Best Car Air Purifiers in India – For Fresh & Healthy Drive

Written by: Shreyal Shingala

Last Updated: September 22, 2022

kent air purifier for car
Kent air purifier placed in a BMW car for fresh air.

Going on a long drive, alone or with family, doesn’t matter, the thing that matters is:

Does your car interiors stink?

No matter whether the answer is Yes, or No, having a car air purifier gets compulsory.

Do we even have car air purifiers in the market? Yes, we have them.

But the problem is, how to select the best amongst them?

We have a solution for you. Here are the top 10 best Car Air Purifiers which you can buy without any hesitation.
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1 Best Car Air Purifiers 2021

Nebelr Car Air Purifier Ionizer

Nebelr Car Air Purifier is an Ionizer that kills 99.9% of Bacteria & viruses according to the one pass efficiency test. Also, removes dust, PM 2.5, and PM10.

Check out its specifications here:

Original car air purifier ionizer

This unit from Nebelr is an original negative ion generator. It produces 10 Million negative ions which help to kill 99.9% of bacteria & viruses.
Removing these external particulate pollutants from the air will make the air clean to breathe. It brings relief to allergic people that have cough, cold, and sneezing.

Without any Filter

This model doesn’t have any filter. So you can spend worry fewer days and no tension of replacing or cleaning process. Then how does it work?
With all the negative ions, they attach to the bad positive viruses and harmful particles. After this bond, the particles get heavy and fall to the ground.
Hence they do not fly and enter your respiratory system. So, the only thing that remains for you is clean air.
Health Benefits/Cons of purifiers release Negative Ions
Ionizers can help you to decrease tension, and improve your sleep.
The negative ions have remarkable physiological effects like a decrease in respiratory rate, less Blood pressure, decrease in skin temperature, and resistance against infection.

Safe to Use

Nebelr Car air purifier is an ionizer one. Hence, it produces negative ions that are healthy for our bodies. Also, the highest amount of negative ions are present in clean and natural air.

With no chemicals

Generates almost no toxic chemicals and hence, is safe to use, even when toddlers are around.
It also refreshes you and relieves fatigue. Along with improving immunity, it spreads oxygen flow in our brain.

Other features

Almost Noiseless: Its noise is < 30dB almost similar to the fan’s sound.
Modes: High and low-speed modes.
LED: Decorative blue LED.
Auto-Start features: When the car starts, the purifier starts automatically.
USB powering and portable.

Reffair AX30 [MAX] Portable Smart Car Air Purifier, Home & Office

Reffair AX30 is an amazing car air purifier that has efficient specs that helps you to improve car air quality.

Check out its specifications here:

Efficient technology to purify the air

The design and technology of this model consist of an H13 HEPA air filter and Smart Negative ions. It makes the device’s performance better.
The CADR of 2021 AX30 is 16.2 m3/h that is specially made for the Indian market.


Tests of this model are successful in numerous international labs. This air purifier assures a peaceful mind and great purification.
2 times better than ionizers because HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) purifies air better than other technologies.


Being lightweight & portable, it gets easier to use it in cars, home, small rooms, or offices.
It can work for >= 48 hours with a 20,000 mAh.

Inside the box

1 Air purifier, 1 filter, 1 aroma pad, 1 aroma buds tablet, 1 user manual, 1 USB cable.


There’s a high-grade HEPA filter attachment that provides the best purification. It removes 99.97% of pollen, dust, cigarette smoke, mold, pet dander, etc.
This feature makes it suitable for people suffering from cough, allergies, sneezing, and travel lovers.

Safe to use

No batteries so this model can be used during high temperatures also. No tension of fire or blast.

Energy Saver

Being an effective energy saver model, it consumes about 70% less energy than an ionizer.
Hence, it does not affect your car’s battery.


A one-year warranty is available on this model.

How does HEPA work?

As per reports, ionizers fail to clean other pollutants like odor, toxic gases, cigarette smoke, etc.
Sometimes due to this, we miss getting fresh and clean air.

But, Reffair AX30 releases negative ions along with H13 air filters HEPA filters.

Other important features

Suits almost all cars.
Unique and elegant design.
No flashy lights to distract you.
No unsafe batteries inside, so no matter of fire inside the car or the purifier.


Crafting is done using safe ABS plastic and non-hazardous material.


Aromapad releases fragrance slowly in the car and produces pleasant redolence. You can feel the car appears to be fresh and pleasant smelling.
In easy words, this car air purifier works as a car air freshener too.

SHARP FP-JC2M-B Car Air Purifier

Sharp Car Air Purifier FP-JC2M-B is one of the best car air purifiers from Sharp. Along with car air purifiers, Sharp also manufactures Air Purifiers for home.

Sharp Car Air Purifier is made in Japan and is designed with ABS material with strict control of good quality to ensure the product is good for your car. Also, while curating about the brand ‘Sharp’ we came to know that it’s a certified JAPAN & ASEAN NO. 1 BRAND.

Sharp is handled by Euromonitor International Ltd. The Dual Purification feature of Sharp Air Purifier works for removing pollutants with Active Purification and Passive Purification.

The active purification is done with Plasmacluster Technology and passive purification is done with the combination of filters like True Carbon Coated HEPA Filter + Pre-Filter + Washable Deodorizing Filter.

Plasmacluster is a patented technology that uses natural ways to purify the air and more than 30 global labs have found it worth using.

MOTOZOOP Car Air Purifier

Motozoop car air purifiers are ionizers that can release up to 5.6 million -ve ions. It helps in the reduction of small particles and smoke.

Along with that, it also eradicates airborne diseases and boosts your breathing immunity. It has the most affordable price amongst all.

Check out its specifications here:

Gives you good and fresh air

Consistent reduction in other pollutants that triggers an allergic reaction to the car passengers.
With this, you can start fresh driving as the air inside the car is fresh and allergens-free.

Fast & Dual Port Charger

You can charge your mobile or other devices at great speed, as it has 2.1 amp Dual USB ports.
Worry less about low batteries and travel safely. Plugin the 12V outlet, and wait for the blue light to glow. This indicates that the unit is working.


This car air purifier has a blue LED light that indicates finding the air purifier. It also changes the mood of your journey.
Just plug it in and change the interior of your car.


This car air purifier is almost compatible with 99.9% of Indian Vehicles.
You can also use it as a mobile phone charger along with the air purification system running together.

Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier

The Sharp air purifier is on the list of best air purifiers available in the hawk. The main reason behind being a popular air purifier is its performance and design.

Check out its specifications here:

Near to noiseless operation

This specification of the Sharp Car air purifier makes it an amazing choice for travelers who like to travel smoothly.
It is barely audible while the car is in motion.


Compatible with almost all Indian cars and also works well in hybrid, or eclectic cars.


It removes mold, odor, food smell, car smell, and smoke from the AC of the car.

Dual USB adaptor

Charging your smartphone gets easy while using car air purifiers with 2 port USB charging.
It also helps in setting your personal air purification area. Just plug it in anywhere and get the fresh air soon.

Other features

Good choice for cars, SUVs, and vans.
Also works well in a small room (25 sq ft)
Requires 12 V DC power.

In the box
Air purifier and user manual.

QAWACHH 2-in-1 Car Air Purifier ozone generator

Qawachh car air purifier looks like a small toy but works well and efficiently to purify the indoor air of a car.

It will be a perfect choice for you if you are looking for the specifications it provides.

Check out its specifications here:

Makes your car odor-free

The main function of Qawachh car air purifiers is to destroy persistent odors inside your car. It also kills viruses and bacteria by generating ozone gas (safe level).
Hence you can call it an ozone generator.

Releasing negative ions

It’s amongst the most powerful air purifier for cars in the market. This unit releases around 6 million -ve ions and cleans the air.
The odor-causing bacteria, smoke, dust, etc., settles out of the air and hence air gets clean.


The design of this air purifier is a glossy and crystal lookalike. This crystal consists of a blue LED that adds a modern touch to the unit.
This light indicates that the air purifier is working for you while you travel.

GoMechanic Carbon C4 Low Noise Air Purifier

GoMechanic is one of the best activated carbon air purifiers that will help you breathe clean air.

Check out its specifications here:

Consists Hepa filters

Hepa filters remove 2.5 pm dust particles and also fight with external pollutant particles.
Purifies the air with a reliable 3-stage purification method.

Filtration process

This process works on the shoulders of HEPA and Activated carbon filters.
It removes 99% of Formaldehyde, pollen, smoke, dust, odor, pet dander, and bacteria.
Finally, it results in health and air purifying improvising.

4 Modes

4 automatic adjustments along with a TVOC sensor that detects air quality. Here’s what the color of the light means:
Flashing Red: Detecting best air quality
Red: Bad air quality
Yellow: Medium to low quality of air
Blue: Good quality of air


The digital display shows wind speed, gear, temperature, working state, and humidity.

Compact & portable

Fits almost in any car cup holder. Its size makes it easy to use and transfer from one place to another.

High grade HEPA filter and active carbon filter

There are double-layer carbon filters that help purify the air with amazing efficiency.
Also, the HEPA filter eliminates dust, particulate matter, foul odor, pet hair, and keeps the air clean and safe. It also removes allergens, cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, and toxic pollution.

Low Noise unit

It’s an air purifier that runs and produces very little noise. You will not even recognize that the air purifier is working.
It’s a model recommended for those having allergies, cough, etc.

Touch feature

This car air purifier has a touch button on the top part of the body. This button makes it easy for us to access the device while driving. This button helps to start the device with just a simple touch of your finger.

PranaVital Smart Multifunctional Car Air Purifier

PranaVital car air purifier is an innovative and creative product that gives you style, durability, and luxury.

The company itself claims that its products achieve high level quality, execution, and productivity. Also, these points provide utmost satisfaction to the user.

Check out its specifications here:


The LED display is highly sensitive to PM2.5 sensing and soaks dust in.

Health Benefits

It decreases eye irritation, headache, and improves focus and energy.
If you place it in a small room, it also improves sleep, enhances mental alertness, and maintains Blood Pressure.
The negative ions produced act like VITAMINS that benefit your health.

Power requirements

Input Power 1000 mA 5 V and the input interface is micro USB.

Works on 2 filters

This unit integrates H13 HEPA air purifiers filter and ionic air purifiers.


360 degree rotatable barrel-shaped car air purifier that releases 8 million Anion pcs/cm3.

Easy breathing

It helps in easy breathing by spreading 8 million negative ions that kill 99.9 % of bacteria & viruses.
Also removes harmful air pollutants and makes it better to breathe.
Aromatic and fresh air gives relief to people suffering from allergies. It neutralizes bad +ve ions and makes them fall on the ground.


With small dimensions, 9 x 10 x 18 cm, this unit is easy to carry and place anywhere. It works as your personal air purifier, keeps your surrounding air clean.
Cleans the surrounding air in 10 minutes.

Eureka Forbes Aeroguard Auto 10X Car Air Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aeroguard Auto 10X Car Air Purifier creates a comfortable and healthy environment by air sterilizing and Creates a healthy and comfortable environment by air sterilization using photocatalytic technology. You can improve the performance of the air purifier by boiling the ceramic filter every 6 months for 20 minutes.

Eureka Forbes Aerogurad Auto helps in removing micro dust and cleans the air to make it pure and healthy. An ozone-free air purifier that does not throw any ions and is totally safe to use on daily basis.

This car air purifier is easy to install inside your car. You do not need any professional advice, just read the user manual and install the air purifier easily inside the car. With the lowest operation noise that is hardly audible even when used in an electric car.

Getting a healthy and pleasant environment, eliminates the VOCs and smells from the car. With a single button, you can On/Off the air purifier by pressing just one button.

Mann-Filter FC 301 Car Air Purifier

Mann-Filter car air purifiers look like thick saucers. You get to see this model as it can be the best car air purifier for you if its specs suit your car.

Check out its specifications here:

Protection against airborne particles

This unit protects us against PM2.5, harmful gases, micro-organisms, formaldehyde, VOCs, etc. Also works on removing airborne particles.

Odor free fresh air inside the car

It removes odor, smoke, and car exhaust fumes.

Faster CADR

This unit has 4 times better CADR than other regular car air purifiers. It spreads fresh air within 2 minutes.

In-built Air Quality Sensor

It has the integration of an Air Quality Sensor that has a USB charging port for charging other devices.

Inside the box

12 V Power Cable that is 4 m long.

2 strap with buckle, loop, and hook.


1-year warranty

2 Why is a Car Air Purifier Necessary? Do they create any difference?

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Why do you need a car air purifier

Air Contaminants removal is what a car air purifier work for. No doubt AC cars have filters that remove dust particles and air pollutants. Also, a car air freshener is available in the hawk.

But Air Purifier, Car based, can work more effectively and purify the inside air more efficiently. This machine removes cigarette smoke, toxic elements, odor, and dust.

Moreover, air purifiers for cars have a system that removes contaminants, viruses, and bacteria.

If the matter is of difference that air purifier for a car can create, here it is:

When Car AC is on, people sensitive to dust, air pollution, or particles have more chances of headache.

Ultimately the air inside the car is not clean. Hence, people with allergies have to suffer, while normal people feel the air is fresh. The air purifier for car works for removing air pollutants and making odorless air. So, along with a reduction in air pollution, it also removes suffocation

3 Types Of Car Air Purifiers

Most of the car air purifiers are HEPA or ionic air purifiers. Let’s see what is the exact difference between pure car air purifier.

True HEPA filter

This air purifying system passes air through the filter and hence collects dust, pet dander, allergens, and other airborne particles.

After the process is done, the machine throws clean air out. The thing is, you have to change this filter occasionally. The filter replacement depends on the use of the machine.

Ionic Air Purifier

Ionizer works differently. Generally, it does not filter the air like HEPA. Instead, it releases electric ions.

Most of the ionic air purifiers release -ve ions that attract bad positive ions. This makes the pollutants heavy to fly in the air. Hence, they settle down on the ground.

After purification, you will need vacuum cleaner for car to clean it completely.

4 How do car air purifiers work?

A car air purifier works on the same technology as a normal air purifier for home. The main task is to remove air pollutants.

Some of the best car air purifiers use filters to catch bacteria, dust, etc. The other is an ultraviolet air purifier, aka, ionic air purifier.

They release -ve ions to catch bad positive particulates. Through this process, it purifies the air.

However, ozone generators have certain disadvantages on our health. So, look for the one that does not emit ozone or emit it up to a safe level.

However, for a fresh and healthy drive, you should get a car air purifier now.

5 Things to remember before getting an air purifier for a car | Buying guide

Make sure you are aware of the following facts before you get an air purifier for your car:


The car air change rate of a car air purifier is the time required to change the air inside the car.
It should be around 12-15 cubic meters/hour.

Multi-layer purification

Many of these machines work on the basis of multiple filters. Some of them have HEPA filters, ionizers, activated carbons, etc.

Method of air purification

Different technologies purify the air in different ways. So, make sure you understand the specs of the model you are thinking of purchasing.

Where to keep it?

You can place the car air purifier in the cup holder of your car or anywhere else. Or you can connect it to the dashboard or charger.


Every car air purifier produces a little noise while processing. The level of noise depends on the speed of the fan, pollutants captured, etc.
So, check the noise level it will produce while operating.

Operating mode

Almost all car air purifiers operate with one-touch control and a USB plug-in.
However, if you are purchasing ozone-based devices, make sure no human or pet should be inside the car while it is purifying.

6 Benefits of using a best car air purifier

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Benefits of using a car air purifier
  • Reduces pollutants.
  • Makes the air inside the car fresh.
  • Relief provider for people suffering from allergies.
  • Pleasant and fresh-smelling air.
  • Draws odor away from the air.
  • Removes harmful pollutants.
  • Also, some produce ozone gas, so you should keep them on while no one’s inside the car.

7 Maintenance of car air purifiers

Yes, a car air purifier needs your time and care.

You need to vacuum this unit once in a while to get the dirt out of the filter.

There are numerous air purifier health benefits. However, if you miss to maintain it properly, there are chances of malfunctions. Moreover, HEPA filters need replacement timely. Also, the washable filters should be washed regularly.

8 Final Words

In the hope that you got all the required information about the best car air purifier from this article.

For similar articles, get BestCheck in your bookmark panel and visit it regularly. Happy reading!

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