flow from the car air purifier.

Step - 1: Connecting the power through a data cable

USB is the most common connection method for car air purifiers. You can plug one end into the car’s cigarette lighter or power bank, and the other end into the air purifier socket.

Step - 2: Turn On the car air purifier

The indicator light of the car air purifier will illuminate when you press the start button, which means the power has been connected. An additional air purifier is usually located in the middle of the instrument panel, and the power supply is plugged into the 12V cigarette lighter. An in-built car air purifier is installed in the armrest box in the center of the car. You can turn on the air purifier directly by pressing its switch. Air conditioners are equipped with air purifiers. Once the air conditioner is turned on, the air purifier will automatically begin to work if the air quality in the car is poor.

Step - 3: Working Modes

Various working modes are available for controlling wind speed and purification speed. Air purifiers usually have different modes, such as strong wind mode and weak wind mode. Depending on the type of purifier we have, we can press different buttons, and then adjust to the mode we need.

Step - 4: Turn Off the Purifier after use

After the air is purified, make sure to turn-off the air purifier in a timely manner. You can turn off the power of the air purifier while you are not in your car for a long time to save electricity and reduce consumables.

4 Wrapping Up

To conclude, a car purifier must be convenient to use in order to be effective. There is a limited amount of space in the car, so the purifier can only be placed in the cupholder and the seatback in addition to it being placed in the center console.

Therefore, it is very important that the car purifier is portable and simple to use. In today’s market, there are many types of car purifiers, which can be broadly categorized into round, cylindrical, shell, square, and the placements can be flat, fixed cup holder or tied behind the seat, etc.

The first step to buying or selecting the best car air purifier is to determine where the car purifier will be placed in the car based on your car’s model and preferences, as well as whether it is convenient and safe to use

FAQ's about Car Air Purifiers

Should you close the door when using an air purifier?

Closing windows and doors can improve the effectiveness of air purifiers by eliminating further contaminants from an outside source. When they’re left open, the air purifier will also remove new pollutants that enter the room through windows or doors.

Ensure that the airflow is adequate. There should be a consistent, clear flow of air from an air purifier that is on and working. Place your hand in front of the system to see if it blows air. If it does not, the purifier probably needs to be repaired or replaced. Similarly, if you can’t hear anything, the purifier isn’t working.

While comparing the pollution level and the intensity of pollutants inside and outside the car in different weather conditions, it was observed running the AC simply inside your car can help keep the air inside 25-40% cleaner.

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