From South India with Love: The Best Sambhar Masala in India

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Last Updated: September 20, 2023

best sambhar masala
Our top three picks of best sambhar masala.

When it comes to the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine, the right blend of spices can make or break a dish. And when we talk about the iconic Sambhar, its soul lies in that perfect Sambhar Masala mix.

Are you tired of those bland or overpowering mixes that just don’t hit the right notes? Well, hold on to your taste buds, because today, we’re diving deep into a review of the Best Sambhar Masala that promises to transport you straight to the streets of South India with just a spoonful.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or someone looking to elevate their home cooking, it’s time to discover the secret to the most authentic Sambhar experience!

What we look for
  • Ingredients
    A genuine Sambhar Masala will have a mix of coriander seeds, cumin, fenugreek seeds, mustard, red chillies, turmeric, asafoetida (hing), and more. We have chosen the best masalas that are all-natural without artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.
  • Heat Level
    Depending on your preference, check if the masala is mild, medium, or hot. Some brands might specify this on their packaging.
Our Pick
Everest Super Sambhar Powder 100 gm
  • Chosen as Our Pick for its high-class brand reputation and ah-mazing taste!
  • This sambhar masala recipe has derived directly from the South India.
  • Made from selective spices, it can be rightly described as an ‘exclusive health food’.
Runner Up
MTR Spice Sambar Powder
  • Chosen as our Runner-up Pick for this authentic South Indian taste.
  • It has a hint of spicy taste that makes your meal more enjoyable.
  • With mouth-watering taste and healthy powder, this product becomes the best sambhar masala.
Budget Pick
Tata Sampann Sambar Masala
  • Chosen as our Budget Pick for its affordable price and flavourful taste.
  • Carefully made to ensure spices retain their natural oils.
  • Crafted by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor this best sambhar masala lets you cook like a master chef.
Please note that the prices may vary.

Summary of the Best Sambhar Masala with Price List

Table: Listing some of the Best Sambhar Masala, along with their respective prices.
1EverestEverest Super Sambhar Powder 100 gm₹ 74*
2MTRMTR Spice Sambar Powder₹ 130*
3Tata SampannTata Sampann Sambar Masala₹ 39*
4EasternEastern Sambar Powder₹ 40*
5MDHMDH Sambar Masala₹ 64*
6catchCatch Sambher Masala₹ 70*
7The Flavour Trail by SwaniThe Flavour Trail by Swani Udupi Sambar Masala₹ 96*
*Please note that the prices may vary.

Review of the Best Sambhar Masala

Rank1Our Pick
Everest Super Sambhar Powder 100 gm
₹ 74

Everest Super Sambhar Powder 100 gm

Introducing the Everest Super Sambhar Powder – your ultimate secret to the authentic and tantalizing taste of South India! Elevate your sambhar dishes to the next level with this expertly blended mix, crafted using the finest selection of spices.

Everest, a renowned name in Indian spice market, ensures that each pack of Super Sambhar Powder remains consistent in flavor and freshness, preserving the rich heritage of traditional recipes. The standout feature? This powder is not just your ordinary spice blend.

Infused with a unique combination of roasted lentils, aromatic spices, and a hint of tangy tamarind, it offers a symphony of flavors, ensuring that your sambhar is robust, flavorful, and undeniably delicious.

Perfect for daily meals or special occasions, Everest Super Sambhar Powder is a game-changer for every kitchen! Embrace the magic of authentic Indian flavors with just a spoonful.

Table: Technical Specifications of Everest Super Sambhar Powder 100 gm
Parameters Specifications
Item FormPowder
Package InformationBox
Net Quantity100 g

Buying Options

amazon.inEverest Super Sambhar Powder 100 gm
₹ 74₹ 76in stockPrice updated: September 20, 2023

Rank2Runner Up
MTR Spice Sambar Powder
₹ 130

MTR Spice Sambar Powder

Delve into the authentic world of South Indian cuisine with MTR Spice’s Sambar Powder. A harmonious blend of robust spices, this powder is the secret ingredient to elevating your sambar’s flavor profile. Every pinch is meticulously crafted, ensuring consistency in taste and quality that MTR Spice is renowned for.

The main highlighting feature of this best sambhar masala is its aromatic freshness! Unlike many other brands, MTR’s Sambar Powder preserves the genuine essence of each spice, making your sambar not just a dish, but an experience.

Whether you’re a culinary novice or a seasoned chef, this product guarantees a flavorful, aromatic, and delectable sambar every time. Elevate your meals with the trusted name of MTR and enjoy the rich tradition it brings to your kitchen.

With MTR Spice’s Sambar Powder, savor tradition in every spoonful!

Table: Technical Specifications of MTR Spice Sambar Powder
Item FormPowder
Package InformationBag
Net Quantity200 g

Buying Options

amazon.inMTR Spice Sambar Powder
₹ 130in stockPrice updated: September 20, 2023

Rank3Budget Pick
Tata Sampann Sambar Masala
₹ 39

Tata Sampann Sambar Masala

For our budget pick, we have chosen the Tata Sampann Sambar Masala, crafted meticulously under the expertise of India’s culinary icon, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. This premium blend effortlessly elevates your sambar, imparting authentic South Indian flavors with just the right balance of zest and aroma.

The standout feature? It’s enriched with natural oils, preserving the true essence and vitality of each spice. Unlike many conventional masalas, this one retains a fresh and robust flavor profile, ensuring every dish tastes as if the masala was ground at home. The vibrant packaging is not only visually appealing but also ensures the contents stay fresh and potent.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned chef, this Sambar Masala guarantees a delightful culinary journey, bringing the legacy of South Indian cuisine right to your kitchen. Don’t just cook, celebrate food with Tata Sampann and Chef Sanjeev Kapoor!

Table: Technical Specifications of Tata Sampann Sambar Masala
Item FormPowder
SpecialitySuitable for vegetarians
Package InformationBox
Net Quantity45 g

Buying Options

amazon.inTata Sampann Sambar Masala
₹ 39₹ 40in stockPrice updated: September 20, 2023

Rank4Eastern Sambar Powder₹ 40

Eastern Sambar Powder

For our next best pick, we have chosen Eastern Sambar Powder – the quintessential ingredient for an authentic South Indian sambar experience. With its perfect blend of native spices, it evokes the flavors of traditional South Indian kitchens, offering a symphony of taste with every spoonful.

The standout feature of this sambar powder is its commitment to purity; it proudly boasts “No Added Preservatives”, ensuring that every dish you prepare with it is not just delicious, but also wholesome and free from harmful additives.

Whether you’re an expert chef or just a home cook looking to recreate the rich taste of sambar, Eastern Sambar Powder is your go-to choice. This packet transports you to the aromatic lanes of South India, promising a dish that is not just a treat for your taste buds but also a nostalgic experience.

Prepare delicious sambar at home and relish the authentic flavor, only with Eastern.

Table: Technical Specifications of Eastern Sambar Powder
Item FormPowder
SpecialityNo preservatives
Package InformationBag
Net Quantity100 g

Buying Options

amazon.inEastern Sambar Powder
₹ 40₹ 57in stockPrice updated: September 20, 2023

Rank5MDH Sambar Masala₹ 64

MDH Sambar Masala

If you’re looking to recreate the authentic flavors of Southern India in your kitchen, MDH Sambar Masala is your magic ingredient. This aromatic blend of hand-picked spices is sourced from traditional farms, ensuring a touch of authenticity in every bite.

Each packet promises consistency in taste, eliminating the guesswork of combining spices individually. Its standout feature? The perfect balance of spices like coriander, fenugreek, and red chilies, giving your sambar the quintessential tang, heat, and depth of flavor.

A small spoonful of this masala transforms ordinary lentils into a mouth-watering delicacy. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or an amateur cook, MDH Sambar Masala offers a quick and hassle-free way to bring out the true essence of sambar.

Elevate your culinary game with this aromatic masala and indulge in the rich traditions of Indian cooking.

Table: Technical Specifications of MDH Sambar Masala
Item FormPowder
Package InformationBox
Net Quantity100 g

Buying Options

amazon.inMDH Sambar Masala
₹ 64₹ 72in stockPrice updated: September 20, 2023

Rank6Catch Sambher Masala₹ 70

Catch Sambher Masala

Catch Sambher Masala is a symphony of spices meticulously curated to bring out the authentic taste of South India’s cherished sambhar dish. Each packet is a testament to Catch’s commitment to quality, encapsulating the flavors that sambhar aficionados adore.

A standout feature is its perfectly balanced blend, with every spoonful offering a harmonious fusion of aromatic spices like coriander, fenugreek, cumin, and the gentle heat of dried red chilies. As you open the package, the aroma is a nostalgic journey to the bustling streets and humble kitchens of South India.

Whether you’re preparing a traditional sambhar or trying a new fusion recipe, this masala elevates the dish to perfection. Consistency in taste, impeccable freshness, and the genuine essence of sambhar—Catch Sambher Masala truly encapsulates the soul of South Indian cuisine in a single packet.

Highly recommended for those seeking culinary excellence!

Table: Technical Specifications of Catch Sambher Masala
Item FormPowder
Package InformationsBox
Net Quantity100 g

Buying Options

amazon.inCatch Sambher Masala
₹ 70₹ 80in stockPrice updated: September 20, 2023

Rank7The Flavour Trail by Swani Udupi Sambar Masala₹ 96

The Flavour Trail by Swani Udupi Sambar Masala

Indulge in an authentic South Indian culinary journey with The Flavour Trail by Swani’s Organic Udupi Sambar Masala. Crafted using traditional Udupi recipes, this masala brings an unmatchable blend of spices that promises to transform your dishes with its rich aroma and tantalizing taste.
The standout feature? Every ingredient has been organically farmed, ensuring a product that is not only delicious but also ethically sourced and devoid of harmful chemicals. The rigorous hygienic processing retains the freshness, potency, and purity of the spices.

With a commitment to quality, The Flavour Trail guarantees that this Sambar Masala is 100% pesticide-free, emphasizing health as much as flavor. Elevate your meals and experience the genuine taste of Udupi with this outstanding product. Your taste buds will thank you!

Table: Technical Specifications of The Flavour Trail Udupi Sambar Masala
Item FormPowder
SpecialityGluten Free
Package InformationTin
Net Quantity100 g

Buying Options

amazon.inThe Flavour Trail by Swani Udupi Sambar Masala
₹ 96₹ 105in stockPrice updated: September 20, 2023

8Wrapping up

In the realm of Indian spices, finding that ideal mix which strikes a balance between authenticity and convenience is a culinary quest. Having ventured through our in-depth review of the Best Sambhar Masala, it’s evident that the magic of Sambhar doesn’t just lie in the lentils and vegetables but in the symphony of spices that dance on your palate.

These blends not only champion flavor but also evoke nostalgia for traditional South Indian kitchens. Elevate your meals, impress your guests, and indulge in the genuine taste of Sambhar. Also, pair the sambhar with the best coconut chutney to embrace the real taste of the South!


FAQ's about the Best Sambhar Masala

How do I store the Sambhar Masala?

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Make sure the container is sealed tightly to retain its freshness.

Unopened, it can last for up to 24 months. Once opened, we recommend using it within 6 months for the best flavor.

Absolutely! While it’s tailored for Sambhar, its aromatic blend can enhance various other Indian dishes.

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