How To Get Korean Glass Skin? Secrets Revealed!

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Last Updated: June 7, 2023

a korean girl with glassy and clear skin
A Korean girl with glassy and clear skin

Ever gazed at the luminous skin of Korean actresses and wondered how they achieve that impeccable, near-perfect complexion? The secret is out, and it’s called “Korean Glass Skin.” Korean glass skin refers to a skin type that’s smooth, moisturized, and translucent, just like a pane of glass. Today, we’re going to delve deep into this beauty secret, discussing in detail how to get Korean glass skin and maintain that enviable glow.

1 Understanding the Basics

Before diving into the process of how to get Korean glass skin, it’s essential to understand what exactly it is. Korean glass skin is a trend that began in South Korea, characterised by smooth, clear, and luminous skin that’s so flawless it has the appearance of glass. This is not achieved overnight but is the result of a consistent skincare routine with the right products, a healthy diet, and good lifestyle habits.

2 Step-by-step Guide to Achieve Korean Glass Skin

Achieving Korean glass skin involves a multi-step skincare routine inspired by the famous Korean skincare routine, which is known for its intricate, layered steps that maximise the skin’s hydration and moisture levels. The steps are as follows:

Double Cleanse

a korean girl cleansing her face
A korean girl cleansing her face

Korean skincare begins with a unique concept called double cleansing. This involves using an oil-based cleanser first to remove makeup and other oil-based impurities, followed by a water-based cleanser to remove sweat and dirt. This helps to thoroughly cleanse your skin, providing a clean slate for subsequent skincare steps.


a korean girl exfoliating her face
A Korean girl exfoliating her face

Exfoliation is a key step in getting Korean glass skin. It helps in removing dead skin cells, promoting a brighter complexion, and allowing for better absorption of skincare products. Remember to exfoliate gently and not more than twice a week.


glowing face of a korean girl after toning the face
Glowing face of a Korean girl after toning the face

Korean toners are designed to hydrate, restore pH balance, and prep your skin to absorb the upcoming products better. These toners are alcohol-free and enriched with skin-beneficial ingredients.


a bottle of essence
A bottle of essence

This is a hallmark of Korean skincare. Essences are lightweight, hydrating liquids that penetrate deep into the skin to increase cell turnover, leading to smoother, brighter skin.


Serums and ampoules are highly concentrated products that target specific skin concerns. They’re packed with powerful ingredients that can help with hydration, anti-ageing, brightening, or evening skin tone.

Sheet Mask

a young girl holding a face sheet mask
A young girl holding a face sheet mask

Another staple in Korean skincare, sheet masks are a fun and effective way to deliver concentrated essence or serum to your skin. These masks provide intense hydration and nourishment.

Eye Cream

a girl in bathrobe applying under eye cream
A girl in bathrobe applying under eye cream

The skin around our eyes is the thinnest and most delicate, so it’s important to use a dedicated eye cream to keep this area hydrated and protected.


Lock in all the hydration and nutrients from the previous steps with a good moisturiser. Opt for one that suits your skin type and concerns.


Lastly, never skip sunscreen. This is the most important step in preventing premature ageing and skin damage.

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3 Consistency and Beyond

Remember, knowing how to get Korean glass skin is just the beginning. Consistency is key in maintaining the glass skin effect. You must be patient and committed to your skincare routine. In addition to the routine, a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and plenty of water will complement your skincare efforts, bringing out the best in your skin.

It’s also essential to keep in mind that the journey to getting Korean glass skin is not just about flawless skin, it’s about healthy skin. It’s okay if you have occasional breakouts or imperfections. The goal is to nurture your skin, keeping it healthy, hydrated, and resilient.

4 Customising Your Korean Glass Skin Routine

While understanding the concept of how to get Korean glass skin is important, it’s equally essential to customise the routine to your specific skin type and concerns. Not every product will suit every skin type. What works wonders for someone else might not work the same for you, so it’s important to understand your skin and choose products accordingly. Whether you have dry, oily, combination, or sensitive skin, there are suitable products available for everyone.

5 Importance of Quality Skincare Products

In the quest for achieving Korean glass skin, the importance of quality skincare products cannot be overstated. Always opt for products that are free from harsh chemicals and irritants. Look for products with natural, skin-loving ingredients that will nourish your skin without causing harm. It’s always a good idea to do a patch test before introducing any new product into your routine to avoid any potential skin reactions.

6 Healthy Lifestyle

The skin is a reflection of your overall health and well-being. While topical skincare plays a significant role in achieving Korean glass skin, your lifestyle choices and habits have a considerable impact too. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, adequate hydration, and ample sleep are crucial components in maintaining the health of your skin. A consistent sleep schedule allows your skin to repair and regenerate, and staying hydrated helps maintain your skin’s elasticity and combat dryness.

7 Regular Professional Skincare Treatments

In addition to your at-home skincare regimen, regular professional skin care treatments can also contribute to achieving the Korean glass skin effect. Regular facials, chemical peels, or microdermabrasion can help enhance the results of your routine and address specific skin issues more effectively.

8 Lifestyle Adjustments to Achieve Korean Glass Skin

Beyond skincare, there are also certain lifestyle changes you can implement to enhance your journey of how to get Korean glass skin.


Drinking plenty of water is beneficial for your overall health and does wonders for your skin. It helps to flush out toxins from your body, keeping your skin clear and radiant.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Your diet significantly impacts your skin’s health. Consuming a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats will provide your skin with the nutrients it needs to glow from within.

Get Adequate Sleep

A good night’s sleep allows your skin to repair and rejuvenate itself. Make sure to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night to wake up with refreshed and glowing skin.

Exercise Regularly

Regular physical activity increases blood circulation, helping to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your skin, thus promoting a healthy glow.

9 Wrapping Up

The journey of how to get Korean glass skin might seem a bit overwhelming at first with all the steps and products, but the results are worth it. Remember, the essence of Korean skincare lies in its philosophy of treating your skin with love and respect, and it’s this philosophy that leads to the luminous glow of glass skin. Above all, be patient and consistent, and your skin will surely thank you.

In the end, achieving Korean glass skin is not a sprint but a marathon. It involves consistent, dedicated care and making wise choices for your skin and overall health. The trend of Korean glass skin transcends beyond just aesthetics; it’s a testament to the timeless allure of healthy, radiant skin. With the steps and tips detailed in this guide, you are now equipped with all you need to start your journey on how to get Korean glass skin.

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