How to curl Your Hair with a Straightener? 7 Simple Steps

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straightener for curling hair
A hair stylist curling hairs with a hair straightener.

As stated by our beauty stylists, there are many ways & tricks of making curls out of which is with professional hair straightener to buy for girls!

If you’ve tried many handmade tricks & failed, and still hoping for good curls, don’t give up! We’re with you!

We have made a 100% victorious blueprint of getting curls of your choice.

Irrespective of curl type from touseled beach curls to bouncy curls and polished waves, We’ve got you covered!

Let’s dig into tricks and traits of curling hair & other various essential tips given by stylists!

But, with fine hairs, curls might not be a perfect style, then what? Get a medium heat hair dryer for thin hair style hair gracefully.[1]


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1 Steps to curl hair using a hair straightener

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How to curl your hair with a straightener

Let’s cut the clutter & jump to the basic nitty-gritty of curling your hair using a hair straightener:

Step 1. Take a tiny portion of hair, hold your straightener at the highest of that hair portion.

Step 2. Sweep the straightener down in your hair just like you do while straightening your hair.

But once the curling is done, do not overlap it with another sweep. It will harm your hair. After that switch to the next step.

Step 3. Turn your straightener 180 degrees in a far-off direction of your face and gently drag your hair straightly downwards throughout the rest of your hair portion. Repeat for every section of hair.


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Keep this in mind while following these steps:

Repeat step two to step three smoothly & move your straightener continuously through every strand of your hair.
But this might need a lot of patience & yes a little bit of exercise.

Contact your hairstylist once in while if you are too scared to ruin your masterpiece!

Once you’ve curled your entire hair, massage the roots with your fingertips, which can help to disrupt up the curls and provide you that bit carefree, bit messy look.


If you’re a beginner at curling, To prevent damage & burns, Practice these steps while keeping your straightener in OFF mode.

Start the actual process once you get enough confidence.

2 How to apply hair straightener cream?

Pssst… We have a secret for you!

The hair straightener cream helps you to achieve straight and lustrous hair for on-the-go times when running to the salon is not possible.

Sounds like a riddle, eh?

Nah. It’s not.

It’s quite an easy thing.


Well, just go as per these steps & gain salon-like hair by applying cream in the comfort of home!

Step 1.

Thoroughly clean your hair before you apply the cream.
Take the cream that suits the hair type, health & also skin. (If Needed, contact your stylist).
Set up a hair washing schedule prior to applying the cream.
With a clean & soft towel, extract access water from hair.
Keep the hair moist & hair health ready enough before applying the cream.
To free the hair from all the twists and knots, brush your hair softly.

Step 2:

Take out a tiny lump of cream and lightly spread it inside your palms.
Often start with small quantities, we can repeat the process by taking more cream if needed.
Then start from the top and disperse the cream to tips.
To ensure that the cream is spread the cream evenly, move fingers through the hair.
Apply the cream & repeat again if necessary.

Step 3:

Take a fine shampoo comb & brush your hair.
This distributes cream into the hair with more accuracy.

Step 4:

Separate hair into a few tiny strips now and strap it with pins.
You can separate the hair from the middle. Then split each section into few more strip parts, and go on like that.

Step 5:

Now begin with the lowest part of this section.
Under hair’s bottom, place a round comb and begin blow-drying.
Roll the brush into the hair tips when you blow-dry.
It will help the cream to get absorbed finely inside hair when heat falls on it. because the cream is heat sensitive.
This will remove all frizz and waves making it convenient to get the desired shape & bounce.

Step 6:

Continue blow-drying and brushing to dry hair completely.
For the remaining sections, repeat the procedure.

Step 7:

Your salon-style is ready at home!

See, Easy-peasy!

Buy the best hair straightener cream here!

After hair straightening what products to use?

Who doesn’t want that silky smooth frizz-free feel of happy hair to last for a longer time!

There’s an old saying that “If you take care of things, they last!”

Well, here are some tips & product suggestions which can help you to achieve them!


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Hair Smoothening Shampoo & Conditioners:

  • To protect the straightness of hair, it is recommended to wash hair with a decent smoothening shampoo regularly.
  • Regular wash is recommended in case of naturally oily hair.
  • Otherwise wash few days a week would do good.
  • A shampoo labeled as “volumizing” or “lightweight” will give the best outcome over straight hair.
  • After shampoo wash, smoothening conditioner is recommended for better results.
  • This will seal the smoothness and keep hair from split finishes.

Buy the best smoothening shampoo & conditioner here!


Applying conditioner to the scalp is not a good idea!

Conditioner can do wonders to straight hair by the right application at the end of hair strands.

Hair Straightening Oils:

Some clinically specialized oils can diminish frizzes and flyaways while you fix your hair. You can utilize it before straightening too.
Then again, these oils can likewise be utilized after straightening your hair as it assists with securing perfection while adding a gleam to your hair.

Buy the best hair straightening oils here!

Hair Serum:

Applying a serum on your fixed hair is especially significant as it seals the shine, smoothness, dampness, and also prevents frizz. Due to its lightweight formula, it won’t over-burden your hair.
Pick a serum that contains the first-rated supplement B5, phytantriol, and mallow extricate.
These nutrients smooth hair strands, tame flyaways, and shows the result in a snap.
While singing praises of serum after straightening hair, specialists tag it as icing on the cake! Because it finishes the styling by making hair shinier.

Buy the best hair serum here!

Hair Spray:

When you are done with straightening your hair by using a Hairdryer or a hair straightener, add few touch-ups by using hair spray.
This will keep the hair moist & tangle-free while adding its smoothness.
These hair sprays are favorable for all hair types as they are extremely lightweight and can expand the security of delicate hair.
Moreover, to protect hair from harmful UV radiation which causes hair harm and kills the gloss from hair, specialists propose picking a hair spray with essential oils like jojoba extracts.

Buy the Best hair spray here!

Hair Smoothing Cream:

Smoothing hair cream also acts as a serum to carry a smooth look to your hair after straightening.
Search for a cream that contains sunflower extract, nutrients B and E, argan oil.
To avert the harm and loss of glow, and also cancer prevention agent assurance is advantageous, given by these nutrients.
Hair conditioning and securing the dampness after straightening are important to make your hair shiny. Argan oil and sunflower extracts are perfect for this function.

Buy the best smoothening cream here!

Hair Mask:

A Nutri-rich hair mask or significant conditioner in any event once every week to guarantee is recommended to prevent your hair locks from getting dry or fragile due to treatments.

Applying Coconut oil overnight acts as a natural hair mask treatment.

Steps for applying a hair mask:

Apply the hair mask all over your hair, brush completely in your locks, let it settle for several hours prior to washing.
To clean out the mask, utilize cold water. This blocks the cuticles of the hair, resulting in soft and silky hair!
This short-term hair mask treatment causes your hair so sound that even after straightening, the luster & smoothness of your hair won’t fade away for a long time.

Buy best after straightening hair mask here!

3 How to use the serum on hair before straightening?

Hair serum can be applied to wet or dry hair, depending upon your purpose of utilizing it.

Serum serves many purposes as a styling agent, hair smoother, or a finishing agent after hair straightening.

Why hair serum before straightening?

  • Essential to lock dampness & keep hair frizz-free.
  • Prevents damage that can be caused due to heat.
  • A vitamin B5-rich serum returns the smoothness of hair in seconds.

How to apply it?

  • Take a few drops of serum in your hand.
  • Then rub your palms through your hair.
  • Brush your hair uniformly to spread the serum evenly and remove any residual knot.

Buy the best hair serum for all time use here!


Damp hair before applying better results the serum will get absorbed quickly, Moreover, the serum will lock the dampness & give better results after straightening.

4 How to use a straightener without damaging hair?

Well, we can’t argue that hair straightening is not a therapy that aids the health of hair.

It actually damages the hair instead, irrespective of how good quality of products, instruments & chemicals you may use! Read our hair dryer review to know more on this.

But there’s no denying that everybody loves straight hair!

Yet we also want to prevent our hair from damage due to intense heat, chemicals & treatments.

So, here are some tips that you can use to prevent your hair from getting damaged by hair straightening!

Wash your hair with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner & get prepared first:

Let it soak up the goodness first!

Begin with a healthy shower. This will help your hair to face the straightening less harshly.
The herbal soothing minerals & vitamins in cleanser and conditioner secure your hair during treatment.
The ingredients of conditioner restore the dampness of your hair and evade harm.

Use hair clips to hold your hair in partitions.

One spot at a time!

The hair clips cut down your labor in half! These clips are flexible, so can hold any type of thick, unruly & curly hair.
Start from the bottom, divide your hair from the center in the back, and pulling each side forward.
Don’t rush while straightening, as the heat won’t disperse evenly and may result in undone or overheated hair stands.

A Hair straightener embedded with ceramic plates is always a good choice.

Opt for a less damaging weapon!

A hair straightener with ceramic pates is essential as it maintains the health of hair when you’re continuously throwing heat on it.
Always prefer a hair straightener with ceramic plates & adjustable temperature controls to have to heat you want. An LED indicator for constant monitoring can be good!

Let your hair dry, completely.

Give it some time to settle down!

Wet hair won’t absorb heat evenly.
Subsequently, you’ll have to iron your hair again & again, which will cause more damage due to extensive heat.
Also, Straightening wet hair can cause permanent damage to the cuticle resulting in damaged frizzy hair.

Apply Heat protectants before straightening & protect your hair from the extreme heat:

Protect it before you style it!

Heat protectants are a must before going through any treatment.
Your hair looks glossy and shiny due to moisture.
So it is essential to lock the moisture with heat protectants. & These protectants release extra moisture.
Also, they make a protective coating on your hair.
Hair experts propose to pick hair protectants that contain essential oils as they have supporting properties that can condition your hair too.

Buy the best hair protectant here!

Utilize the least temperature setting that works for your hair.

Nope, turn it down!

Most people think that to get instant straight & frizz-free hair it is okay to set the straightener on high heat settings.
Actually, no. It is a bad idea!
Regardless of your hair type, the most preferable settings suggested by experts are up to medium heat levels of your straightener.
When you try out a straightener, try out each temperature & figure out which lowest level works well for your hair.

Do it properly, by holding your hair tightly!

Because right angle, correct tension & precision matter, always!

Rather than running your straightener over loose hair, always prefer to do it properly.
Take one hair strand and hold it tightly between the jaws of the straightener.
This tension will enhance the efficiency of straightening, which means you won’t need to repeat one segment again & again, this will lessen the occasion of your hair being exposed to intense heat, resulting in less damage.

Apply Hair mask regularly. It works like magic on damage!

Because Mask is essential, everywhere!

To decrease the effect of straightening, utilize a Nutri-rich hair mask full of essential ingredients.
This will blow life to your hair by nourishing them.
Regular usage before straightening will create a protecting coating on your hair which will help to regain its shine and gloss to last longer.

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